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Rules Questions / Plateau Shepherds + Cost reducer
« on: March 14, 2022, 09:18:59 am »
I think Plateau Shepherds is the first card that looks at the cost of cards when counting the points. As far as I know, there really isn't a rule that says cost reducers don't apply at this point. I can think of three scenarios:

- Ferry-Token on a 4-cost-card (e.g. Remodel) => Remodel counts
- One Favor-Token with Family of Inventors on a 3-cost-card (e.g. Village). Of course, this only works with two allies => Village counts
- Highway stays in play after the game (with Way of the mouse + Duration) => All 3-cost-cards count

Is this correct, or do all cost reductions end before counting the points?

Edit: see first post of Davio

Rules Questions / Way of the Chameleon Instructions
« on: October 01, 2020, 09:22:05 am »
Consider following game situations:

(a) Play Chapel with Way of the Chameleon, trash Rats, get +1 Card or +1$
(b) Play Rats with Way of the Chameleon, get +1$. Later buy Bonfire, trash this Rats, get +1 Card or +1$
(c) Play Priest with Way of the Chameleon, get +2 Cards. Later play Chapel, trash Copper, get +2$ or +2 Cards from Priest

Which +Card, +$ will be triggered by Way of the Chameleon?
(i) All instructions on the chameleoned card (triggers (b) and (c), so +1 Card, +1$, +2 Cards)
(ii) Only instructions on the chameleoned card above the line (triggers only (c), so +1 Card, +1 Card, +2 Cards)
(iii) All +Card, +$ produced by the chameleoned card during following the instructions of this card (triggers only (a), so +1$, +1 Card, +2$)
(iv) ?

I assume (ii), hence:
(a) +1 Card, (b) +1 Card, (c) +2 Cards
Is it right?

If (ii) is right, are there another abilities triggered by Way of the Chameleon after following the instructions of the chameleoned card besides Priest? I didn't find anything.

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