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Dominion General Discussion / Re: Why Peasant Will Be On My Ban List
« on: November 16, 2018, 09:46:14 am »
Like Peasant, it's not monolithic because you need other cards to win, but it's trashing, and maybe it's the best trashing and you have to go for it with a dumb double or even triple Urchin opening.

One of my big pet peeves is attacks which often get bought  for reasons other than the attack, but whose attacks are pretty strong anyway. I should be thinking about the fact I'm attacking my opponent and how the attack would impact their strategy, not just giving them a bad time as a side effect.

Yes, this is a big reason my girlfriend and I stopped playing with attacks - she doesn't appreciate being hit by the same attack every turn, and Minion is great at that. Of course, I only bought the Minions because they stack really well; the attack was an afterthought for me. Of course, I considered simply removing the attack aspect from such cards, including Scrying Pool, but I haven't felt like doing that so I just removed attacks entirely.

In essence, it doesn't seem great to put a unique and useful mechanic on a card, and then also give it an attack that the player doesn't even necessarily want to use.

Dominion: Renaissance Previews / Re: Renaissance Initial Impressions
« on: November 07, 2018, 10:55:27 am »
Cathedral, a Short Story By Robz888


Me: Rats are a thing, you know. As is Hireling. I'll beat you, just wait and NOOOOO NOT MY SCHEMED ACTIONS

Cathedral: ...  8)


So I saw this as well and thought it was a brilliant balance of cost and long term possible problems.  Works well with extra buys where you can add coppers easily. 

What i do not like about this is that IRL plays mean that some players will forget that they *must* trash every turn and get by with turns they shouldn't have been able to do.  Duration cards like this that require you to be paying attention to something that happened many turns ago or on someone else's turn [Haunted Woods, for example] seem to be difficult to manage in a real game.  I would only play with such cards when someone has played 20-30 games of Dominion IRL before.  There's a limited number of my friends who could do that :P

Yes, that is the downside of increased complexity. I'm always trying to watch when other people are playing Spoils, for example, to make sure they are returned. Even with Artisan, I need to remind people that it isn't just "gain a card costing up to 5". But I'll take it, over sticking with only the most basic cards.

Keep has a lot more potential for points.
Does it though? The actions are only Treasures during your turns, not at the end of the game.

Ah yes, you are correct. Too bad though.

I suppose Aqueduct would take the tokens from the Farmers' Market pile, and Keep has a lot more potential for points.

Alms becomes harder to use.

Magpie is even better when it can reveal these Action - Treasure cards.

Herbalist also gains new utility, with more options for what can be put back on your deck, in addition to also being a Treasure itself.

I would think this would make Flag Bearer a stronger option, if there's no way to trash it instead.

Did I miss the discussion about why Innovation makes you set aside the card before playing it?

I was thinking that that keeps you from gaining something to the top of your deck, which some cards say, and then playing it from there. I'm fuzzy on those types of rules, though.

I had personally wondered why it wasn't "At the start of your turn, reveal any number of Coppers, discard them, and draw that many cards.", which seems to fit the Dominion standard, but that does add 3 characters.

Discarding is from your hand by default, but revealing is not. So it would have had to be, "Reveal any number of Coppers from your hand, discard them, then draw that many cards."

Besides, what he just said! :)

Yes, both are very good points that I hadn't considered.

I get that's what it's supposed to be, but wording doesn't make sense.

How does it not make sense? You discard the Coppers, revealed. And then you draw that many cards.

You discard the coppers, revealed? But no coppers were revealed. There's nothing that says to reveal your hand. The syntax is messed up. How does that make sense?
"Revealed" means "also, reveal those coppers, so that we know they are coppers. By the way sorry for saying this so tersely but there's only so much room on the cards and if it had ever confused anyone in playtesting man I would have changed it."

Why not just "At the start of your turn, reveal and discard any number of coppers and draw that many cards."?

Then I ask: Why add another word? The text on the card-shaped thing is correct English and more efficient than your suggestion.

His suggestion is actually the same number of characters. I also had momentary confusion over the wording. Regardless of its correctness in English, the current wording is non-standard in the Dominion language, which is more relevant here. That said, "momentary confusion" passes quickly, so it doesn't seem like a big deal.

I had personally wondered why it wasn't "At the start of your turn, reveal any number of Coppers, discard them, and draw that many cards.", which seems to fit the Dominion standard, but that does add 3 characters.

After thinking about it for a bit, I'm wondering about the decision-making process regarding these. Since you can only buy these once, it seems like it will be a no-brainer to get them every game (Except Sewer with no trashing and other obvious exceptions). The effects are either never harmful or optional, and you don't have to pick a good "target" like inheritance. I suppose there's decisions in when to get them, but I think even there the answer is usually "as soon as possible." In the end, are they a little too simple?
I don't think so. Of course something like Silos is a no-brainer in a game without Copper trashing but what if there is moderate trashing or sifting? Then it is not that simple.
I agree that the Projects are simple, too simple for my irrelevant preferences, but this doesn't imply that they don't lead to tricky decisions.

I agree; I think only Star Chart and Fair are likely to be must-buy. Citadel could easily be skippable in a Province game, considering the cost. Sewers and Silos are skippable with good trashing cards.

Innovation seems tricky to make use of if the only way to gain actions in a game is by buying them. Actions that give money or buys could work, but that would only apply on the turn you buy them, so paying 6 for that effect isn't necessarily a must-buy.

Overall, I suspect these add good variety, without making every game with Projects necessarily focus on the Projects.

Dominion: Renaissance Previews / Re: CSM and Ducat
« on: September 26, 2018, 02:43:55 pm »
Not sure Crown belongs on this list.

The +2 actions from CSM differs from what you'd get with Ducat.

it's good Remake fuel, etc.
doesn't being good fuel means that it's a bad card?
How can getting a gift when you trash a card like with Overgrown Estate, Cultist, Catacombs, Hunting Grounds (this is the only controversial one, when Hunting Grounds is trashed by a trashing attack you might not want the Duchy yet) and now Silk Merchant be a bad thing?

I think he meant that calling something "good fuel" tends to imply you don't actually want to keep it, but yes, the on trashing benefit nullifies that implication to some extent.

Donald, you are a master of suspense. I have been on the edge of my seat for three days, and will be for two more. Thanks for another interesting expansion!

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