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Variants and Fan Cards / Fan Mechanics week 39: Snowy Mac-snow
« on: June 01, 2022, 03:56:39 pm »
Im recycling an Old WDC entry i judged some time ago: A concept Called...

This weeks challenge: Design a card of any sort that uses Snow in some way, and preferably uses a previous Fan Mechanic that has been featured in the past.

There are 30 Snows, +10 per player, in a kingdom.

Deadline is 2022 8th June. Good luck!

Variants and Fan Cards / Fika monsters Crappy Card Ideas
« on: June 10, 2021, 05:24:12 pm »
I tend to make a lot of, ahem, crappy cards before I decide upon one that I like and submit to WDC. To avoid cluttering the WDC threads, I'm making this instead, and posting some ideas here. This will be a pretty messy thread probably


WDC 117: In the Wrong place in the Wrong time.

An idea I had, but it never really got anywhere. not too exciting. should also be called Inflation i guess.
Rating: Bad

I were looking through Spineflus "atlas of fancard mechanics", and i came across Gazbags "ice token".

What is "ice Tokens"?
A number of cards in the set involve setting aside cards and putting a number of Ice tokens on them, referred to as "freezing" them. At the start of your turn you remove 1 Ice token from each card you own that is frozen with Ice tokens on it and when the last token is removed you put the card into your discard pile.

pretty neat, i think. So  this weeks challenge is to come up with a WELP or card that uses ICE TOKENS.

heres a link to the Dominion: ICE AGE expansion

My judging criteria will be:
Simplicity: the cards can be complex, but it should have a purpose. my preference is for simple cards, and i will be biased towards them, altough i will try to be fair.
theme (i like cards that tell a bit of a story)
Balance: is the card utterly broken or too weak? It's fine if the card is strong or centralizing, but agonizing decisions should be possible.
Innovation: Does the card evoke new interesting possibilities? is it exciting?

DEADLINE IS 2021 MAY 9th. timezone is UTC.

 :'(Weekly Design Contest #103: Snow

Hello everyone! You all had some neat ideas for contests, but today i have a bit of hubris,  and it also happens to be snowing in sweden where i live! Henceforth this weeks contest...

Design a Card Or WELP that interacts with 'snow' (ie, this fanmade card)

TYPE: Action
Cost: 3$
+1 action
Return this to its pile.
(This is not in the Supply.)
There are a total of of 30 Snow cards in each game.

Snow is a temporary junk card, that goes away when you play it. You may design any sort of card, sideways card, or WELP that interacts with it. Or, if you want, your own mechanic with it.

My judging criteria for submissions:
1: Is this card Fun? (does it change the game in a fun way? Does it introduce interesting strategies? is it fun to play?)
2: Is this card understandable? (is there grammar or spelling errors? Does it condradict itself? Also, remember to have an english version if you post in another language!)

I hope you all have fun this week. The deadline for card submissions is February 5th, UTC 20/ 8 PM. ill try to have my judging up around February 6th.

Edit 1: fixed some formatting issues with snow as per silverspawns suggestions. i blame my jetlag!

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