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Rules Questions / Re: Poacher question
« on: September 17, 2017, 04:42:07 pm »
Another one that's tough to set up but feels great when it works is Native Village.

When you're ready to start buying Provinces and you can draw your entire deck into your hand, you can use Poacher to discard a Province you got earlier, then play Native Village to set it on the mat and out of the way for the rest of the game if you don't pick it back up from the mat.

Black Market + Capital

It's actually a decent combo if you know what you're doing. But if you're like me and you don't understand debt, it'ill be frustrating when you think you have enough money for that shiny $7 card early, and then you discover that you can't pay off debt in the Action phase. Try again later.

Dominion Articles / Bandit: What's Her Deal?
« on: September 15, 2017, 05:18:45 am »
I got carried away with this and it's way too long, apologies in advance. Originally designed as a Bandit article, it ultimately ended up including some basic Engine advice. Settle down and grab a nice cup of cocoa before you begin reading to see if there's anything Salvageable from this article. This was designed to be targeted towards beginners, but that definitely wavers here and there.
Note: I was planning to write an article on Bandit since it seemed like a simpler card for me to explain, then I get home and see Polk's already written a whole bunch on Gold, which is like 95% of Bandit. I'll get him back one day.

In all her poorly-camouflaged glory.
Who is Bandit?

Bandit does 2 things. First: she gains you a gold. That sounds pretty good. Second: she gives you chance to trash an important treasure from one or more other players. This also sounds pretty good. But be careful: it's very easy to overrate both of those effects.

Contrary to popular belief, Bandit has no synergy whatsoever with Bandit Fort

Wait, this is just Thief!

If you are new to Dominion, quick backstory: Thief is an old card from the first edition that was tossed at the release of second edition in favor of a new and improved Thief: Bandit! If you played with Thief in the past, you may have found a lot of success against your friends (and you certainly annoyed them), but know that Bandit is a much stronger card, even with the $1 difference. Why? 2 reasons:

1: Bandit canít trash Coppers. Thief could. If you didnít know before that you want to trash your own Coppers, try and focus on trashing your own Coppers in future games. Trashing opponent's Coppers for them actually helps them out.
2: Bandit guarantees a benefit for you every time you play it. Thief didnít. Know that while the attack can be valuable, the Gold gaining aspect of Bandit is often much more important than the attack component.

Julien Delval makes his living off drawing pictures of lowlife scum

So what happens if I buy like 2 Bandits and then just buy a bunch of Treasures and Provinces? That seems pretty good!

Sigh. Yes, it seems to make sense. Add a bunch of Gold to your deck, take away the Treasures your opponents get (but not the coppers!), and then just get some Victory cards. Sounds good. Unfortunately, it's too slow and weak to win. You'll get a couple Provinces, but that's obviously not enough. Turns out doing the same thing with Smithy instead is just as good, if not better. Not saying it's good with Smithy - I'm saying it's better. In any event, these are called "Big Money" strategies, and are often neither the best strategy available, nor the most fun to play with (actually, basically never the most fun to play with). So you'll manage something with Bandit by doing a Bandit-Big Money thing, but she won't be happy about it! Don't upset her.

In America!

OK, then what?

Bandit's nice in Engines, decks where you get to play lots of actions. If you need a bunch of Golds in a hurry, it's usually better to burn 1 action playing a Bandit to get a gold which you might even be able to play that same turn than to burn $6 and 1 buy on gold. With engines, you'll be able to reliably play a Bandit a turn, which will ultimately be much quicker than buying them.

Before we go further, it's important that you understand the role that Gold plays in Engines. It's often nice to have a few lying around, but don't get too greedy. Read this very-recently-written article by Polk5440 to better understand Gold and see why it helps and why it hurts.. To summarize: too many Golds, and you have an unnecessary amount of money that you may not even be able to play every turn. But a few will give you the Dolla Dollas to afford Provinces and other key cards without gumming up your Engine very much.

So yeah, one reason to get golds is to have money (duh). Another: Gold combos with a lot of cards, especially Trash For Benefit (TFB) cards where you get reward for trashing expensive cards. Here are a few of the many examples.

  • Remodel (Base Set): Play a Bandit, draw the Gold, play a Remodel, and turn the Gold into a Province. Rinse and Repeat.
  • Bishop (Prosperity): Same idea as Remodel, but play the Bishop instead, and gain 4 Victory Points. It's not as many as the 6 from a Province such as in the Remodel example, but since you haven't actually added a Province to your deck, your Engine is just as strong as before.
  • Counterfeit (Dark Ages) : Play 1 gold, get 6 coins (and a buy!) instead. Cha-ching!
  • Salvager (Seaside): See Counterfeit

I'll come back to address the attack part of Bandit one last time. It's not as important as the Gold gaining part; don't worry about it too much. If an opponent wants to try a Big Money strategy, Bandit plays in an Engine can help slow them down, but if youíre playing an Engine good enough to play a Bandit a turn, you should probably be able to win anyways in the first place.

The most frequently trashed Treasure is Gold; after all, Bandits are available to both players. If you lose one, donít sweat Ė play a Bandit and get it back, the Golds arenít going to run out. It does set you back by one play of Bandit, but itís not a killing blow. You might also be able to trash their Golds in revenge and if you fail repeatedly, well, luck doesnít always go your way. The sad truths of DominionÖ

Playing 1 or more Bandits a turn for her attack is rarely good; to do it your deck either a)needs to be powerful enough to support lots of Golds or b)needs to be able to effectively trash the excess Golds, ideally with TFB. What Treasures are good to target? The problem is, most treasures come from cheap piles that will rarely empty, so opponents can easily regain them. Platinums can be important, but this means Colonies are present (more below). Other Treasures that are Banditís favorite victims include Crown and Horn of Plenty, since you often like having a lot of them. Above all else, though: Fortune. I get the shivers just typing it. Trashing that can be a killer, especially since thisíll happen in the endgame.

Are there ways to set up your opponentsí decks to make sure the attack lands? Yes, but planning to set up the attack from the start of the game isnít good enough to warrant forcing it. In other words: if the combo happens naturally as a result of your Engine, great, but if doesnít cooperate nicely with your Engine, donít go out of your way for it. There arenít even very many cards you can use for Ďdeck-inspectioní, the best would probably be Oracle.

"Bandit and Friends"
Making this image in FCPX is like using a machete to butter your bread

Sounds awesome! Let's get a Bandit every game!

Hold your horses there, Jack. There are times when you don't need the Bandit, even when you're playing an engine. First off, remember that if you do get a Bandit, you don't need a lot of them and you won't need all that many Golds. Moving on.

Some boards don't have very many Villages, and you can't play very many actions. There may be more important cards than Bandit that you need to play, such as Smithy and other cards that draw more cards.

The TFB cards are awesome with Gold and Bandit, but they're not on every board.

On boards with Colonies (Prosperity), Gold becomes the equivalent of Silvers on board with just Provinces and no Colonies: decent-ish to gain without buys, but much less impressive.

If a deck can hit $16 and 2 buys, that's enough for 2 Provinces. You sometimes want to do even better, but that's a perfectly respectable number. If your deck only needs 1 or 2 golds to get there (or even a lower price point), then it's OK to just buy the Golds. It'll be faster, and the attack won't be all that important. If it's necessary to have more than just a couple golds or you think you'll be able to consistently get into the $$high-teens even with all the golds, that's when the Bandit comes into play.

And finally, there are lots of times where you can make an engine, but it's just not strong enough to be able to deal with lots of golds. The fewer 'stop cards' you add, the more reliable this low to medium strength engine will be. Yes, gold will be a hinderance here.

This is a rapper named "The Bandit" who placed 6th on season 5 of "Australia's Got Talent"

OK, now I kinda know how to use it in Engines, I guess. Whatever. When do I want to buy it again? As soon as possible?
Example Time!!!

I will defer here to Burning Skull, a Dominion Grandmaster (Dominion doesn't actually have Chess titles, but if it did!) For any new players who are getting used to the base set (heck, even veterans check it out), take a peak at his 25-video series on the base set. Let's do a post-mortem for a couple of his games with Bandit.

Game #6

B.S. says it best at the 3:40ish mark. The opponents adds golds with his Bandit which he can't effectively play. With B.S's deck with almost no Silvers or Golds, the attack is completely worthless. Festival/Smithy/Throne Room with Remodel to help get started will eventually make a nice engine, but it's going to take a while. Getting a Bandit is not going to help, and the Festivals and Poachers provide enough money that the extra cash isn't needed. He isn't able to draw his deck until turn 15, when he suddenly has $23 without needing any Golds, which would've made it harder to line up Festivals and Smithies. This should inspire you to resist the temptation of the Golds every game, and work on making something out of action cards. Note that action cards with virtual money like Festival and Poacher alleviate the need for Treasures at the end of the game too.

Game #20
Pay attention to the order in which B.S. progresses.
Step 1: Use Remodel to turn Estates into useful actions, and prioritize 2 Sentries as the first 2 $5's, in order to trash quickly
Step 2: Keep trashing while adding more Villages, Smithies, and Witches. Note that he gets 2 Witches before any Bandits. Junking your opponent, especially one who neglects trashing (!!) is more important than adding Golds at this stage.
Step 3: Turn 9 - with just $5, count'em, $5 left in his deck, the lowest he can go before affording a Bandit, he gets it before he has to buy more Silvers to afford them. Don't pre-emptively buy the Bandit (unless other opponents have Bandits of their own that might trash your Silvers), buy it once you need it.
Step 4: Transitioning into the endgame, buying Provinces and Remodeling Golds into Provinces

Bandit is important here for one very big reason - there is no +buy. It's a pain to have to spend $6 on Golds - let the Bandit take care of it. Use the 1 buy a turn and the Remodel to build up an engine of Villages, Smithies, and Witches to support this Bandit and the Golds she brings.

Another thing to note: since there's no +buy, there's no point to having more than $8. What are you going to do with the extra money? But there is a way to get 2 Provinces a turn: buy 1 with the $8, and remodel Golds from the Bandit into another! As long as you can play everything in the deck, extra Golds serve no purpose for affording provinces, so B.S. gives them a purpose by using them as Remodel fodder. He picks up 2 provinces with this tactic, and even had an outside chance of getting a third at the end.

Remember on this board: Trash down, create something that can draw lots of stuff, add Witch(es) for a powerful attack, and then go for the Bandit to give a small amount of money and also food for the Remodel. Don't get greedy and start with the end.

Game #7

This is a beautiful example of Bandit. Let's break this down.

Opening: Chapel (always open Chapel. That's not in this article. But do it. You gotta do it). As for the 5, not Bandit, he takes the Lab(oratory). Again, don't be afraid to let your economy dip a little at the start. Even though Lab won't be incredibly useful at the start, it won't interfere with the chapel and is the first step into building a strong engine. Engines like Labs.

Next few turns: Careful trashing to not overdo it. See him also take a Market before the Bandit. This is mainly, as he says, because there are no Villages (such as Village and Festival), so he won't be able to both play the Bandit and finish trashing with the Chapel. If it's not for that fact, you could make a case for buying either here, though the Market's still probably a tad better.

Turn 8: Trashes all but 1 copper, and takes the Bandit. The deck is solid and small enough that it can support Golds now. One leftover Copper isn't ideal, but it's also not the end of the world. Notice he has the Market already so he can buy two engine components, not just 1.

Next several turns: Note the comment at 4:50: "He has all the buys but he can't spend them". Buys are great. Money is great. But maintaining the proportion is key. With $5 and 6 buys, you can get one good card. With $20 and 1 buy, you can get one good card (and that's assuming you can draw all $20). Watch how B.S. balances the Labs, Markets, and Merchants to boost economy and make sure  all the new Golds won't be a hassle.  You may be thinking that Markets are strictly better than Merchants, but neither will interfere with the deck and 2 Merchants can be bought for the price of one Market. Bargain! But Markets also give the +buy to pick up the Merchants, and Labs will compensate for how the Golds make it tougher to draw everything here. All are important here.

The cherry on the top is the end of turn 13 - half as a joke, half dead serious, B.S. trashes the beautiful Bandit. She's gained 4 golds for him, and that's been fine enough. More won't make a difference, and keeping the Bandit around just increases the chance that he may start a turn with 5 cards that don't draw. So he tosses it! As for the attack, it's worked some, but it's also on the opponent to add more money which he hasn't really done. Take away the attack, B.S. still wins easily.

Overview of this game: Bandit gains the golds while the buys are used to support the stop-cards (Labs) and add even more buys to make use of the new money (Markets). Take away the Bandit, and now an extra $6 is being used a turn to get more Gold. It could be done, but Bandit makes it so much easier and so much quicker.

These were just 3 games, you can always look through more and get a better feeling for Bandit and Base Set as a whole.

So in conclusion: Bandit is not your first priority. Trashing, junking (filling your opponents' decks with bad cards) and creating the start of your engine comes first. Once your deck is strong enough to support more golds, that's when you buy the Bandit. Don't be afraid to sacrifice a lot of your buying power at the start of your game with Bandit on the board - once you get her, you'll start powering ahead.

Every time you buy a Bandit too early, BS ruins another childhood

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion Strategy Blog Returns!
« on: September 13, 2017, 09:22:53 pm »
Damnit, I forgot to put the necessary 'Don't say it Awaclus...' in my post.

It doesn't matter if it's better/more fun or not (and I and pretty much everybody here happen to agree with you), the point is people play it socially and if they want to get better, they start off by learning how to get better against multiple people. Or we can just necro-cannibal all their fun away and they'll just keep playing Monopoly and they won't buy more expansions and and they'll never learn what the heck a Courtier is and nobody will care about Dominion streamers and Youtubers anymore and Josephine Qvist will become the top result for 'Qvist' on Youtube and Dominion will keep plunging down Dice Tower rankings and Donald X will have to declare bankruptcy and nobody new will come to the forums and f.ds will slowly die out and nobody will ever get into pedantic fights with Awaclus ever again. Is that what you want Awaclus?

OK, maybe that's a tad exaggerated, but yes, there are major differences between the two that I and I assume many other people here often forget about because they don't play IRL multiplayer games all that often. And while it's true that general articles are still very useful to new players, don't get me wrong, the game changes noticeably when getting 3 provinces instead of 4 becomes the average.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion Strategy Blog Returns!
« on: September 13, 2017, 08:58:52 pm »
If the plan is to focus on stuff for new players (ok, focus isn't the right word, but you know what I mean), I think articles on multiplayer games and the differences between those and 2 player games are extremely important, since I doubt many people here played their first game of Dominion with just 1 other person (I know I didn't). Spending time on this site has definitely given me a leg up on my friends in 2-player, but it's harder for me to win in 3 and 4 player games (as of like 6 months ago anyways) because the game just isn't the same. Maybe that's because I'm more of a learn-by-the-books player than I've-got-a-natural-feeling player, but it's definitely different when you have to fight much harder for key piles and you have to play against people who aren't trying to win and are just happy with not getting last.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion Confessions
« on: September 11, 2017, 07:51:00 pm »
I often open with Shanty Town as I tell myself, "But it could be a lab! How can it be a bad opening‽"

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Forced Wins Training Sessions
« on: September 11, 2017, 01:22:06 am »
Or just Small the Haunted, Advance the Small, buy the last 2 castles

Edit: Never mind, that don't work. You can't advance stuff in play. Awaclus wins.

Rules Questions / Re: Encampment with Crown or Throne Room
« on: September 07, 2017, 05:50:17 pm »
What's "feast"?

It's a large meal where lots of people get together, but that's not important right now.

This bothers me because you're not supposed to use the 'What is it?' gag when someone is actually asking for a definition. I don't wanna be joke police and I appreciate the reference, but it irks me when my favorite movie isn't Tributed properly   :(

So it sounds like nobody is against a reinvigorated blog. If they are, speak now or forever hold your peace. OK, now that that's out of the way:

I'm not too worried about the blog admins finding a team of writers. There are high-quality players here like Dan and Breppert who can write fantastic stuff, but I think there are A LOT of people who are more than capable of writing good quality advice. I doubt Seprix would make a cut of the top 5 writers chosen, but his Lurker article was great. I have even more doubts that people would want schadd in charge (I'm down!), but I loved his Witch article. Point is: the blog has years of content and strategy it needs to catch up on, and since Seprix and schadd are the only ones I can think of who have written anything worthwhile for a while in the last few months, the more the merrier to keep articles and content going.

Also, let's get away from the politics from the whole shebang, this stuff doesn't need to be public. But if we can truly retain the so-called Golden Age (it was before my time, it sounds pretty good though), I suspect there will need to be a serious committee (I don't know anything about blogs, but I'll trust trivialknot on this one). If it's half-assed, it will probably fall apart and not give us anything too productive. For who should be on this team: it sounds like Wero is fine with taking the initiative to start it up, but again, I feel like more people are needed to keep from it becoming stale like the wiki (and when I say 'more', I mean non-writers, we have plenty of those). I don't think Adam should be a shoe-in for this committee, I don't think Wero and LF are right to try to keep him off at all costs, and above all else, I don't think I, or anyone else in the forum not involved with the blog, should be the one deciding if Adam or whoever gets to be part of the editing/formatting/managing team. My 2 cents are: Wero or BA or theory or whoever should start up something accepting applications/self-nominations to help out with the blog (like, soon), an initial blog admin team of 5ish people is formed, and they go from there scheduling and appointing/asking writers to participate. But I don't care about the drama, nor do I need to see Titandrake's beautiful thread derailed by it. We don't need to have public elections, you can keep that stuff private.

Again, I just have concerns that if there's not a more-than-2-person-team, there won't be enough rigidity to keep the blog lasting, but I also would be reassured to know that the team is functional and there's no infighting. I want to see what the Golden Age is like, do it for the children!

Dominion League / Re: Season 23 - Results
« on: September 06, 2017, 04:33:12 pm »
C3: Skumpy 4 - 2 Sirusc

I'll be back.

Puzzles and Challenges / Re: Easy Puzzles
« on: September 03, 2017, 11:31:23 pm »
I have n Buys. I buy a card. I then have n+1 Buys. How?

Seawayed Villa

Tournaments and Events / Re: Yet another Dualset Tournament!
« on: September 03, 2017, 12:38:42 pm »
Very likely this week

(Yes, I know I said that a month ago)

Why is it incumbent on the loser to offer to shake hands first? Why is it seen as poor etiquette for the winner to offer their hand first?

It is not. This is the first I've heard someone suggest it is. If I am in a typing mood, I'll say gg win or lose, first or second.

I (almost) always immediately type gg after the match, win or lose, without thinking. Maybe not if my opponent was a bit of a jerk, but that virtually never happens.

I feel most conflicted when it's a blowout. If I'm the loser, I'll say something like "gg. I played that stupid". If I'm the winner, then while I will still quickly type the gg, I'm aware I could be misinterpreted as mocking my opponent. I mean, it's not a good game if they pick a bad strategy that fails hard, but what else do I say?

On very rare occasion, I'll drop a 'bg' (for bad game) in a half-joking manner. The only 2 reasons I can think of for why I've done this are 1) it was an incredibly boring, sluggish game or 2) My opponent was a victim of some extremely awful luck. I'd never say bg if I'm the one with bad luck, that's just whiny and pathetic.

Dominion FAQ / Re: debt cards and +buys
« on: August 28, 2017, 04:38:25 pm »
What O said. Also:

Copy/pasted from the wiki:

[Debt] tokens can only be removed from a player by paying [a coin] per [debt] token at any point after playing Treasures or spending Coin tokens during the player's Buy phase, unless otherwise specified (e.g. Capital allows paying off [debt] tokens during the Clean-up phase).

You're trying 2 buy 2 engineers during your buy phase, so you're good!

Dominion FAQ / Re: debt cards and +buys
« on: August 28, 2017, 04:25:22 pm »
If you have enough money to get out of debt after buying the first, then you should be fine. So if you start the turn with 0 debt, just have at least $4 and 2 buys, and 2 engineers is doable. $8, and you won't have any debt for next turn.

General Discussion / Re: DominionStrategy Forum Members Map!
« on: August 25, 2017, 06:49:18 pm »
I'm much younger than all of you and I'm very socially awkward and quiet (I think there's an inverse between talking on online forums and talking in real life), but I'm around for another few weeks.

Puzzles and Challenges / Re: Revenge of Dominion Picture Trivia
« on: August 19, 2017, 05:50:39 pm »
OK, well, 4's Warrior Wall, I imagine

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Quick Question
« on: August 16, 2017, 05:16:54 pm »
What about +1 Action +$2 and +1 VP?

That's called 'Plunder'.

Rules Questions / Re: Farmers Market wording
« on: August 16, 2017, 02:24:41 pm »
I've always wondered that too. I don't think it's currently possible at the moment, but my theory is the door's being left open for any future ways to add VP to another pile.

Who knows, maybe we'll get Bunnicula in Nocturne, and there'll be a nifty interaction.

Edit: My answer would've been more meaningful if I were 20 seconds older.

Dominion League / Re: Season 23 - Game Reports & Discussion
« on: August 15, 2017, 12:11:06 pm »
Game 4, I'm so disappointed you didn't trash the Hovel with Josephine.   :'(

And I'm pretty sure nobody has any idea how to pronounce 'Courtier'.

I always read it as [kə'tje:]

But since I don't know how to read phonetic spellings, I read that as 'Katie'

Dominion League / Re: Season 23 - Game Reports & Discussion
« on: August 15, 2017, 03:41:57 am »
Game 4, I'm so disappointed you didn't trash the Hovel with Josephine.   :'(

And I'm pretty sure nobody has any idea how to pronounce 'Courtier'.

Dominion League / Re: Season 23 - Game Reports & Discussion
« on: August 05, 2017, 12:35:16 am »

Game 6: I'm really tempted to open double Lurker and rush the pile, especially if the opponent buys no lurkers in their opening. I don't know if it's good, but with CQ, Wharf, and Goons on the table, I couldn't pass up trying it.

Dominion Videos and Streams / Re: How to Base Dominion
« on: August 04, 2017, 04:25:33 am »
Saw the post a few days ago, forgot to watch/comment until today.

Nicely done. I'm not a bad player, and I still have a ways to go apparently because I would not wait as long as you would to green sometimes - I would call it quits on the deck-building at maximum double province myself with all-base games. Now I know.

You do a great job talking about what your deck needs at the time being, and what cards will immediately help you accomplish it. The quick pregame thoughts are helpful too when you discuss your opening and how you expect the game to go. I'd imagine it's tough to go from your standard commentary to beginner-focused, but it's done well.

Pointless nitpicking:

I think it's just as important to say what not to as it is to say what to do, so you could pay attention and comment some more on your opponent. You talk about some misplays, but you could go even further, and mention their specific decisions like them not 4-card-chapel trashing, opening Market over Sentry, etc. It would definitely help to slow down the card animations too. Going the other way, you definitely acknowledged them, but you can also really emphasize some of the cool combos like remodeling Provinces to end the game faster, how Poacher works really well with Library, stuff like that.

That's a lot to keep in mind, so don't worry about addressing all of it, just food for thought. Liked it a lot overall though, nice work!

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion: Nocturne announced!
« on: August 03, 2017, 12:23:52 pm »
I wish this had been out before MF went down so we'd have some great campaign blurbs.

"Just what was it the witch Jezebel did to you the other day? Your skin is starting to turn pale, your mouth waters at the sight of blood, and you even refuse your baker's specialty garlic bread! You realize you need to get to the bottom of this before your kingdom turns on you."

Puzzles and Challenges / Re: Revenge of Dominion Picture Trivia
« on: August 02, 2017, 03:26:38 pm »
And after some internet research, I believe the better answer is.... #6. Oracle Arena        .

Goddamnit, I'm from the bay area too. Wow, that was obvious. If it's not clear, I'm very upset with myself for not getting that in like 4 months.

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