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Variants and Fan Cards / Dominion: Venus, a fan expansion by Carline
« on: December 04, 2020, 12:08:48 am »
DOMINION: VENUS, a fan set by Carline

UPDATE: Now I'm using this thread to post the cards I create and I think are interesting, so don't see this set as an expansion in the same sense of official ones, which are smaller, more cohesive and focused in their characteristic mechanics. Maybe I split this set later in small sets. By now, this a work in progress and I'll be very happy with any feedbacks which help me to improve my cards. Thank you!


For some time, Iíve been participating of the Weekly Design Contest of fan cards. Many thanks to the friends in this Forum who always help me there to improve my cards.

Now Iíll try to compile these cards with some new others and make my own first expansion set.

So here is Dominion: Venus, a fan expansion all with female characters, celebrating women power.

In terms of mechanics, as I donít have the limitations of an official expansion which has to be published IRL and be able to be played without resources of other expansions, I put a bit of almost everything which Dominion has: Durations, Nights, Reserves, Horses, Exile, Events, Projects, Ways, Landmarks, Overpay, Debt, Tokens, etc.

I also tried some new things like Novice double-face cards, Events which attacks, Ways which play Attacks and Landmarks for each player.

Iíll be very happy with any suggestions you could give me to improve this set. In special, Iím not sure if I chose the best cost for each card.

Any feedbacks will be very welcome. Thank you very much!

  Updated: February, 11, 2021

  Kingdom Cards


Split Pile 5/5


  Guildmaster and Novices Set

  (Novices are double-face cards: Young Saboteur/Young Sorceress, Young Smith/Young Trickster)



  Spell and Spell Cards


  Four Seasons Set













Way of the Beast and Beasts set


  Beasts (Double face cards)







If Way of the Beast is in the game, set aside two of the the Beasts cards (faces which start up when the respective card is in the game: Gargoyle, Medusa and She-Wolf).



  Land Grant and its Landmarks Set


Variants and Fan Cards / Which is the best cost for this?
« on: June 11, 2020, 11:36:55 pm »
Some feedbacks about my fan card Raiser are that in an engine you would always use it to get two Villagers and maybe it could be weak at $5.

So I’m trying to know if it’s ok or not at $5.

Comparing to Bustling Village, another $5 cost card:


Both give you two extra actions.

Bustling Village draw a card to refill the card slot in your hand. It also can give one or two extra draws, one being a Copper, but this feature doesn’t cost you $5, it costs $7 and two buys.

So, comparing what costs $5 to what costs $5:

Upsides of Bustling Village:*
- You draw a card.
- You can use the actions gained in the same turn.

Corresponding downsides of Raiser:
- It’s a stop card
- You can’t use the actions in the turn you gain them.

Downsides of Bustling Village:
- You have to use the actions gained in the same turn, otherwise you lose them (edge cases apart).
- You can draw it dead.
- Someone has to buy Settlers to it shows up.
- It arrives later in the game, so is used less times.

Corresponding upsides of Raiser:
- You can use the gained actions whenever you want.
- You never draw it dead.
- Always available.

These features of use the actions when you want and not being drawn dead make a deck with Raiser so much reliable than a deck with Bustling Village. You can possibly draw your deck even with a starting hand with only terminals actions. I think this reliability and the extra feature of being able to sometimes gain a Gold compensate the downsides it has when compared to Bustling Village.

What do you think? Which is the best cost for Raiser?

Edit: *Bustling Village can also be throned, commanded and be target of other effects that apply to actions. Maybe it could be a significative difference. I don't know for sure, being able to virtually never draw dead cards to me is a strong feature.

Is it possible to create a good, fair and balanced card with the goal of being a card which helps whoever is losing the game?

What I thought is a kind of Banish which returns any number of cards with the same name from your hand to the supply, delaying the end of the game. Would it work?

Any other idea?

Dominion General Discussion / Infinite Loops List
« on: April 27, 2020, 03:38:56 pm »
By the way, has someone compiled a list of all known infinite combos?

Following this suggestion of Holger, I’m starting this topic for us to list the known infinite loops with Dominion cards. I think it's also a better place to post them, instead of cards interaction thread where I was doing these posts.

I know these loops often need configurations that will never occur in a random game. However, that’s the beauty of Dominion: being a whole system of interrelated elements, it allows many approaches besides playing a competitive match. I myself have a lot of fun trying to find these loops and analyzing them.

On the following posts, I will describe the loops I read about and some I’ve found.

To make sense, the loops must be productive, giving a surplus amount of some resource at each cycle and not only doing a repetitive aimless act.

For each loop posted, I will try to identify the cards that do the fundamental roles for any infinite loop works. These roles I think are six (five if loop doesn’t occur in action phase):

- Allows repeat the same act
- Prevents from stop
- Ensures payload
- Ensures buys
- Ensures actions
- Produces surplus at each cycle

I would like to know the loops you already know, so please post them here, if you would like to. Thank you very much.

Puzzles and Challenges / Create an infinite loop with a specific card
« on: April 24, 2020, 02:07:04 pm »

On the topic above, we discuss which cards are infinite-loop enablers and why.

From the discussion, I came up with this list of the cards that without one of them you can’t create an infinite loop:

1.   Acting Troupe
2.   Band of Misfits
3.   Bonfire
4.   Captain
5.   Citadel
6.   Counterfeit
7.   Crown
8.   Death Cart
9.   Delve
10.   Disciple
11.   Engineer
12.   Experiment
13.   Forum
14.   Gamble
15.   Horn of Plenty
16.   Horse
17.   Inheritance
18.   King’s Court
19.   Madman
20.   Magic Lamp
21.   Mandarin
22.   Mining Village
23.   Mint
24.   Overlord
25.   Pillage
26.   Pixie
27.   Procession
28.   Pursue
29.   Raze
30.   Scepter
31.   Scouting Party
32.   Small Castle
33.   Spoils
34.   Stockpile
35.   Throne Room
36.   Toil
37.   Travelling Fair
38.   Urchin
39.   Way of the Butterfly
40.   Way of the Horse
41.   Way of the Mouse
42.   Wish

On the other hand, if a card in this list is a real infinite-loop enabler, it, by definition, doesn’t need another of these enablers to build an infinite loop.

So, the challenges are:

- Create an infinite loop without the cards from this list (which I think it’s impossible)

- For any card in this list, create an infinite loop that uses this card but no other card from this list (or indicate an already known such loop).

The loops must be productive, giving you some amount of something at each iteration.

Dominion General Discussion / Cards essential to infinite loops
« on: April 22, 2020, 07:43:20 pm »
Which are all the cards and landscapes in Dominion that are essential to make infinite loops? I mean, the ones that if you remove them from the game no infinite loop would be possible.

Puzzles and Challenges / Challenge: Maximum VPs against the bots
« on: April 22, 2020, 12:51:30 pm »
Hi, everybody. I’m new in these forums and this is my first post.

I’m from Brazil, so please excuse me about any mistakes in my writing.

First of all, thanks Donald for this wonderful game.

In normal times, I play a lot of Dominion IRL with my friends. I never played online before this quarantine, but now it’s the solution.

Playing with the bots, I proposed myself this challenge: how many VPs can I do in a real game against them without the bots make any single point?

These are the rules of the challenge:

- Three players game, you against two bots
- You may choose the entire setup from all expansions: all kingdom cards, up to four landscape cards, colonies or not, shelters or not
- You may choose player's order
- You may restart the game until you have luckier draws on first 4 turns
- On scoring, the bots must end up with zero VPs or negative

The best I could do was this:

However, I think you, more advanced players than me, can do a lot better. I don’t know, maybe you already know an almost infinite loop you can line up before the bots get $8 in hand and buy a province. I’d like to see your results.

I will post later the cards and landscapes I used. By now, how many of them can you guess?

Thank you very much.

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