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General Discussion / Re: Song of the day
« on: July 13, 2018, 08:23:29 am »

Well, I'm not trying to quit an addiction here, I'm just quitting something that I never really feel like doing, anyway.
You're also making sure to tell us all.

Well, yeah. This is the forum for talking about Dominion, so I'm talking about Dominion, specifically the things that I think about it right now.

Puzzles and Challenges / Re: Easy Puzzles
« on: July 12, 2018, 05:40:51 am »
If you have 10 Hagglers in play (i.e. not in your hand, deck, or on your mats), you can gain all 10 Golems by buying a Possession.

On a (now) unrelated note, I found it much easier to quit previous addictions if I cut myself out of all related communities/forums as well. I recognize that this is hard to do, especially if one has friends there.

Well, I'm not trying to quit an addiction here, I'm just quitting something that I never really feel like doing, anyway.

Puzzles and Challenges / Re: Easy Puzzles
« on: July 11, 2018, 07:14:20 pm »
How many Golems can you gain during your buy phase with with an hand of unlimited size, but made up of only treasure and hybrid treasure, with only one copy of each card -- and no other cards in your hand, deck, or on your mats?

Three? Counterfeit, Potion, Quarry, Crown, Charm and you have Ferry token on Golem so you Counterfeit the Potion, Crown the Charm and buy a Transmute to gain 2 Golems and then you buy a third Golem with your second .

EDIT: With Stonemason on the board, you can get 4 and don't even need the Charm thing.

every one of these garbage tangents ends up there anyway

Pro Tip: Never make an insightful post in a thread like this one because your respect will just disappear* when it gets moved to RSP[G].

* Or maybe just turn invisible.

The respect won't disappear from your respect count, you will just be unable to receive any more.

Variance is not necessarily anticompetitive.  Poker gets taken very seriously and yet there is lots of variance.

That's true, but variance comes in different forms. In Poker's case, you get to have almost absolute control over how big of a risk you are taking, and so even if I draw a super lucky hand and you draw garbage, it doesn't mean you automatically lose the whole game ó you can just fold as soon as I place the first bet and you get to keep most (or all) of your chips while I gain next to nothing (or actually nothing). In Dominion, if the equivalent lucky draws happen, that means I more or less automatically win that one game out of the six we're playing.

I would say that RNG can have three main effects: it can affect the outcome of the game, it can complexify the decision making progress by introducing a new element you have to take into account, and it can create crazy unpredictable situations. I think the last two are great effects, and I think the first is a bad effect, but I can tolerate it to a pretty large extent (e.g. I'm fine with 6 Nimmt!). Dominion does pretty well in having plenty of 2 and 3 without having all that much 1, but it still has a bunch of 1 too and I would like it more if it had less of it.

Like, for all the issues Awaclus brought up, he has nevertheless played over 1000 games of Dominion Online according to the Dominion Scavenger leaderboard, though I don't know how many games of Prismata he has played.

I have played more like 7000 games of Dominion total if you count all the different implementations (which I think you should, because all of my complaints apply to previous implementations as well, except #4 but that still applied to Goko's web client as well). I have only played like 1000-2000 games of Prismata, but it was hard to find a match until recently, so I didn't play a lot until recently. Your point is totally correct though; I was completely happy about putting up with all the issues with Dominion until I got more active in Prismata and it didn't have any of the issues.

The point I am trying to make is that (correct me if I'm wrong!) you don't go out of your way to tailor things to to the "hardcore" or "competitive" crowd, and your modal Dominion experience is in fact more casual 3-4 players games.
You're wrong; that isn't the point you were trying to make. Hey, it's an Awaclus thread.

What point do you think I am trying to make?

Let me explain the joke to make it funnier. You said "The point I am trying to make is that (correct me if I'm wrong!)...", which Donald X. jokingly interpreted as meaning "Correct me if I'm wrong, but the point I am trying to make is that..." i.e. as though the part about correcting you was referring to you stating that you were trying to make that point, as opposed to referring to the actual point that you were trying to make. One of the reasons why the joke is particularly funny in this context is that it's the kind of a joke that I like to make, and Donald X. made it in my thread.

1) On a board with only one obviously strong card, or a few that go together well, without any obvious counters, it takes me a few seconds. It can take me up to a minute if it's one of those games where there isn't anything strong available and I have to figure out how to build the deck that sucks as little as possible.
2) Depends on your opponent.
3) Depends on your opponent.
4) IIRC it's 5 minutes.

Generally you can play as slowly as you want as long as you're not slowrolling (i.e. wasting as much time as possible at every step so your opponent has no other option but to resign if they don't want to deal with that). People who want to play faster can just put you on their blacklist if they want.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Mashups
« on: July 07, 2018, 04:39:57 am »
Time to post this again.

Let me explain the joke to make it funnier. First of all, you can tell from the title of the thread itself that the combo is garbage. Here are some more examples from the OP that make it pretty clear that it's satire:

Or this. Yikes.

Here, Seprix is linking to an article about two cards that actually do work really well together and that even recognizes the strength of the traditionally underrated Loan as an example of an article that's impliedly worse than this one.

And so, I will try my best in this modern age of Dominion to write a comprehensive list of fantastic combos that Dan Brooks could only dream of.

Here, Seprix is saying that the only way Dan goes for these combos is in his dreams.

Nobles at least gives VP and has the option to draw, for only a coin more in the price point.

Here, Seprix is implying that the main value of Nobles comes from being a Necropolis, which is obviously not the case.

But Pathfinding fixes that. Now, your Cursed Villages become normal villages when you play them. This effect cannot be understated.

Here, Seprix is literally saying that the point of this combo is to turn your $5 card with an on-gain penalty into a $3 card.

When was the last time you played a village, and it drew your draw card you were looking for? Exactly.

Well, when was the last time that happened? Exactly.

And that's not all. The plus card token on Cursed Village also counters a very strong attack: Relic. That's right, you can sacrifice your +card token, and you're still drawing to 6. Relic's $5 opportunity cost will look like a foolish purchasing option versus putting Pathfinding, an amazing event, onto an amazing card, Cursed Village.

Here, Seprix is pretending to think that the plus card token in this case does anything at all. Furthermore, he's now saying that Cursed Village is an amazing card, even though earlier in the article he said that Cursed Village is a sad card because it's just a $5 Necropolis.

So be on the lookout for this card combo. (Don't get confused with the card Lookout. Man, that card is bad, it will trash all your provinces and action cards and it's so scary)

And finally, Seprix refers to the common newbie misconception that Lookout is a weak card.

An aside: when playing MTG (a highly competitive game), are you allowed to have a deck tracker?  When playing IRL, are you allowed to have a sheet of paper with your decklist on it?  Because I don't think I've ever seen a single MTG player do something like that.  Granted, I've seen Hearthstone streamers use them, but I think Hearthstone has been the butt of enough jokes about being "competitive".

I never felt like I needed a reference of my decklist when playing MTG. It's the same deck every time, and by the time you're good enough at playing it, you'll definitely have the entire decklist memorized because most likely it's just 4 copies of 15 different cards anyway, all of which you deliberately chose to include in your deck to serve a purpose. It's not like in Dominion where you have a different deck every turn and it usually has all sorts of stuff that you only put into your deck because you couldn't get what you wanted under the circumstances, and a lot of the time you even draw a very large percentage of your deck every turn, making it especially important to know what's in it.

Really, if you wanted to make a fair comparison with MTG in this regard, you should ask "when playing MTG, are you allowed to see the entire battlefield, or do you have to turn most of it face down and just try to remember what cards you have in play".

Thatís the game of Dominion as it was designed. You may prefer to play a variant where deck tracking is allowed, but that is a variant.

Well, if I'm complaining about the game having an undesirable quality, I don't think it's a very good counterargument to say that it's supposed to have that undesirable quality. As far as I'm concerned, the memory game element isn't necessarily difficult, it just requires multitasking which makes the game needlessly more stressful. For quite a while now, my focus in regards to trying to improve at Dominion (as well as the focus of a couple of articles that I wrote) hasn't been on trying to figure out how to make better decisions, it has been on trying to figure out how to make it easier and less taxing for my brain to make pretty decent decisions. Trying to improve like that has been fun, but the practical reality of still having a headache every time I play a 6-game match in one go hasn't been quite as fun.

I hope you come back.

okay bye

Oh, no, I didn't say I'm quitting f.ds (or the Discord for that matter). I haven't really been playing the game for the past three months anyway, didn't stop me from posting.

For #3, the solution is not to add a deck tracker; but to prevent people from accessing the full log during the game. Deck tracking is supposed to be a mental exercise in Dominion.

Then that's even worse.

So I haven't played any ladder in almost three months and I just finished my matches for this season in the League and decided not to return for the next season. Here are some reasons why, in order from most to least important:

1) Prismata doesn't have any of the following problems and it's just a really good game in general so I'd rather spend my time playing Prismata.
2) My opponent can take a really long time to think while I have nothing to do. Slowrolling on purpose is a rare problem, but people who just take a long time to think are pretty common and just as frustrating to play against.
3) There's no deck tracker. This means I have to choose between spending a long time digging the log for information all the time and making uninformed decisions all the time.
4) Shuffle iT's implementation is sometimes very slow, which is probably at least partially because it's a browser client, not a standalone.
5) There are many reasons why the game can be a serious uphill battle for one player for reasons nobody had any control over. The most notable reason is first player advantage, but games where that happens because of shuffle luck are also common enough that they actually happen. While alternating the starting player can make it a fair match in a tournament or the League, that doesn't make it any more enjoyable to play the games where a player can only really lose if they make an enormous mistake.
6) If I play ladder actively, I mostly have to get matched against people who are significantly worse than me. This might not be true at the moment, but it was when I stopped playing ladder three months ago, hoping that the other problems wouldn't bother me so much in the more competitive and more evenly matched League setting (but as it turns out, they still did).
7) Donald X. has been talking about each new expansion being diminishing returns because you only get to see the new cards so often when there are 300 other cards in the pool, and with the release of Nocturne, I think we finally passed some kind of a threshold for me where I feel like it actually didn't really contribute very much towards making the overall game more interesting. I still have a lot of Nocturne cards that I suck at playing, and I think that's mostly just because a lot of kingdoms just have the same old cards that I can already wrap my head around and the Nocturne stuff doesn't show up all that much. This is not really even a problem per say, but some kind of a standardized format (that you could automatch for) that leaves out some of the older expansions certainly wouldn't hurt.

Honestly if Stef gets his ShiT together and does something about points 2, 3, and 4, that will probably be enough for me to get back into playing Dominion actively, but aside from that, I'll probably only play in the big tournaments and whenever there's a new expansion just to check it out.

Dominion Articles / Re: Making the Most of Your Turns
« on: July 03, 2018, 12:01:12 pm »
I actually think you're underselling the importance of careful card play (mostly in the final sentence). Bad reshuffles, missing gain and play, etc. can often cost a player an amount of deck improvement they might accomplish in a whole turn. This can add up to a few turns if several such mistakes are made throughout the game. In a game which typically has 10-20 turns, this is a big deal.

Hell, just messing up one bad reshuffle can mean 2-3 dead turns on its own.

What is this "pro" Dominion and how can I get in on it?

git gud

Introductions / Re: New to the forums
« on: July 01, 2018, 02:41:31 am »

EDIT: I guess I'm supposed to tell you to check out the forum games or something? I've never done that, but everybody says to.

Yeah you both should totally check out the forum games.

Donate / Transmute

Transmute, I know, hear me out .. Buy Transmute on T3 or 4 (ideally T3), then Donate, then start turning Estates into Golds. Seems particularly nice in the absence of other workshop-variants / economy-gainers in Donate games. Can even open Potion/Estate to turn a 4th Estate into Gold in lieu of opening, say, Potion/Silver. Then can use Donate again to get rid of Transmute.

I'm not convinced that this sounds better than just basic BM with Donate.

General Discussion / Re: Aging
« on: June 28, 2018, 10:04:11 am »
I already experienced that in the military since I entered a few years later than most other people so a lot of the corporals were younger than me. It wasn't a very big difference though since it was only by like 1-2 years.

The aspect of aging that I'm the most worried about is hearing. Just a while ago, I was shocked to realize that my mom literally doesn't hear anything above 8 kHz and then I was further shocked to realize that it's normal for people of her age.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Interview with Donald X.
« on: June 27, 2018, 04:07:41 pm »
What are the Followers following?

Follow-up question: what are the Survivors surviving?

To expand on this, you *can* build a Golden Deck without handsize increase, but Golden decks still like draw. IIRC all golden decks require a certain number of stop cards to work (Bishop and Bishop fodder, Islands and VP to store, Goons and an unplayed Watchtower, Ritual fodder and Curses/curse trashers, etc.). Mind you, in most cases you can limit the number of stop cards to 4, but with +draw you can and most likely should run Golden decks with 5+ stop cards.

But if you're adding more and more draw and more and more payload to your "golden deck" every turn, then you're playing a strategy that has everything in common with engines and doesn't have very many things in common with golden decks.

a Golden Deck is the epitome of an engine that never draws.

Well, not really. One of the key characteristics of engines is that they cycle very fast to use their newly bought cards as soon as possible, which enables them to get a very strong positive feedback loop going. One of the key characteristics of golden decks is that they don't ever see their newly bought cards because they just play the exact same turn over and over again.

Minion seems like it's own separate category.  Like Draw to X, you're actually resolving action cards that are going to get you more than one new card, and like Draw to X you're not exceeding a certain fixed handsize.  But unlike Draw to X, having some junk cards isn't a deathknell, Minion retains a characteristic similar to a traditional village-smithy engine that if your deck needs to retain your starting Estates, you can address that by getting even more engine components to compensate.

It's discard to X where X is 0.

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