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Dominion General Discussion / Re: Interview with Donald X.
« on: October 20, 2014, 06:03:23 pm »
Donald, can you tell us anything about the new expansion coming in 2015?

If someone wants to post this to r/dominion feel free; I'm not really a reddit person.


GokoDom / Re: GokoDom III: Round 7 Results ONLY
« on: April 13, 2014, 11:00:36 pm »
TheTig333 defeats schneeg

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom III: Round 5 Discussion Thread
« on: March 30, 2014, 10:47:14 pm »

Please link your game logs using as the domain instead.  My name forwards to right now, but it won't do so for much longer.

Sorry, will do.

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom III: Round 5 Results ONLY
« on: March 29, 2014, 02:36:05 pm »
TheTig333 defeats aardshark

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom III: Round 3 Discussion Thread
« on: March 14, 2014, 05:38:21 pm »
Lekkit vs TheTig333

Ugly logs. Commentary to come!

Thanks for the games Lekkit! Here are my comments:

Game 1: You had me beat from the start in this game. I was not happy at all with the 5:2 start since I originally wanted to go with a Fortress/Savager/Market Square strategy. And your Sea Hag certainly didn't help anything. Also, I did NOT have enough Fortresses. I really should have bought one on Turn 14. Your Stonemason trick for ending the piles at the end was pretty slick. And you had the game regardless.

Game 2: I think the key to me winning this game might have been the early Mountebank. It seemed to really hurt your deck. From there I got ahead in the Rebuild game and that was that.

Game 3: Here was a game where we clearly had different strategies, you with wharf/bank and me with university/$5card engine. And yours was much better. Mostly just because it was so much faster than mine, and also had less left up to chance. Good call.

Game 4: After getting 5/8 Tunnels I thought I would come out with the win here, but it apparently wasn't enough. Looking back I probably should have bought a Journeyman, I was just afraid of revealing warehouses. Your Pillage also seemed to work quite nicely for you. Close close game.

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom III: Round 2 Discussion Thread
« on: February 27, 2014, 03:20:57 pm »
TheTig333 defeats burtsbees 4-2

I am very new to this, so any comments/advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Here are the scores/kingdoms/logs/comments:

Game 1: burtsbees wins 41 - 35

Code: [Select]
Tunnel, Watchtower, Horse Traders, Rats, Taxman, Thief, Band of Misfits, Outpost, Venture, Wharf

This was a Tunnel/Horse Traders game. I only got 3 of the Tunnels and had bad luck with them early which put me behind. Buying BOM on turn 4 might have been a mistake. I also bought the Penultimate Province, but I figured the game was basically over.

Game 2: burtsbees wins 27 - 24

Code: [Select]
Pawn, Armory, Quarry, Golem, Bandit Camp, Haggler, Hunting Party, Border Village, Grand Market, Possession

This was a strong engine kingdom with Quarry, Border Villlage, Haggler, Grand Market, and Hunting Party. I sometimes bought Gold over Grand Market, which was probably a mistake. I didn't realize the value of Hunting Party until it was too late and my opponent really used them to his advantage. Neither of us went the Potion route (with Golem + Possesion), but I wonder how well that would have worked. Ended up being a close game.

Game 3: TheTig333 wins 25 - 23

Code: [Select]
Lighthouse, Develop, Woodcutter, Bridge, Mining Village, Spy, Embassy, Graverobber, Jester, Rebuild

While there were probably other viable strategies for this Kingdom, we both went for Rebuild. Luckily I started with 5/2 so I got an early Rebuild which really helped. We both got 4 Duchies but once I had turned all mine into Provinces, I trashed Province for Province, which limited my opponent to 3 Provinces, thus winning the game.

Game 4: TheTig333 wins 11 - 8

Code: [Select]
Crossroads, Duchess, Oracle, Woodcutter, Workshop, Mining Village, Procession, Young Witch, Cultist, Outpost, Grand Market

This game was all about cards that you couldn't trash. I'm talking about Curses from YW and Ruins from Cultist. My opponent opened with YW/Woodcutter (Bane). I really wanted to go for Cultist so I ignored the Bane entirely and only got one YW. I apparently faired pretty well with my one YW, giving my opponent 4 curses (I got 6). But in the meantime I used my Cultists to give my opponent all 10 Ruins, which really hurt. I also had a few Cultist chains which were pretty successful, and was able to buy the only Province of the game.

Game 5: TheTig333 wins 36 - 36

Code: [Select]
Poor House, Herbalist, Vagrant, JackOfAllTrades, Remake, Counterfeit, Embassy, Laboratory, Mine, Forge

In this game we both started JOAT/Silver. Then he used his $5 buys to get Labs while I opted for Counterfeits instead. I ended up liking my choice. I come out with the win with a tie score due to less turns.

Game 6: TheTig333 wins 38 - 33

Code: [Select]
Lighthouse, Great Hall, Herald, Navigator, Smithy, Count, Cultist, Mountebank, Soothsayer, Farmland

I had another lucky 5/2 start in this game, and I snagged an early Mountebank. This game was really about Mountebank/Soothsayer with nothing to trash except for Farmland. My early start really helped. Also, my opponent bought 5 Heralds, which I really don't think helped him that much. One crazy thing this game was my turn 15. I wanted to buy a farmland and trash a gold for a Province. So I played my 2 Golds, then pressed the "play treasures" button, then bought a Farmland. OOPS. I accidentally played all my money and now have to trash my Colony... FOR NOTHING! Needless to say I was pretty annoyed (and I haven't played much online). Thankfully I still had the stronger deck and got the win.

Thanks for the fun games burtsbees! As I said before, anyone feel free to comment and tell me what I did wrong (and possibly right).

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom III: Round 2 Results ONLY
« on: February 26, 2014, 09:00:25 pm »
TheTig333 defeats burtsbees

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom III: Third Theason Thign-up Thread
« on: January 21, 2014, 02:40:22 pm »
In, no sets.

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