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Dominion General Discussion / Re: Interview with Donald X.
« on: March 19, 2018, 09:59:01 am »
For what its worth I LOVE those kinds of cards, they are my favorites. But I can certainly see why some people don't.

I usually set the 'non-attack interaction' minimum to at least one in my self-written kingdom-generation program.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Fix the worst cards
« on: March 11, 2018, 04:44:48 am »
-Duchess: I think the entire point of this card is to make a duchy rush much more viable. Empty one pile to reliably get $5, empty duchies, win. I don't think anyone would want a terminal $2 if they're buying Duchy as consolation prize, and the strategy "Empty three piles including Duchy and Duchess" gets harder and harder as Duchesses are more likely to collide as you get more of them. Some possible solutions that come to mind:
-Remove the interaction effect like Donald said (for all solutions).
-Replace the +$2 with +1 card, +1 action. It's worse at helping you hit $5, heck it's now a slightly better pearl diver, but Duchesses can no longer collide.
-Make it like Cultist. As in "You may play a Duchess from your hand". No collision.
-Make it like Shepherd. As in "You may discard [a/any number of] [Duchesses/Duchies/both] for [+$1/+$1 per discarded card].
-Make it cost more so it's interesting for tfb (like said earlier).
-An on-buy effect would make it more interesting, and also gives you a reason to buy it.

But to be honest I think I would go for it much more often if it was a cantrip instead of a terminal Silver, even if that makes it worse as a standalone card.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: What should Dominion do next?
« on: March 11, 2018, 04:04:02 am »
"Turn over a sand timer. If it is empty before your next turn, then at the start of that turn +1 card."

Ruined Scout.

How can they tell the difference?

Strictly than Ruined Village!

There are probably some rare cases where this is more useful than ruined village.

I'm mostly too lazy to type out each one of those in English. Nonetheless I speak English on an English forum.
Well given that you're Dutch, you probably speak 5 languages fluently. It's all I can manage to produce "no comprendo la lengua que hablo."

Most people here get Dutch, English, German and French in high school, but I wouldn't consider myself fluent in German or French. I can order food in a restaurant in both languages, but I can't maintain a conversation for more than a couple of minutes. Also I'm not sure what the fifth language is supposed to be (Latin and Ancient Greek don't count, and Spanish as a high school subject is fairly rare). Frisian is only spoken in one province. At this point maybe Turkish or Arabic or something due to all the immigrants, but I don't speak either of those personally.

Almost everyone I know stopped maintaining their German/French/Russian/Spanish/Latin/Greek after high school, and a lot of people drop either German or French halfway through. So indeed, most people speak Dutch and English, plus maybe a little bit of other languages. English is pretty much a second language here. Only kids' shows/movies are dubbed, but a ton of movies/series/music/games/books/studies are in English. Due to the similarity of German with English and Dutch, most Dutchmen can understand German by simply looking for those similarities, but production is much more difficult.

To get back on topic: I like Secret Passage. In a kingdom with no villages it's great to separate terminals (or in general). It gets Lurkers/Remodel variants/other stuff to collide with their targets, or it can spike your current turn, downgrading your next (or vice versa), send Provinces to miss the reshuffle, et cetera. It does a lot more than just help with stuff like Herald/Wishing Well/Vassal.
It slows the game down the first time you use it, though. Everyone buys them and doesn't know where to put cards, but I'm sure it'll speed up.

Lurker is fun. Also very good for three-piling. Awards keeping track of what strategy your opponents are using and where their Lurkers are, and it gets especially interesting when trash-for-benefit is on the board. It does a lot more than the "get two, get actions you want" I first anticipated.

I'd have to play with the others more.

Also, 999 Games put Dismantle in their online store. I hope they will sell other promos in the future, currently I just have Dismantle, Prince and Sauna (and I want me that Governor without paying for eccentric shipping).

When the local boardgame store owner says "We don't have Intrigue second edition yet." before you even asked or looked at anything.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: How thematic are card names?
« on: January 25, 2018, 05:06:57 am »

The card is the same size as all other cards.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: How thematic are card names?
« on: January 24, 2018, 11:40:39 am »

if you own the quarry, everything is cheaper to build. 
to you want to pay for all the stones to build that village Doctor, or do you want to just transport them from your very own quarry?
I'd call that one a slam dunk.

You made me chuckle.
But no card stands up to that level of scrutiny.

In magic the gathering, it's quite thematic that giving a creature a sword increases the damage it can do...
Until you give the sword to an ooze or a camel or something too small to wield it, or a human already holding six swords.

I agree with the OP that witch and moat are quite thematic, but the combination of them together is a flavor fail.  why would a moat stop a witch from cursing you? 

Identifying the cases where the theme is stupid does not change the fact that the theme makes good general sense.

I'm now picturing a Witch standing on the other side of a closed drawbridge thinking about what to do.
Most attacks are just people who can be prevented from entering your stronghold or kingdom or whatever with a moat.

Pirate Ship, Ghost Ship, Scrying Pool, Relic, Idol, Catapult... not so much.

Caravan Guard speeds up when he/she hears the kingdom is under attack, a horse trader grabs a horse and hurries for backup...
No idea how someone else acquiring a Province turns your Fool's Gold into real Gold.

Google Translate is malfunctioning?

No, it was just that the juxtaposition of Greybirdofprey's English "This may shed some light:" and then the looks-like-monkeys-at-a-keyboard-gibberish of Dutch was really funny.

I'm mostly too lazy to type out each one of those in English. Nonetheless I speak English on an English forum.

I still have 1st Edition Intrigue, will the booster packs be there as well?
I've heard that they won't be available, sadly.

Also: Makelaar? Huh. That doesn't seem to make any sense as a translation for Courtier, right?

I think they're either using it as a synonym for 'bemiddelaar' or as a synonym for 'huwelijksmakelaar', depending on what they think 'courtier' means.

I have a bunch of mails from 999 Games which may shed light on update packs:

From 999 Games, september 10th:
"Het klopt inderdaad dat wij ook de nieuwe edities van Dominion en Dominion Intrige gaan krijgen, helaas zullen de Update Packs in het begin nog niet komen.
Dit heeft ermee te maken dat deze nog niet in een coproductie gemaakt worden dit jaar, wat betekent dat een upgrade pack ongeveer dezelfde prijs zou krijgen als een basisspel.. Dit is uiteraard niet de bedoeling en onwerkbaar. We moeten dus even wachten op een grote productie L "

From 999 games, december 12th: " We gaan zeker kijken naar de mogelijkheid om deze erratakaarten weer gecombineerd bij een volgende productie te laten drukken. Helaas kan dit nog even duren en zal dit pas rond het voorjaar gaan plaats vinden. "

From 999 Games, january 26th: "Op dit moment zijn we druk bezig met het bekijken van de mogelijkheden om deze packs inderdaad ook in het Nederlands uit te geven.
Ik verwacht dat we de packs zeker laten maken, we moeten alleen even kijken wanneer de coproductie precies plaatsvind."

Also quite interesting is the reaction I just got on me reporting the mistake on Masquerade:
"Hartelijk dank voor het doorgeven van deze fout, de oorspronkelijke uitgever heeft dit niet goed aan ons doorgegeven. bedankt voor uw oplettendheid en excuses voor het ongemak."
For English readers: "the original publisher did not properly communicate this to us".

I still have 1st Edition Intrigue, will the booster packs be there as well?

No idea. If they happen they happen when they start printing again, in spring. What I did was I split the cost with someone else, took the new cards, and gave them the existing cards.

Lurker - Voyeur (Which is archaic indeed.)
Diplomat - Diplomaat (Called it.)
Mill - Molen (Called it.)
Secret Passage - Geheime Doorgang (Was doubting between Gang and Doorgang).
Courtier - Makelaar (Did not expect that.)
Patrol - Patrouille (Called it.)
Replace - Vervanging (Called it. They seem to usually use nouns for Remodel variants instead of verbs.)
And, as expected, Masquerade has the first edition translation.
No other translation errors though so I was wrong on Diplomat.

I'm getting it delivered this tuesday.

-The changes to Masquerade are ignored, and the old translation is copypasted instead (like they did with Moneylender, Throne Room, and Mine).
-Lurker will have a weird title. Then again, I love how some of the Dutch cards have archaic names that are long out of use.
-If there's gonna be a translation error, my bets are on Diplomat.

I will update the wiki when I get the chance (and yes I will use the image naming format).

But what's the smartest card-shaped thing?

Dominion General Discussion / Re: The more I read the worse I get?
« on: January 09, 2018, 06:23:50 am »
Definitely do not remove the respect system.  I won't disagree that jokes should be upvoted less and content upvoted more.  But that would essentially be censoring a certain format of speech, because you do not like the impact the speech has or what people are saying with it, and that should be against anyone's principles.

I don't know what the answer is, but maybe aggressively forking offtrack topics are a good idea.  The large mafia subforum grew out of an "in defense of monopoly" thread, which shows that interesting things can come from sidetracks, but at the same time shows a thread can definitely dig deep into something that OP might not be interested.  Forking isn't really censoring people if it's done in an internally consistent way, and censorship should be a one-step-after-last resort, when you turn the server off, maybe you censor the powered down server a little bit, that's when it's ok.

You could split it in two.
Smiley for funny content, arrow or plus or thumbs up for serious content.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: The more I read the worse I get?
« on: January 07, 2018, 02:20:27 pm »
Quote from: greybirdofprey
So I guess what Iím asking is... does anybody have any ideas? Do we really just have to live with this in any given thread? Is there always just gonna be a chance that Awaclus comes in to make a side point, then argues it to death, and then has the gall to assert that other people in the thread are going off-topic from his already off-topic rant? Either we want this to continue, or we donít - and if we do, sure, fine, status quo it is. But like, I feel like we largely donít, but it doesnít seem like thereís anything we can do about it. We could discuss things somewhere else? Maybe we could push to have others moderate away this trolling? Iím just stumped, but its really unpleasant to deal with, and I donít know how to handle it.

In Zen Buddhism, you can use 'mu' to un-say something or to un-ask a question.
We could agree that 'mu' could basically mean 'you are being toxic and you should stop doing that so I am not going to grace you with any other reply to this until you stop'.


Dominion Articles / Re: Overdrawing
« on: January 07, 2018, 03:42:08 am »
But where did you take the game?

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Christmas Kingdoms 2017
« on: January 07, 2018, 03:38:41 am »
When I play something like Nobles, Mill or Harem with Magic Hat, do I also receive their effects? Could I also play a Night/Victory if one existed?

Edit: Magic Hat is also bad in the German translations which add "Bei Spielende" ("at the end of the game") to many Victory cards.
You do get the effects of playing the VP cards, and can play a Victory-whatever.

I don't make design decisions based on translation mistakes. For a while, when I knew that the German Duration cards incorrectly used a dividing line, I thought, well, don't make a card that makes that matter, and I probably wasn't going to anyway. But Enchantress makes it matter so there.

I think they do this on Dutch durations too. I'll check when I get home.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: The Fool is a pity
« on: December 27, 2017, 10:40:36 am »
I mean, you can't have things like werewolf and vampire as treasures.
Werewolf would actually be simpler as an Action reading: "Choose one; +3 Cards; or each other player receives the next Hex." That also sorts out the minor wrinkle that people can react to a Werewolf being played in the Action phase, even though it's never possible for the attack component to apply then.

The big thing with Werewolf is that you can't draw them "dead" with other Werewolfs because of it's nightness, so it wouldn't really work the same as a choose 1 action (it would as a treasure though of course).

Technically you could have "If you discard this from your hand during clean-up, each other player receives the next hex".

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Christmas Kingdoms 2017
« on: December 24, 2017, 06:45:56 am »

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Christmas Kingdoms 2017
« on: December 24, 2017, 06:14:44 am »
This is gold.

Rocks + Transmogrify can be neat if there are reasons to gain Silver (like Catapult or lack of better non-Gold +$).
Throne Room variants + Nobles also works. Four Nobles gets your handsize to 7, but you can get your handsize to 8 with two Nobles and a Throne Room.

I mean, sure, but like, University combos with Highway no better than it does with, say, Treasury.

Sometimes there are actions that cost $6+ on the board so that isn't always true. More importantly though Treasury is a really nice card with University and Highway is no worse. I don't think University/Highway is an amazing combo or anything (unless Kings Court or something is on the board). I was mainly disagreeing with JThorne saying that they almost belong in the "annoying and potentially harmful" thread, which obviously isn't true.

Right, I am an idiot. University specifies 'action'. I was looking for a non-terminal anything gainer to combo with Highway for gaining several Provinces each turn. Artificer requires either a lot of Highways or a lot of discards, Vampire works, but Bat doesn't gain, Devil's Workshop only lets you do it once each turn, Cobbler is played at start-of-turn, Wish is hard to get.

For people who have actually played with Wish: how does it compare to Overlord?
Aside from the obvious differences like Wish being one time only, getting them, Wish getting non-actions and $6-costs.

Well, there are really no other differences than the obvious ones.

But how do they play? How much of a difference do those differences make?

For people who have actually played with Wish: how does it compare to Overlord?
Aside from the obvious differences like Wish being one time only, getting them, Wish getting non-actions and $6-costs.

It is a larger consideration, but you don't buy Leprechaun until you can do that consistently. You start the game with Magic Lamp in your deck.
Do you not? $3 looks like a good price for a card that gives you early Golds in exchange for getting Hexed a bit. Leprechaun/Night Watchman, for example, looks like it would be a strong opening.

The problem is that you don't want to get Hexed and you don't really want too many Golds either, and Leprechaun itself is a terminal stop that doesn't give you any money.

But Gold is such good trash-for-benefit fodder.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Interview with Donald X.
« on: December 22, 2017, 02:59:36 pm »
Also, a few pages back in this very thread

Do you ever draw inspirations from other games for your cards?

I don't mean "do you rip off other games" but rather are any cards intended to be secret cameos or homages?
Walled Village and Governor are openly homages to Carcassonne and Puerto Rico respectively.
That's true, although Walled Village doesn't imitate Carcassonne in any way, it just has that title. Governor does imitate Puerto Rico.

I don't think there are any secret cameos/homages. I blab that stuff. You could read all the Secret Histories to see if I'm forgetting one. I'm not thinking of one. Okay Chariot Race has the War mechanic. Mountain Pass has bidding, I got that from games with bidding. Keep has area control.

That was probably it. It probably lodged in my brain somewhere and then popped up, masquerading as a spontaneous thought.

That's telekinesis.

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