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WDC #124: YesÖ ha ha haÖ YES!
Design a non-terminal Attack card.
For this week, ready your pitchforks and load your weapons, itís Attack time!

Most Attacks in Dominion are terminal. Thatís because many Attack effects may either take a long time to resolve or be extremely painful when stacked. Some just have other vanilla effects instead (think most Attacks that draw cards).
There are 10 non-terminal Attack piles if Iím counting correctly (Minion, Scrying Pool, Familiar, Urchin, Relic, Idol, Werewolf, Raider, Vampire, Coven), and a few asterisks in Cultist, Dame Molly, Sir Bailey, and Black Cat. Iíll just say that not all of these are cards you should look for for inspiration. I think Minion sucks (It even has a clause that prevents it from discarding too much, but I still think itís too much). Scrying Pool doesnít need the attack imo, Urchin is Urchin, and FamiliarÖ well, I dunno. The later cards are a lot more of what I would like to see in a Dominion card. Donald X. is really good at making cards these days! Who woulda thunk it!

The nature of non-terminal cards is that you can play more of them much easier. Therefore, many non-terminal Attacks have a weaker effect or have an effect that doesnít stack. Please take these considerations into account when making your card. Of course, you are free to do as you wish! Surprise me!

・On non-terminality, if when itís Attacking, itís non-terminal, thatís a non-terminal Attack. So Werewolf for example counts, but if its options were switched (putting aside how horribly weak that would be), it would not.
・For what's non-terminal or not, we can argue on the specifics of what makes something non-terminal, but I don't feel like taking the time to describe the specifics. If it looks non-terminal to me, it's non-terminal. I'll tell you if your card doesn't fit, and if enough people disagree, I'll relent on it.

The deadline will be in a week, midnight UTC of 12 August (end of Thursday), or 24 hours after I give the 24 hour warning, whichever comes later. Happy designing!

Iíll say this right now: I donít particularly like many of the non-terminal Attacks in Dominion. Oppressive Attacks aren't really my cup of tea. Maybe I just don't like fun. In my opinion, this is a hard prompt. I do want to see more Attacks (that I like), though! So Iím excited to see what you all have to offer.

Weekly Design Contest / Weekly Design Contest 118: Short and Sweet!
« on: June 15, 2021, 05:05:57 pm »
WDC #118: Short and Sweet!
Design a simple card that uses up to 1 official expansion-specific mechanic.
For this week, I'd like to see some short and simple cards! Here are the guidelines:

・No more than ~20 words, or 5 lines.
   For this, Iíll count + amounts (+①, +2 Actions, +1 Coffers) as one word.
・Up to 1 official expansion-specific mechanic (you can also include 0)
   Iím not going to list all the expansion-specific mechanics (there are a lot), but for example, weíve got Debt, Coffers/Villagers, Looters, Night cards, Spirits, Boons, VP tokensÖ some of these (VP tokens, Coffers) are in multiple expansions, but they are specific to both expansions. Duration cards are not expansion-specific anymore. And as fun as making your own mechanics is, Iíd rather not see those for this week.
・Cut the extra stuff!
   For simplicity, I just want to see one Supply pile from you. No cards out of Supply, no mixed piles with tons of cards. I only want to have to read one card worth of information in order to figure out whatís going on. If it's part of an already-existing mechanic, then I'll allow it as your mechanic. I think Travellers are a bit too much, though. No Travellers this week, sorry.

Thatís it! The world is yours! Thereís a lot of design space out there!
In regards to the guidelines, you may push the boundaries slightly, and Iíll tell you if I think itís too much. If youíre adhering to the spirit of simplicity, Iíll probably give you the pass.

For Events, Landmarks, Projects, Ways, States, and Artifacts (am I missing any other landscapes? haha):
・Events may use any singular expansion-specific mechanic.
・Landmarks may only use VP and Debt; Projects may only use Coffers and Villagers; Ways may only use Exile. They are landscape mechanics specific to their respective expansions, but they may use the mechanics that Donald X. has used with them.
・States and Artifacts are already their own specific mechanic, so please do not include any other mechanic with them.
・For example, Fool would not follow the guidelines, because it includes Boons, a State, and an Heirloom.
・Hexes only have to include Hex States by necessity, so if you want to use Hexes as your mechanic, you may; similarly, Boons only include Will-o-Wisp by necessity; you may use Boons as your mechanic as well.

Judging will be based on how interesting and balanced I think the card is. Try not to go too crazy! Extra points if I think it could be in an official expansion.

The deadline will be in a week, midnight UTC of 23 June (end of Tuesday), or 24 hours after I give the 24 hour warning, whichever comes later. 

Happy card designing! Iím looking forward to seeing what you all have to offer!

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