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Knights. I love knights and it'd be awesome to play some games in a row with them.

But y'know, sometimes I encounter a card, lose badly and want to try again immediately. Like the first time I got my hands on a rats and then the rats where everywhere. In cases like that, I'd love to immediately play again with a different kingdom including that card and see if I can learn by trial and error.

So that's that for context, can I do it?

Can I set up a table, to match with

I have a free account at for now, and did not see an option for it (unless I have to make all cards unfamiliar except for... ?). Did I miss that option somewhere? Or is it a subscription-only option?


(there must have been discussions on this before, but with a keyword search I couldn't find old threads on this topic)

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Can Patron ever be the bane card?
« on: March 27, 2019, 05:11:49 pm »
Until there's a card that says "Setup: All cards cost $1 less, but not less than $0."

Man that sounds like a bad card. It's almost like it says "This game, the carefully chosen and tested costs of cards that Donald and the playtesters figured out will not be used; but instead you will use different amounts that are trivially unbalanced with the way Dominion was designed."
Wouldn't that cost reduction only apply during set-up, not the rest of the game?

Yes, there's no cost changes during set-up. It was already confirmed that the wiki phrase was an oversight anyway.

As a tangent, bane or not, Patron is a great card! :D

Dominion FAQ / Re: Distant Lands + Triumphal Arch
« on: February 20, 2019, 07:36:16 am »
Distant Lands go well with Innovation. As they don't do too much for your deck, they can (and in case of Triumphal Arch should) be part of a threepiling strategy. Depending on how the other piles affect your engine, you could go for Distant Lands sooner or later (that is, sooner than Pearl Divers and Stonemasons triples and later than Peddlers).

Of course! By chance I haven't seen Innovation and Distant Lands in the same kingdom so far (got too many expansions :P ).

The biggest reason not to go for Distant Lands in the presence of Triumphal Arch is that you probably get the Triumphal Arch VP from Action cards that actually do something useful during the game, usually engine components. In order for Distant Lands to give you any extra Triumphal Arch VP compared to what you're already getting, you need a lot of them (probably at least 4), which takes a lot of time, and you don't want to start getting them too early because otherwise you're wasting inflation.

In practice, I don't think the Triumphal Arch makes Distant Lands substantially better than it already is by itself outside of edge cases where you buy like the entire pile or something.
That sounds like you consider Distant Lands weak in general, is that correct? I thought the amount of VP was a good trade-off with the deck cycling. But now you point this out, to combine it with Triumphal Arch it's indeed necessary to buy them earlier than usual (assuming competition for the pile), thus hurting a lot more.

Welcome to the Forum!

Thank you!

Dominion FAQ / Distant Lands + Triumphal Arch
« on: January 04, 2019, 07:56:53 am »
This combo seems to be fantastic, since Distant Lands is an action card + victory points, and then you still can choose one more action card to stock up on.

I'm struggling a bit with how early to buy up Distant Lands. It doesn't build your deck though it builds VP. Opinions? Reasons to not go for Distant Lands in the presence of Triumphal Arch?

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