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And yes, we still need to try 'ultimate dominion ultimate'; i.e. with all expansions. Of course there is some consideration as to whether you put in Platinum and Colonies or not, but I think this will give a proxy of what the strongest cards in Dominion are.
Ultimate Dominion Ultimate will be over after the first turn.

Is there a RNG-independent t1 win?
This gives a 42% chance, and is pre-second edition. It may well be possible to improve to RNG-independent, especially in an unlimited kingdom. One interesting thing to consider is that you start with all Heirlooms. Pasture/Haunted Mirror/Magic Lamp + OG + Hovel is probably the weakest opening hand (assuming Shelters).

With Silk Merchant and Lackeys, there's no way you can't crank that percentage higher.

Yeah, Recruiter should be first overall and I expect it to be next year.

I fixed the order.  Thanks GendoIkari for doing the work so I just had to copy/paste.

No, now it's broken. Tracer, Chris is me and Xyrix had it that way, why can't they be allowed to display it the way they want to? One person has a problem with it (Gendo) and now it has to change? What?

Silk Merchant is good, it isn't "better than Remake, Tournament, and Bridge" good.

See you next year, it's not even a hot take

Finally, Moneylender gets some respect. Cemetery way too low. Silk Merchant not at 1, so that's kinda sad. My top 5 would be (I think):

1. Silk Merchant
2. Remake
3. Inventor
4. Tournament
5. Bridge

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion current Popularity?
« on: February 16, 2019, 12:53:57 pm »
I'm not a Discord user, but by my understanding it's ephemeral? Isn't that a problem for conversations people might want to refer back to years later?

lol Adam

Anyways, I mean forums are a dying system. Nobody uses forums anymore. Yeah, it's a real concern, but just about everything else is better with Discord versus a forum. And we have articles, we have the forum anyways. People still post there, it's just a lot less often.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion current Popularity?
« on: February 16, 2019, 10:56:30 am »
Obviously f.ds != Dominion, but there is surely a strong correlation between the popularity of the two.

So here are some graphs about f.ds from 2011 to 2018. Each data point is a percentage of the average for that series. The raw data can be found here.

So the number of new topics and new posts has been steadily declining since 2012. However, most people online and page views have been generally increasing. There seems to be no particular trend for new members; I suspect the peaks coincide with the release of popular expansions etc.

My conclusion is that compared to 2012-13, Dominion has a bigger fanbase as there are more people checking in on the forums. However, people are generally less excited about the game now, so there is less content being posted.

I'm not sure how much of an effect forum games, RSP etc have.

Here's a hot theory: The stats look worse than they actually are. The people posting here then are all on Discord now. That's where all the hot conversations are going. The Discord community has been siphoning off of the forum users for a couple of years now, and now with League being conducted mostly on Discord, the numbers should start dropping even further.

Some thoughts.

1. Alt-VP I do not think is underrated. I agree with Feodum and Silk Road being that low, they're not very good cards. Gardens being over Silk Road is a joke though.

2. I would have liked to see Talisman go higher, I buy it maybe just under half the time now.

3. Exploration I feel is quite a bit higher than where it currently is, but it does feel bad to skip a turn, so I wouldn't have expected otherwise. Silos is lower than where I'd put it too. Probably I'd put both above Fair.

4. Necromancer is waaaaaaaaaay too low. It's criminal how low it is, even with the rise.

5. Ranger doesn't even deserve to be in the bottom half of this list, it should be way higher. Ranger is a fantastic card.

I'm really surprised that people think Star Chart and Scheme are similar in power level. I'm happy to play Faust on a bunch of boards regarding this topic, because Star Chart to me is an easy Top 4 $3 cost.

Menagerie has a bit of a exponential effect, in that the first couple don’t do much. However, as more Menageries are added, they start drawing consistently and often.

What is this supposed to mean? How does adding more and more menageries to a deck make them more likely to activate (or even exponentially more likely to activate)? I understand that having a second and a third can help activate since it's another unique, but you specifically said it's after the first couple. Four to five Menageries hardly seems like a "bit of an exponential effect", unless I'm not understanding your meaning here.

It's quite exponential. Having two Menageries in hand is okay, since the draw triggers after it's played. Thus, it gets better when you add more Menageries versus other cards. Maybe I'm wording it weird, and I'm open to rewriting it.

The Best Cards: Part 2

Part two in the best Dominion List this year.

#32 ▼2 Warehouse (Seaside) Weighted Average: 48.44% / Unweighted Average: 48.11% (32) / Median:52.38% / Standard Deviation: 19.53%

The most famous cycler besides maybe Cellar, Warehouse is a decent utility card that helps a deck find cards. Warehouse is somewhat similar to Oasis in that itís a fine opener but usually itís not a good idea to have tons of them in a deck.
#31 Cargo Ship (Renaissance) Weighted Average: 53.7% / Unweighted Average: 54.25% (30) / Median:47.92% / Standard Deviation: 20.13%
One of the new cards, Cargo Ship is a fantastic card that should be opened often. If Cargo Ship is drawn on Turn 3 and $5 is hit, the opponent is straight up already in a massive hole. In a lot of ways Cargo Ship is like Gear in that it rewards deck tracking. Need a village next turn? Cargo Ship has you covered. Need to hit Inheritance? No problem. Cargo Ship is a versatile card that will have utility in most decks, especially at the start.
#30 ▲2 Market Square (Dark Ages) Weighted Average: 53.99% / Unweighted Average: 55.43% (29) / Median:58.73% / Standard Deviation: 20.32%

A good source of cheap buy, Market Square lends itself well to pile control. In addition, the Gold reaction is a versatile ability, working well with the bountiful amounts of buy. Sometimes itís so convenient to get Golds that itís easy to forget that it might be too soon for the deck. While it looks like Market Square rose a bit, it has to be remembered that a bunch of new cards were introduced below.
#29 ▼1 Watchtower (Prosperity) Weighted Average: 54.57% / Unweighted Average: 55.88% (27) / Median:50.79% / Standard Deviation: 20.9%

Another solid utility card, Watchtower does a lot of things well enough, from being temporary draw, to topdecking cards, to junk protection. It plays well with a lot of cards (most notably Villa) and itís almost never bad to add to a deck. It is the versatility of Watchtower which makes it such a solid option.
#28 ▲3 Doctor (Guilds) Weighted Average: 55.7% / Unweighted Average: 50.11% (31) / Median:53.97% / Standard Deviation: 19.86%

An effective but swingy trasher with a reputation of being annoying to line up, Doctor is oddly enough one of my favorite cards, and I couldnít really explain why. It rose a bit too, which is nice to see. The overpay is really cool, and sometimes the thing to do is overpay by a billion midgame to kill everything in sight. The cool thing about Doctor is that it starts out quite good and fast, but it quickly gets bogged down the later the game progresses. This forces players to play smart and deck track what is on top. The best advice probably would be to start out with Doctor, and if possible pivot to a better trasher to clean up later on, if needed. Doctor can also perform some mediocre deck inspection, which has saved more than one of my turns before.
#27 ▼4 Enchantress (Empires) Weighted Average: 57.75% / Unweighted Average: 55.73% (28) / Median:57.14% / Standard Deviation: 20.71%

Enchantress saw a bit of a drop this year, which is probably disappointing. Quite often itís a good opener just for the odds of messing up the opponentís opening buys as well as the duration cycling. Enchantress also ends up being a nice counter to Enchantressís attack, so often an odd number of them are picked up. Another counter to Enchantress are cards that do passive effects, such as Highway or Haggler. The duration draw is also quite nice and helps make turns more consistent.
#26 =0 Chariot Race (Empires) Weighted Average: 57.82% / Unweighted Average: 56.79% (25) / Median:58.73% / Standard Deviation: 15.25%

Jshís favorite card, Chariot Race is a swingy card that becomes crucial in maybe about half of the Kingdoms its in, and merely solid to mediocre in the rest. The danger lies is buying too many Races too often, because Races wonít do much against well-developed or trashed decks. In fact, one of the best counters to a pure Race deck is buying lots of Golds and Provinces as price counters, hilariously bringing Dominion all the way back to its roots. That being said, often enough a game will be significantly harder to win because someone topdecks a Copper at the wrong time. Nothing to be done but cry and move on.
#25 ▼1 Ghost Town (Nocturne) Weighted Average: 58.22% / Unweighted Average: 56.22% (26) / Median:57.14% / Standard Deviation: 17.21%

Ghost Town is a good Village variant that has a number of tactical uses. Firstly, it can be timed to help spike price points with the extra draw, and is quite good to set up turns where it is known draw is coming up. Of course, this means Ghost Town rewards good deck tracking, instantly making it a higher skill card. Secondly, it is non-terminal, meaning Ghost Town is flexible. A less cool thing about Ghost Town is that it takes up space before it is played. The downsides to this are overplayed, but it is still real enough.
#24 Experiment (Renaissance) Weighted Average: 58.76% / Unweighted Average: 59.36% (23) / Median:53.97% / Standard Deviation: 17.49%

In a lot of ways, Experiment can be thought of as an Expedition variant. In fact, it is much better than Expedition. The flexibility that Experiment provides means that a player can choose not to burn one, saving it for another turn. This requires the player knowing exactly what she wants to purchase or do each turn. The constant threat of instantly piling Experiment is also something to always keep an eye on. With so many good things to say, the real danger of Experiment is relying on them too much to draw. There are a couple of notable exceptions such as Ironworks, but generally Experiment should be thought of as supplemental draw. Oh, did I mention how good it is as an opener? Another tip: Itís okay to remodel Experiments into stuff. Turn the temporary card into something permanent.
#23 ▲3 Scheme (Hinterlands) Weighted Average: 60.58% / Unweighted Average: 62.46% (21) / Median:60.32% / Standard Deviation: 17.59%

Scheme is a consistency machine. Topdecking villages and draw is of course a solid and effective option, but there are always other tactical plays to be made. Annoying Sea Hag or Young Witch game? Pair them with Scheme and the player gets more plays without buying a second one. Need protection? Topdeck a Reaction. Want to trash more? You know what to do. By the way, did you know that if you buy nothing and topdeck the Hermit, you get a Madman and also get to keep the Hermit. Weird, huh?
#22 ▼2 Lookout (Seaside) Weighted Average: 62.06% / Unweighted Average: 57.5% (24) / Median:61.9% / Standard Deviation: 19.96%

Itís almost become a showoff game in the community as to who figured out Lookout was good the soonest. It was generally considered to be an annoying and mediocre card at the start because of the worst case scenarios, but it had a renaissance (heh) in the last couple of years, and now it has fallen a bit again. Lookout cycles, it trashes and it scouts. The scary stuff about Lookout can be mitigated with a bit of deck tracking, but sometimes, bad things happen to good people. Itís in the name, sometimes you just have to look out.
#21 =0 Catapult (Empires) Weighted Average: 64.11% / Unweighted Average: 62.56% (20) / Median:65.08% / Standard Deviation: 18.92%

Itís Militia, but better. Catapult makes games degenerate quickly and often. However, it isnít as simple as killing Copper every time. Sometimes Estates have to die. Sometimes the play is to go for the Silver (or Rocks) cursing, delay it a bit and get to the finish line of deck consistency, and kick the opponent while heís still on the ground, over and over. Sometimes cursing is more trouble than it is worth and Catapult is just discarding, except for that time when the player wants a points lead at the end so blows up a Silver to make it harder to lose. Catapult always makes a player think, from tactical plays to discard choices.
#20 ▲4 Plan (Adventures) Weighted Average: 64.43% / Unweighted Average: 61.77% (22) / Median:65.08% / Standard Deviation: 18.77%

Plan is a tricky Event, and depending on who is asked, itís Great or Not-So-Great. It looks like the Greats are winning this year, as Plan jumped up a couple of spots. It cannot be denied that thinning a card and adding an Action card all at once is a good play, but the tricky bit is placing Plan on the right card. Too expensive, and thereís never anything to trash. If the card sucks, the double whammy punch becomes more of a single whammy slap. Nonetheless, Plan does in fact make players plan. Just donít get caught with the sad 4/3 opening when it counts.
#19 ▼1 Village (Base) Weighted Average: 65.74% / Unweighted Average: 63.86% (19) / Median:68.25% / Standard Deviation: 20.82%

Perhaps the most important and influential card in all of Dominion, Village is the concept card that makes the game as satisfying as it is. Without a card like Village, building fun decks becomes significantly harder. Thereís really not much else to say. Itís cheap. Itís a Village. Youíll get Village.
#18 ▼1 Dungeon (Adventures) Weighted Average: 69.17% / Unweighted Average: 64.6% (18) / Median:68.25% / Standard Deviation: 20.89%

A great opener, Dungeon is straight up a better version of Warehouse. The first turn cycles a bit less, but the second turn is a wonderful game of ďchoose your starting hand.Ē More choices are always good. Dungeon is a consistency machine as well, saving turns for players worldwide. The best thing to do with a pair of Dungeons is try to space them, playing one a turn. Sometimes this canít be done, so donít hold too hard to that rule.
#17 Sewers (Renaissance) Weighted Average: 70.89% / Unweighted Average: 70.72% (15) / Median:73.02% / Standard Deviation: 20.57%

Sewers is a wonky but efficient trasher, doubling the effectiveness of anything that trashes. Pair it with a Steward, and the deck never has to worry about Steward collision. In addition, Sewers works wonders with unconventional cards like Pixie, which blow up to trigger the effect.
#16 ▲2 Hermit (Dark Ages) Weighted Average: 74.02% / Unweighted Average: 69.56% (17) / Median:75.81% / Standard Deviation: 23.16%

It just so happens that I am writing a Hermit article now, how about that. Hermit is a really nifty card that trashes, gains and accelerates. In fact, easily the strongest thing about Hermit is the ability to gain Madmen and if it did nothing else, it would still be quite fantastic. Itís fine to sacrifice one mediocre turn for a super turn, as Tactician taught long ago. Hermit also provides gain and play options with the Madman plays if deck is drawn, how neat is that. If thereís anything to take away though, itís that Hermit should be thought of primarily as a deck accelerator, and not a gainer/trasher.
#15 ▼5 Gear (Adventures) Weighted Average: 75.4% / Unweighted Average: 71.19% (14) / Median:76.19% / Standard Deviation: 19.98%

One of the greatest draw cards in Dominion, Gear provides immense flexibility and consistency like few cards do. Gear may set aside to spike a price point, to smooth economy, or even to reduce the shuffle size. It has long been a theme that Gear is good in Money decks. It is also the case that Gear shines even harder in engines. So itís weird that Gear dropped a bunch this year, like really weird.
#14 ▼1 Forager (Dark Ages) Weighted Average: 75.49% / Unweighted Average: 74.84% (12) / Median:76.19% / Standard Deviation: 18.06%

A fine trasher and a fine source of buy, Forager is a solid nonterminal option to thin decks with. The strength of Forager comes in that it becomes stronger the more types of treasures are trashed. Ignore Forager, and the opponent gets all the goodies with trashing. Canít have that, so everybody has to get Forager. The single most annoying thing about Forager which makes it a high skill card is that if there are no gains on the board, it almost becomes a ďfake buyĒ. To gain an extra card, a card has to die. At the start this is easy, but at the end it gets really tricky. Knowing when to kill cards in these sorts of situations will make all of the difference in winning or losing.
#13 ▼1 Bonfire (Adventures) Weighted Average: 76.77% / Unweighted Average: 74.47% (13) / Median:77.78% / Standard Deviation: 14.74%

The greatest strength of Bonfire is in the opening, where the deck gets to thin Coppers (and in rare cases Necropolis) before even shuffling. Bonfire is a very fast trasher because of this, especially when paired with trashers that can kill Estates. There are also great combos like with Jack of All Trades, which both supplies Silvers and kills Estates.
#12 ▲3 Menagerie (Cornucopia) Weighted Average: 76.93% / Unweighted Average: 76.21% (11) / Median:77.78% / Standard Deviation: 15.7%

Menagerie has a bit of a exponential effect, in that the first couple donít do much. However, as more Menageries are added, they start drawing consistently and often. Menagerie also loves deck diversity, something crucial to modern Engine building. Menagerie also loves thinning, something crucial to modern Engine building. I donít know that itís this high on the list, but many times players get burned for not pursuing Menagerie hard enough. Iíve seen top players do it recently, man. It always feels bad at the start, but pays off in the end.
#11 Star Chart (Renaissance) Weighted Average: 78.14% / Unweighted Average: 69.74% (16) / Median:80.95% / Standard Deviation: 28.7%

Criminally underrated in the first outing, Star Chart is clearly in the contending for the best $3 cost card, and one of the very best cards in Dominion hands down. Being able to control deck shuffle contents in any capacity is a very strong power, and the only thing that will straight up beat Star Chart is literal perfect shuffle luck paired with trashers like Chapel or Donate.
#10 ▼3 Swindler (Intrigue) Weighted Average: 78.89% / Unweighted Average: 76.95% (10) / Median:80.95% / Standard Deviation: 16.85%

The most unanimously enjoyed card, Swindler always creates fun and enjoyable gameplay, while still being incredibly skill-based.  No other card creates nearly as many decision points as something like Swindling your opponentís Laboratory.  Do you give them a Duchy?  Do you say ĎOof, sorryí and then give them a Duchy?  Or do you just resign and blacklist your opponent as soon as they buy one? (written by GreyEK)
#9 ▼3 Fishing Village (Seaside) Weighted Average: 79.06% / Unweighted Average: 77.71% (8) / Median:82.54% / Standard Deviation: 18.63%

Having the rare distinction of being an openable Village, Fishing Village brings a whole host of strengths to a deck. It is a legitimate contender to Silver, and it provides Actions over the course of two turns. Getting an Action at the start of a turn is stronger than simply being forced to play a village midturn, due to the randomness of the average starting hand. Instead of relying on finding a village and a draw card, now the deck only needs to find a draw card.
#8 ▲5 Black Market (Promo) Weighted Average: 80.16% / Unweighted Average: 78.02% (7) / Median:82.54% / Standard Deviation: 15.7%

Black Market has changed throughout the years, due to reasons outside of the metagame involving client decisions as to what it does. As such, itís harder to measure what the community thought of Black Market throughout the years. If Stef decided tomorrow that Black Market would only have 20 cards, Black Market drops very hard. As it stands, Black Market has 60 cards, has the most useless cards removed from the deck, and as such Black Market nearly dominates every game it is in. Even on boards with no villages and no hope for building an engine, somehow Black Market can pull out an undeserved win out of thin air. And donít even get me started on Fairgrounds and Museum, or the combos with Draw-to-X, Tactician, Quarry, and other stuff. Black Market is perhaps the most versatile card in Dominion.
#7 ▲1 Amulet (Adventures) Weighted Average: 80.87% / Unweighted Average: 78.75% (6) / Median:85.48% / Standard Deviation: 17.62%

Amulet is never really bad for a deck. The variety of choices (silver gain, trash, coin) let it become flexible in a similar manner to Steward. Also like Steward, the simplicity of Amulet can be deceptive in evaluating its power level. I think itís a bit overranked here, but it is hard to deny just how useful Amulet is in nearly every deck.
#6 ▲4 Ferry (Adventures) Weighted Average: 83.41% / Unweighted Average: 82.16% (5) / Median:87.5% / Standard Deviation: 15.61%

Ferry saw a sharp rise this year. Itís nearly unskippable and the effect is powerful. The tricky stuff comes into play with questions of efficiency. Move around the Ferry token too much, and buys are being wasted. Buy too few cards with Ferry on the card, and Ferry wasnít very efficient. As with most of the top cards, the complexity of decision making with Ferry is what makes good players so much better with it.
#5 =0 Urchin (Dark Ages) Weighted Average: 85% / Unweighted Average: 82.49% (4) / Median:90.48% / Standard Deviation: 21.64%

The dreaded double Urchin open commands respect and is often correct. Connect both Urchins before the second shuffle, and the deck position is looking good. Fail to connect, and already the deck is working from behind. Of course, connecting Urchins is how to get Mercenary, a powerfully efficient card that trashes, generates economy, draws cards, and attacks the opponent all at once. With such centralizing power in Mercenary, itís no surprise that Urchin is so high on the list.
#4 Cathedral (Renaissance) Weighted Average: 85.94% / Unweighted Average: 77.39% (9) / Median:95.24% / Standard Deviation: 29.67%

Now we are onto the top four. Cathedral went from ďscary to buyĒ to ďliterally DonateĒ in the span of couple of months. Right now the community is finetuning when to not get Cathedral. Some great reasons include discard attacks, Donate, and a money board. As such, Cathedral isnít as automatic as Donate is. Knowing the rare cases of Cathedral skipping will win many a game.
#3 =0 Steward (Intrigue) Weighted Average: 90.01% / Unweighted Average: 84.89% (3) / Median:92.06% / Standard Deviation: 19%

Steward is an incredibly versatile card that continues to shine despite each expansion growing progressively stronger in power level. It is a workhorse that is simple but effective: thin cards, draw cards, or generate economy. This flexibility lends Steward to be highly efficient in almost any type of deck. It might be a tiny bit high for my tastes here, but itís really not by much. A lot of these top cards are similar in power level.
#2 =0 Masquerade (Intrigue) Weighted Average: 94.95% / Unweighted Average: 92.65% (1) / Median:98.41% / Standard Deviation: 17.04%

The card I would pick for top $3, Masquerade has lived in the shadow of Ambassador for years and years. The cataclysmic nature of losing an Ambassador war is forever burned into any Dominion veteranís mind, and will perhaps forever paint the narrative. Masquerade draws, thins cards, and puts pressure on the opponent all at once. Let me tell you a story. There was a contest last year between a person who bought Masquerade and ignored Donate, and someone else who bought only Donate and ignored Masquerade, just for fun. Obviously Donate won, but Masquerade at times demanded precise play from the Donate player and sometimes made the game scarily close. Masquerade is that good.
#1 =0 Ambassador (Seaside) Weighted Average: 95.65% / Unweighted Average: 90.91% (2) / Median:98.41% / Standard Deviation: 20.4%

Rated the top card for the $3 costs for the umpteenth time, Ambassador is a safe pick, albeit this time it is not so clear whether it should actually be the best with Cathedral, Star Chart and Masquerade as primary contenders. Nevertheless, Ambassador is an incredibly strong card and if it is not first, it is certainly within the top four.

That's it. You can all go home now.

I don't care about statistical analysis and I think it's mostly useless for Dominion. I also didn't really put in that many hot takes, I tried to keep it to a minimum, opting for trying to say something new about each card whenever I could.

The Best Cards

Last year's most important list was the Boons and Hexes. This year, it's all about the $3 costs, baby.

#64 ▼1 Fortune Teller (Cornucopia) Weighted Average: 5.5% / Unweighted Average: 8.75% (64) / Median:3.17% / Standard Deviation: 18.32%

A poor terminal Silver, Fortune Teller doesnít hurt the opponent too much with the exception of skipping his opening buys. There are a couple of cute tricks like pairing Fortune Teller with a Legionary attack or Governor draw, but by and large it is an incredibly mediocre card and likely deserves the last spot.
#63 ▼1 Banquet (Empires) Weighted Average: 8.2% / Unweighted Average: 10.24% (63) / Median:3.17% / Standard Deviation: 15.61%

Banquet is a weak (but dynamic) Event, and it lends itself best to sloggy games. Whether there is an Ill-Gotten Gains rush, Mountebank or an Idol rush, Banquet is there for you. There are also combinations that work well with Banquet, such as fuel for Pooka and Spice Merchant. However, the sad truth of the matter is that such games are rare, and Banquet rarely gets bought as a result. My personal take is that thereís some legroom for Banquet play to grow, and it could see a rise in the years to come.
#62 ▲2 Masterpiece (Guilds) Weighted Average: 9.03% / Unweighted Average: 14.4% (62) / Median:4.76% / Standard Deviation: 22.67%

If Fortune Teller wasnít on the bottom, Iíd put Masterpiece there for sure. Outside of money, some Guildhall strategies, Feodum and Tower rushes, Masterpiece is often completely ignorable.
#61 ▼3 Harbinger (Base) Weighted Average: 13.18% / Unweighted Average: 19.15% (61) / Median:11.11% / Standard Deviation: 19.38%

Harbinger almost never hurts a deck, but it also almost never helps it. If the deck can draw itself already, Harbinger does little to nothing. If the deck is a sloppy mess, why is Harbinger being bought over Silver or some other equivalent? The sad truth is that Harbinger often gets bought more because itís not Silver than for what it does. Still, it can save turns, albeit inconsistently.
#60 ▲1 Fool (Nocturne) Weighted Average: 13.85% / Unweighted Average: 19.8% (59) / Median:9.52% / Standard Deviation: 24.01%

Playing Fool to take Lost In The Woods gives an adrenaline rush, but afterward becomes a total dud. If the opponent wants to get in on the action, Fool becomes a much better card. If not, the player gets access to a mediocre State ability which trades a card for a Boon, which may or may not be worth it depending on the deck.
#59 ▲1 Sage (Dark Ages) Weighted Average: 16.1% / Unweighted Average: 19.61% (60) / Median:11.11% / Standard Deviation: 20.22%

Sage is not a very good card, but it fills a niche role as a cycler. If there is a crucial card that needs to be played early on, such as a Traveller Line, Sage does its best work. Otherwise, Sage becomes harder to justify. At the end of the day, Sage is still just a fancy cantrip.
#58 ▲1 Tunnel (Hinterlands) Weighted Average: 18.6% / Unweighted Average: 27.17% (56) / Median:15.87% / Standard Deviation: 23.72%

There was always the dream to print Golds with Tunnel. Until Renaissance, most of the options were mediocre. Now with Crop Rotation, Tunnel has a serious legitimate combo card that can rack up VP in the upper 40s in about 14-15 turns. However, one great option is not enough alone to save Tunnel from the lower half of the list.
#57 =0 Caravan Guard (Adventures) Weighted Average: 22.15% / Unweighted Average: 22.32% (58) / Median:20.63% / Standard Deviation: 14.23%

Caravan Guard is at worst a delayed Peddler, and at best a Peddler. The reaction effect is surprisingly decent, and even the delayed coin can work well at spiking price points. However, it is the lack of attacks which brings Caravan Guard to its knees in effectiveness, as the delayed coin effect is hard to space properly. Still, Caravan Guard will be picked up, it is cheap and it does its job well enough.
#56 =0 Trade Route (Prosperity) Weighted Average: 22.55% / Unweighted Average: 28.72% (53) / Median:20.63% / Standard Deviation: 26.94%

Trade Route is a slow and mediocre trasher that doesnít help hit $5. The coin generation it provides isnít very good until the late game, when it is almost too late. In addition, if Trade Route is the only gain on the board, one could think of it as a ďfake buyĒ, because one has to trash to get the extra gain.
#55 =0 Secret Cave (Nocturne) Weighted Average: 22.79% / Unweighted Average: 24.7% (57) / Median:23.81% / Standard Deviation: 16.74%

Secret Cave is a strange card that is best suited to popping the Lamp it automatically comes with. Discarding three cards for $3 on the next turn is a steep cost, but it does stay in play the next turn. Time it right, and the Lamp gets popped. There are times discarding is actively great to do (such as spiking price points or draw-to-X), but more often than not Secret Cave is a cantrip with upside.
#54 ▼1 Storeroom (Dark Ages) Weighted Average: 23.2% / Unweighted Average: 27.27% (55) / Median:19.05% / Standard Deviation: 20.14%

A decent cycler in the opening, a coin generator for dead cards and a source of buy, Storeroom fulfils a solid support role. There are tons of tricks as well, such as setting up Doctor/Sentry trashes and Draw-to-X.
#53 ▼3 Farmers' Market (Empires) Weighted Average: 26.4% / Unweighted Average: 31.62% (50) / Median:26.98% / Standard Deviation: 18.65%

Farmersí Market is an odd card that works well because it inherently encourages more to be picked up. The first purchase is weak, and it takes more than one play to get anything decent out of it. However the opponent will see the purchase and will often take one of his own to get the better rewards. Timing the Farmersí Market buy is usually key in playing with it effectively. Just remember that itís a payload card. It shines best when it can be played consistently and often. (And yes I think itís underrated on this list)
#52 ▼1 Oasis (Hinterlands) Weighted Average: 27.19% / Unweighted Average: 28.56% (54) / Median:22.22% / Standard Deviation: 18.93%

Oasis is a decent peddler if there is something junky to discard. Usually the card is just mediocre but is occasionally a good opener. They get bad quickly though, so often itís bad to put too many into a deck.
#51 ▼2 Leprechaun (Nocturne) Weighted Average: 28.06% / Unweighted Average: 32.25% (48) / Median:23.81% / Standard Deviation: 22.64%

Taking a Gold for a Hex is not a terrible trade for $3, and the potential promise of a Wish only sweetens the pot of gold. However, Leprechaun suffers from what is quickly becoming a trend with the lower rated cards, in that it has a lack of consistency. Sometimes the deck just wonít find a Leprechaun in time, or sometimes a decision has to be made with ending the turn to take a Wish.
#50 ▼8 Night Watchman (Nocturne) Weighted Average: 29.27% / Unweighted Average: 33.42% (47) / Median:33.33% / Standard Deviation: 19.76%

Look at that SHARP drop. Wow. Night Watchman has some cool combos with Counting House. If you open Night Watchman with Silver, you can guarantee drawing $5 and shuffle by turn 3. If the entire deck is drawn, any cards gained afterwards can be topdecked. And yet for all of that, Night Watchman remains a niche card that doesnít do much besides momentum building.
#49 ▲5 Vassal (Base) Weighted Average: 30.03% / Unweighted Average: 35.77% (46) / Median:28.57% / Standard Deviation: 23.81%

The feeling I have is that Vassal is still better than how much it has risen (and I am thankful for the rise), but it is hard to deny that Vassal is a scary prospect without deck scouting. The nightmare scenario is whiffing the play and then the turn is done, and that does happen. However, Vassal shines even with just competent deck thinning, and most decks donít mind at least a couple of Vassals.
#48 ▼1 Develop (Hinterlands) Weighted Average: 30.23% / Unweighted Average: 29.59% (52) / Median:26.98% / Standard Deviation: 22.07%

Develop has always been underrated, and that trend continues this year. It seriously dropped a spot. The strength of Develop does not come from trashing, but rather from pile control and gaining. The topdecking effect lends itself well to controlled decks, and the best players can milk magic out of Develop in ways that continue to surprise. That being said, there are many boards where Develop just does not do much.
#47 ▲5 Gladiator (Empires) Weighted Average: 31.03% / Unweighted Average: 31.78% (49) / Median:30.16% / Standard Deviation: 17.91%

The interesting thing about Gladiator is that it is quite decent just at being a terminal $3, but it is nearly impossible to land at the beginning with the starting cards. Between this and the fact that it quickly gets made obsolete by better terminal options as the game progresses, it is not too surprising that Gladiator falls this low, despite the rise this year. However, do not underestimate the tempo power of choosing when to reveal Fortune with Gladiator.
#46 ▲2 Oracle (Hinterlands) Weighted Average: 32.46% / Unweighted Average: 31.09% (51) / Median:28.57% / Standard Deviation: 17.23%

Oracle is a deeper card than at first glance. The attack is underrated, and the cycle option is quite good, rewarding deck tracking. It is a fairly decent open, albeit outshined a lot of the time by more powerful cards. However, get the lucky hit and skip the opponentís Chapel, and that Oracle suddenly looks like a good decision.
#45 City Gate (Renaissance) Weighted Average: 32.71% / Unweighted Average: 36.78% (43) / Median:30.16% / Standard Deviation: 21.89%
So this is where City Gate places on the first rating. Newer cards tend to be underranked, and because of this alone City Gate should rise as the years go by. However, opening City Gate is quite good, and guarantees the other opening card doesnít miss the shuffle. City Gate also helps with deck smoothing or spiking early on. Even while it gets weaker late game, City Gate has the potential to save a turn.
#44 =0 Merchant (Base) Weighted Average: 36.55% / Unweighted Average: 36.5% (44) / Median:36.51% / Standard Deviation: 15.19%

A cheap peddler is quite good, but it does have a condition, and if Silver is not in play at the end of the turn, then Merchant does nothing. Merchant becomes a solid option as the game progresses, but does not do much in the opening.
#43 =0 Guide (Adventures) Weighted Average: 37.17% / Unweighted Average: 39.44% (40) / Median:34.92% / Standard Deviation: 19.16%

Itís almost never a bad idea to pick up a Guide at some point, because Guide is both a turn saver and a cycler. However, Guide does not do much else, and the less Guides are called, the less efficient they become.
#42 ▲3 Workshop (Base) Weighted Average: 37.86% / Unweighted Average: 38.67% (41) / Median:31.75% / Standard Deviation: 17.41%

Workshop is an investment. Over time, Workshop will do more gaining than simply buying cards. However, between the rise in explosive fast decks and the fact that it is terminal, Workshop has often been looked over in favor of better options. It has seen a slight rise this year however.
#41 ▼7 Changeling (Nocturne) Weighted Average: 37.95% / Unweighted Average: 37.58% (42) / Median:34.92% / Standard Deviation: 20.48%

Changeling saw a huge drop from last year. Changeling is still a relatively new card, and finding the proper slot will take some time. Changeling is nice for a multitude of tricks, from getting a delayed high cost card, helping get to a pileout, or even something as crazy as converting the Province from Dominate to maintain consistency. Despite the deep drop, Changeling is still a formidable card, and mastery over it will win a lot of games.
#40 =0 Shanty Town (Intrigue) Weighted Average: 38.17% / Unweighted Average: 39.83% (39) / Median:38.1% / Standard Deviation: 17.71%

While a decent opener, Shanty Town gets worse and worse the more action cards are added. Still, a Village is a Village, even if it is a Necropolis. Thereís really not much else to say. Itís a Village. Youíll get a Village.
#39 ▼1 Expedition (Adventures) Weighted Average: 41.65% / Unweighted Average: 43.91% (36) / Median:42.86% / Standard Deviation: 15.25%

Good in both the opening and in general for spiking price points, Expedition is best used as supplementary draw. In addition, it can provide more consistency the next turn. Despite all of this, Expedition has never been that inspiring and I could see it drop lower than it currently has, honestly.
#38 ▼1 Loan (Prosperity) Weighted Average: 42.35% / Unweighted Average: 41.79% (38) / Median:36.51% / Standard Deviation: 22.11%

The ultimate feelsbad trasher, Loan has the distinction of skipping over all of your good cards and revealing a Gold. It doesnít help hit $5 and itís slow. This feeling is only increasing with more and more examples of powerful trashers as the number of expansions increase. While bad luck certainly does happen with Loan, it is worth the cycling and non-terminality that it provides. Sometimes, you just need a Loan.
#37 ▲2 Wishing Well (Intrigue) Weighted Average: 42.61% / Unweighted Average: 36% (45) / Median:33.33% / Standard Deviation: 18.66%

Stefís favorite card comes up next on the list. The ultimate example of the power of deck tracking and skill, Wishing Well continues to reward good players and punish bad ones. While it certainly gets worse the longer a game goes on, Wishing Well is still a solid card to put into any deck. Always remember: If there are multiple Wells in hand and a certain card is needed, name the cards that make the deck dud first.
#36 ▲6 Smugglers (Seaside) Weighted Average: 42.77% / Unweighted Average: 43.86% (37) / Median:41.27% / Standard Deviation: 19.88%

Smugglers is a very swingy card that has been building up a strong reputation again lately. Look how high this thing went up! Taking a card that the opponent took last turn is quite fantastic for only $3, and it helps close the Duchy race as well. It has gotten to the point where people attempt to track where the Smugglers is in the opponentís deck, so they can gain the least useful cards to make the Smugglers less effective. If a card is strong enough to make people do that, maybe it should be higher.
#35 Improve (Renaissance) Weighted Average: 42.95% / Unweighted Average: 44.14% (35) / Median:41.27% / Standard Deviation: 26.29%
Being both a new and complex card, it makes sense that Improve has been placed where it is. The strengths of Improve are numerous, and it is tactically useful throughout the entirety of the game. A lot of the strength of Improve depends on the strength of the $4 and $5 costs. Improve is already a Silver, and can be blown up at any time into a $4 while buying a $5, giving an incredible amount of tempo. Just remember that when an Action card is blown up into a higher cost, it can be any type of card. Forges can be turned into Provinces.
#34 Acting Troupe (Renaissance) Weighted Average: 43.75% / Unweighted Average: 45.7% (34) / Median:42.86% / Standard Deviation: 18.4%

Next up is a wonky Village that so far seems best suited to consistency rather than being the primary Village. I have yet to see a board where hoarding all of these is the key to victory, but Iím sure someone else has, somewhere.
#33 Pageant (Renaissance) Weighted Average: 45.68% / Unweighted Average: 45.87% (33) / Median:49.21% / Standard Deviation: 23.22%

A nifty Project, Pageant converts any extra coin into coffers. The powerful thing about coffers is that the closer the game is to ending, the more pressure they put on the opponent. So from flexibility to game pressure, Pageant provides a convenient way to store up coffers.

Part 2 coming tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion Coaching Series
« on: January 20, 2019, 12:30:14 am »
I not only suck at dominion, but already make dominion videos! I volunteer for anything I might do to be of service! Play games, lose games, give publicity, whatever.

Sweet, I'll reach out to you when I am able to make stuff again. I'll be happy to record games with you!

Dominion General Discussion / Re: What does it mean?
« on: January 20, 2019, 12:25:44 am »
If someone has a different idea as to what cycling is for some reason, is the inevitable article going to conclude that nobody knows what anything is, and thusly defining anything is meaningless? Because that is what happened last time with "engine" and I expect the definition for cycling to be so much more unified.

Dominion General Discussion / Dominion Coaching Series
« on: January 15, 2019, 10:11:40 pm »
Hey, I'm going to be working on a Dominion Coaching Series on the Dominion League YouTube channel. I would like both some volunteers, and suggestions as to what you would like to see in such a show. I might record a pilot episode soon with someone, and then edit it, and then from there see what is working and what isn't.

Intrigue's new cover had better have another codpiece.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Seprix's Card Creation Emporium
« on: January 05, 2019, 02:03:32 pm »
Dominion:Proposed Changes

For now I am going to ignore themes and just do whatever, I might revamp further and try to keep cards in theme.

Base Set

Harbinger -$3
+1 Action
Choose one: +1 Card; or put a card from the discard pile into your hand.

Stronger than Mountain Village in that you get to choose whether to draw or not, but much weaker than Mountain Village by virtue of not being a village, plus no tricks involving stacking without help involving actions in play or Teacher/Event Tokens.

Bureaucrat -$4

Gain a Silver to your hand.

This might be too strong for $4 but somehow I doubt it. Doesn't need to be an attack either.

yeah that's really it for Base. It's a near perfect set.


There could be some buffing for Harem, but come on, Harem is actually a fine enough card that people shit on too much and I dunno, it's nearly a perfect set now. The second edition made this from one of the worst sets to one of the best, easily.


Oh boy. Yeah, this set really needed a second edition. Hilariously enough, I'm not touching any of the $2s like Pearl Diver. They're fine too.

Navigator -$4


You may look at up to the top 5 cards of your deck. You may discard one or all, and put the rest back in any order.

Simple changes, make the scouting optional and give better deck control with both shuffles and discard choices.

Pirate Ship -$4

Errata: this is perfect

Treasure Map-$4

Don't topdeck the Golds

Explorer -$5

Gain a Gold, and you may reveal a Province to put it into your hand.

I feel like this is overall a buff despite losing the Silvers to hand, Gold gainers are fine.

Merchant Ship -$5

Slap on a buy, obvious stuff

Wharf -$5

Remove the buy, obvious stuff, or at least remove the buy on the second turn


Shouldn't exist, find more things to do with Potion and try again. Bigger project, apparently my Potter card was cool but I'll have to take another look at this later. Potion also probably should be like Charm in that you either get a Silver effect or a Potion. Or you could do something else radical, like give it a buy. Could be interesting.


Trade Route

Probably just kill it, replace it with something else. Way too complex and horribly designed.


+$4 instead of +$3

Counting House -$5

Choose one: Either do what Counting House does, or set it aside, putting it to your hand at the start of your next turn.

Might be too strong, but eh seems like a fine idea to start with.

Mountebank -$5

If you don't discard a curse, you get a curse. If you do, you get a copper.

Royal Seal -$4

Once per turn: When you gain a card, you may topdeck it.


Tournament should have prizes for everybody, and replace Diadem with something else. Replace Harvest.


Kill Duchess, make Fool's Gold simple by getting rid of the reaction, get rid of Noble Brigand, Nomad Camp topdeck is optional, get rid of Mandarin. Mostly getting rid of bad cards here, with no obvious ideas to replace them. Thief variants are generally awful, and while Cache is awful it's not awful enough to warrant a real change. Could make it cost $4. I dunno. Probably is amazing in money then.

Dark Ages

Urchin/Merc is way too dominating and the game to get Merc is way too swingy. Why not just have Urchin blow up into a Merc during the clean up phase? Sure it's just as dominant but at least then it's not as bad. Probably also don't let Merc generate coin.

Get rid of Rebuild. Who cares if it is weak, monolithic strategies are bad for the meta. Make Bandit Camp Spoils optional.

Cultist -$5

+3 Cards

Each other player gains a Ruins.

There was some talk about chain or send a ruin, but realistically this just makes Cultist so obviously better than Witch that it's not even funny. Don't have chaining at all, give it an extra draw to compensate for the lack of cursing.


I hate the Peasant traveller line so much. Probably to make it more fine you get rid of Disciple but fundamentally the entire line, it's broken as a concept. Change Warrior so it doesn't kill other Warriors, changes everybody wants, fine. Otherwise a nearly perfect set.


Errata: this is perfect

Donate is the closest thing to a sin.


Get rid of Fool. Cobbler is meh but whatever, this set is mostly fine.


Artifacts were a mistake. Treasurer doesn't need Key and is already massively strong without it. Border Guard doesn't need a tacked on Artifact. Flag Bearer was a mistake in general. Swashbuckler doesn't need a Gold generator, the coin tokens are fine enough.

Cargo Ship is bad for the game. You either have it in hand Turn 3 and win, or you don't, and lose. It's a worse version of Transmogrify. I have no immediate hot fixes either. Have to think about it more.

Sinister Plot is pretty nuts and probably shouldn't exist either, although it's not immediately obvious to me. A lot of the Projects should be toned down, because currently nearly all of them are must buys, and are easy to access.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Interview with Donald X.
« on: January 03, 2019, 01:39:08 am »
if you could play a game of giant Dominion where all the cards were like A4 sized

would you?

and if you could invite 2-3 famous people to play giant dominion with you, would you invite those people or would you opt to play giant dominion with your usual crew?

assume you can only play giant dominion the one time

I don't even want to think about shuffling

Hmm. Might be time for someone, somehow, to run through the rest of the artwork Joshua Stewart has done for Dominion. At first glance, I notice that Canal is deeply reminiscent of Canaletto's work, but he's too dead to care.

This also explains the uncanny valley Swashbuckler art and why it's so awful...

Clear copyright infringement, there is no dispute here. It's the exact same!

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Homage to the Best Card
« on: December 18, 2018, 12:42:58 pm »

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Really bad card ideas
« on: December 05, 2018, 01:20:56 pm »
Wizard $5
Close your eyes, and each other player remains silent.

+1 card
+1 action
+1 buy
For the rest of the turn, Provinces cost 0. Each card in your deck for the rest of this turn is now Wizard.

Time to redo these.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Weekly Design Contest Thread
« on: November 23, 2018, 02:38:03 pm »
Gallows has the problem, that it has a non-stacking and a stacking attack. This is very political in multiplayer games, because nobody wants to be the first person to choose the discard option.

Huh? It's not political at all, comparatively speaking? Once you discard to three, you get to just choose the discard option again forever, it'll never hurt more again. It's possibly still annoying because you can freely get Villager tokens which are insanely better than getting +2 Actions, but I wouldn't call this political?

The card says „Choose one“, not „Each other player ... their choice“.

okay I misread, don't see the politics really still but wow is that attack busted, you get to stack up villager tokens and also curse and discard potentially at whim? JEEZ. That is going to be a "the rich get richer" card, first guy to get it knocks down everyone else with discard attacks and cursing, and also gets infinite tokens. Discarding with Executioner is even optional. Man.

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