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Dominion: Renaissance Previews / CSM and Ducat
« on: September 26, 2018, 02:12:35 pm »
I recruited discord to help make a list of:

Cards (and card-shaped things) which make Candlestick Maker and Ducat play differently:

Draw to X and related: Library, JoAT, Watchtower, Minion, Menagerie, Scholar, Tactician, Cursed Village, Diplomat
Action Thrones: TR, KC, Procession, Crown, Disciple, Ghost, Royal Carriage
Drawing/Playing Actions: Scrying Pool, City Quarter, Herald, Golem, Ghost, Wandering Minstrel, Prince, Imp, Conclave, Vassal, Library, Shanty Town
Actions Played/In-play/In-discard: Peddler, Conspirator, Leprechaun, Emporium, Enchantress, Scheme, Coin of the Realm, Champion (Diadem), Magic Lamp*, Walled Village, Inn
Tokens: Teacher, Lost Arts, Pathfinding, Seaway, Training, Ferry, Plan, Inheritance
Type check bonuses: Ironmonger, Ironworks, Sacrifice, Sculptor, Magpie, Vineyard, Transmute, Haunted Mirror
Action Gaining/Buying: University, Lurker, Stonemason, Quarry, Summon
Impersonation: BoM, Overlord, Necromancer
Landmarks: Keep, Arena, Colonnade, Obelisk, Orchard, Triumphal Arch, Defiled Shrine, Tomb
Action Trashing: Graverobber, Death Cart, Advance, Zombie Apprentice, Lurker
Variety: Fairgrounds, Museum, Gladiator, Menagerie, Harvest
Possession (because always Possession?)
Hexes: Locusts, Delusion
Butcher (easier to use CSM Coffers)
Ducatís cool ability which also interacts with: Priest, Tomb, Market Square, Sewers, Watchtower
Treasure things: Terminal Draw (not listing all these), Stables, Venture, Bank, Earthís Gift, Mandarin**, Storyteller, Black Market***, Catapult, Herbalist, Poor House, Forager, Hero, Tragic Hero, Alms, Crown, Crypt, Plaza, Haunted Woods (CSM can be dead in hand)
Can/Canít trash Treasures: Counterfeit, Loan, Bandit, Noble Brigand (affects junking), Pirate Ship, Taxman, Mint, Mine, JoAT, Spice Merchant, Hermit, Pooka

* Ducat favorer because you can play multiple Ducats (some after Lamp) and still activate.
** Ducat enables Mandarin/HoP golden deck.
*** Storyteller/Black Market require some additional interactions to make meaningful differences.

All the action leading to this treasure happened here:
Feel free to add anything we missed.

Dominion General Discussion / Dominion Online Championship Finals
« on: November 16, 2017, 11:16:10 pm »
At long last the field has been culled from 389 entrants down to two remaining competitors. Along the way we learned a valuable lesson: people who are good at Dominion do well in Dominion tournaments. In the end our #2 and #4 seeds face off for the crown.

This Friday night (or Saturday morning), at 3 UTC / 10 EST / 7 PST come watch Dan Brooks (2) and Mercury444F (4) compete for the Ä500 prize!

The match will be streamed at with commentary from breppert, aku_chi, and myself.

Dominion General Discussion / Dominion Online Championship Quarterfinals
« on: November 03, 2017, 02:40:31 pm »
We are reaching the end of the 2017 Dominion Online Championship and the following exciting matches are coming this weekend to an Internet near you:

Saturday at 15:00 UTC with commentary from Philip and E.Honda
Mercury444F (4) vs Sicomatic (12)

Sunday at 0:00 UTC with commentary from funkdoc and vsiewnar
SamE (40) vs LazyDog (81)

Sunday at 20:00 UTC with commentary from Stef and aku_chi
Dan Brooks (2) vs gamesou (58)

Tuesday at 13:00 UTC with commentary from Seprix and Qvist
jsh357 (19) vs Skies (59)

Keep in mind that your offset from UTC may be changing by an hour between Saturday and Sunday due to daylight savings.

All the matches can be watched at

Feedback / Bug Report
« on: October 23, 2017, 03:59:57 pm »
It's new expansion preview day and the forum hasn't been down at all for me, what gives?

Dominion League / Season 15 - Signups Q&A
« on: April 26, 2016, 05:03:49 pm »
Edit by assemble_me: I've put the questions/answers into a new topic to keep the other one clean

I'm not sure how Isotropish rating is calculated, but if it includes campaign games (probably not, I guess), mine might be a little inflated. About once a week I play the Goons level of the base set campaign, because there's something immensely satisfying about scoring 150 points on a hapless bot. Otherwise, my rating is probably about right.

Isotropish only includes "rated" games with exactly 2 human players.

2015 / Signups - Q&A
« on: August 20, 2015, 03:16:44 pm »
In. I think my username there is also Drab Emordnilap, but I'm not showing on that leaderboard -- I've been playing on the new client when I play; does that not get registered?

It does not use games from the new client, there's no easy way to scrape the Making Fun logs.

You are on the full leaderboard (the default only displays players with recent activity).

Adventures Previews / Preview: Haunted Woods
« on: April 01, 2015, 08:30:27 am »

Haunted Woods: Action - Attack - Duration $5
Until your next turn, when any other player buys a card, he puts his hand on top of his deck in any order. At the start of your next turn:
+3 cards

Orange is such a beautiful color, isnít it? We now have Duration technology to make your opponent miserable during their turn. Plus the card has a sweet name.

Haunted Woods reminds me of Rabble in many ways. Thereís the +3 cards, but the attack parts feel similar as well. The attack can be weak for much of the game, and thereís often ways to avoid it. Iíll let all of you talk about the different ways. But if you green without preparing your deck for a constant Haunted Woods barrage you might be in for a bad time. Itís also possible for the attack portion to be friendly interaction, letting you put good cards back on top of your deck. A lot of nice player interaction to be had in this card.

As a duration you wonít be able to play Haunted Woods as often as other card drawers, but getting +3 cards at the start of your turn is, like, the best time to get them! Sometimes people underestimate this fact.

Moat must be revealed (or Lighthouse be in play) when Haunted Woods is played to block the attack effect.

This is my first thread. Hooray!

Polk and I enjoyed our IGG games last night, and jsh suggested that a weekly series like this might be fun. So I am tentatively going to commit to doing this, although the schedule may end up being biweekly instead of weekly.

The basic idea is: we pick a card and just play random kingdoms with that card required on the board. We play games until one of us wants to stop. It's low-pressure unrated games for fun and some experimentation. But it's still a Cage Match!

Polk was interested in playing again next week at the same time, we just need another card to focus on.

Some suggestions from the chat last night:
- City
- Bishop
- Scout (of course)
- Probably more but I forgot

I would prefer to focus on cards which are medium to high strength as I think they make more sense to highlight. Scout is out, I'm afraid. A big positive is uniqueness of effect. Cards which create long games (timewise) are not so great.

I'm interested in what you guys think about this idea and what cards you would like to see.

Last night the audio was just me, but in the future I could Skype with my opponent if people like hearing that. I also think it would be good to have other people fight me in the Cage. Polk probably won't be available all the time and it adds a little variety.

I know the current timeslot (Thur at 24:00 UTC ) isn't great for Europeans unless they're night owls. Streaming earlier may not be great for Americans. Weekend streaming (say on a Sunday) might give better flexibility on timing, but of course people do other stuff on the weekends. There may be no good middle ground on this issue.

Any suggestions/feedback are welcome.

Completed Cage Matches:
IGG     Part 1   Part 2   Part 3     Logs
Tactician     Logs
Watchtower     Part 1     Part 2     Logs
Jack of all Trades      Logs
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Hermit     Logs
Remodel     Logs
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Menagerie Part 1    Part 2     Logs
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Border Village     Little Bonus     Logs
Ambassador     Logs
Upgrade     Logs
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Native Village
King's Court
Distant Lands
Scrying Pool

Youtube Playlist

Multiple video parts means the stream was interrupted due to various technical problems.

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