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Council Room Feedback / Re: Council Room Going Down for Maintenance
« on: February 14, 2013, 12:25:33 pm »

I'm the guy that reported it on IRC.  Long time reader first time poster.  If you guys really need your game files you can use this system till council room starts working again.  Please only download the files if you are going to do something with the files as the FAQ explains.

If you already have the files on your machine Specify SEARCH_ONLY=1 -- If you are downloading for the first time just run the script



if [ -z "$SEARCH_ONLY" ]
   curl${LOAD_YEAR}/${LOAD_DAY}/all.tar.bz2 > ${HOME_DIR}/raw/all_${LOAD_YEAR}${LOAD_DAY}.tar.bz2
   mkdir -p ${HOME_DIR}/${LOAD_YEAR}${LOAD_DAY}
   tar -x -f ${HOME_DIR}/raw/all_${LOAD_YEAR}${LOAD_DAY}.tar.bz2
   curl > ${LOAD_YEAR}${LOAD_DAY}_leaderboard.html

find ${HOME_DIR}/${LOAD_YEAR}${LOAD_DAY} -type f -name '*.html' -exec grep -l "YOUR_USERNAME" {} \; > my_games.txt


Make sure to replace "YOUR_USERNAME" with your actual username.

Sample command run

For yesterday - 20130213

First time (you have not downloaded the files- note load_year is actually the year and month - If the LOAD_DAY is less than 10 specify it with a leading zero ie 01)

 LOAD_YEAR=201302 LOAD_DAY=13 ./

After this runs you will see a directory 20130213 which will hold all the games for that day.  There will also be a txt file called my_games.txt in that directory that will list which games are yours so you can paste them into your browser to view (it will have the full path to the file).

If you already have the files and just want to make the my_games.txt file call it like so

This will just do the grep through the files and print out which ones belong to you into my_games.txt

Let me know if you have any issues

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