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Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Alchemy II Fan Expansion
« on: June 23, 2022, 08:21:32 pm »
At first glance, the only card that pops out to me as concerning is Gnome. While it does have a limited gainer effect, it is a non-terminal Curser, and it costs $4 to boot. Compared to the existing non-terminal Cursers, I think it is likely over powered.

Over all, however, I really like the idea of expanding Alchemy with simpler cards.

Which fix do you think is more reasonable for the Gnome?
- Make the gain effect one-time (trash it to gain for example).
- Remove the gain effect entirely.
- Make Gnome an Action card, so he's terminal.
- Make Gnome more expensive ($5 or $2P for example).

I like the gain effect as is actually. Bumping up the cost may work, but the main issue with it being non-terminal is that they can be spammed. Idol solves this by only Cursing every other play of an Idol. Making it Terminal would make it comparable to Sea Hag, which is not as enticing and interesting as it being a Night card. You could make it Curse if you gain a Copper from it, but I know self-junking is not very appealing, so perhaps another way to have the Cursing be conditional?

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Alchemy II Fan Expansion
« on: June 23, 2022, 07:38:30 pm »
At first glance, the only card that pops out to me as concerning is Gnome. While it does have a limited gainer effect, it is a non-terminal Curser, and it costs $4 to boot. Compared to the existing non-terminal Cursers, I think it is likely over powered.

Over all, however, I really like the idea of expanding Alchemy with simpler cards.

How come snow isnt included? i dont mind it, just curious

That is a good question. Sorry about that, completely overlooked that as it was a repeat. Will add it immediately.

Alright. This is the Finale Challenge for Season 4. After this I believe FMC will be going on hiatus and moving briefly back to the Set Expansion Contest. I am not sure how we are going to handle the winner of this challenge, but I assume they would be the first Judge when we go back to it. For now, however, let us start the fun.

Season 4 Mechanics.
-Burn Ability mechanic
-Equipment mechanic
-Sneak mechanic
-Origins mechanic
-Trefoils mechanic
-Combine mechanic
-Snow mechanic
-Blessing/Rosary mechanic

For the Season 4 Finale, the challenge will be simple! Design a Card Shaped Thing (or set of them as needed) that incorporates two custom mechanics with at least one of them coming from Season 4. Try and limit the number of custom mechanics to two. I will try and be lenient on allowing whatever creative combinations, but the official limit is at most three custom mechanics per entry. All official mechanics and components from Dominion are allowed.

I will be judging based on my own preferences, but I will try to be as fair as I can. Factors I try to look at are simplicity of design, thought provoking design/mechanics, flavorful name/concept, and balance/playability. If changes are made to your design, I suggest making a new post with the new entry to ensure I do not miss it.

I will give a 24 hour warning a week from yesterday and then close it the following day. With this closing in the middle of the week, it may take me some time to get the judgements out, just fyi. Have fun, I can't wait to see what you all design!

Edit: Added Snow as it was in Season 4 even if it was a repeat.

Ok, I think I will just wrap up Season 4 of FMC. Should have it up later today.

Thanks Firestix for the win!

There was some discussion on this thread about when we want to close up Season 4 of FMC. So I will ask here. Do you want me to set up the Season 4 Finale now or wait until FMC week 42?


Muse - $3
Night - Duration
If this is the first time you played a Muse this turn, trash another Muse you have in play for +2 Coffers. If you can't, gain a Muse from the trash and play it.
At the start of your next turn, if this is in play, +1 card.

A sometimes Den of Sin, sometimes cheap source of Coffers, and sometimes a delayed cantrip. I had it just playing a Muse from the trash, but wanted to be explicit that you gain the Muse you play from the trash, so I adjusted the wording accordingly. Feedback is appreciated.

Edit: Changed order of operation. Trash for Coffers effect will never leave players with no Muses. Thinking this may need to be priced at $3 now. Changed price to $3.


Hunted Skinwalker - $5
Action - Night - Attack - Blessing
If it's your Night phase, each player without the Rosary chooses one: Gain a Curse to your hand; or discard a card. Otherwise, +2 Cards and +1 Action, then discard a card.

A mix of Werewolf, Torturer, and Fugitive. The player with the Rosary does not need to fear the Skinwalker, and the person who plays it does not need to worry as they can always opt to discard a card if they don't have the Rosary. Feedback is appreciated.

I would point out that of all the Alt-VP that exists in the official game, it is almost entirely divided into Scaling Victory cards and Functional Victory cards. The only cards that fall into both of those categories are Humble Castle and Pasture, which both have as their "function" being a Copper, and which there are a very limited number of. Combing the two functions is very strong.

I agree, and being a cantrip VP card is VERY strong.

So, I have been discussing a design that one of my friends are wanting to add to our custom Dominion cube, and there are some disagreements over pricing it, so I figured getting some alternate opinions would help. You can also just have fun and try to gauge these cards cost.

So, this is obviously a a mix of Vineyard and Great Hall/Nobles. The goal is not to have it play the same as Vineyard or Great Hall, but be an appealing alt victory card that is not obviously better than Province. If you think some of the designs cannot be priced, that is completely acceptable. Thanks ahead of time to anyone who cares to help out.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Fan Mechanics week 39: Snowy Mac-snow
« on: June 02, 2022, 08:08:49 pm »

Ice Fisher - $4
Draw until you have 6 cards in hand.
Gain up to 4 Snow. Reveal that many cards from the top of the Fish pile, gain up to 2 of them, then return the rest to the bottom of the Fish pile in any order.

A simple draw-to Action that allows you to gain Fish at the cost of also gaining Snow. Uses the Fish Pile mechanic. Draw-to will mitigate the penalty Snow incurs as well as lets you keep the Fish in your deck as non-terminal sources of Coffers that sets up Ice Fisher to draw more cards. It still will need Village support, but one of the Fish available in the Fish pile can get you Villagers, so there's that. Feedback is appreciated.

Edit: I am thinking that Collection from Prosperity 2nd Edition may make this busted, but I am not sure how to prevent that... Never mind me, that only is an issue if you can get it into play during the Action phase.

Usually 4 players, up to 6. Always in person. We use a random Kingdom from a curated dominion cube that includes some custom cards.


Profane Grafting - $3+
When you buy this, you may overpay. You may discard a card costing up to the amount you paid. Gain a cheaper card with different card types as it, Combining them.

An event that allows Combining cards that do not share types. I tried to make it so you could not avoid the cost of the card you gain and prevent upgrading the starter cards. There will still be bonkers combinations that can be made, but it will still require some work. Feedback is appreciated.

There are two submissions that don't qualify: Altruist by Xen3k and Timewaster by fika monster. If you want to take a run at this, please update your submissions Xen3k and fika monster.

I have updated Altruist. Sorry for not reading the rules more carefully.


Altruist - $4
Action -Duration
+1 Action
You may play a non-Duration Action or Treasure card from your hand. Set it aside; if you did, then at the end of your next turn, discard it or this, and put the other onto your deck. While it's set aside, copies of it cost $2 less.

A Necropolis that makes the Action or Treasure played off it cost $2 less for two turns. The catch is it makes it cheaper for everyone. Not sure about the wording. Tried various versions and this was what I ended up with. Feedback is appreciated.

Edit: changed it to be able to put itself or the set aside card onto your deck and simplified the timing for when it does so. It still is a wall-o-text, but to make sure it works as intended, I am not sure it can be helped.


Salt, Sulphur, & Mercury
Once per turn, after you play a Trefoil, you may choose one: Gain a cheaper Trefoil; or exchange it for a Trefoil costing up to $2 more that it.

Makes the Trefoils either gainers (of cheaper Trefoils) or self upgrading(to more expensive Trefoils). This is completely untested and there are certainly going to be Trefoils where this is pretty useless, but there are some combinations that will be bonkers and game warping. Not sure how appealing that is, but this is an interesting idea I had. I was thinking of allowing you to exchange the Trefoil for a non-Trefoil card with the second ability. Salt, Sulphur, & Mercury are the three Principles of alchemy. Feedback is appreciated.

Fan Card Mechanics Week 36: A Different State To Start In
Thank you to everyone who participated in this design challenge. I know this was a bit odd for a Fan Card Mechanic Challenge, but I hope you enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed seeing all of your wonderful designs.

To the entries!


Wheat Field/Drought by Joxeft
Wheat Field - $3
(BURN): Return Drought
Origin: Drought
When you play a Wheat Field and you have this, gain a Ruins.
Wheat Field is a cheap Gold. Drought acts as a balance for Wheat Field by giving you Ruins every time you play a Wheat Field. Wheat Field has the Burn ability which can be used to get rid of Drought. I like the simplicity of the interaction between each component. Wheat Field is basically a purchasable Cursed Gold that gives you a Ruins instead of a Curse. The ability to get rid of the Ruins gain at the cost of a Wheat Field is a great effect, but I feel it may be too much a "correct" choice to always Burn your first Wheat Field to get rid of Drought. Would like to try it out. Good job.

Budget/Frugal by infangthief
Budget - 4-debt
+1 Buy
If you have Frugal, return it and play the cards under it. Otherwise +$6 and take Frugal.
Origin: Frugal
At the start of your Buy phase choose one: +$1; or reveal a Treasure from your hand and set it aside under this.
You may not buy cards costing more than $4.
Frugal is a really cool Origin/State. The deck thinning that doubles as payload building, the bonus coin, and the buy limit all work very well together. Budget is a cool Event that lets you take or return Frugal for various effects. Returning Frugal lets you play all the treasures you have been storing away for a nice payload and taking Frugal amounts to +$2 due to the Debt cost of the Event. Great use of the Origin/State and good use of Debt with the Event.

Baroness/Fracture by spineflu
Baroness • $3 • Action
You may discard a Victory card. If you did, +$3, and if it was a Duchy, +2 Buys.
Origin: Fracture
Fracture • Origin
When you gain a Duchy, you may return this to gain an additional Duchy.

Fracture is a one-shot Duchy gain when you gain a Duchy. The interesting thing about it is how it can set up Baroness, but even if you never Buy a Baroness it still poses the question of when you pop it for the Duchy. I really like Baron, so seeing a Baron variant is a treat. I like that it is still usable even if you do not use Fracture early on, and the bonus if you discard a Duchy with it is very nice.

Town Square/Thrifty by emtzalex
Town Square • $5 • Action
+3 Cards
Discard a card. If it was an...
Action card, +1 Action
Treasure card, +1 Buy

Setup: Each player takes Thrifty.
Thrifty • State
When you buy a card, you may return this for +$3.
Thrifty is a one-shot Spoils, but only can be used after buying a card. This is a smart way to limit its' use early game. Town Square is a Stables variant that can be a source for the needed +Buy or be non-terminal. Discarding after drawing makes seem a bit better than Stables, but not strictly so. Thrifty ends up being an interesting modifier to the game, much like Heirlooms, and Town Square ensures Thrifty can always be relevant even with its limitations. Good design.

Old Farm/Energized/Winding Down by Augie279
Old Farm - $5
+2 Cards
Discard any number of cards.
Per card discarded, choose a different thing: +1 Action, or +1 Buy, or +$1, or gain a Silver, or +2 Cards and discard 2 cards.
Origin: Energized
Directly after playing a card, you may flip this over for +2 Actions or +2 Buys.
Winding Down
Directly after playing a card, you may return this for +1 Action or +1 Buy.
Energized/Winding Down is a two-shot Origin/State that has a diminishing effect. It provides actions or buys on demand, so while there is no real way to capitalize on its effect, it provides great utility. I really like the idea of double sided Origins. Old Farm is a fun looking Vault variant that looks like it got mixed up with Scrap. Much like the Origin, it is a solid utility card that appear to always be useful. Great designs!

Art Gallery/Appreciation/Depreciation by LibraryAdventurer
Art Gallery
$4 - Action - Victory
+2 Cards.
Discard a card to gain a Silver.
Worth 1VP for every two Silvers in the trash.
Origin: Appreciation
Origin / State
If you have any unspent $ at the end of your buy phase, you may trash a Treasure you have in play to gain a Treasure costing up to $3 more than it.
Whenever you have $10 or more during your buy phase, flip this over.
When you play a Silver, trash it and return this.
Appreciation/Depreciation is a really interesting double sided Origin/State. While it is on Appreciation, it acts as a free Mine at the end of your Buy phase as long as you have unspent coin. This will automatically push players to go big money, but if you ever have $10 or more during your buy phase you flip it to Depreciation, which basically trashes the next Silver you play and then goes away. I am a huge fan of Mines effect, so I really like how this Origin is designed. I think players can work around the $10 cap pretty easily up until late game. The really cool thing is how this interacts with Art Gallery, which seems to be a Feodum variant. The big difference is that Art Gallery gets better with Silvers in the trash and is an Action that draws cards and gains you Silver. I would have to play with it to get a complete feel for it, but Art Gallery seems pretty dang strong. It is a terminal draw 2, so not a no brainer buy like Great Hall, but it does gain you Silvers that the Origin can turn into Gold. Really cool design that makes me think. I want to try this out. Good job.

I really had trouble choosing the winner. I think each and every entry was a solid design. Good job to everyone!

Art Gallery/Appreciation/Depreciation by LibraryAdventurer

Budget/Frugal by infangthief

Submissions Closed

I'll work to get results out today or tomorrow.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: WDC 151: Now or Later
« on: May 08, 2022, 08:46:06 pm »

Way of the Cicada
Now and at the start of you next turn, Choose one: +1 Card; or +1 Action; or +$1.

A simple way that acts like a duration. Not sure if someone already made something like this. Feedback is appreciated.

If anyone has a good idea for a name for this mechanic, I am open to suggestions.
How about "Origin"?

As I understand it, this is mostly just a subset of the official States mechanic; all the examples/entries so far do not require any new fan mechanic.

The advantages of coming up with a newly named mechanic here would be:
  • you don't need to include "Setup: Each player takes <State>." on a card, just in the rules. (Maybe you would need an "heirloom" type banner instead?)
  • as you hinted, a State could be included without anything else refering to it. (It would be referred to by a randomizer which doesn't take up a card/landscape slot.)

I like the this idea. I will update the first post with this. Entries can still use "State" and be valid entries.

I am going to mix things up a little for the week 36 challenge. I do not have a mechanic with a name. It is something I have tried to implement in a couple previous weekly design challenges, but it could very well be its own mechanic. Update: I am going with "Origin" as the term for this particular subset of States. You can stick with using State for the landscape card as the examples below show and still be valid though.



The challenge: Design a State that each player starts the game with. You do not have to make a Kingdom card (or other card shaped thing like an Event) to go along with it if you don't want to or if it is not necessary. A randomizer can always be used to simply have each player start with the State, or it can be decided to use one when setting up the game. If anyone has a good idea for a name for this mechanic, I am open to suggestions.

UPDATE: I am going with the suggestion from infangthief and calling this subset of States "Origins". Your entry is still valid if you stay with States, this is mainly for flavor and to differentiate them from the standard States.

All official mechanics and fan mechanics are fair game. I will be judging based on my own preferences, but I will try to be as fair as I can. Factors I try to look at are simplicity of design, thought provoking design/mechanics, flavorful name/concept, and balance/playability.

I will be giving a 24 hour warning a week from yesterday and then close it the following day. Ideally I will have judging done and posted by the end of Wednesday next week. I hope it is alright I am deviating a bit from the normal structure of these challenges, but had trouble coming up with something. Hope you have fun!

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Fan Mechanics Week #35: Getting Sneaky
« on: May 03, 2022, 12:17:05 pm »
I completely commiserate with your designers block spineflu. I'll try and have something up later today or tomorrow.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #150: Half!
« on: April 28, 2022, 06:05:14 pm »

Pawn Shop - $4
+2 Cards
Trash a card from your hand.
If it is an...
Action card, +1 Villager...
Treasure card, +1 Coffer...
Victory card, +1 VP...
per $2 it costs, rounding up.

A draw 2 then trash for benefit. The benefit is weaker when trashing starter cards than something like Sacrifice, but can be better when trashing more expensive cards. Feedback is appreciated.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Fan Mechanics Week #35: Getting Sneaky
« on: April 26, 2022, 01:19:49 pm »
I don’t think that it will be crazy in money decks as it is more likely that you draw into a dead War Engineer than having two in play such that you can play them for Woodcutter plus draw.

Yeah, that was the idea, but a small nerf shouldn't hurt it too much. IDK, could change it back before the end of the challenge.

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