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Forum Games / BM33: Cosmic Encounter Mafia (gauging interest phase)
« on: June 14, 2021, 10:41:06 am »
I think it's time for another Bastard game, this one based on the old Eon Games/ Fantasy Flight classic Cosmic Encounter. In the game, players are given a choice of two alien races to play as, randomly selected from 51 possible choices (more with expansions.) So, true to that spirit, once I know how many folks are playing, I will physically shuffle my deck of Cosmic Encounter race cards, deal out two to each of you, and PM you information about your choices. Then, once everyone has selected a race, I will randomly determine player alignments and try to make a reasonably balanced role madness game using the flavor of the chosen aliens, trying to reflect how they function in Cosmic Encounter where possible. The reason its a bastard game is that in order to do this I might need to include some roles and powers which are considered bastard. But the goal will be something balanced and fun, rather than something like joth's "no town, only four scum teams" bastard game.

(Just to clarify, that game was fun. It was not balanced.)

The beauty of this is I can run it with however many people want to play, but I know there's a lot going on so we'll at least wait until Memento finishes up to start. I also don't want to start it until I get back from my trip to Minnesota, so even if it fills it won't start until July.

So, who's interested?

MacGuffin Mafia

You were all on your way to a charming resort town but unfortunately the airline mixed up all your luggage! You’ve each ended up with someone’s luggage, but not your own. Some of you have important items you'll need to find and retrieve. Some of you will profit from helping others get what they need. And some of you are members of the mafia, and won't stop until this charming resort town is a bloodbath.

Player list:
1. MiX
2. mail-mi
3. Galzria
4. shraeye skip wooznum
5. WestCoastDidds
6. Scolapasta
7. LaLight
8. Awaclus
9. DatSwan

10. Joth
11. Faust
12. Joseph2302
13. Sudgy
(14.) ADK
(15.) Eevee

MacGuffin mafia is a closed setup for 13 - 15 players. It's on the border between a "fair" game and a bastard game, but I have decided to err on the side of bastard just so people know what they are getting into. It should still be a balanced game in terms of each faction having a roughly equal chance of winning. I think. I'm gonna level with you, my track record isn't amazing on that front. But with any luck I have learned something from my failures.

The closest thing this game has to a vanilla townie is the Generous Townies. Here is their PM:

You are a Generous Townie. You have no special powers. Your weapon is your vote. At night, if you have at least one item, you must give at least one item to another player (unless this is overwritten by the item description.)

You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated, or when nothing can prevent that from happening.

Flavor will be pretty standard mafia stuff, sprinkled liberally with pretty standard Glooble/joth variety humor. Passages from a bad detective novel Glooble is writing on the fly.

Standard F.DS mafia rules apply with the following additions/ exceptions:

Days will be 5 days, nights will be 48 hours. Night actions will be due 24 hours before the deadline.

Passing items will occur second-to-last in the night action resolution order, before only nightkills.

If no player has a majority of votes when the night ends, the night will end without a lynch.

Even though this is a bastard game, the mod will not ever outright lie to a player. The mod makes no promises about misleading a player.

Bold, purple text is reserved for the mod.

The game will start whenever it fills up.

New info:

Everyone may pass 1 item to another player at night in addition to any other night actions. Items you obtain during the night through this or any other ability will be given to you at the start of the next day.

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:

Welcome to RMM54: War of the Spark Mafia by Glooble.

This game will use an Original, Closed, RMM setup designed by Glooble.  It is fairly advanced, but probably less than several of the recent RMM setups that have been run on this site. Knowledge of flavor is not required, but may be helpful.

There is no co-mod. It is possible a dead player may find themselves recruited to this role, but I'm not counting on it.

Sign ups are open.

1. Awaclus
2. WestCoastDidds
3. jotheonah
4. MiX
5. DatSwan
6. faust
7. UncleEurope
8. gkrieg
9. ashersky shraeye
10. raerae
11. pubby
12. Galzria
13. Jimmm
14. EFHW
15. LaLight

Game State Tracker:

Day 1|Day 2|Day 3|Day 4

The Rules:

The Golden Rule:
This is a game. Everyone who signs up to play must be considerate of each other, never get personal, and focus on having fun. Once the game starts, having signed up is a commitment: inactivity is just as inconsiderate as rude comments.

The Standard Rules:
1. No communication between players outside of the game thread or shared QTs at any time. This includes passing references, jokes, or cases in other games or threads, whether in context or not.
2. If the game thread is locked, do not post. If you are unsure if something is locked, ask the mod by PM.
3. Direct or verbatim quoting of mod-provided information is strictly forbidden. Paraphrasing is okay. If you are not sure about your paraphrase, ask the mod first.
4. Actions with instructions that do not specify a game state will be resolved in the order they are received.
5. All night actions must be submitted within 24 hours of day ending.
6. Players must post once every 24 hours.
7. Do not edit or delete posts, ever. If you need to clarify or correct something, post again.
8. Invisible text, font size less than 10, and spoiler tags are not allowed.
9. Cryptography is not allowed.
10. The time between a lynch being reached and a flip being provided is called twilight. All players may continue posting during this time, including the lynched player.
11. Dead players may not post in thread or QT, except their Role QT. A lynched player is not "dead" until a flip has been provided.
12. Personal multimedia, such as video or audio recordings, are not allowed in the game thread or QTs.

The Voting Rules:
1. Votes should be in this format: Vote: Playername. Unambiguous nicknames are acceptable.
2. Unvotes should be in this format: unvote or Unvote: Playername.
3. Unvotes are not required if changing your vote from one player to another.
4. You may vote: no lynch.
5. Lynches occur when a simple majority (rounded up) of living players is reached. Once reached, a lynch cannot be undone.
6. If a majority lynch is not reached by the deadline, no lynch occurs.

The Rest:
1. Bold, navy blue text is reserved for the Mod. Players may not use it.
2. If you have an issue or problem with the game, please PM the Mod. Do not post complaints in the game thread.
3. Mods make mistakes - please point them out gently. If they can be corrected, they will. If irreversible, they will stand as final to be commiserated over after the game.
4. If a mod error disadvantages one faction greatly, the game may be called off.
5. Ask all questions and make all requests directly to the Mod via PM or in your Role QT. Questions deemed as "universal" (defined as questions for which the answers should be available to all players) will be requested to be re-posted in the Game Thread and answered there.
6. One prod will be issued after 36 hours without posting in the game thread. Players are subject to replacement or modkill after one prod.
7. All rule violations will be dealt with according to their severity, as determined by the mod, up to modkill.

1. Days will last 7 IRL days.
2. Nights will last at least 48 IRL hours.

Forum Games / How do people approach when to use one-shot roles?
« on: August 01, 2019, 12:19:53 pm »
So in Doomsday Mafia I was a 1-shot watcher and I agonized a lot over when to use my shot and ended up wasting it anyway. Meanwhile in the main thread people were discussing roles and a lot of people seemed to think all the one-shots would have already used their shots, which seemed really counter-intuitive to me. I'm wondering if there's an agreed-upon conventional wisdom for this? Like, I see the logic of using a shot early, especially if you have reason to think you're a potential night kill target. But later in the game it's a lot easier to make your shot count- to successfully protect a player with a protective role or to catch scum with an investigative role- because you have fewer players to choose from and more information.

Dominion General Discussion / Dominion in xkcd?
« on: January 25, 2012, 11:46:04 am »

I know there's only 8 piles, but given the highly stylized nature of the art, I think it could eaily be what they're playing.

Game Reports / Nonstandard victory card insanity
« on: January 23, 2012, 11:10:54 pm »

Fairgrounds + vineyards + Black Market + Tactician. This was seriously fun. Halfway through the game I had no idea what the point totals were.

Variants and Fan Cards / Reaction effect idea
« on: January 06, 2012, 09:39:17 am »
I was thinking about tunnel, and also how annoying it can be to discard your only platinum to an opponent's Tribute or have your Sea Hag get Sea Hagged, and I wondered if a reaction could be made to turn that kind of deck cycling into a benefit. This is far to weak for a pure reaction, so it would need some kind of action component as well, but I thought it would be a cool idea.

If a card is discarded from your deck, you may reveal and discard this card. Place the discarded card into your hand.

I was also considering a secondary benefit, i.e. Place the discarded card in your hand and draw a card or something.

For the action component, I think something thematically related could be a card that retrieves something from your discard pile, ala Counting House, but for something other than coppers. But that has the potential for some extremely broken combos.

I know the usual M.O. on this board is design first and ask questions later, but I wanted to throw open the gates on this one. What do you guys think of this idea?  Too situational?

Game Reports / Successful Mint Opening - thanks to Duchess
« on: December 28, 2011, 12:04:31 pm »

I often try to open Mint unsuccessfully, but Duchess and Haven make surprisingly good partners for this strategy. The Haven lets you set aside your Mint until you have money you want to duplicate, and the Duchess, as well as keeping you from having to buy a copper, can help you discard the estates which will briefly be half your deck. Anyway, it's a possible use for what has been deemed the worst two card, so I thought I'd share.

Dominion General Discussion / Dominion Christmas Carols
« on: December 18, 2011, 12:49:55 pm »
I'll start us off:

Haggler's call, are you listening
In the lane, Fool's Gold is glistening,
Pick up a Duchy, get a Duchess for free,
Playing some Dominion Hinterlands
When he buys a Goons you'll buy a tunnel
and get lots of gold when you're attacked
The other guy's already got a province
Because he has been going Double Jack
But next turn, I'll get one my way
Got a smugglers, and two Highways
A Beautiful sight, I'm lucky tonight,
Playing some Dominion Hinterlands

With Ill-Gotten gains our decks are bloated
and some people say its kinda mean
cause on gain effects cannot be moated
and that can keep us all from going green
I just laugh at those haters,
in my hand, is a Traders
I've got silvers galore, you just gave me one more
Playing some Dominion Hinterlands

So, anyone else want to write a Dominion-themed Holiday parody to get us all in the spirit?

Game Reports / Vineyard/ Haggler - not as good as it sounds
« on: December 14, 2011, 06:23:59 pm »

So the set-up is perfect. Use Hagglers and Border Villages to gain lots and lot of action cards to beef up my vineyards. Just one problem - I never had a chance to buy any Vineyards. Every time I wanted to, I had a ton of Hagglers in play, and would have had to gain a bunch of coppers or curses - the only thing cheaper than Vineyards. And gaining so many action cards made it easy for my opponent to three-pile.

So in conclusion - Hagglers would be better as "may gain".

Dominion General Discussion / What expansion to get next?
« on: December 06, 2011, 11:55:56 am »
So as much as I love isotropic, I do enjoy irl Dominion with my friends, but I only own the basic set. Most of my friends are getting pretty good now, but have never seen any of the expansions. Every time I decide to buy an expansion, I end up coming home with a completely different game instead. So a little money has come my way, and I think I'm finally going to go buy another set. My question is simply this: In a group of players who basically "get" Dominion, which one expansion do you think most likely to expand the strategy space and maximize the added level of fun?

Dominion Isotropic / Can't type into require cards field
« on: November 04, 2011, 11:16:57 pm »
I have experienced a consistent bug with isotropic. I use firefox. Whenever I try to type a card into the "require cards" list, I have to keep clicking in the box every time the new games reload (that is, every time someone enters or leaves.) A simple way around the problem is to write the card constraints in a word document, then copy and paste, but I still wanted to report the problem.

Game Reports / Nearly identical decks - how did I trounce him?
« on: October 16, 2011, 01:24:46 pm »

#1 Glooble: 45 points (6 Provinces, 2 Duchies, and 3 Estates); 20 turns
         opening: Festival / Courtyard
         [32 cards] 5 Festivals, 3 King's Courts, 3 Libraries, 1 Courtyard, 1 Moat, 7 Coppers, 1 Silver, 3 Estates, 2 Duchies, 6 Provinces

#2 Wagz: 28 points (2 Provinces, 4 Duchies, and 4 Estates); 19 turns
      opening: Mining Village / Silver
      [33 cards] 5 Festivals, 4 King's Courts, 3 Libraries, 2 Moats, 1 Walled Village, 7 Coppers, 1 Silver, 4 Estates, 4 Duchies, 2 Provinces

Obvious strategy, and we both went for it. We had the same number of all the key engine cards, and bought them in roughly the same order. The only real difference is he picked up moats for extra card drawing at the end, while
I went for the Courtyard, and I started going green a little earlier.

How did this end up with a 6/ 2 Province split? Was it luck? Was it the 5/2 vs. 3/4 opening? Or did those extra two turns he spent engine-building just kill his chances?

Variants and Fan Cards / Master of Disguise
« on: August 02, 2011, 11:15:19 am »
Action - $6

When you play this card, choose any action card in the supply costing five or less. Until the end of your next turn, this card acts as that card.

What do people think of this idea? The "until the end of your next turn" was so it could be used as a duration card. I think on the one hand, you're spending six on a five, but on the other hand you've got an amazing amount of versatility. Limiting it to cards that cost less than five reduces the potential for abuse, I think (unless you play it with a bridge, I suppose.) What do you guys think?

Game Reports / Sabotuer is a terrible card
« on: July 03, 2011, 11:01:38 pm »
I forgot to save the log (might post it when it comes up on council room), but I just played a game where my opponent tried to go mass Saboteur. He had lots of villages to avoid the clashing terminals and managed to sabotage me a lot. I went big money with Ventures and won 76 to 20. Yeah.

The best part was that when we got down to two colonies left I started using his Sabotuers to gain estates and Duchies, thus shoring up my lead.

I remember when I first started reading the blog I thought Saboteur was over-powered. Ha.

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