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LCG General Discussion / Android: Netrunner - Favourite Factions?
« on: March 22, 2014, 02:28:17 am »
I ended up getting this game, and it is really great. I really like the fact that there are different factions, all of which employ different gameplay strategies to achieve victory.

SO what faction is your favourite (Including Runner and/or Corp)?

Personally I like Weyland Consortium (probably closely followed by Jinteki). I am still new at the game, and I find the idea of their 'tag and bag' strategy to be really interesting and cool. Rewarding to pull off, but tricky and fun. Super intense too when the runner realises you could be ready to pounce at any moment.

Other Games / Re: Recommended board games?
« on: March 22, 2014, 02:14:15 am »
Sorry for taking about an age and a half to reply (you know, life gets in the way...), but thank you all so much for your recommendations! I ended up getting Android: Netrunner, and it is excellent :) I introduced it to my uni friend who also plays magic and he really likes it too, so we are probably going to develop a friendly rivalry there! It is worlds apart from Dominion, I can definitely confirm what you guys said before. Thanks for all your other recommendations too, I will probably want to get a good game that can be played with a group too, so the suggestions are gold!

Other Games / Re: Recommended board games?
« on: January 13, 2014, 07:40:16 pm »
Thanks for all the recommendations guys! Thanks a lot, even if I don't mention them in this post. It is great indeed. So it seems Race for the Galaxy, Kingdom builder, Stone Age and Memoir 44 are all pretty popular. I am definitely considering them, and I think I will watch demo's for them because they sound like cool games.

I did watch a bit of a video on Race for the Galaxy, and it looks pretty complex. However I am sure it just takes time to learn it. How would it go in a situation where you are trying to teach friends at a games night?

Also I remember reading LastFootnote's article on the 'Donald X. Variety Mechanic', and realised that I really enjoy games with that too, and is one of the big reasons that I like Dominion so much. It certainly adds a lot of replay-ability, and interesting game set ups. Kingdom builder sounds like it has a lot of this, which makes sense since it was made by Donald X.

Android: Netrunner (although as I understand, this is a deckbuilder).

Netrunner is a Living Card Game (LCG), which for gameplay purposes is the same as being a TCG.  So building decks is involved, but it's not incorporated into the game—you build your decks in advance and the game consists of playing them against each other.  I haven't played my Netrunner yet, so can't recommend whether it's worth picking up.  The core set is cheap.

Thanks for the clarification, that actually changes heaps. Just came back from a family holiday, and my uncle who is awesome, brought a  MTG booster pack box of 36 packs so me and my brother and cousin could do a draft. We had a blast, and now I am really interested in CCG like that. So Android NetRunner might be perfect, since it plays like a TCG without actually having to collect heaps of good cards to make a good deck. Has anyone played it? Can anyone give me insight in how the game plays out, and how fun it is? I shall look up the thread on this too.

EDIT: Also the asymmetrical play of Netrunner intrigues me. Also a downside I can imagine with Netrunner is that it is quite difficult to teach new people, which I would have to do a lot of. How much harder is it to learn than say, Magic?

Other Games / Re: Recommended board games?
« on: January 12, 2014, 12:16:21 am »

That thread is a good start!

Ahh thanks! I had seen that thread before, and was what inspired to ask here. I looked for the thread before writing this, but couldn't find it or remember what it was called. In the end I decided to post this thread because I don't own pretty much any of the games shark_bait does, bar Dominion and am looking for a slightly different type of game (however not heaps different at all, now that I re-look over it). I will definitely give the thread a better look. Thanks for the link!

Are you looking for a game that's good with 2 but can be used with more, or is a game that's only 2 player good?

It needs to be good with at least 2 people, and I don't mind if it is only a 2 player game. More than 2 player is good as well, but not essential.

Thanks for the suggestions blueblimp and Drab Emordnilap! I was thinking of games more like strategy games, but I will definitely consider the others. My girlfriend and I often play scrabble, which I am pretty terrible at, but enjoy. So Boggle might be perfect. Shall check out Race for the Galaxy also!

Other Games / Recommended board games?
« on: January 11, 2014, 08:39:28 pm »
I am looking to buy a new board game, and would love some suggestions as what to get! Dominion is great, but I also want to try others, and learn a new game with friends (important!) that I haven't invested many, many hours into practicing and reading strategy articles (yet ;) ) and what not.

I have a few requirements:
  • Can be played with 2 people
  • Each game doesn't go for too long (less than 1.5 hours) but if there are absolute gems that go longer I will definitely consider.
  • Has high replay-ability
  • Isn't too similar to Dominion (preferably not a deck builder)

I have heard about games like Twilight Struggle and Android: Netrunner (although as I understand, this is a deckbuilder). Are they worth looking into?

What do you recommend?

Rules Questions / 'Upgrading' potion cost cards.
« on: December 16, 2013, 08:40:40 am »
Can I use cards like upgrade (or other cards in the 'upgrading' family in a similar way) to trash a card costing $2P, like Scrying Pool, and gain a card costing $3P, like Alchemist?

$3P costs exactly $1 more than $2P right?

It would make sense, but I have never been sure of this. Thanks for any clarifications!

Puzzles and Challenges / Re: Buy the Hydra!
« on: December 12, 2013, 10:16:41 pm »
I would say that with 9 Wharves played from last turn and 9 KCed Madmans is possible to draw the entire kingdom in your hands. That being said, getting all Coppers+Silvers+Gold+Potions+Platinum+a couple of Kingdom treasures in play and then playing Counterfeited Banks for more than it would be "easy". 59 Coppers (the Opponent may Ambassador theirs) + 39 Silvers + 29 Golds + 14 Potions + 11 Platinums + 9*5 Kingdom Treasures (leaving room for Wharf, KC, Madman, Counterfeit and Bank) + 10 Counterfeits = 148, so each of the 20 plays of a Bank is worth more than $148. With Counterfeit, you get more than $138*20, which is plenty.
30 plays of Madmen gets more than to 4*(1.75)^30 cards in hand (almost doubling each time, because you need to play a Madman), so you do not need Wharf. 10 plays gets to 4*(1.75)^10, which is also enough, so you do not need KC and have room for more Kingdom treasures. It may be worth it to put Marauder in, because there are more than 10 Spoils.

Anyway, the maximum would be quite hard to find, but this gets waaaay above 999.

30 plays of Madmen gets from 4 cards to 4*2^30, so...

Sounds like a good place to start. Now is the trouble of getting them all into your hand at once!

If gains count, you can Forge 11 Colonies, 11 Provinces, 11 Platina, 8 Forges, 10 King's Courts, 10 Banks, 9 Expands, 39 Golds, 11 Harems, 11 Fairgrounds, and 11 Nobles into a Hydra.  Totally worth it.  There's even enough room left in the kingdom for Hermit/Council Room, so hopefully you can draw all that stuff.

Huh, never even though of that. I like your thinking. Still need to be gotten into your hand.

Also editing the OP, you can assume perfect shuffle luck when coming up with a solution, and also assume you are playing solo. Unfortunately that leaves out the pirate ship technique, which was a good one Grujah, forgot about that one when I stated that you cannot use coin tokens before. Also changing it from 'buy' the Hydra to 'gain' the Hydra.

Puzzles and Challenges / Gain the Hydra!
« on: December 12, 2013, 08:15:47 pm »
I had this challenge idea a while ago when the Cornucopia fan card design contest was running, when this fan card was submitted:

Types: Action – Reaction
Cost: $999
+1 Action. +1 Card per Hydra you have in play (including this).

When another player plays an Attack card, you may discard this. If you do, gain a Hydra.

Obviously the end card wouldn't have costed $999, but the author submitted it this was to avoid comments saying it was too weak/strong for its certain cost.

 HOWEVER, my challenge is to work out a way to gain the Hydra, at its original cost of $999, without using coin tokens. Assume perfect shuffle luck and a solo game of dominion. Pile numbers have to be taken into account. Is it possible? Who knows?! Who is worthy enough to take on this mighty challenge!!?

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Really bad card ideas
« on: December 10, 2013, 07:21:04 am »
Unless that was an intentional typo of intentional!

I guess we'll never know...

Well,i will, but you won't

Altough if you take a firm stance one way or the other you have a 50/50 chance of being right...but you'll never know, and would you want to know knowing you could be wrong? While you dont know your right and wrong.

I like to call this dilemma 'Ozles cat'

You could better your odds then 50% by thinking about the kind of posts you make, and studying your post history.

What if I planned ahead and knew you did that though?

Well then you obviously are a hitman, and have to keep up a fake identity in order not to get caught.

 I bet his real name isn't even Ozle!!

Introductions / Re: Hey, from Down Under!
« on: December 09, 2013, 02:28:44 am »
Thanks for the welcome guys!


Plenty of time? Try forum games. I believe sudgy might be opening a regular mafia game up pretty soon that you should think about joining.

He can confirm that when he welcomes you and tells you to check out forum games.
Welcome!  Have you checked out the
forum games

Thanks for the invite, I admit I am tempted. Never played forum marfia before, have played IRL though, it is good fun. I probably won't play, just so it doesn't eat up too much time... but just for my information, will this next one be beginner friendly?

Sudgy, glad to see you are changing your invite formatting up, makes me feel special ;D

Welcome! I really like your avatar!

Thanks! Pretty cool effect by who-ever the artist was.

Where beer does flow and men chunder?

Welcome from a fellow Aussie! :)
And hello from yet another Aussie, this one from Canberra. Welcome, and don't worry there is actual Dominion talk around here somewhere.

Indeed :P Feeling the Aussie spirit!

Nobody mention the cricket...

Heh... oh yeah. I wouldn't have even thought of it.

Game Reports / Re: Interaction: Rats with Watchtower/Develop
« on: December 07, 2013, 07:56:38 am »
Very cool indeed! It never clicked to me that the rats don't have to enter your deck to get the on trash bonus. That has pretty awesome interactions with fan cards that would 'trash a card from the supply'.

Introductions / Hey, from Down Under!
« on: December 07, 2013, 02:22:13 am »
Hey forum!

My name is Mitch and I am from Sydney, Australia. Just finished high school and have plenty of time for hobbies, like Dominion, and playing guitar and writing music. I have been lurking around these forums for a while, posting occasionally and joining a few contests and stuff, and I only realised this section of the forums existed after a few months. Thought I might as well whack a post here introducing myself, better late than never right? I started playing Dominion about a year ago, just after Christmas and have been really enjoying it. These forums are great, thanks everyone for enriching my Dominion experience!

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Custom Fan Set Box
« on: December 05, 2013, 11:51:36 pm »
Great stuff! Looks really professional and cool! It got me excited for all the cards! :P Have they been finished or mocked up yet?

Still working on it.  I've posted quite a few for community tweak/critique.  Any of my topics with "Flavor" in the title are my creations for this set... Pretty much all have changed based on comments from the community, but the original idea of most cards is still there.  It'll still be quite a while before the whole set is ready for playtesting, let alone being ready to use.  I just really like graphic editing, so I wanted to get the box done so I could share it, and maybe do up a few custom boxes for others... so far, no takers.

Ah yep cool, I have indeed read many of them, and have liked heaps of the ideas you have suggested. I personally like high risk high reward cards, they are probably my favourite type (procession!). I should actually post in those threads, heaps of the time I just look and don't bother posting. So the art you have found, shown in the art windows, are they going to be used for the actual cards? Such good art and flavour!
Sound good about posting this first, really good stuff. It make people excited for the finished product!

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Custom Fan Set Box
« on: December 04, 2013, 01:35:13 am »
Great stuff! Looks really professional and cool! It got me excited for all the cards! :P Have they been finished or mocked up yet?

Help! / Re: Where did I blow it in this Rebuild mirror?
« on: November 21, 2013, 11:11:44 pm »
Yeah agreeing with everyone else, I guess it was just loosing the duchy split, with help from the 2nd player disadvantage. I think you played it fairly well. I also like Warfreak's advice on the Embargoes, I wouldn't have thought of that!

You might find this amusing:

My rebuild match against irata... Similar to your kingdom in the sense that it also had Kings court. You should have definitely gone Kings court/Rebuild. ;) You shouldn't have.

I thought I might as well give all the cards a review for the first time. I have entered the contests but haven't reviewed them yet, better late than never! Note one of these cards is mine, I will try and be fair.

Types: Action
Cost: $5
Reveal then discard the top 2 cards of your deck. For each differently named card revealed, if it is an… Action card, +2 Actions; Treasure card, +$2; Victory card, +1 Card; Curse, +1 Buy.
Unfortunately reminds me a little too much of Tribute. You could potentially set this card up with cards like cartographer, but it still compares a little unfavourable to Tribute for me.

Types: Action
Cost: $4
Reveal the top 4 cards of your deck. Put one of each differently named card revealed into your hand. Discard the rest.
Looks pretty cool. It will often just be a smithy, but hey smithy costs $4 too, then sometimes better or worse. Nice.

Types: Action
Cost: $4
+1 Card. If this is the first time you played a Storyteller this turn, +1 Action.

While this is in play, when you play an Action card that you don't already have a copy of in play, +1 Action.

Clarification: The first Storyteller you play only gives you +1 Action, not +2 Actions, because it wasn't in play when you played it.
Seems like an interesting village variant. You might but able to get away with making it a cantrip, but testing needed. However it might be needed because it is pretty powerful otherwise... I am undecided. I think it good how it is.

Types: Action
Cost: $3
+2 Cards. +2 Actions. Reveal your hand. Discard duplicate cards one at a time until you have no duplicate cards in hand.
I like it. I also like the little combo with Menagerie. Powerful if used correctly, but unlike menagerie it can hurt your hand.

Player King
Types: Action
Cost: $10
Trash a card from your hand. For each $ in its cost, gain a card costing up to $5 that is not a Victory card, putting it on top of your deck. If you gained 5 or more cards this way, trash this card.

In games using this, at the start of your Buy phase, you may reveal your hand. If there are no duplicate cards in it, Player King costs $5 less this turn (but not less than $0).
It has interesting stuff going on, but it seems a too crazily powerful. You can gain a whole kingdom pile of $5 by trashing a Player King, which is super powerful. I can imagine this being hilarious though.  :P
The mechanics are pretty interesting, it just might need to gain $4 cards, and maybe half as many as the trashed cards price or something. I do like the idea of a jackpot of cards at a hefty price.

Types: Treasure
Cost: $5
Worth $2. +1 Buy. If you have at least 4 differently-named Treasures in play (including this), +$2.
Looking pretty hot. It is good that it is always possible to activate this. Not quite sure how how the name make sense thematically, besides just being currency, but hey, super minor detail.

Flea Market
Types: Action
Cost: $5
+1 Card. +1 Action. +$1. This turn, you may buy any number of cards, but you may not buy more than one copy of any card.
I think this would be too similar to market in most games to get my vote. Interesting idea.

Types: Action
Cost: $3
+1 Action. Put one of your Grocer tokens on a Supply pile; this pile must not cost more than any pile without one of your tokens. You may gain a card from any pile with one of your tokens on it.

Clarification: Each player has a set of identical tokens that are distinguishable from other players' tokens. Tokens are not artificially limited.
Cool idea, but I am not sure how it would play out. After you play this 17 times you could gain provinces every play. I am not against cards gaining provinces if it is done in a balanced way, which this might be. 17 times is nothing to be laughed at. But neither are provinces. I think it is interesting, I can't say much more without testing.

Types: Action
Cost: $4
+1 Card. +1 Action. Reveal your hand and note the number of differently-named cards revealed. If you revealed at least: Two, +1 Buy; Three, +$1; Four, +1 Action; Five, +1 Card.
Mechanics wise, it definitely goes along with the variety theme of Cornucopia. It is pretty nice, but I think it is overshadowed by some of the other cards in my personal opinion. Might be a little too expensive since the end bit is hard to control, but I am not judging it on its price.

Types: Action
Cost: $5
+1 Action. Set aside any number of differently-named Treasure cards from your hand, then play them in any order. Draw until you have 5 cards in hand.
Wow, power! yeah I can definitely sense the power of this one... I think it is probably too good for its cost, but I don't mind the actual ability. I think it would have to be nerfed or cost more, but I like cards that increase the power of draw-to-X engines because they are cool, and a relatively unexplored mechanic.

Types: Action
Cost: $5
+2 Cards. +2 Actions. +1 Buy.

While this is in play, when you buy a card, trash each copy of that card you have in play.
Not too bad, just I think it might be a little annoying. Probably fine balance wise though. Pretty nice for the early game. Engines dislike it, I would think, which seems to be the type of deck you would want to build with it, which is an odd mix.

Types: Action
Cost: $5
Gain a card costing up to $6. Each other player may gain a Curse. If he does, he gains a copy of the card you gained.
So essentially it gives you opponent/s a curse and leaves you both at similar deck quality, or gains you a $6 card. Seems  fairly reasonable. You can be tactical and gain an expensive card that your opponent doesn't want so this is just an awesome gainer.

Types: Action
Cost: $4
+2 Actions. You may reveal a Patron card from your hand. If you do, +2 Cards.
Setup: Add an extra Kingdom card pile costing $5 or $6 to the Supply. Cards from that pile are Patron cards.
I think this is decent. Probably not quite rocking my excitement-meter enough for me to vote for it though.

Types: Action – Attack
Cost: $3
+1 Card. +1 Action. The player to your left chooses a card in the Supply without a Carnival token on it. Either gain a copy of it or each other player gains a copy of it, your choice. Put a Carnival token on that pile. If each Supply pile has a token, remove all the tokens.

EDIT: Carnival now gives [+1 Card; +1 Action].

Mechanics wise I think this is fairly cool. At the start especially, and a lot of the time it will gain you cards you don't really want, or give your opponents cards you don't really want them to have, but would rather not have yourself, so that helps balance it a little. However sometimes it jackpots like with a gold or a province. They can only be gained every 17 plays though, which is a lot of plays! I think this card is too cheap, especially since it was cantrip-ified, but makes it more spammy which is helps the card. Again voting on  mechanics though.

Side Show
Types: Action
Cost: $5
+2 Actions. Reveal your hand. +$1 for each differently named Action card you revealed.
Pretty cool, can be like an almost super festival which is fun times for the engine player. Again not sure if I am excited enough to vote for it but it is interesting. Oh, it would be a little tricky to keep track of how much each of these are worth, especially is you have heaps in an engine, so this might be a problem.

Wine Cellar
Types: Action
Cost: $4
Reveal up to 2 differently named cards from your hand and put them on top of your deck. +$2 per card revealed this way.

When you buy this, reveal your hand. If you don't reveal at least 2 differently named cards, trash this.
Sorta comparable to horse traders. This give you more coinage, but the 'self attack' is more nasty, like a ghost ship instead of a militia (in a sense). Not too bad, but I think Harvest covers the space for variety-based-virtual-money.

Traveling Circus
Types: Action – Victory
Cost: $5
Look through your deck and set aside any number of differently named Victory cards from it. Put them into your hand. Shuffle your deck.

Worth 1 VP for every 2 differently typed cards in your deck.

Clarification: Each unique combination of types counts as a unique type. For example, an Action card and an Action – Attack card count as differently-typed cards.
I like this. The top is considerably nerfed by the fact that you can only set aside differently named victory cards, which makes it pretty balanced. And the bottom is cool. Similar to Fairgrounds, but different enough to make me happy. The type thingo is cool, even though similar to fairgrounds. Thinking about it, it might be fairly hard to make it worth heaps though? Very kingdom dependant, with the chance of being worth heaps like fairgrounds!

Types: Action
Cost: $4
+1 Card. +1 Action. Trash a card from your hand. You may gain a card with cost exactly equal to the cost of the trashed card, putting it into your hand.
Pretty handy, you can flip you $5 to duchys in the endgame, and pile drive other piles pretty hard. Adds some interesting strategies, and would quicken games. Sold on it? I am not sure yet. I don't think cantrip cards trash is too good $4. Junk dealer has it, and a +$1 at $5. +$1 is worth a fair bit, so I think it is fairly priced at $4.

Harvest Queen
Types: Action
Cost: $5
Set aside any number of differently named Action cards from your hand. Play them in any order.
This looks like it would be fun. It embraces the diversity theme too. I also like how you can make engines out of this with no +actions, which is nice. Might be a little overpriced, but that is easily fixed.

Types: Action
Cost: $3
+1 Action. Reveal a card from your hand, then reveal the top card of your deck. If they don't match, +1 Card and +$1.
I think this is balanced, but not heaps exciting. It would be a good peddler variant for this set as a whole though. I think it is reasonably priced, because +1 card, +1 action +$1, is commonly accepted to cost about $4, and this would sometimes be that, and sometimes miss, especially early game when it is important.

Old Gaffer
Types: Action – Attack
Cost: $4
+$2. Each other player may reveal a hand without duplicate cards. If he doesn't, he gains a Curse.
I think it is a decent card idea, but I think it would be a little powerful at its price point because will most of the time just hit early game and will hurt a lot. IMO it would need a drawback, or to cost more with a slight bonus. I don't think I would vote for it because of the presence of young witch in Cornucopia, unfortunately.

Wheat Field
Types: Victory
Cost: $4
Worth 1 VP for every each differently named non-Victory card of which you have at least 4 copies.
Not too bad. Just not quite exciting enough, or different enough to fairgrounds for my vote.

Types: Action
Cost: $4
+2 Actions. +1 Buy. If you have at least 4 differently named cards in play (counting this): +2 Cards, +$1, discard 2 cards.
This looks quite fine. In engines with variety it would work very nicely, especially as the only source of +buy.

Types: Action – Reaction
Cost: $999
+1 Action. +1 Card per Hydra you have in play (including this).

When another player plays an Attack card, you may discard this. If you do, gain a Hydra.
You are probably sick of people telling you to give costing it a go, but I reckon it is good to have a stab at it. The actual card looks fine, I think it would be fun building a big chain of these. Maybe it would cost $5? That is my guess. The attack reaction is cool too.

Types: Action – Attack
Cost: $4
+1 Buy. +$1. Each other player discards any number of cards, then reveals his hand. Each player who reveals duplicate cards gains a Copper.
This is pretty funky. It offers a decision of, 'ahh do I discard heaps? maybe more then 2?!', or 'ah do I gain a copper?'. I think it has a pretty cool inbuilt tension.

Types: Action
Cost: $5
+3 Cards. Reveal then discard any number of cards. If you discarded any cards, gain a card with cost up to $1 plus the number of differently named cards discarded. If you discarded at least 3 differently named cards, +1 Action.
I like that this can mainly be used as just +3 cards, or can be used as a gainer. I also have a bit of a thing for non-terminal gainers ever since ironworks... It has nice self synergy since you will need to be discarding lots of cards to gain expensive cards, and this gives +3 cards! I will consider this one because it is a cool idea that has been executed well. Can't see much wrong with it balance wise, needs play testing.

Barter Shop
Types: Action
Cost: $5
+1 Card. +1 Action. Reveal your hand. You may discard a card from your hand that is not a duplicate. If you do, gain a card costing up to $6 that is not a copy of a card in your hand.
I am thinking this is too powerful for the price as it is soo strong early, but again, mechanics are key. Mechanics: yeah it is ok. It doesn't seem super out there or anything, not quite to my taste.

Sharpening Stone
Types: Treasure
Cost: $4
Worth $1. If you had at least 4 differently named cards in play (not including this), +1 Buy and +$2.
I do like this idea, unfortunately I think that Ingot executed it in a slightly better way.

Types: Action
Cost: $4
Trash any number of differently named cards from your hand. Gain a card with cost less than twice the number of cards trashed.
Yeah compares a little too unfavourably to remake. I can't see much wrong with it balance wise. It would be a fairly slow trasher, except for in shelter games.

Actually, your luck here balances out at the beginning. Cultist consistently collides with Chapel, and the first turn where you could have played both together, you got a very unlucky Minion. You still thinned quickly, but the 5/2 split makes less of a difference under those circumstances. In fact, around turn 7 I'd have to say he has a clear advantage. Buying gold over conspirator there is definitely a mistake on your part.

And yes, the ending is hilarious!

True true :P Thanks for that, although of course it was not my best game. One of the games I have had the most fun in however!
Scheme wasn't happy about my 5/2 split with cultist and chapel on the board, and claimed he would loose after his chapel missed the reshuffle, on top of the 5/2 opening. He stuck in there though, and tried to keep good spirits.

That's so polite.  :)

Haha well, he wasn't too happy about his luck, but never said anything against me which was indeed polite. I should have saved the chat log... It was also brilliant. In one part, Scheme was saying that there was no hope for him, towards the start, and I said something along the lines of: "Don't give up! Weirder things have happened in Dominion because of luck!" He replied "Still here, but it really isn't looking good" (not exact wordings, can't remember). Little did I know I was literally speaking the future...

I think minion/chapel would have been better.  I think cultist is sort of forgettable when you are able to get good trashing, and really with KC here you want to get 7 asap, and minion will help more than cultist in a super thin deck, especially once you buy a conspirator or two.

Yeah that makes sense, thanks for the advice. He whipped me with a conspirator-minion deck so yeah, your advice is spot on. Very glad to be the second player! so much luck.

Game Reports / Never give up! And never loose track of the pile count...
« on: November 14, 2013, 09:12:30 pm »
I just played a game with Scheme From the Bottom, I opened chapel/cultist with 5/2, and he opened chapel/conspirator, with 4/3. This game was extremely entertaining and taught me many valuable lessons :P

Code: [Select]
Chapel, Tunnel, Conspirator, Fortress, Remodel, Golem, Cultist, Minion, Stables, King's Court

Scheme wasn't happy about my 5/2 split with cultist and chapel on the board, and claimed he would loose after his chapel missed the reshuffle, on top of the 5/2 opening. He stuck in there though, and tried to keep good spirits. It seems I played absolutely terribly, not getting conspirators until much to late. Scheme started to pick up pace, with conspirator leading the way, while I was sending him a few ruins that he easily brushed off.

Soon Scheme's engine was up and running, powered by King's Courted Conspirators, and the +buy from ruined markets, and he was raking in 30+ coins a turn. On the last turn he had 50+ coins, and 4 buys. We were both so dumb-shocked at the power of Scheme's engine, and the terribleness of how my strategy failed to take advantage of the huge 5/2 split advantage that we forgot to watch the piles...

Great game, hilarious to play, and I learnt much from this :P

Tournaments and Events / Re: Dominion Team World Cup Rules
« on: November 12, 2013, 10:12:23 pm »
For those with the salvager mod, is the VP counter strictly on or off? Or should the salvager mod simply be disabled for all competition games?

I don't think this has been addressed, but if it has can someone kindly link me to the answer?

Tournaments and Events / Re: Dominion Team World Cup Signup
« on: November 10, 2013, 07:03:27 am »
Ahh! I just realised that I am away from the 25th -2nd (about) for a holiday... I might have to pull out, unless someone wants to substitute for me... we seem to have a few takers for the Aussie team. I am not sure if that is fair or how that would work out. Sorry about that. Hopefully it is ok, this competition looks really great.

Been looking forward to this one for a while. Thanks LFN!

Tournaments and Events / Re: Dominion Team World Cup Signup
« on: November 06, 2013, 10:22:30 pm »
I mentioned this a long time ago, but if you need a 4th to make a Team Australia, I live here but am US nationality.  That goes against the rules, so I get it if it's a no-no.  But I'm not good enough to crack the US team and if you want more countries and Aus needs a 4th, I can fill that void.  Just offering.

^Top bloke. Thanks! We are all about multiculturalism here in Australia, or something like that, right? ;)

Tournaments and Events / Re: Dominion Team World Cup Signup
« on: November 05, 2013, 04:44:13 am »
Sounds great! Thanks for organising this!

Goko username: Eggplantation
Nationality: Australian
Sets owned: (Base), Seaside, Prosperity, Cornucopia and Dark Ages.

Game Reports / A game against an ambitious gentleman
« on: November 03, 2013, 08:36:49 am »
I had a humorous game today against an ambitious gentleman. Cool kingdom too. He hosted.

The chat log is what really makes this:

Eggplantation: thanks for the game :)
dominionnn: youre not welcome
Eggplantation: :(
Eggplantation: frghjkl]
dominionnn: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Eggplantation: \ah of course
Eggplantation: sorry that was someone else
dominionnn: i think i win this game
dominionnn: ggggggggggggggggggg
Eggplantation: \
dominionnn: zzzzzzzz leave pls
Eggplantation: no fanks
dominionnn: stupid engine
Eggplantation: good game :)
dominionnn: ahhhhhhhhhh
dominionnn: gg
dominionnn has left the game.

That is the log in all of its glory. I didn't edit bits out of it, just typed it up plainly for authenticity. IIRC he said 'ggggggggggggggggggg' around turn  10 or 11 after he links his treasure maps and buys a few provinces. Fun fact: The bit at the start where I say random letters was when my brother came in and spammed by keyboard. Fun game indeed.

(Couldn't figure out how to copy/paste the chat log... is there an easier way to do it than to screenshot then type out?)

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: DimOnion: Modern Times
« on: November 02, 2013, 01:56:06 am »
Wow! Lots of interesting ideas, initially just a few cards that stuck out to me as cool:

Amazon - cool cool, A cheaper workers village with an interesting drawback (wondering if too much of a drawback? I don't really know) It probably needs some end game cause on it too. What happens if the game ends and the cards are still on the mat?

Outsource - sounds interesting, allows for a mega turn at the end where you completely cannibalise your deck and then buy bucket loads of provinces. Also it is similar to my favourite card, procession, but would play quite differently I think. Possibly too expensive.

Gerrymander - sounds pretty fun, however may be too similar to monument (just realised).

Power Outage - looks pretty crazy, it is a one shot, so it may be fine. I like crazy ideas.

With a lot of these cards I go: 'man I just have no idea how that would play out". I guess a lot of the ideas are pretty different from cards we know and love, which is not a and thing at all. It would be interesting to see how they all play out. Also the wording length is borderline long on some of the cards I would guess, but yeah. Still sounds like a good project.

Oh good, two cards with "you cannot gain an X" on them. Because what we really need is rules conflicts with Swindler.

You have a point, but man, that is just about the last thing you want to read for the first reply after posting a thread like this. It takes a lot of effort to write things like this, and even if you don't like it sarcastic jabs that single out little flaws are just not nice. Sure suggesting what you did is fine, even helpful, but it could have been said much nicer.

But then again I don't know your tone, could be light. Peace.

EDIT: tone

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