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Goko Dominion Online / Question about selecting kingdoms?
« on: February 24, 2013, 01:53:22 pm »
So my wife and I have been playing Dominon on Goko and we are loving it. I paid the $45 for all the expansions and I know some people don't like the idea of paying 'twice' for something, but I think it's a steal. Anyway, I'm digressing. My question is this - is there a way to select just a few expansions when creating a random game? I've made several decks, so I get how to do that (I created all of the Kingdom Design Challenge Decks for example). What I would like to do is to create kingdoms with only the Base Set and Intrigue for example.


Dominion General Discussion / No more torturer for us!
« on: April 10, 2012, 12:50:00 pm »
First, a quick hello to the forum members! I'm a long-time gamer, who recently discovered Dominion, and I have been playing it as much as possible the past week or so. My fiancee and I usually play co-operative games, so this is the first competitive card game we have played. Anyway, I'm loving the game and am also enjoying this site as a supplement.

Last night we played a game that contained Torturer (we added Intrigue a couple of days ago) and I decided to go for a Shanty Town-Torturer combo deck.  I started with a Chapel to trash my estates and coppers and then purchased a couple of Shanty Towns and Torturers. My fiancee bought a Moat and some Barons. Not sure exactly what she was going for? Long story short - after several turns of being hit by torturers she was getting irritated. Finally, after a double torturer chain and my third province purchased she stormed off to bed. I was told in no uncertain terms that if I ever play that way again, then I'll have to find someone else to play with  :(

The thing is, she usually wins and was actually way ahead of me on strategy when we first got the game (and probably still is to be honest). While I was buying a bunch of different cards she would quietly buy a few Villages and Smithies. Then she would start churning out big hands and buy all the Provinces. Did I storm off to bed during one of those thrashings?! No  ;D

The kid finally puts together a good game and now I'm in the doghouse!

I thought some people might enjoy this story and I wanted to introduce myself to the board. Thanks for reading!

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