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Solo Challenges / Buy a Colony on Turn 2
« on: March 12, 2018, 05:09:06 pm »
Looked briefly and didn't see this in a post -- sorry if I missed it.

Using at most 2 Events/Landmarks, buy a colony on Turn 2 in a solo game.

Rules Questions / Charm + Inn
« on: December 11, 2017, 07:13:34 pm »
I buy an Inn with Charm in play for the on-buy effect.

In my head, step 1 is to resolve Charm's on-buy effect. Say I select Witch.
Do I then resolve Witch's on gain (e.g., going to discard) or Inn's? (going to discard + shuffle in cards). Can I shuffle in Witch?

To make this an actually relevant case we can say that Witch is embargoed so I have a real reason to not just buy Witch and gain Inn.

Also, I don't own cards on ShuffleIT but I believe no matter the order of buy/gain ShIT won't let me shuffle in the Witch, which would probably be a bug.

Dominion Online at Shuffle iT / ShuffleIT end of game bug
« on: May 02, 2017, 06:52:32 am »
apologies if there's a dedicated sticky for this, I looked briefly and couldn't find one.

I briefly disconnected almost exactly as I bought the last province/clicked end turn (not quite sure when in that sequence i DC'd). I ended up on where the next hand has been drawn and the provinces are empty, but the game hasn't ended.

My opponent resigned/left soon after I'm guessing, but I'm stuck loading into this screen every time I reconnect, and clicking "cancel and resign" on the reconnecting screen doesn't do anything. Resigning in game just leads me to an infinite loading screen with the castle loading animation.

Game Reports / Move over, mint-FG
« on: September 30, 2012, 02:29:05 am »

In which I use the ever-so-well-known mint-secret chamber-quarry-grand market combo to shoot ahead 5 grand markets by T9.

game of note mostly only because I've never really successfully opened mint-X before, where X was anything but fools gold.

Game Reports / In which I ignore both Ambassador *and* scrying pool
« on: August 30, 2012, 06:22:04 am »
Amb is hard to ignore. Scrying pool is hard to ignore with support. Amb/Scrying pool with support is.. well.. I've never ignored it before successfully :D

keep in mind that with a bit more support (see: villages), this probably would have failed horridly.

Game Reports / Clear P2 advantage
« on: August 28, 2012, 05:18:51 am »
I'm sure it's been documented before but it's hard to get any worse than this in terms of a P2 advantage:

Dark Ages Previews / Count v. Mandarin?
« on: August 19, 2012, 01:53:25 am »
Count is strictly better than mandarin after the on-gain, and in reality is much better. Most agree that the Mandarin on-gain actually sucks 85% of the time.

==> Count means DXV agreed that mandarin is incredibly mediocre?

Game Reports / Ghost Ship's a tarp.
« on: August 13, 2012, 07:03:00 pm »
Mis Qsenoch opens 5/2 ghost ship native village to my militia -BM strategy...

I buy provinces turns 8, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 19.

Puzzles and Challenges / Dominion Puzzle Hunt?
« on: August 09, 2012, 07:46:50 pm » for the unaware

So, a year ago a puzzle hunt at a program I attended had a dominion-themed Meta for the puzzle hunt, which got me thinking. I was wondering if:

A) There is interest for a dominion-themed F.DS puzzle hunt
B) People think it is possible for a few people to write a Dominion/other boardgames themed Puzzle Hunt (run on F.DS) that wouldn't suck.
C) Anyone would be interested in helping me write a puzzle hunt.

The most likely answers are maybe, probably not and no respectively, but if there's any interest its something I would love to attempt to run. College starts September 23rd for me so I have plenty of free time until then (the only other thing I'll be doing is learning LaTeX probably.)

Dominion Isotropic / Yet another possession issue.
« on: July 17, 2012, 03:46:57 am »
(not a jab at Isotropic, more at Possession).

Not sure if this has been previously mentioned but heres an important edge case:

Played possession
<possessing> plays minion, discards
<possessing> plays another minion
I can't see my 4 card hand (only original hand is shown), but I am given the option to reveal a moat from it.

This can occur from attacks with any of the following:
Council Room

Game Reports / Pro-combo: Horse Traders and Secret Chamber
« on: July 11, 2012, 11:52:06 pm »
You'd think I was kidding... but check out turns 17, 18, 19 for +coin comboing as well as turns 5 and 7 for reaction comboing  ;D

Basically get optimal shuffle luck on the last 3 turns to overcome a 7-3 conspirator split.

Game Reports / Transmute as the key card + the only potion card
« on: June 26, 2012, 12:33:40 am »

Maybe this should be in challenges? Create a strategy using this board that defeats Mine/Perdhapley's

Honestly, I never expected transmute/great hall/smugglers/gardens to get 33 points/16 turns or 30 points/15 turns. That pretty much beats BM-smithy, which looks far better than any other BM-province strategy on the board.

I'm pretty convinced our strategy was optimal; don't mirror gardens and you lose when transmute gets 6-8 gardens to 4-5 pts, go Workers Village/Smugglers/Gardens and your economy probably dies to quickly (though maybe not with smugglers)

Dominion Articles / Shanty Town
« on: June 22, 2012, 08:59:59 pm »
Disclaimer: I am not an authoritative expert on shanty town, but I haven't really seen someone who is. Constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged.

Shanty Town is the oft-maligned cousin of Village. At 3$, it shares a price point with the vanilla Village, which alone tells us something. It is not a village+ (like Worker's Village, Mining Village, Walled Village and Mining Village at 4$) or a Village- (Native Village at 2$). It is a card that plays entirely different from the plain old Village, and shares only the characteristic of giving two actions.

A good way to think of Shanty Town in many (but not all) games is as a restricted lab.

When is Shanty Town a good buy?

Shanty Town does not have a single thematic board type that makes it powerful. Rather, a piecemeal combination of a bunch of different cases make it a card that I would argue is more often a good buy than a vanilla village

1) Terminal-Less decks

In games where there are no terminal actions worth getting (notable cards to cause this are Familiar, Caravan and Tournament) early on, Shanty Town functions identically to a laboratory if you buy one, and each additional one functions as a slightly riskier lab (as your two shanty towns can combine). A lab for 3$ is nothing to scoff at, and while shanty-town is not deck making in these games it provides a significant boost.

Keep in mind that you can often still keep 1-2 terminals in your deck if your deck is large enough, the collision chance is small enough that buying Shanty Town will still benefit you.

2) Draw to X Engines

The draw to X engines that Shanty Town works best with are Watchtower, Library and Minion (which functions as a draw to X). It's an iffy prospect with Jack of All Trades that I would not recommend.

Shanty Town is superior to the vanilla village in Draw-To-X engines, though it is still inferior to Fishing Village (what isn't?). This is because there are three possibilities with shanty town in a draw-to-x-engine:

A) It is drawn with with a Draw-To-X-enabler card (Library, Watchtower, Minion)
B) It is drawn with no other terminal
C) It is drawn with another terminal that is not draw-to-x

Possibility A is a relatively likely option, and in this case, Shanty Town is nearly identical to a vanilla village. (Its ever so slightly worse with Watchtower and basically equivalent with Library and Minion, due to library's filtering and minions discard mechanic)
Possibility B is the second most likely option, and in this case Shanty Town is +2Cards +2Actions, far superior to village.
Possibility C is relatively unlikely in most draw-to-x decks, and is either significantly worse (no need for +actions, terminal not draw) or slightly worse (need for +actions or terminal draw card).

Conclusion: While Shanty Town is not amazingly better than village in draw-to-x, it is enough of an improvement to merit significant consideration in these decks.

3) As a counter to attacks

Shanty Town is much more likely to activate fully when you are playing it against attacks, primarily discard attacks. Shanty Town reacts slightly different against different ones, however.

Militia Shanty Town is only so-so against Militia. Often you would rather keep another terminal (say... a militia   ;)) as opposed to trying to recover your deck with Shanty Town.
Ghost Ship Shanty Town is an excellent counter to Ghost Ship. This is because instead of discarding your terminal actions, you can topdeck them and then draw them with your activated shanty town. This actually is almost a complete counter to ghost ship in many cases, because if they hadn't play ghost ship your Shanty Town would not have activated (both situations leave you with 4 cards and 2 actions).
Margrave Shanty Town is nice with margrave because not only does it provide a bit of a counter, it also facilitates the terminal draw aspect of margrave if you have it in your own deck.
Followers If your opponent has followers, then it is a tournament game. In which case you probably wanted a shanty town anyways to go with your tournaments.
Torturer Shanty Town does not really counter torturer very well because you're unlikely to have actions outside of +actions and torturer itself. However, since torturers are on the board you probably want a good amount of Shanty Towns anyways...
Goons See Torturer, really.

4) In games flush with actions
Fishing Village is your biggest culprit here, though certainly it's not the only case. If you have enough +Actions available to you on a given turn, you can simply play your terminals before your shanty town and then use your shanty town as a lab. In practice it plays similar to case 1, terminal-less decks, just with less of a guarantee.

5) When you need the +Actions regardless.
OK, so shanty town is worse than village in cases. Suck it up, sometimes you will still desperately need +actions in your engine. This tends to be true in torturer games, megaturn games involving terminal draw, and many others. Even when it's worse than a normal village, it's still a village variant and sometimes that's what you need. A good litmus test in these cases is that if Shanty Town has no support, if you would buy native villages for your engine, you probably should still buy Shanty Town.

6) With Massive, bloated decks
If you have 15 coppers and 5 curses in your deck, Shanty Town is far more likely to give you +2 cards. 'nough said.

When is Shanty-Town a bad buy?

1) With medium to heavy trashing! Trashing your starting coppers/estates makes it much more likely to collide and not activate. In these cases you need to evaluate if there's better alternatives and only get shanty town if you desperately need the +actions.
2) Most Terminal Draw goes pretty terribly with Shanty Town, especially envoy, embassy, smithy, and council room. Attacks are less bad because you more frequently want to build an engine around them, and because shanty town counters some of them. Vault is meh-probably take silver instead, but it makes little difference either way.
3) Big Money games involving a few terminal actions, draw or not (Jack of All Trades, Merchant Ship, Masquerade, etc.)

In conclusion: Shanty town is situational, and only sometimes can really be viewed as a village, and should not be maligned as a worse alternative to village.

Works with:
Draw to X, especially minion.
Ghost Ship
Caravan, Tournament, Familiar, Other cantrips and nonterminals.
Bloated games caused by cursers
Fishing Village (though they conflict at 3$ and FV is usually better)
Powerful Engines

Doesn't Work With:
BM-X, where X is terminal
Games with moderate to heavy trashing that aren't powerful engines needing +action

Puzzles and Challenges / Accursed Wealth
« on: June 11, 2012, 08:22:57 pm »
In a 2-player game with arbitrarily large basic money piles, what is the most (theoretical, not game-log)

A) Treasure overall (Copper/Silver/Gold/Platinum)
B) Golds only

that you can gain during your opponents turn? Measurement is in #cards, not value. You are your opponent are working together.

Obvious a few key cards here, but I'm interested in what secondary ones optimize it.

Simulation / Apothecary Golden Deck-Simulation help
« on: June 09, 2012, 07:27:15 pm »
The apothecary pseudo-golden deck is a combo which I always love to play. It's (from my experience) a highly variant deck that's the the second strongest province-based golden deck to play, behind ones set up by Chapel/Bishop. I find it a bit stronger than some of the better BM options (close to doublejack I think, though it would probably lose to doublejack due to jacks draw-to-x nature.

The main idea: have a deck consisting of 4-6 apothecaries, one province, one bishop, 7 coppers and a potion. Draw 7 coppers, bishop province using apothecaries, leaving 1-2 apothecaries on the bottom usually (apothecaries deck-reordering is crucial to this combo), for a result much like the golden deck. it has around, I don't know, an 85% rate of not failing in it's golden deck aspect for an entire game once it's set up with 5 apothecaries. For parity reasons/last turn bonus, you trash the potion and end with 2 provinces in deck.

I haven't really much ability to optimize this through solo play (as it involves bishop), so any help from people who know their way around simulators would be much appreciated?

1) Do you open Potion/-, Potion/Copper, Potion/Silver, or Bishop/Silver? (My guess: Potion/Silver)
2) You will often be stuck with dead turns early on. Do you buy a second potion ever? Is it worth bishopping a copper and buying it back for the 1VP (at the detriment of giving your opponent free trashing)?
3) How do you adapt this strategy based on whether or not your opponent has also bought a bishop?
4) Does *anything* other than a possible second potion help this strategy? (my guess: no)

Game Reports / Possible CR Bug + Questions about a pin
« on: May 31, 2012, 01:13:45 pm »

My guess is that this is not an intentional scoring thing, but my points are recorded as -2 after I trash estates passed through masquerade. More comically, I also have -2 apprentices, -6 coppers, and -1 silver at the end of the game. Can gardens be worth negative points?

My next question is: Could my opponent save himself by keeping TR-Masquerade in hand (my pin is 4 cards if he has no masquerade, 3 cards if he has one), waiting for his hand to consist of only Throneroom/Masq, and then trashing two of my own cards? (stealing one, maybe).

If he did, would I then be able to pin back 2 of his cards, because I only have throne-room masquerade, leaving him with a one card deck, and me with a two card deck?

There are some interesting parity issues if that plan came into fruition. I can't really figure out all the endgame strategy of the pin here.

Game Reports / 9 Turns, 8 Colonies, no presets.
« on: May 23, 2012, 08:23:32 pm »
*Tries to stop breathing so heavily*

I never had gotten The Flash or Megaturn achievements until today. I wasn't expecting to get both of them in the same game..

Embassy, King's Court, Bridge on the board. We both open 5/2 and I get damn close to an optimal game (You probably can pull off 8 provinces turn 7/8, I don't think colonies.

Game Reports / The Mythical Saboteur Pin
« on: May 22, 2012, 09:15:32 pm »
Q) What do you get with Golem, Apothecary, Saboteur, Stables, and King's Court?
A) An opponent with 6 coppers, 4 apothecaries, one Noble Brigand and no hope.

Perhaps this one was better suited for the "I'm sorry" thread.

Now, I've played plenty of games where repeated saboteur plays severely hampered someones deck. I've never actually managed to get to the point where they have only 1-2 more 3+ cost cards, though. Now, my opponent basically resigned and didn't replace his trashed KC here, but that would have been reduced to a silver at best at the end of my turn.

Hilariously, I think the key play here that gave me that advantage was buying/gaining Treasure Maps for economy. So two of the key cards in this game were Saboteur and Treasure Map, something I'm not sure i've ever heard before.

Help! / Familiar on a masquerade board?!
« on: May 22, 2012, 03:20:20 am »
I was behind the entire game.. Does Familiar actually beat masquerade? Did I buy too few masquerades (2)? I felt like he played pretty lousily otherwise, with bizarre bazaar (ha, ha) buys.

Luck didn't seem much in his favor either...

Puzzles and Challenges / Decks of only one card hijacked
« on: May 17, 2012, 06:36:30 pm »
sorry Jorbles!  ;D Your puzzle reminded me of one I came up with awhile ago and never posted.

You are in a 2 player game and have only 10 of one card in your hand/deck/nativevillagemat, no durations. Whats the most spending power you can get in one turn assuming you start with a 5 card hand?

I can think of only two solutions that beat 5X platinum

1: Pirate ship, derp. hit some ridiculous amount of treasure
2: Tribute; Hit: Nobles-Harem, Nobles-Action, Action-Action, Coin-CoinX7 = 30$ 

Game Reports / Interesting swindler game
« on: May 17, 2012, 06:21:00 pm »
Key Cards: King's court, Grand Market, Hunting party, Swindler, Farmland, Cache, Loan

With KC, Swindler, Loan and Hunting party, you know you're in for a degenerate game.

I open Swindler-Swindler (hopefully getting some heavy damage out first reshuffle) to my opponents erroneous swindler/worker's village, but fall behind very quickly as my terminals collide and my opponent quickly picks up some King's Courts, Hunting parties, and a loan to clean his deck out.

Fast forward through some more degenerate swindling. Despite some lucky hits, I am still behind significantly on turn 14 when he has more KC's, GM's and HP's than me. His lean deck is going to run through provinces relatively steadily or threepile quickly with a small VP lead.

My swindler hits a 5. Usually the auto-play rules here are to swindle into duchy, but not only am I hesistant to fork over 3VP (I already gave him 6VP via three farmland swindles), I'm also pretty sure his deck can handle an extra duchy and still roll over me.

I find what really is one of the few 5s that can be called worse for someones deck than duchy, Cache. The extra coppers (from this cache and a few others, including the lovely swindle cache->cache) clog his deck just enough that I pass by him turn 19, emptying the piles and buying a province to win 7-5.


Farmland, Golem, Great Hall♦, Highway, Market, Menagerie, Peddler, Potion, Salvager, Spice Merchant, Spy, and Young Witch

I open Spice Merchant/Silver seeing menagerie, highway, peddler, salvager and ignoring Young Witch. My opponent opens the highly dubious Great Hall/Young Witch.

The order of my first 6 buys were:
Spice Merchant
Great Hall
Farmland (Estate->Salvager)

If it seems like I am directionless with these buys... that's because I was. There were two pretty great options on the board: Menagerie-Accelerated Highway/Market with Spice Merchant as the primary trasher, or (once again Menagerie/Spice Merchant enabled) Peddler/Salvager with a market thrown in maybe. Either of these probably empty 8 Provinces in about 16 turns.

I combined the two, ignored menagerie and emptied it in 15 (one trashed by salvager). Still not sure how this worked out...



Relevant cards: Great Hall, Hamlet,  Horse Traders, Ironworks, Remake, Spice Merchant,  and Tunnel
Irrelevant cards: Herbalist, Stash, Treasure Map

We both opened IW/Silver, but here's a list of some of the openings that aren't (immediately at least) ignorable.

Spice Merchant/Silver
Spice Merchant/Hamlet

Also, if any of you would care to posit which opening is actually best, that would also be greatly appreciated  :P.

Game Reports / A cruelly laid trap...
« on: April 29, 2012, 01:51:55 am »

Turn 17 and I have enough to buy a province by simply playing vault (or no actions...), but I have no +buy and ending the game will make me lose 39-40 (no point counter but I counted). So I play my masquerade as a desperation play (its completely unnecessary), and much to my joy he instinctively passes me an estate. I win 40-39.

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