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And so is a Hunting Grounds that trashes a Copper, for what it's worth.
How do you get that from any of the cards mentioned?
He is reminding people that he likes Pooka.

Easy to see why, a Hunting Grounds that trashes a Copper is great, especially when it doesn't whiff when drawn with three Estates and a stubborn Heirloom.

The thing is, Pooka isn't actually a Hunting Grounds that trashes a Copper. It's a Confusion that becomes a Hunting Grounds only if you first trash a Copper. Trashing after you draw makes a huge difference. And it's one of the main reasons Recruiter and Masquerade are good while Pooka isn't.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Weekly Design Contest Thread
« on: February 18, 2019, 09:12:40 pm »

Well, the lists weren't ever really super useful for anyone. They are fun, that's the main point.

I disagree that they're not super useful. I have Qvist rankings open in the next tab when I play. If I'm split between buys or strategies, I check the Qvist rankings of each card to decide. Over time I memorize the community consensus and stop looking at the rankings so much, but that wouldn't be possible without the rankings.

Also I use them as a litmus test that the way I'm evaluating cards is correct. It happened very often that I thought a card wasn't strong, but Qvist rankings said it was. This forces me to think about what aspects of the card I'm undervaluing.

This doesn't seem like a good way to make decisions. It's better to gain cards based on what roles they fill and how they interact with each other. For the rankings to really be useful for in-game decisions, you'd have to encounter a choice between two cards that cost the same and perform the same basic function, a relatively (and increasingly) rare occurrence. And even then, the best choice is often because one card has a subtle interaction with another card in the kingdom that the competing card lacks, not because it happens to be higher in the rankings.

Pizza is most likely underrated.

Isn't Pizza always underrated?

Isn't the fact that you can't play other terminals proof of how bad it is?

TIL a cheaper Hunting Grounds with an extra benefit added on top is bad.

The trashing isn't necessarily a benefit. With Pooka you often have to choose between:

1. Getting it early, thus drawing all your terminals dead and running out of fuel when your engine is still in high gear
2. Getting it later on, thus forcing yourself to keep junk in your deck but then making it difficult to connect with the junk when you're actually using it.

Merchant Guild continues to be absurdly undervalued. It snowballs like few other cards in the game.

Scholar is absolutely better than Library because of the discarding, but not much better.

I'll say this for Baker: It causes far more surprise noob victories than any other card in the game.

The trick to Pooka is accepting that you donít get to play other terminals for a couple of turns after you buy it early on, which makes its +4 cards less accelerating than it might seem.

Isn't the fact that you can't play other terminals proof of how bad it is?

As you can see, itís fun to pretend that Pooka is good.

My thoughts exactly.

Also, Sculptor really should be in the bottom third. The Villager-gaining isn't that great as you need to gain a deck-clogging Silver and Sculptor itself takes an action to play. Definitely worse than Cobbler.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Weekly Design Contest Thread
« on: February 16, 2019, 11:23:38 pm »
It needs a better peripheral benefit than a delayed Ruined Village though; as it is now it's too weak.

I think it's a delayed Necropolis, but yes, it is weak.  I wanted there to be something, but for a $4 card that could net you 8VP, it had to be something weak.

I suppose it does give it a Necropolis-like effect at the start of your turn, but overall it's a delayed Ruined Village, because it uses up an action this turn and then gives it back to you next turn.

What I disagreed most with:

Ironworks (37 vs my 64): I don't see why this is considered better than Devil's Workshop. Devil's Workshop has a wider range of utility and can't be drawn dead.

Salvager (36 vs my 57): Salvager just isn't that good. Awful at trashing 0s, okay but worse than Remodel at tfb.

Mission (35 vs my 77): I just don't get this thing. Talking about all the clever tricks you can do with the extra turn ignores the fact that it costs a precious $4 to get it.

Conspirator (29 vs my 5): It's loony how underrated this is. It's the most important engine piece in nearly every board I've played.

Mountain Village (26 vs my 49): Not impressed with this. Not any better than Vanillage if your discard is empty... which happens a lot if you have an engine, the main thing Villages enable. Oops. Also, SUCKS if you just discarded some junk.

Blessed Village (25 vs my 44): Not impressed with this either. It has the same problem as Bard in that the randomness of the Boons makes it virtually impossible to build a real strategy around them.

Priest (21 vs my 55): I've yet to succeed at building those super duper Priest engines everyone's talking about. You need so many other things in place: a good supply of things to trash, good Village support, good draw, +Buy...

Silk Merchant (18 vs my 66): Really? It's that good?

Worker's Village (13 vs my 33): Clearly others value the +Buy on this more than I do. Not sure what else to say about this.

I also had Temple, Marauder and Young Witch a lot higher than this list, but I probably did overrate those.

I agree with the fall of Procession, Fortress, Sacrifice and Sauna, as well as the rise of Exorcist and Envoy.

55: Secret Cave (34) - Wow was this card underrated.  Disregarding Magic Lamp for now, Secret Cave has a more powerful effect than Oasis.  Secret Cave can be used to spike $6+ early, works well with draw-to-X, and helps spike $8 in junked up decks.  But Secret Cave is especially strong because of how it helps activate Magic Lamp.  Activating Magic Lamp is something you should do ASAP in almost every game.  Secret Cave is a perfect card to be one of your uniques: cheap, cantrip, duration.  Secret Cave is gained by the winner in a whopping 81% of the time; it's a travesty to be rated so low.

Yes. The fact that the discarding is optional on Secret Cave is enough on its own to make it better than Oasis.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Really bad card ideas
« on: February 16, 2019, 01:02:38 pm »
Stock Option
Treasure - Reaction - $4
Worth $1
During the Buy phase of the player to your left, you may trash this from your hand for an amount of Coffers equal to half of their $, rounded down.
When you gain this, the player to your left gets +1 Coffers.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Weekly Design Contest Thread
« on: February 16, 2019, 12:50:06 pm »

Cost: $4
Types: Action, Duration, Victory

You may set aside a Victory card from your hand under this card.  At the start of your next turn, +1 Action, and discard all cards under this card.
At the end of the game, if this was in play, add up the worth of all the cards that were under this card. This is worth that amount.

It's Throne Room, but for Victory cards!  It only lasts one turn, so you have to time it well; it can be used to tip yourself over the edge, or to stop your opponent from ending the game.  If you don't, well, at least you get your Action back so you can play one again next turn.  I suppose on a board with no Villages, you might even buy it for that, but probably not.

It counts all the cards under itself in case you use Throne Room on it.  I was going to specify that it had to be a non-Eyre card, but since that Eyre wouldn't have any cards under it, you'd just end up doubling nothing, which... sure, go right ahead.

(I've just seen that "victory" should be capitalised.  I may go back and fix it at some point.)

I've been considering the idea of a Throne Room for Victory cards as well. The problem in the context of this contest though is that it doesn't strictly count as a Throne Room variant because it's not playing another card. Still, props for coming up with a way to make this work; this is better than the idea I had. It needs a better peripheral benefit than a delayed Ruined Village though; as it is now it's too weak.

And now I'm considering the parameters of this contest some more. Do the entries have to play a card more than once, or are cards like Vassal and Golem also allowed?

Anyway, Cutpurse is way too low.  In the early game, it's better than Militia.
I'd say it's about on par with it. They both usually take $1 away from you in the beginning.
It strikes me that Militia kills variance more than Cutpurse does?

Cutpurse takes $1 away from almost any early hand; Militia takes nothing from bad hands but $2 from good ones.

Doesn't that mean Militia's going to hurt more when people are trying to make their first $5 purchase?

Yes, it hurts a bit more in that situation on average because it can cut you down to $3 instead of $4. But that difference is pretty small compared to the nastiness both of them cause by taking away your first $5.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Weekly Design Contest Thread
« on: February 16, 2019, 09:06:09 am »
There is one massive problem with this though and that's that cattle simply don't exist in Dominion

Why would they not exist? Dominion is just a medieval-ish setting right?

More cards have Pixies in the art than cattle. Not your average medieval setting!

So it's medieval plus magic. Where does minus cows come into the equation?

Well I think gazbag is one of the few who likes mint. I thought the contest was to replace awful cards. He should of put out a list of the cards he thought was awful. Well I guess the last contest was apples to apples. Deadly is the chosen card for this apples to apples example one player picks world war 2, another picks, bombs, another picks the Tyrannosaurus rex, and another player picks dolphins. The player in charge of this round picks dolphins just cause they love them. In apples to apples you can do that in the game. Thatís why the last contest was like apples to apples. Itís kinda hard to come up with a replacement card. If you donít have a real idea of what to replace. And if I remember correctly one threads gave prosperity as an option. Who new that mint would be one he would like. Iím mostly just disappointed that you like that one, you could of at least mentioned that was one you liked. Then it would of been invalid for your contest and I could of come up with another one.

Sigh! Apples to apples.
I'm afraid your perception does not line up with the facts.
1. Mint is not generally perceived as a badly designed card.
2. Mint is not generally unpopular.

Perhaps Mint is unpopular in your play group. That doesn't mean you can conclude it's unpopular with everyone. You are the outlier here, not Gazbag.

Given other comments I've seen from you, I suspect the reason you dislike Mint is because it forces you to trash things when you buy it. That is, in fact, the main strength of the card.

Regardless, I suppose you have the right to be annoyed that other contestants knew what cards were generally perceived to be duds while you didn't. At the same time, posting an explicit list of cards to use at the beginning would have made the contest less fun, so... sorry. I guess that particular contest was geared towards people who come here a lot.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Weekly Design Contest Thread
« on: February 16, 2019, 12:04:32 am »
There is one massive problem with this though and that's that cattle simply don't exist in Dominion

Why would they not exist? Dominion is just a medieval-ish setting right?

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Homage to the Best Card
« on: February 15, 2019, 08:11:21 pm »
lashing = trashing, crab = lab, grain = gain, planting = ?

A lot of very underrated cards here:

Miser: A single Miser is too slow, yes. But when you're doing a Miser strategy (which is the right move a lot of the time) you always get more than one.

Dismantle: Turning an Estate into a Copper and gaining a Gold is pretty good on its own, and then there's the other stuff it does.

Pilgrimage: Duplicate your 3 best best cards, for just $8 spread over 2 turns? Sign me up!

Skulk: Skulk follows the principle that a good turn and a bad turn is better than 2 mediocre turns. The Gold is great for spiking high prices early even if your Skulk hand is a dud.

Ranger: Good draw card, especially considering how few decent draw cards there are at this price range.

Again the loss for Alt-VP seems unwarranted, Silk Roads and Duchies can be a viable pathway to defeating strain province drains.

Silk Road is just a bad deal. You need 4 green cards to make it worth even 1 puny VP. I have never been impressed with it and very often been disappointed by it.

Anyway, Cutpurse is way too low.  In the early game, it's better than Militia.

I'd say it's about on par with it. They both usually take $1 away from you in the beginning.

Ghost Town also gives you two one-time increases of your handsize by one, the first being on the turn you buy it (since it is gained to hand) and the second being on the turn after you buy it.

Um... What? It technically does increase your handsize when you gain it, but practically speaking it doesn't because it gives you no benefit on the turn you play it.

Menagerie has a bit of a exponential effect, in that the first couple donít do much. However, as more Menageries are added, they start drawing consistently and often.

What is this supposed to mean? How does adding more and more menageries to a deck make them more likely to activate (or even exponentially more likely to activate)? I understand that having a second and a third can help activate since it's another unique, but you specifically said it's after the first couple. Four to five Menageries hardly seems like a "bit of an exponential effect", unless I'm not understanding your meaning here.

It's quite exponential. Having two Menageries in hand is okay, since the draw triggers after it's played. Thus, it gets better when you add more Menageries versus other cards. Maybe I'm wording it weird, and I'm open to rewriting it.

It's exponential in the sense of exponential decay. It's less likely to hit as your hand gets bigger  :P

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Roles
« on: February 13, 2019, 08:22:23 pm »
For a while I've had the idea of letting players secretly choose a starting card after looking at the board. The biggest problem is that if there's only one of each, the first player to pick gets a massive advantage, whereas if there are multiple copies of each, all the players will just pick the same one on certain boards, which isn't very interesting.

The ones I differed most with (10 spots or more):

Farmers' Market (53 vs my 27): This is good payload. It's much worse if you can't play multiple copies, but, well, that's how payload works.

Leprechaun (53 vs my 38): Okay, I admit I'm biased because this is one of my favorite cards. Still, Wishes are super good.

Night Watchman (50 vs my 31): Perfectly good inspector with some neat Night tricks.

Gladiator (47 vs my 35): Good to see its rise, but still underrated. It doesn't matter that it's a terminal Silver in the beginning because it's unlikely to collide and it cost $3 anyway. And then it turns into a friggin terminal Gold...

Oracle (46 vs my 59): This is like Moat and Faithful Hound in that it feels like there's always something better to draw with.

Workshop (42 vs my 57): Sort of like Oracle in that it first looks okay but then later seems not worth the space it takes up.

Smugglers (36 vs my 47): I might have underrated this. Still, the swinginess, terminality and lack of a periphery benefit are all problems.

Improve (35 vs my 54): I freely admit that this is a new card and I have no idea how to use it. Ultimately, though, trashing your precious Action cards is something you usually don't want to do; even if it gives you a better Action card, the loss of the cheaper one's functionality usually hurts, otherwise you wouldn't have bought it in the first place.

Oh, and I approve of Vassal's rise.

16: Travelling Fair (10) - You all know this event is good.

I've yet to be convinced. $2 is a pretty hefty price for a +Buy. Very often I'll have enough $ for 2 cards I want, but not enough for them and the TFair. Topdecking buys is good but not game-changing.

Monastery has a fantastic best case, but, in practice, it spends the most important early turns trashing one card. And sometimes you get the dreaded Monastery, 2 Estates, 2 Copper hand and buy a sad second Monastery.

Well, it's only $2. Non-terminal (and non-draw-deadable!) single-card trashing is pretty good for that price. And getting a second Monastery isn't particularly sad.

If tax is really that bad, I'm doing something wrong.  I often have an extra $2 and a Buy to spend, and Tax is great for that.  Many of the $2 cards will take up a spot in my deck.  This won't.  And sure, often the opponent will have an extra $2 anyway to negate that debt, but sometimes they end up with a debt or two.  That can be annoying.  At the very least it stops them from Taxing something I want to buy

The same goes for Embargo.  I like that it gives me $2 then gets out of the way.  I don't care much for the Cursing bit but I like that it self trashes.  Great for many $5 $2 openings.

Agreed. Tax and Embargo often don't make much difference, but they're like Pearl Diver in that they sometimes help and usually don't hurt. At the very least, I put them above Beggar and Herbalist which usually do hurt.

Good to see Advance and Delve dropping. I think Haven and Cellar are still underrated.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Dynasties
« on: February 11, 2019, 07:41:48 pm »
Goose: I like this one. A cool Rats variant.
Thane: Throne Rooms are engine cards, so I don't think being able to look in your discard pile will end up being very useful. This idea doesn't really excite me overall; I feel that Ghost is a better implementation of this idea.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Shard of Honor's cards
« on: February 09, 2019, 06:23:15 pm »
That's actually the same mechanic as with Flag Bearer and Flag.

Not exactly. Flag Bearer is much cheaper, there are other ways to get it besides buying, and you can also trash it to take the Flag. Oh, and unlike with this, you're guaranteed to get the benefit at least once. I just can't see myself ever wanting to buy this before my opponent. It's all too likely it will be $7 wasted.

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