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Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #170: 2/7 Offsuit
« on: December 01, 2022, 04:07:22 pm »

This card seems weak in games in which it is the only attack. If no one else buys one, its attack will never connect, leaving it as an expensive source of "gain a $5" with 1 VP (which is not very relevant at the time when you want "gain a $5").

I don't have a specific solution, but its attack already makes it stronger in games with other attacks. Does it need to be a scaling VP based on attacks as well?

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #170: 2/7 Offsuit
« on: December 01, 2022, 10:54:21 am »
Malevolent Witch
- Action Duration Attack
You may discard a Duchy. If you do, each other player gains a Curse.
At start of your next turn, +2 Cards.
Notes: The combination of requiring the discard of a Duchy and it being a duration limits how soon and how quickly it can curse.
The flavor is inspired by the witch in Sleeping Beauty exacting revenge after feeling slighted (Beauty and the Beast is similar).

Prospecting Town
+1 Card and +2 Actions.

In games using this, at the start of Clean-up, if you have multiple Prospecting Towns in play, you may exchange any number of them for Golds.

Notes: You might need to be careful about returning Prospecting Towns to avoid ending up under-Villaged. Unless you are using them like a lower risk, lower reward Treasure Map, which should be fun too!

Update: I used Gubump's much better wording suggestion. The original wording (which didn't work as intended) was: "At the start of Clean-up, if you have two or more Prospecting Towns in play, if you would discard this from play this turn, you may return it to its pile to gain a Gold."

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #168: Turkey Time
« on: November 11, 2022, 07:05:16 pm »

At the start of your turn, you may discard a card from your hand. If it cost $4, $5, or $6, +2 Cards.
Notes: It’s best to eat something substantial, but not as big as a Province. Duchies, yum!

SNES, I suggest making Tapestry “if you bought it” rather than “if it’s your buy phase”. That way, you can’t spend multiple buys for a single purchase of the card, which should let you avoid making the base card weak to avoid peddler-like pile emptying and cascades.

Isolated Village
- Action
+1 Card and +2 Actions.
You may spend a Villager to trash a card from your hand.
Overpay: Gain a Villager per $1 overpaid.

Note: I will not have time to do the next contest, so in the event that I win please have the runner up do so.

In that case, since we have 2 runners-up, I'd suggest faust judge the next contest, if he has time. I'm going to be on vacation next week.

I sent faust a PM that they've been nominated to judge the next contest as runner-up to this one.

$4 - Action
You may rotate the Wares pile. Then gain the top card from it.
Setup: Make a Wares pile with 4 copies in a row of 4 different Action cards costing $5. It is not in the Supply.
Notes: I love Black Market. But, having so many new cards to read can be too time-consuming, and the setup in in-person games is exhausting.
I believe that LastFootnote submitted a similar idea to a previous contest, but in a random order and without the ability to rotate the pile (I don’t think the rotate mechanic existed at the time). I believe that rotation meaningfully improves the card, because it reduces the inequality of who gets what while still leaving interesting decisions about which cards to go for.

cost $5 - Action
Gain a Copper and a Gold into your hand.

Like Wine Merchant, it earns $4 with drawback.  Like Explore, it directly gains into your hand.  Like Treasure Trove, it can gain a Gold!

This is too strong. It's similar to Treasure Trove, except that it gives $4 instead of $2 and requires spending an Action. Spending an action isn't a sufficient penalty for the extra $2 (nor is Treasure Trove a weak card in money strategies).

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #163: Cleaning The Banlist
« on: September 12, 2022, 06:32:30 pm »
Action - $5
Trash a card from your hand. If it is a Curse, Ruins, Shelter, or Victory card, gain a card costing up to $3 more than it. Otherwise, gain a card costing up to $2 more than it.

Replaces Rebuild, of course! Reconstruct is weaker in Dark Ages than it would be in another set because of Shelters.

I believe that Silver has been changed and now grants access to the simpler half of cards, across all sets. ShuffleIT has their own forums which should have more information, though finding that information is not easy:

Dominion General Discussion / Re: 2022 Additional Errata
« on: June 28, 2022, 12:39:21 pm »
I continue to be happy to have fixed this broken card, despite your objections.

Well that's unfair and misleading. I never objected to it being fixed. Just to it being restricted to Coppers.

Changing Bonfire to non-Duration is a clear fix. What else needs to be done to avoid potentially problematic rules interactions? A per turn limit to avoid loops?

Dominion General Discussion / Re: 2022 Additional Errata
« on: June 25, 2022, 08:50:23 pm »
Bonfire is a bit disappointing. It's not going to matter 90-93% of the time, but it was fun with on-trash effects.

And with Cursed Gold, Ruins, trashers you no longer need. Very disappointing to lose all these interesting uses, when the confusing rules cases could have been handled so easily with lesser errata.

- Procession

You can take my Processions over my dead Fortresses. ;D

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Prosperity 2E Preview 3
« on: June 01, 2022, 09:37:30 pm »
Nothing gets to be on-buy anymore. It's being phased out everywhere, due to casual players not understanding the distinction between buying and gaining.

And, even for players who understand the distinction, it can be confusing how the timing of on-buy and on-gain effects differ.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Prosperity 2E Preview 3
« on: June 01, 2022, 07:20:37 pm »
Doesn't Skulk have the same problem? (Card that comes with a card more expensive than it)

This interaction already exists. Guildmaster + Architect's Guild means that you can buy a Skulk and get the other 9 for free. Play Guildmaster twice and you can also gain 10 non-Victory cards costing $5 in this loop, and 10 non-Victory cards costing less than $4, often letting you empty 3 piles immediately. However, it doesn't come with any VP, so if all you are going to do with that loop is pile out, you'll need a points lead first (unlike a hypothetical interaction that enabled emptying the Duchies and Estates).

Coin Factory
$4 - Action
+2 Cards
You may reveal a Treasure from your hand. If you do, trash it; or discard it to gain a copy of it (your choice).

Comments: Replaces Mint. Similar feel, without Mint's potentially confusing (particularly for Prosperity) on-buy effect that can destroy your deck if you are not careful. Coin Factory is also less dependent on luck to trash your coppers.

It should be strongest when played with heavy Prosperity Kingdoms because you can "coin" Platinum. I presume that Prosperity 2e will also bring better Kingdom-card treasures to replace Contraband, Royal Seal, etc., so you will more often get other Kingdom card treasures that you will want to copy.


Action - Duration
+3 Cards
You may discard an Action card from your hand. If you do, at the start of your next turn, discard this from play and +1 Card and +1 Villager.

Comments: A fun prompt! A card that you discard from play when it takes effect can be hard to track. Giving +1 Villager instead of +1 Action avoids these issues. Thoughts on the power level appreciated. It looks strong, but if you reshuffled at the end of the previous turn having to draw through your deck only to get to cards that give +3 Cards means that in order to play Detective each turn with the duration effect you'd have to substantially overdraw your deck, reducing its power substantially. But maybe you can avoid that by playing Herb Gatherer first, playing it from your discard with Courier, etc. 

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Prosperity 2E
« on: May 09, 2022, 03:20:42 pm »
The first eight cards that will be cut seem reasonably clear to me, most of which are typically quite weak: Loan, Trade Route, Talisman, Contraband, Counting House, Mountebank, Royal Seal, and Venture.

Among the three most powerful cards in the set, only Mountebank seems likely to go. The other two, Goons and King’s Court, tend to make for interesting games even if they are dominant. Loan is fine power level wise but it can feel bad such as when it hits a treasure you wanted to draw instead.

I think Mint is a likely ninth card that gets cut: even though it makes for interesting strategy, there are few other cards that can destroy your whole deck with a single buy if you are not careful, and sometimes drawing a five copper hand early (but usually not in the opening) is a huge advantage with Mint.

Donald has not used earlier second editions to do errata that completely changes how a card plays in typical situations (e.g., the Masquerade errata stopped the "pin" but had little other impact). So, I do not expect to see that happen here either.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: WDC 151: Now or Later
« on: May 06, 2022, 06:28:34 pm »

Action - Duration - Reaction
Now, or at the start of your next turn, +2 Cards and +1 Buy.
When you gain a card, you may play this from your hand.
Comments: A mini-Barge with the fun of Sheepdog. It can be played when drawn dead making it similar to Den of Sin Thieves (except that you’ll need to gain a card, which is a small limitation). It doesn’t come with Den of Sin’s powerful on-gain bonus (which is typically at least as good as buying Expedition, a $3 event), but you can’t have it all!

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #150: Half!
« on: May 05, 2022, 10:07:50 am »
Second runner up: Graft by faust
Graft was by 4est, not faust (but maybe those are pronounced almost the same?!)

Thanks for the contest and judging. It was narrow, but could be taken in lots of directions in the end. Not half bad.

I see what you did there!  ;D And fixed!

spineflu's Test Site is listed as both an honorable mention and the winner.

Fixed! Spineflu should just be listed as the winner. Attention to detail slipped a bit on the judging here.  :)

My submission isn’t in the judging.

Really sorry about missing your card. I've added it now at the bottom of the post. I can confidently say that if I included it in the original judging, it wouldn't have won the contest. It's hard to say at this later judging if it would have placed as a runner-up, but I listed it as an honorable mention, which is the minimum it deserves. 

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #150: Half!
« on: May 04, 2022, 07:12:56 pm »
WDC #150: Half!

Thanks for all the submissions! Once my son learns Dominion in, well, a lot of years, I'll tell him about the cards designed in honor of his turning 2.5!

I think that this was a hard prompt, but you all had a lot of great submissions! It was hard deciding on a winner, or even keeping the “short list” under half the entries! Here’s my $0.34:

Vendor - Action - Cost: 4

+1 Action
Choose one: Trash a card from your hand; or +1 Buy (up to 2) per 2 cards in the trash and +$1 per 2 cards in the trash per player.
(Round down by default.)

A very weak trasher for its cost (compare to, e.g., Raze) or eventually a potentially very strong source of +Buy and $. I think that the wording (“+$1 per 2 cards in the trash per player”) is going to be confusing, especially with the “per player” condition on the $ with the “up to” limitation on the Buys. The “per player” wording also means that, if you’re the only one who goes for this and in a 3+ player game and no one else gets trashing, it won’t get above $1 from trashing just your starting cards.

+1 Card
+1 Action
If you have an even number of
Pigs in play, +①.
When you gain this or trash it
from hand, gain another Pigs
(it doesn't come with another).

It’s delightful even without the tie-in that my son likes pigs. From a gameplay standpoint, I like that using both opening buys on Pigs seems much worse at hitting $5 than Silver/Silver (though I haven’t taken the time to do the math!). But it gets stronger quickly as your density of Pigs increases. Besides possibly being a bit strong for a Peddler-variant, the main downside that I see is that gaining so many cards with +1 Card and +1 Action might slow down games. Short list.


+1 Card
+1 Action

Trash a card from your hand

When you trash this, +1VP per 2 differently named cards you have in play (rounded down)

A weaker Junk Dealer for most of the game, it shines when you can trash it for points later on. I like the simplicity and how you can go through the whole pile even in a two-player game, unlike many trashers. The overly strong interaction with Black Market is problematic but not disqualifying (reminiscent of Museum-Black Market!). Short list.

My Submission:

Pardoner • $5 • Action - Gathering
+1 Card
+1 Action
If this is the first time you played a Pardoner this turn, add 1VP to its Supply pile.

Heirloom: Indulgence
Indulgence • $2 • Treasure - Heirloom
Choose one: +$1; or +1 Buy; or you may return a Pardoner from your hand to the Supply to take half the VP from the Pardoner Supply pile (round down).

It’s really interesting and I like how the heirloom fits the theme. The big issue is what you spelled out in your post: Pardoner is over-priced as a Peddler variant and thus quite weak for a $5. Its benefit over Peddler helps everyone’s Pardoners to be cashed in for VP. And someone only needs a single Pardoner to return with Indulgence to take half the pile, so after one player adds enough VP for it to be interesting, that’s when other players can buy it.

Stock Exchange
Treasure - $5
+1 Buy
+$1 for every 2 cards in your hand, rounded down.

The anti-Bank (play it before your other Treasures). But, like Bank, it encourages you to keep your other treasures. Very weak without draw, but the same is true of Bank, and that’s still a fun card. Strong combos with ways to play Treasures without being done with your Action phase (Villa, Black Market, Storyteller, etc.). Short list.

$5* Treasure

Choose one: Exile this, for +$1 per $1 it costs; or return this to the Supply.
This costs $1 less per 2 cards in the Shares pile (round down).

It starts as a $0 cost treasure. As soon as you buy it, it now costs $1 so you can Exile it for $1. At least three need to be gained for it to produce at least $2 when Exiled. So, It doesn’t seem worth using a Buy on in the first place, unless it’s a multiplayer game and you know that others will mirror your strategy. Tracking how many cards are in the Shares pile for things like Salvager would probably be annoying in person.

Pawn Shop - $4
+2 Cards
Trash a card from your hand.
If it is an...
Action card, +1 Villager...
Treasure card, +1 Coffer...
Victory card, +1 VP...
per $2 it costs, rounding up.

A really interesting trasher. It gets little benefit from trashing your starting cards other than a few VP from your Estates, but it can serve as a mini-Recruiter by trashing actions in a pinch, if you trash Gold you get enough Coffers to make up for it this turn, and it gets enough VP from trashing Province that it’s a possible “golden deck” enabler (just don’t compare it to Sanctuary!). That said, the benefits of trashing expensive cards seem insufficient to justify its cost most of the time, so once you trash your starting cards you’ll probably trash excess Pawn Shops to itself. Short list. 

As others have said in this thread, this is too weak. The comparison to Distant Lands is instructive (it takes 8 turns to be worth as much). Also, the strategy using using Investment would be “play Investment, then make sure the game doesn’t end soon.” So, decks that bought Investment wouldn’t be buying both Provinces and Investments at the same time, as happens with Distant Lands. Which is less fun.

My son (whose full birthday it is today) really wanted me to post this last week, but I never got around to it. Then I looked at this week’s contest: HALF!

I'm aware that "when buy" is out of favor these days, and this card commits the further sin of using "when buy" and "when gain" on the same card. But as I understand DVX's concerns, they relate to confusing casual Dominion players, and I assume if you’re on this forum, you’re interest in Dominion is more than casual. The card works best (and is balanced best) with the "buy" and "gain" as they appear here.

FAQ: You may trash a card whether you buy a card from the Supply or the trash.

What a coincidence that this card qualified for two (narrow) contests in a row! Happy belated birthday to your son!

This is a very interesting card. My main concern is that it seems too powerful, especially as an opener. If you trash a $5 or $6 it virtually guarantees that you can purchase it from the trash when played (while trashing a card), even if your other opening buy produces no economy. Even the mighty Masquerade needs to be opened with a Silver to have a high chance to both buy a $5 and trash.

The +Buy also means that you can easily trash Estates in hand by buying extra Coppers. Lastly, Gongfermor is potentially prone to first-player advantage in two-player games. Let’s say that I am first player and have 3/4, while you are second player and have 4/3. If you open Gongfermor and trash a key $5 or $6, I can respond by buying Gongfermor and trashing Curse. Then, I have a substantially greater than 50% chance to play my Gongfermor first, shutting you out of that key card. But if you don’t use your $4 to buy Gongfermor, I’ll just trash the key card myself. As second player, you are more likely to get the chance to choose what to trash second, but not mirroring is a losing proposition, so it’s to no advantage.

Action - $5
+1 Buy
Discard half the cards in your hand (round down the number you discard).

Simple. Not overpowered in a money-heavy strategy. You’ll feel great when you turn the disadvantage into an advantage in decks like “draw to X”. But it’s generally less useful in the (in my opinion, fun) decks that accumulate large hand sizes, which probably makes it less fun than some of this week’s other entries.

Graft is an Event that lets you create your own split piles! When you buy it, you get a choice of taking the top half of one Kingdom pile and putting it on top of another (e.g. I take 5 Villages from the Village pile and put them on top of the 10 Markets), or rotating any Kingdom pile, similar to Battle Plan. I restricted it to Kingdom piles to prevent obnoxious things like putting 23 Coppers on top of the Provinces, etc. Players can use Graft sort of like Tax or Embargo to put a stack of bad cards on top of ones their opponent might want, but it also allows for some interesting pile control, adding more cards to low piles or halving a pile to threaten a pileout. It also always feels good to buy a card then rotate the pile away from your opponent.

Definitely this week’s most mind-bending entry. I worry that, in two-player games, the main uses would be 1) to put bad cards on top of good ones, or to rotate piles for which that has already been done, lengthening the game in annoying ways, or 2) to make piling out a lot easier by rotating away half of a pile. You did a great job on the FAQ! Short list.

Test Site • $5 • Action

You may pay up to half of your $ for the same number of +Actions.

You may pay up to half of your remaining $ for the same number of +Cards.

(Round down for both.)

A really interesting variant on Storyteller. More versatile at a cost of offering worse draw. The first one can be a Peddler if you haven’t earned any other $, making it an unofficial Peddler variant. Not enabling you to play Treasures during the Action phase also makes it much simpler than Storyteller, rules-wise. Tracking this in-person might be difficult, due to the highly variable effects and numbers of actions it can generate, but it’s probably not much more difficult than Broker. Short list

Gatherer - $5

+2 Cards
This turn, directly after you play an Action from a Supply pile that is at most half empty, +1 Action.

Initially, it’s in effect a Laboratory that makes all of your other actions non-terminal too. But, once supply piles start declining, Gatherer or its friends become terminal. A really clever design and would lead to interesting player interactions. However, it seems too centralizing, at least in two-player games. I think it would be very rare that you’d expect piles to run out soon enough that you’d skip it.

As an online-only card, the tracking would work fine. But, in person it would be hard to carefully track the number of cards in each pile (both to see about the on-play effect and for strategic purposes) and might be challenging to remember which actions it applied to during a turn.

Quote from: Bookshop
+1 Action
If this is the first time you played a Bookshop this turn, +1 Card and +1 Buy.
+1 Card per $2 you have (round down)

Unlike with Storyteller, you do not lose your coins when you play Bookshop.
The first Bookshop you play will be a Market.  The next two (assuming you don't play other cards that give +$1) will be Peddlers, and only the fourth will increase your hand size.  So it takes work to get decent draw out them if you only intend to stack Bookshops, but the card will synergize well with other cards that give $ during your Action phase or the start of your turn.

Another really interesting Storyteller variant. It seems hard to make a card with Bookshop’s central effect balanced. Bookshop seems too centralizing on boards where there are easy ways to get $ during your Action phase. But, without the +1 Card and +1 Buy the first time you played Bookshop, it would be too weak on boards where there only way to generate $ before playing Bookshop is another Bookshop.

Added once per turn and another suggestions per others ideas.

Seems mainly useful at the very end of the game. Dominion already has a few cards that strongly encourage ending the game on your turn. Think Mining Village (so that you can trash them without ruining your deck) or Triumph (because it often gives so many points that, if you can manage to gain enough cards to end the game, it will provide the points to win). I find the strategic implications of those cards less fun, so I don’t think we need more.

$3 Event: Debt Relief
Once per game: +2 Buys. Return up to 8 debt.
Cards this turn cost half their $, rounded down.
You may buy this despite having debt.

A good use of a once-per game effect. Having a one-time event be a “must buy” seems like less of an issue than it would be on a Kingdom card as long as it doesn’t completely transform your deck and eliminate much of the chance from the game (see: Donate). I believe that, most of the time, “double your $” would have the same impact though there are plenty of exceptions like Ball or Horn of Plenty, which offer nice interactions. Short list.

Project ($3)

At the end of your Buy phase, you may pay any amount of $ to draw extra cards for your next hand at a rate of 1 card per $2 spent.

Edit: I missed AJL828's card the first time I posted the judging. You compared it to Pageant, but it reminds me of Ride. The main advantages are that it doesn't take a buy each time you want to draw additional cards, and you get the cards right away instead of needing to wait until you draw your Horses. The main disadvantages are that you have to buy the Project before you can start converting extra $ to cards, and that by drawing the cards right away it is much more vulnerable to discard attacks. It seems like it would be weaker earlier on that Ride, but stronger later. Donald's secret history of Menagerie says that he briefly tried adding +1 Buy to Ride. I don't think that version of Ride would have been overpowered, but it might have made drawing cards a little simpler than desired. So I think this would be balanced, and converting $ to cards is a fun effect. Short list

Honorable mention: Sexton by xyz123, Stock Exchange by Commodore Chuckles, Pawn Shop by Xen3k, Debt Relief by UltimateGeek, Parade by AJL828

Second runner up: Graft by 4est

First runner up: Pigs by MochaMoko

Winner: Test Site by spineflu.

Congrats to spineflu, and thanks to everyone who participated!

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #150: Half!
« on: May 03, 2022, 03:38:21 pm »
Contest closed! Judging to be posted tomorrow (Wednesday).

I have as entries:
Commodore Chuckles:
fika monster:

If I missed yours, please let me know.

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