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Dominion General Discussion / Re: Interview with Donald X.
« on: September 06, 2019, 04:02:37 pm »
Have you been keeping up with Eldraine previews? In particular, have you seen the "on an adventure" token?
I have been keeping up with previews, but haven't seen that token.

- Adventures look great, like a twist on ETB, or sometimes kicker-ETB, and ETB is a great mechanic.
- Food looks good, every set can benefit from something like that, a token that cards can make and refer to that does whatever, whether a creature with a non-evergreen ability, or not.
- Adamant is utterly dull, it does nothing. It must be there to tie in with devotion in upcoming Theros, but devotion is way better.
- I'm not big on tribal themes; the Knight cards so far are not exciting. I don't know if they really go for Faerie tribal or not.

- There is a minor saboteur theme and well they will probably do this better than they have in the past.
- WU has a "care about both enchantments and artifacts" theme and well it will be as interesting as the cards are, and obv. is there to tie in with Theros.
- two cards turn an artifact into a 4/4. Maybe it's just those two though. uh who doesn't enjoy animating artifacts.

The flavor premise is great, though the Knights sure don't hold up their end there. So far they're just some Knights. The round table card doesn't remotely make me think of a round table.

The token is here, it made me think of Dominion:

The round table definitely seems to be a flop. (Personally I like Adamant, I think there's a lot of cool design space in which-colors-you-spend-to-cast-this-matters effects. Food and Adventures are cooler though.)

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Interview with Donald X.
« on: September 05, 2019, 06:40:16 pm »
Have you been keeping up with Eldraine previews? In particular, have you seen the "on an adventure" token?

Oh yes, Steward becones a Laboratory. Nice finding!

Only if all the Action cards you want to play afterwards are also affected by Capitalism.
Fortunately, on a Steward board, there's guaranteed to be some good effects available in that phase.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Complexity of Dominion
« on: October 02, 2018, 09:00:02 am »

Pretty big difference.

Also, Magic releases like 1000+ new cards per year.

Dominion: Renaissance Previews / Re: Teaser
« on: September 30, 2018, 06:46:28 pm »
I think a VP artifact and/or project would make sense.

Man, these projects range from very minor minor (fair, star chart) to totally game warping (innovation, citadel). Idk how I feel about that
I wouldn't call any of them minor. Fair, in particular, is game-changing on a board without other good +Buy. Star Chart can be irrelevant on sufficiently thin decks, but it can also make a big increase in the odds of an engine firing.

Can you take the Key if you already have the Key? Or l, I suppose, even if you canít, you can choose that option for Treasury even if you have the Key, right?
Yeah, you can choose "take the key" and it does nothing.

Online, there's a "do nothing" option if you already have the key.

After thinking about it for a bit, I'm wondering about the decision-making process regarding these. Since you can only buy these once, it seems like it will be a no-brainer to get them every game (Except Sewer with no trashing and other obvious exceptions). The effects are either never harmful or optional, and you don't have to pick a good "target" like inheritance. I suppose there's decisions in when to get them, but I think even there the answer is usually "as soon as possible." In the end, are they a little too simple?
I don't think so. Of course something like Silos is a no-brainer in a game without Copper trashing but what if there is moderate trashing or sifting? Then it is not that simple.
I agree that the Projects are simple, too simple for my irrelevant preferences, but this doesn't imply that they don't lead to tricky decisions.

I agree; I think only Star Chart and Fair are likely to be must-buy. Citadel could easily be skippable in a Province game, considering the cost. Sewers and Silos are skippable with good trashing cards.

Innovation seems tricky to make use of if the only way to gain actions in a game is by buying them. Actions that give money or buys could work, but that would only apply on the turn you buy them, so paying 6 for that effect isn't necessarily a must-buy.

Overall, I suspect these add good variety, without making every game with Projects necessarily focus on the Projects.

Fair is important in some games, but sometimes there are better ways to get all the buys you need.

Sewers gets weird when the only trashing is Ducat.

Citadel is a lot of fun.

Villain has interesting tension with Swashbuckler. It helps feed it with coin tokens, but also fills your opponent's discard. So you can end up helping your opponent activate their Swashbucklers as well, especially if it's a board without good ways to fill your own discard mid-turn.

Villain is also interesting with Council Room and other effects leading to your opponents having more than 5 cards in hand on your turn. It takes multiple Villain hits to get them all the way down to 4, but if they draw cards that miss Villain, they can end up with a worse hand than if they hadn't had those extra draws.

Swashbuckler + Mountain Village can be complicated. They're a village/smithy pair, and they both like having cards in your discard pile, but Mountain Village takes cards out of your discard pile, and you want to play villages before Swashbuckler. So Mountain Village can get forced to eat Swashbuckler's fuel.

The catch is that MV will also line-up the Swashbuckler you discarded in the previous turn so it'll come in a turn where you have a discard pile. With extra actions to boot (if you have more MVs).  This mitigates the fact that Swashbuckler will often be wasted when if comes at the start of the shuffle.

Only if you're not drawing your deck, which tends to be feasible on a board with both of them.

Swashbuckler + Mountain Village can be complicated. They're a village/smithy pair, and they both like having cards in your discard pile, but Mountain Village takes cards out of your discard pile, and you want to play villages before Swashbuckler. So Mountain Village can get forced to eat Swashbuckler's fuel.

Flagbearer looks really compelling on the surface, but if you're the first one to get it, your opponent can take the flag and you're left with a bad card unless you have a way to trash it. And you can take it back but that's more Flagbearers you need to junk up your deck with, and one way or another you end up behind in the flag fight.

Interesting stuff, and makes sense with the low attack density.

I don't think SM is a power card, but I do think people are somewhat underrating the on-gain effect. If you open 4/3, you can grab a SM and a second 4-cost card on turn 2.

Yeah, but that's just the Nomad Camp thing all over again. You can open Nomad Camp/another $4 cost card, but if you do, you just essentially opened with Woodcutter/$4 cost card, which is just a regular 3/4 opening where the $3 is particularly weak.

I'd say +2 Cards, +1 Buy, on-gain Villager, and more stuff if you trash it adds up to quite a bit more than what Woodcutter has to offer for $3.

I'm glad there are two +Buys here. Preview games have been pretty light on them the past few days.

Mountain Village seems quite strong for a village. It acts like an accelerant when you're not drawing deck, letting you replay key cards one shuffle, or the new card you just bought last turn. Once you are drawing deck it behaves just like a normal village (with maybe some mid-turn gain shenanigans), but by that point, it's done a lot of extra work for you.

It has a slight drawback in that it anti-synergizes with sifting, because you are forced to draw stuff that you wanted to discard. But in most cases I agree it seems very strong.
Also turning Militia attacks into Ghost Ship.

Lot of upside, but definitely some downsides.

Are we talking about hypothetically possible, or would actually be feasible in a game? 22 Gold and 8 buys lets you buy 8 Provinces in one turn, which a lot of kingdoms could allow but wouldn't really support against an actual opponent.

More realistically, a kingdom where you can feasibly Remodel multiple times per turn can get (or mill) a lot of Provinces at once.

Rules Questions / Re: 5-6 player number of cards.
« on: September 21, 2018, 09:29:10 am »
Your numbers of victory cards, Curses, and Ruins are right for 6 players, but for 5 players it's just 27 total Estates (15 in starting decks, 12 in the supply) and 40 Curses/Ruins (10 for each player beyond the first).

And yeah, don't worry about treasures.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Interview with Donald X.
« on: September 20, 2018, 02:25:32 pm »
Leprechaun and Tormentor share Vampire's status in also counting the 12 Hexes, 4 associated States, themselves, and a non-Supply card.

This is why I never liked the removal of Woodcutter. Even a weak +Buy can be completely game-changing when it's the best +Buy on the board, and it can be really interesting having to find a way to work with it.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Which Removed Cards Do You Use IRL?
« on: December 24, 2017, 06:07:34 pm »
Woodcutter. It's weak, but it's a simple card that doesn't take too contrived of a board to serve a meaningful role.

I don't agree that Throne Room being a village/splitter is any more conditional than Necropolis. Both are similarly useless if they do not pair up with another Action card.

Throne Room operates differently than your typical village through. It can be seen as equivalent to "+2 Actions, choose a card, autoplay the chosen card twice (each play costs an action)". Less flexible, but let's you play more Action card effects than you have in your deck. At the end of the day, you can use Throne Rooms to play arbitrarily many terminals, just like any card giving +2 Actions explicitly.

It's perhaps fair to call Throne Room, Herald, Royal Carriage etc. "Pseudo villages" just because they do not behave like vanilla cards that provide +2 Actions. Consider Tactician, the card I think is most deserving of the classification as a "pseudo-village". It requires a crazy chain to get arbitrarily many next-turn effects to activate.

If you have Necropolis in your hand alongside Smithy or some other terminal draw, you can draw from the Smithy and still have an action left over to continue playing things. Throne Room can't do that on its own: you need another non-terminal to get that result.

Opening Farming Village has a decent chance of being a significant upgrade over opening Walled Village, but both of those are terrible cards to open.

Puzzles and Challenges / Re: Easy Puzzles
« on: December 20, 2016, 03:51:56 pm »
10 Charms is another option.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Infinite Combos
« on: November 11, 2016, 06:31:26 pm »
The first person to get there always empty the Forums after getting whatever giant # of VP. Why would they need to be able to end the game? The combo is no longer accessible by the opponent.

Oh, duh. So they might not be able to end the game; but they can at least empty both Silver and Forum piles. Then it could take up to 8 more turns to end the game after that.

Unless Bridge and King's Court (or a combination involving Ferry) is the method of cost reduction, there will already be a third pile with a maximum of 5 cards in it that costs $0. I think there will be very few games where this combo is pulled off but the game doesn't end that turn.

Then again, there will be very few games where you get the time to drain the entire Silver pile either...

Even if there is a $0 cost pile, you might not have enough buys left to empty it that turn.

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