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General Discussion / Re: roguelike games
« on: June 27, 2019, 07:11:52 pm »
I find shopping really fun!

The thing I don't like about greed mode is that the last floor is such a difficulty spike, though.

Exactly! I mean the point of the mode is that you keep money and then feed them t the Greed Machine, but in the end you don't have anything to feed even though you tried to spend less and it's just not fun.

General Discussion / Re: roguelike games
« on: June 27, 2019, 11:17:36 am »
Today I spent 3 hours on Suicide King challenge then I got Lucky Stone and Magic Fingers. I destroyed everything on my path.

It feels good to find a combo like that but it feels even better when you don't and beat the challenge anyway which happened with me on Cat's one. And this is the reason to keep playing.

One thing I hate, though is Greed mode. God it's awful. Maybe I am playing it wrong, get the idea wrong, but I don't get it. I got all the completion marks on 3 characters now, all but one which is Greed mode. Sometimes I try it, but eh.

Other Games / Re: Nintendo Switch
« on: June 20, 2019, 04:37:47 pm »
Got myself BotW. Thanks for the tips!

Other Games / Re: Nintendo Switch
« on: June 20, 2019, 05:07:41 am »
hey guys, I'm here for advice. I just got money to buy one game of my choice to Switch. I am torn between BotW, Skyrim and Binding of Isaac. Points are:

1) I've never played a single game of Zelda series (except Link to the past very long ago). I love RPGs though.
2) I've never played and Elder Scrolls games (except Morrowind very long ago). Again, I love RPGs and of course I've heard a lot about Skyrim.
3) I played BoI and I love it, so it definitely would be cool, but I play it on my computer, so do I really need it?

Also are there some other really cool options? Maybe two cool games for the price of one Skyrim. I am looking for highly replayable game, as I can't afford a lot of games. Basically the game I will buy now will be with me for 2 months before I can afford another one.

Thanks a lot in advance!

General Discussion / Re: roguelike games
« on: June 11, 2019, 05:50:06 pm »
Someone help me stop playing Binding of Isaac

++++++ 211 hours in 2 months it's killing me


Congrats town for winning! I will leave a choice for MVP to Eddie, and I also liked a setup very much. Feel free to share individual QTs.

In other news, I am probably disappearing from forum for quite some time, have fun here!

Did anyone see Uncleeurope? I am afraid my confession could turn his world around...

Also have anyone seen jotheonah, the Vanilla Townie? Me neither. (He died)

Day Five has started!

Not voting (6): MiX, A Drowned Kernel, gkrieg13, Galzria, SpaceAnemone, EFHW

With 6 alive, it takes 4 to lynch.
Day 5 ends 29th of May, 5 am ft.

Thread Unlocked.

Night 4 starts now and ends in 48 hours, May 22nd, 4:16am.

Vote Count

LaLight knew Uncleeurope wants to take his place. The only thing Uncleeurope was not aware of was that there was a power controlling the mods... And LaLight could do nothing about it. He just sometimes felt the urge to mod, to make vote counts. Even the words you are reading right now, was they LaLight's doing? LaLight tried to warn Eddie with some cryptic messages, but it didn't work...

MiX (2):          VS          chairs (5):
A Drowned Kernel

Not voting (1): SpaceAnemone

With 8 alive, it took 5 to lynch.

Also chairs was lynched. He was a Mafia Goon.

Thread Locked

Other Games / Re: pokemon go
« on: May 19, 2019, 01:25:22 pm »
Necro but...started up again a few months ago after losing interest. Liking it more now. Anyone else still playing?

Yeah! Started it 2 months ago, not playing it so much like at the start, but keep up with daily chains and all this stuff

This time LaLight was sitting at work. What does that mean? This obviously means that LaLight has a lot of time on his hands! And he could use it well.

Unlike faust the Tracker who was killed in a brutal manner.

That was not all! MiX had been promoted to fight toDay.

Looks like an interesting day to me, what do you think, Uncleeurope?

Day Four has started!

Not voting (8): chairs, jotheonah, MiX, A Drowned Kernel, gkrieg13, Galzria, SpaceAnemone, EFHW

With 8 alive, it takes 5 to lynch.
Day 4 ends 20th of May, 9:30 am ft.

Thread Unlocked.

Mafia Game Threads / Re: M123: Doomsday Mafia (Signups open!)
« on: May 11, 2019, 11:08:19 am »
Might be able to sub maybe, so don't send a speccy

Mafia Game Threads / Re: M123: Doomsday Mafia (Signups open!)
« on: May 11, 2019, 11:07:12 am »
Actually, /out, sorry. I can't commit to anything really now

LaLight finally came home. After putting all the clothes in the washing machine, sleeping a little, vacuuming the place and playing couple of levels of Cuphead he decided to make a vote count for a mafia game.

What a surprise though awaited him in the thread.

Glooble, who was a Vanilla Townie was lynched.

Glooble (6): Galzria, A Drowned Kernel, EFHW, chairs, gkrieg13, MiX
MiX (1): jotheonah
chairs (1): Glooble
Not voting (2): SpaceAnemone, faust

With 10 alive, it took 6 to lynch.

Night 3 starts now and ends in 48 hours, 13th of May, 8am FT.

Thread Locked.

Mafia Game Threads / Re: M123: Doomsday Mafia (Signups open!)
« on: May 09, 2019, 12:29:35 pm »

General Discussion / Re: Brag Board
« on: May 08, 2019, 08:35:18 am »
My wife bought me a Nintendo Switch for our anniversary! I was so clearly not wrong about her

After LaLight spent 12 hours trying to parse the code Uncleeurope made for vote counts, the day can finally be over. But what about DatSwan?

DatSwan was brutally lynched. He was a goon.

Night 2 start now and ends in 48 hours, 9th of May, 12:30 pm ft.

I am in another city until 11th of May, so, please, be tolerant to pauses.

Vote Count

jotheonah(1):          VS          DatSwan(7):

Not voting (4): gkrieg13, Galzria, SpaceAnemone, A Drowned Kernel

With 12 alive, it took 7 to lynch.

Thread Locked. Sorry for the long wait, I am in another city with shitty connection.

Vote Count 2.1

LaLight has a day off and this is why he woke up at 5:30 pm. Hopefully not dead, although how can he be sure everything that goes on right now isn't just his near death hallucinations? What if LaLight survives only if town wins in this game?

Who knows?

MiX (1): Glooble
Not voting (11): arishipshape, DatSwan, chairs, jotheonah, MiX, A Drowned Kernel, gkrieg13, Galzria, faust, SpaceAnemone, EFHW

With 12 alive, it takes 7 to lynch.
Day 2 ends 10th of May, 8:30 am FT.

Choosing between my flavor and Uncleeurope's flavor is hard. It's like choosing between cherry and strawberry flavor of ice cream they are different but both very compelling.

But you can also have both. And this is this game.

Oh, also Joseph was lynched. He was Lyncher Doctor.

Have a good night. It will end in 48 hours, 3rd of May at 6.30 am FT.

Vote Count

MiX (2): Glooble, gkrieg13
A Drowned Kernel (1): mcmcsalot
jotheonah (5): chairs, Galzria, arishipshape, Joseph2302, MiX
Joseph2302 (6): SpaceAnemone, DatSwan, EFHW, faust, jotheonah, A Drowned Kernel

Not voting (0):

With 14 alive, it took 6 to lynch.

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