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Goko Dominion Online / Error when trying to log in
« on: October 18, 2014, 10:16:10 am »
I'm getting a "Something went wrong. Connection status is: 103" error when I try to login with my e-mail address and password.  Tried clearing my cache and it did not work.  Is anyone else experiencing the same problem this morning?

Goko Dominion Online / Opponent quitting/force resign
« on: February 22, 2013, 08:39:27 am »
If my opponent "quits", why don't I get a rating increase?  And where is the sorely needed "force resign" button?

Goko Dominion Online / Some observations from a Goko newbie
« on: December 22, 2012, 10:04:14 pm »
I joined Goko Dominion a few days ago and wanted to share a few observations on the community and feel of Goko Dominion and less on the functionality as that has been pretty well covered by a good number of people.

- There doesn't seem to be a large number of people using Goko yet.  I'm not sure if they are still in Beta or not or if not many people are willing to take the plunge yet.  It's a struggle to find games (even harder to find pro games it seems) and compared to Isotropic, very few game are being played at any given time.

- The community of Goko seems much more "amateur hour" than Isotropic does.  For the most part, my opponents seem to be a little newer to Dominion than the people on Isotropic.  After the completion of my last game, I was denied entry to play the same person again because he felt I was "cherry-picking noobs".  Truth is, I just wanted to play a game.

- On the above note, Goko does a poor job advertising an opponent's rating.  There a two main ratings, casual and pro, and in my opinion, the wrong one is listed in the sidebar with everyone in the lobby.  Does anyone have a good feel on how the Goko rating equates to someone's actual skill level?  So far, I've been able to shoot up to #8 on the Pro leaderboard and I've only played 10-12 games.  I feel like I haven't earned that spot after so few games and it leads me to believe that the skill rating on Goko is influenced much more by a good or bad streak of games.  This is just my gut feeling, I could be completely wrong on this one.

- Adventure mode is a money grab.  I've gotten to stage 14 or 15 of the first Base Dominion world and my opponent is starting with 2 Duchies and 3 Silvers.  Of course, I can use my zaps to even things out.  But when I run out of zaps, then I have to buy more or grind away at playing 15,000 games of Base Dominion until I get good enough shuffle luck to overcome my starting disadvantage.

- I'll end on a positive.  I do like the "prettiness" of playing the game itself.  It feels nice to play with the official Dominion cards.

Solo Challenges / Solo challenge: 1,000 victory points!
« on: December 12, 2012, 08:06:25 am »
The Challenge:  Gain 1,000 victory points in the fewest number of turns possible in a solitare game on Isotropic.  There are no restrictions on which kingdom cards you can use.

Deadline: Thursday, December 20, 2012 @ 11:59:59pm EDT

Please PM me your solutions and I will post the winners and complete standings at the end of the challenge.  The criteria for best solution will be the fewest number of turns taken in a solitare game to gain at least 1,000 victory points.  Tiebreaker will be how many points above 1,000 were gained.

Just as a reference point... I threw together a quick, unoptimized solution for this and was able to gain 1,041 points in 15 turns.

Good Luck!

Dominion Isotropic / Tournament lobby on Isotropic?
« on: June 22, 2012, 03:36:30 pm »
Anyone know how this lobby works?

GokoDom / M's Bracket - Week 4??
« on: April 14, 2012, 05:42:54 pm »
I haven't seen the bracket posted this week for Mustard's half of the bracket.  I have completed my match with Kirian and wanted to post the results/commentary while I am still thinking about it.

andwilk defeats Kirian 5-2 (10 pts - 4 pts)

We chose to play with exactly 4 Alchemy cards in each game, providing for more than enough of an Alchemy feel in most of the games.

Game 1: andwilk 29-25 Kirian (
He wins the early cursing battle 6-4 with Familiars, but I win the Vineyard war 5-3 and that is the difference.

Game 2: andwilk 9-27 Kirian (
I was a hot mess in this one.  Another, Vineyards/Familiar game where Kirian heads for the Vineyards first.  I start to grab some too, but I also for some reason was using Apprentices to trash my actions for +cards, not helping my case for Vineyards.

Game 3: andwilk 44-resigned Kirian (
I was able to grab a turn 6 Grand Market with Mining Village (trash)/Militia/Silver and by the time he resigned on turn 21, I had amassed a  6-1 GM lead, 4-1 Province lead, and we had split the Vineyards.

Game 4: andwilk 42-27 Kirian (
Grand Markets are in play again, so I open Silver/Silver vs. Silver/Watchtower.  I add a Trading Post on turn 3 I was was fortunate enough to draw TP/Silver/Silver on turn 6 to allow me another early GM purchase.  This game was going to be too fast for an engine (I had bought a potion early on anticipating later Scrying Pool buys), so I transition to a Province rush at turn 11 and don't look back.

Game 5: andwilk 12-resigned Kirian (
This game was over after turn 1.  He opts for Apprentice while I pick up an Upgrade (we both buy Cellar on turn 2).  Seeing that there was ample discarding opportunities (Cellar, Cartographer, Goons), I Upgrade my 3 Estates into 3 Tunnels.  By the time he resigned on turn 9, I already had an 8-1 Gold advantage.

Game 6: andwilk 33-43 Kirian (
The key to this game was the Universities that he bought and I chose to forgo.  I thought with Masq/Remake (which I opened) in the mix, this game was going to be way too fast for Universities to really matter too much.  I go for more of a BM strategy but start to choke on green in the mid-game.  He uses the Universities to drain the Market pile to keep me honest and threaten the 3-pile ending.

Game 7: andwilk 37-32 Kirian (
Again, Universities are the difference.  This time I build a University/Margrave/Stables engine vs. his Tournaments.  He is able to grab the first 3 prizes (Followers/Trusty Steed/Bag of Gold) before I get any, but he is a bit unlucky to not hit a Tournament/Province until turn 12.  I grab the final two prizes, Princess and Diadem which both play a huge role in my win since I really didn't have much of an economy.  I hit a bit turn on turn 20 to grab 2 Provinces and the lead at that point.  I'm able to end the game on turn 23 in 3 piles.  It was tough for him to get anything going after I amassed a ton of Margraves in my deck and was playing one almost every turn from turn 11 until the end of the game.

Overall, I had most of the luck throughout the series especially in the games with Grand Markets (you have to be a bit lucky to grab GMs on turn 6!)  Enjoyable series and I really enjoyed the discussion about the games afterwards.

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