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2015 / Re: Week 3 - Losers' Bracket Signup
« on: October 25, 2015, 12:56:28 pm »
I must redeem my honour! (And give away which country I'm from).

NewandForgiven is in!

2015 / Re: Game Reports
« on: October 11, 2015, 12:04:33 pm »
2nd Round match - NewandForgiven vs Psyduck (who is a scholar and a gentleman). I will quickly say here that he put up with me having to be a guest on client 1.0, and put up with me only being able to message him on this board (as guests don't seem to be able to talk :()

Do please critique my play, as a lot of these cards are new to me and I know I didn't play perfectly.

Game 1 - Board Log - Pretty log

(0.5) NewandForgiven T23 - 37VP       (0.5) Psyduck T23 - 37 VP

A board with so much to go with conspirator. Tactician, spy and alchemist. I get an early tactician to get possession (turns out 6P is easy with 10 cards). Psyduck gets a talisman, which pressures me into buying conspiritors before they run out. This leaves me without many conspirators AND with only 1 alchemist to really get them going. This is the first time I have ever played Possession, and having done so, I hate it more than I did before. RNG central methinks. Psyduck might have been able to win if he possessed me on the last turn instead of ending the game for a draw but that would have been a big gamble given how inconsistant my deck was.

Game 2 - Board - Log - Pretty Log

(1.5) NewandForgiven T - VP       (0.5) Psyduck T -  VP

Quarry + city + buys. I see an UCS looming. I thought about opening hamlet/quarry, and in hindsight think I should have, as not having any +buy limited me til T6 and past. Hamlet for buy and action, library for mad draw and them quarry to buy lots of cities was the goal. I got scared when I suddenly reaslise that remodel might let Psy upgrade his cities AND then play them before me, but I stick to my plan and win the split 6/4. From there, I'm just waiting for a chance to 3 pile. (It was close. I had no spare buys on the final turn).

Game 3 - Board - Log - Pretty Log

(1.5) NewandForgiven T15 - 42 VP       (1.5) Psyduck T16 - 62 VP

I see forager/market square into library as a thing. Turns out Jack works better than double forager, and prince with market square is a bigger deal than I thought it would be. Not sure if I made any huge mistakes... But I lose by a lot without ever really being a contender. My one gribe would be drawing both my libraries at the bottom of my deck on T13 but I feel Psy played better than me.

Game 4 - Board - Log - Pretty Log

(1.5) NewandForgiven T15 - 8 VP (quit)      (2.5) Psyduck T16 - 6 VP

I have never played double Jack, and it turns out, Mercenary, Familiar AND ambassador together mixed in with tournament and warehouse can over run it. At this point my client refreshes and being only a guest it takes ages to tell Psyduck that I am gone. However, Psyduck was obviously going to win, so the game goes to Misty's headache.

Game 5 - Board - Log - Pretty Log

(2.5) NewandForgiven T17 - 39 VP       (2.5) Psyduck T16 - 15 VP

Did you know Donald X made a card that is +15 card, + 1 action? Psyduck does.
Chapel is a game warping card. What's that? Chapel, grand market + some late scrying pools? Sounds good. Prince? Prince is a weak card....

Rogues is the most interesting card in Dominion at the moment I think. It has so much complexity. I must look at the forums and see what discussion there is about it and then add my thoughts. But the salient point is that it isn't a strong enough attack to break chained grand markets (because if there is a feast in the trash, you need to play three to 'perma' steal one card from your opponent. In this game, I figure 1 is good, and after that, just go for the win.

Game 6 - Board - Log - Pretty Log

(3.5) NewandForgiven T19 - 25 VP       (2.5) Psyduck T18 - 15 VP

Read the board I believe was the advice on a DominionStrategy post some while ago by curses. He doesn't mention read the cards properly, but I think that is implied. By blind chance, my thinking you discard the cards doctor doesn't 'cure' doesn't come back to haunt me.

In this game, I think me and Psy get sidetracked from the monster that is Border Village/Journeyman into 2 goons for lols. I buy an IGG at one point, and we both get madmen. My madmen where just to try and make sure that in a high power game, I don't stumble on one turn because of an unlucky draw. Psy appears to go for a madman/storeroom mega turn, and I am very sad that it doesn't work out because that would have been awesome. On my T18, I drain BV and Journeyman to allow for a 3 Pile ending. And T19, 1 colony is enough to finish it.

Well played to Psyduck. Another day, and it would probably be him progressing on. Thanks for the games

2015 / Re: Schedule & Results
« on: September 30, 2015, 06:32:25 pm »
NewandForgiven wins 4-1 against Morghas (score not reflective of closeness)

2015 / Re: Signups
« on: September 15, 2015, 04:45:42 pm »
I'm in.

I don't appear on the leaderboard (courtesy of not being able to sign up on the old website) but I am NewandForgiven (as I was on isotropic). If its useful for some reason I used to be 37.031 13.152 on the old iso leaderboard.

I'm assured my inability to appear as anything other than Guest____ on 1.0 isn't a proplem...

2015 / Re: Rules
« on: September 11, 2015, 12:01:10 pm »
Possibly an obvious answer, but for those of us who cannot sign up for version 1.0 (well, I can play on it, but only as 'guest-circa-5392') does this mean an end to our hopes of signing up for the grand tourney?

Innovation General Discussion / Re: Help with Isotropish
« on: September 11, 2015, 02:45:04 am »
Thank you peoples. I had a horrible suspicion that I had to use the web version. Currently it's not letting me log in, but I have a little while left to sort that out.

Thanks again

Innovation General Discussion / Help with Isotropish
« on: September 10, 2015, 05:03:33 pm »
Hi all,

A question. I have searched and found no answer, but I have been out of the loop for a while so...

How does one get on the Isotropish leaderboard? My understanding is that using Goko's dominion (playing 20+ games etc) is enough? Clearly I'm missing something. Can someone help a confused person out?


2012 / Re: Witch Division: Bracket and Results
« on: December 04, 2012, 04:22:34 pm »
Watno against NewandForgiven (4-0)

Game log 1

Game log 2
(I failed to get the link, but have a screenshot of the final result and a text copy of the log on my PC)

Game log 3

Game log 4

Ah well.... Hopefully see you guys again next year

Dominion FAQ / Re: Dominion Lingo Dictionary
« on: December 04, 2012, 08:59:36 am »
One minor addition...

Choke - same as 'Clog (or Bloat, Gum Up...)'. 'My engine choked after gaining 3 curses'.

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