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Variants and Fan Cards / Dominion: Weekly Design Contest Set
« on: January 14, 2021, 09:34:44 pm »
Dominion: Weekly Design Contest Set

Hello everyone!  Celebrating the end of the 100th Weekly Design Contest, an impressive milestone, I thought it could be cute to pool a couple of winning cards together into a community-created set. I’ve compiled my favourite quarter of these winning cards (25 cards), updated some of them with the ever-changing wording of Dominion and added/changed pictures on some of them. Multiple questions arise in the light of what I’ve just said:

1. What determined which card made it into this set? Why wasn’t my submission included here?

First of all, it’s nothing personal. These 100 cards all have their merits, if only by how creative they are. But I limited myself to multiple factors, and that filtered a bunch of cards out. Here’s my list of criteria:
  • Card had to be the winner of a weekly competition. Runner-ups were sometimes extremely interesting, but there was too much to choose from. So winning cards only.
  • No extra components. This eliminates all cards that come with their own tokens, mats, personal out-of-Supply piles and what not.
  • No Landscape cards. It’d feel awkward to create a 25-card set with like... 3 Events, y’know. If Landscapes are to be included, there would need to be a good amount of them for them to not look out of place. But there weren’t enough winning Landscape cards, so I decided against including these.
  • Simplicity rhymes with priority. The elegance of Dominion comes from the interaction of cards together in a given Kingdom. Not from a card alone doing everything and then some. Donald has been edging closer and closer toward simplicity with his recent-most expansions (Renaissance, Menagerie), and I agree with this design philosophy. So I avoided cards with a massive wall of text on them more than I didn’t.
  • A set must hold itself together with a certain number of core cards. For instance, there needs to be enough trashing, enough draw cards, enough payload and enough villages for cards to work well together, should a player decide to play only with this set. But also, there mustn’t be too many Attack cards, too many Kingdom Treasure cards, too many cards with super-duper wacky effects, etc... There’s also a question of cost. The ratio of - - cards in the set must be reasonable. So, sometimes, I had to filter out cards to be able to realize that vision.

2. Why did you change the wording on my card? Wasn’t it good enough to begin with?

Of course it was! Sometimes, I only changed a couple of things to make the card perhaps less wordy, or perhaps because the Dominion lexicon changed over time. All of this will be explained in each card’s individual entry. But this was all done in good spirits: the mechanics on the card itself remain unchanged (or ultra close to what it was originally).

3. What about the art? Why is it different than the art I originally submitted?

Not all cards have a different art. But I’m a big sucker for crediting the original artists. Sometimes, I could not find the original piece of art submitted and as such, I could not find the artist to credit. In such cases, I searched for new art to credit it. And even on rarer cases could I not find the original artist on art I added. I hate when this happens… But anyway.

Here are the 25 cards now, ordered in ascending cost.

      Name: Actor

Creator: Belugawhale

Description: A simple cantrip card that gives Villagers.

Changes from the original card: None.

Thoughts: Poor House now has some company in the range of Kingdom cards! I won’t be as angry Upgrading or Remaking my Coppers into Actors as I would with Poor House, to be fair. Worst case scenario: I just cantrip my Actors away.


      Name: Lady

Creator: Fragasnap

Description: A cheap utility card; and a cheap source of Buys.

Changes from the original card: None.

Thoughts: This card fluctuates between giving you +1 Card and +1 Action, depending on the village availability in the Supply. The +1 Card is perhaps not the best “bonus” you can gather out of your multiple available Actions, but then again, so is the disappearing money version of it too. Still, a cheap +Buy is a cheap +Buy. Sometimes you need that!


      Name: Mouse

Creator: Somekindoftony

Description: A top deck trashing Necropolis that gains copies of itself.

Changes from the original card: “Gain a Mouse” was simply moved before the reveal/trashing clause. This was to mimic more how Rats function. Instinctively, it perhaps is better to gain a Mouse before proceeding with the instructions on the card.

Thoughts: Mouse unconditionally gains copies of itself. Rats do that as well. But Rats has 20 cards in its Supply pile. As such, I’m pondering whether Mouse should get a bigger Supply pile or not. Otherwise, man, it would be depleted at Mach 5 speed. Mouse really loves being paired with big, juicy draw cards, like Hunting Grounds or Embassy. Since it constantly gains itself, your thirst for villages will probably be quenched after your first Mouse gain. Oh, and the trashing thingy is pretty nice too. Good Copper trasher and good Estate filterer.


      Name: Craftsman

Creator: Grep

Description: A cantrip gainer that works only once per turn.

Changes from the original card: The vanilla bonuses were moved above the gaining part. This is just more intuitive and more elegant that way, in my opinion. This barely changes anything too, except that you get to see one more card before you decide whether or not you want to gain a card with Craftsman. Hardly consequential.

Thoughts: Cantrip gainers are interesting. Perhaps too easy to spam. But Craftsman solves that issue by having it only work once per turn. So why invest in multiple Craftsman, then? Well, because you can simply decide to cantrip them until you reach the price point you want to gain from with your last Craftsman. Brilliant design! And hey, it may be a Province gainer too, if you work hard enough. Definitely possible on the right Kingdom. But hey, that’s still once per turn, so the abuse is well bounded!


      Name: Gift Exchange

Creator: Snowyowl

Description: A trasher that involves every player; and a gainer from the trash that also involves every player.

Changes from the original card: Nearly identical to its original counterpart, save for a “then” I added just before the gaining part.

Thoughts: This is the wacky card of the set. The Possession – Masquerade – Ambassador level of “huh?” card. And it’s highly interactive too. Everyone gets to trash from their hand... and if anyone doesn’t feel like it, they can simply move a Gold from the Supply into the trash instead. Careful though! This gives you some Gold gaining ammunition if anyone (including yourself) does. Very wacky card. Probably hard to use. But fun nonetheless!


      Name: King’s Counsel

Creator: Naitchman

Description: A Throne Room variant involving another player.

Changes from the original card: None

Thoughts: A King’s Court cheaper. What! Why? Well, because King’s Counsel’s powers can be wasted by the player to your left, should you not plan carefully. The bigger your hand, the bigger the number of Action cards in it, the easier your opponent can make it “dud”. Ideally, you’ll plan a little bit with King Counsel to make sure just exactly the card you want to triple is forced to be played. King’s Courting has never been so puzzling!


      Name: Neighbouring Village

Creator: Aquila

Description: A utility Necropolis.

Changes from the original card: Oof, quite a lot changed. First of all, since Neighbouring Village was first submitted, Menagerie came out and has given us precedence for things happening in this card. So Neighbouring Village now uses a mixture of the wording used in Kiln and Way of the Chameleon. Kiln for the “The next time you play an Action card this turn”, and Way of the Chameleon for the “each time it gives you +[Vanilla Bonus] this turn”. Yes, this means that Neighbouring Village now says “this turn” 2 times, but this was unavoidable.

Thoughts: So Neighbouring Village, in itself, is a severely overpriced Necropolis. Truly, its real perk is to improve whichever Action card you play next. A simple Smithy is thus improved to a Hunting Grounds. A Village is now a Stable sans-Treasure discarding condition. A monument is a terminal Gold with double the amount of it usually gives! The possibilities are quite large (and fun)! The best cards to use this on are the ones that gives lotsa different vanilla bonuses, such as Market. You know, a Grand Market that says: “+2 Cards, +1 Action, +2 Buys and +” is quite a deal!


      Name: Porcelain Shop

Creator: Snowyowl

Description: A payload card that gives coffers.

Changes from the original card: Simply merged the two non-Vanilla bonus sentences.

Thoughts: Pretty nice how it wants you to accumulate Coffers for you to boom with them. ‘Course, you can immediately spend the one Coffers the moment you play Porcelain Shop. But that, my friend, would be equivalent to you having bought a terminal Silver Action card. Duchess costs , so why did you pay for this? Letting the Coffers rest for a while brings you closer to a megaturn, which is what Porcelain Shop really wants you to do.


      Name: Silver Worker

Creator: Chappy7

Description: A draw card with Silver interactions.

Changes from the original card: Simplified the top part with wording matching the one found on Royal Blacksmith.

Thoughts: Smithy, but cheaper. Smithy doesn’t come with a drawback though; and the on-gain clause helps you force that drawback upon others. Indeed, when you gain a Silver Worker, each other player topdecks a Silver, à la Bureaucrat. Should they then play a terminal Silver Worker on their turn, they’re guaranteed to have to discard at least one card. Getting a Silver Worker in your opening split can kind of mess up the split of your opponents, and probably in a good way for them. This could bring them to have something like /, perhaps not the most desirable outcome for you.


      Name: Cats

Creator: Somekindoftony

Description: A trash for benefits cantrip.

Changes from the original card: Reworded a few things (ex: “If you do” > “If you did”). Changed the drawing wording to include “+Cards”. It interacts with stuff like Way of the Chameleon better like this. The old wording for drawing was also somewhat incomplete. What if you trashed an Overlord, for instance? The part of a card’s cost had to be mentioned. Most importantly, the name of this card was changed (the only one in this set who had a name change). It went from “Cat”, to “Cats”. I simply pluralized the name... to match the art better, lol. Also, to match fit with Rats. Rats... cats... only one letter sets them apart!

Thoughts: This is pretty much Apprentice, but limited as to what it can trash. You’ll never get more than +2 Cards with it. But, it is cheaper than Apprentice, and it’s also a cantrip. Overall, it’s a pretty neat Estate trasher and you should probably open with Cats.


      Name: Charity

Creator: Commodore Chuckles

Description: A trasher/emulator hybrid.

Changes from the original card: None.

Thoughts: A funny way to play that one nasty Attack card via Estate trashing. The trashing clause is pretty novel. And I like novel ways of trashing. You can pull all sort of weird stuff with Charity, and its simple effects leading to intricate moments is super intriguing. Trashing has always been fun, but Charity makes it extra fun!


      Name: Countryside

Creator: Scott_Pilgrim

Description: A variable alt- card.

Changes from the original card: None.

Thoughts: This is just a plain awesome Victory card, proving that the design space of pure Victory cards is not that strangled yet. Man, Countryside is a game changer in whichever Kingdom it appears in. Because technically, simply with Estate/Duchy/Province, Countryside can be a Province at half the price. Quite a steal! But... how much green can your deck handle? For each Countryside you add in your deck, you must also add an extra Estate, Duchy and Province for it to keep its 6 score. Perhaps you won’t want to trash your starting Estates to help them stay above the number of Countryside you add to your deck. Perhaps you can fish for other Victory cards in the Supply, such as Nobles or Harems. Countryside really makes you play a different game!


      Name: Cowrie

Creator: D782802859

Description: An on-call draw card that’s also a Silver.

Changes from the original card: Extremely minor changes (capitalised “Buy” from “Buy phase”, separated the on-call effects in two sentences, “on top of” > “onto”).

Thoughts: “Uh oh, it’s a Silver+”, they’ll say. Except not really. You’ll only get this one turn out of two. It acts sort of like Coin of the Realm. In fact, it shares the same types. But what Cowrie is trying to achieve is to give you a chance to draw more Treasures during your Buy phase. It even also come with a neat little anti-dud clause. Uselessly drawing an Action card in your Buy phase, save for some fringe cases, is frustrating. But Cowrie’s got you covered. Topdeck it and have it ready to play next turn!


      Name: Fanatic

Creator: Silverspawn

Description: A Lost City+ that worsen your cards with each play.

Changes from the original card: Just changed “that card” to “copies of it”. This is less confusing about which particular card “that” card is (“that” implies only one card getting downgraded).

Thoughts: Man, it’s bonkers when you first play Fanatic. A stronger Lost City, and cheaper! Of course, after that, it’s all downhill from there onward. The player to your left can simply say “Fanatic”, and then your strong Lost Cities are Abandoned Mines. Woops. If they’re cocky, they can name another card, waiting for you to play another Fanatic for them to have the opportunity to downgrade yet another card. I can’t wait to see that in action!


      Name: Valley Town

Creator: Something_Smart

Description: A self-Exiling village.

Changes from the original card: None.

Thoughts: It’s a village that can do a little more, not unlike Mining Village. Both at , they can sacrifice themselves to help you go a little further. Unlike Mining Village though, I suspect you’ll use the extra push from Valley Town more often than not. I mean, you’ll see them back in your deck when you gain more of them. It’s not over until the Valley Town Supply pile is empty! Anyway. This is simple, elegant and useful. What’s not to love?


      Name: Wine Cellar

Creator: ConMan

Description: A payload card that grows over time.

Changes from the original card: This is the only card in this set that has changed slightly in how it functions. Here, the Coin token is put on Wine Cellar before you can call it. This accelerates it one turn ahead as opposed as to what it was before. This was changed because I felt that it’d be easier for players to remember and to see that they have to put a Coin token on Wine Cellar each turn it is on your Tavern mat, even when you decide not to call it.

Thoughts: A nice card that wants to grow over time for an ultimate payload. Multiple Wine Cellars can rest on your Tavern mat, doing their thing until you’re ready to all call them for a bunch of .


      Name: Bailiff

Creator: King Leon

Description: A draw payload card.

Changes from the original card: “per Duchy in your hand” > “per Duchy revealed”.

Thoughts: +Cards with +Buys are always cool. Margrave, Barge, Silk Merchant, etc. Bailiff does that as well. But it also provides you with a payload that could be quite large if you decide to invest in Duchies. Bailiff could justify that investment. Two Duchies revealed, for instance, brings it at: “+2 Cards, +1 Buy and +”. That’s pretty badass already. Still, the timing of Bailiff is quite awkward. It’s definitely no power card, but that doesn’t invalidate its right to exist.


      Name: Crumbling City

Creator: Something_Smart

Description: A Lost City variant.

Changes from the original card: The whole dividing line has been abolished in favour of a simpler wording that imitates Encampment and Outpost (immediate set-aside effect and mentioning your next hand like Outpost does). Functionally slightly different, it still retains the purpose of this card at heart.

Thoughts: This is such a cool card. It’s Lost City, but it stays the heck away from your next hand(s). As far as it can be in fact. You’ll have to be careful about triggering shuffles with that one. And if you draw your entire deck anyway, well... Crumbling City will probably be the last card you see as you draw your deck the following turn. Bwa ha ha! This is such a funny concept, I love it!


      Name: Farmer

Creator: Gubump

Description: A draw card which rewards variety.

Changes from the original card: None.

Thoughts: This is exactly the missing terminal draw card Cornucopia should’ve had, right down to the theming of this card. This card can technically be a +6 cards if you reveal the right cards. Realistically, it probably won’t go there. This is true for the opposite end of the spectrum too. You uh, probably won’t reveal 6 copies of the same card for +1 Card. You’ll probably end up somewhere in the middle. But Farmer’s high variance is dang cool. And perhaps one will build a deck around this variety-for-benefit it offers!


      Name: Forbidden City

Creator: Spheremonk

Description: A junker, emulator village.

Changes from the original card: None.

Thoughts: Man, the cool concepts are flying left and right, it’s baffling! This village can shapeshift into so many things, depending on the top Ruins. And if you’re sick of playing Survivors with Forbidden City, then open your turn with one and filter the Ruins to play something else. It works on so many levels, I’m damned impressed. Gotta love me some cool villages!


      Name: Judge

Creator: Naitchman

Description: A terminal Silver discarding Attack.

Changes from the original card: None.

Thoughts: This is a nastier Militia. But not completely game breaking and not as punishing as Pillage. It found quite a comfortable spot between these two cards in fact. A spot so perfect, so okay-to-exist, that I’m surprised we haven’t had a discarding Attack in Dominion like this as of yet. Other players get to protect their two most precious cards in their hand while they’ll probably say goodbye to their third strongest card. Judge is so reasonable, so interactively cool of an Attack that of course it had to be in this set.


      Name: Motherly Witch

Creator: MeNowDealWithIt

Description: A duration draw cursing Attack.

Changes from the original card: Removed the dividing line to move away from the “while this is in play” wording Donald avoids more and more nowadays. The wording mimics the one found on Gatekeeper (“until then”, it says).

Thoughts: This is Witch, but like, way stronger. In addition of being Witch, it also draws 2 cards on your next turn, just like Wharf does. And Wharf is strong. So if it’s Wharf and Witch, why does it just costs ? Because, should your opponents play Attack cards until your next turn, on top of the Attack, you’ll also be junked with a Copper. Imagine if they use that time to play a Mountebank. ‘Grats, you just gained a Curse and 2 Coppers. Ouch. So the risk is definitely there. For a card that strong, that risk is worth existing. And hey, look at that, Motherly Witch worsen significantly the more players there are!


      Name: Savings

Creator: X-tra

Description: A Silver+ that adds/removes Buys.

Changes from the original card: Simply switched the two bonuses so that the “+1 Buy” bonus appears first. I can’t explain why... but this felt more “right” this way.

Thoughts: Shamelessly self-including a card of mine, harr harr! Bow down to my infinite modesty! So this is indeed a Silver+ for . So far, it falls within the convention laid out by stuff like Royal Seal, Relic, Treasure Trove, etc. But here, you can choose to suck a buy to have a Treasure worth in play. You’ll need to get that Buy back somehow. Either with another Savings, or ideally, with an Action card like Market. If you can’t afford to remove that Buy, well, you’ve got a non-terminal Woodcutter, which is eeeehhh...


      Name: Voyage

Creator: Commodore Chuckles

Description: An extra turn giver.

Changes from the original card: Used the “during which” wording found on Mission. “at the end of your Action phase” turned into “at the start of your Buy phase”. I think it’s better practice to deal with start of phases over end of phases. Now. I had no choice but to add the “If the previous turn wasn’t yours” clause. Believe me, I really did not want to have to do this. The card already seemed perfectly bound to not give million of turns in a row. But... it’s definitely possible given the right circumstances. March, Village Green and Innovation all make 3+ turns in a row a little too easy to achieve. So unfortunately, Voyage needs that limiting clause.

Thoughts: I love Voyage. It’s so beautifully put together. It’s very comparable to Outpost. But whereas Outpost lets you take another turn with a smaller hand size, this does not have such a restriction. However, Outpost still lets you play Treasures and Night cards while Voyage does not. It’s probably stronger than Outpost most of the time, but I’m alright with that. Voyage is too cool of a concept to let that opportunity pass.


      Name: Convoy

Creator: Gubump

Description: A draw card that can give Horses.

Changes from the original card: None.

Thoughts: A big card. It draws like Smithy does, but it has the possibility of not being terminal by discarding an Action card. In a pinch, maybe you’ll want to do so. But overall, this is subpar. Compared to Stables, for instance, this is both weaker and more expensive. Now, getting the Horse, that’s more like it! Ideally, you’ll aim for that. But you know what? For all I’ve said about Stables being better and blablabla, simply having the option of discarding an Action for +1 Action is still a nice ability to have.

Some final thoughts:

I really love how well together these cards synergize! It looks pretty complete to me. However, there are lacking patterns I have noticed over the course of me compiling these cards together. Here are what I believe to be the shortcomings:
  • There are simply not enough payload cards. Not enough cards simply give a “+” vanilla bonus for instance. There are payload cards in there, but some of them aren’t too straightforward, like Porcelain Shop and Wine Cellar. Bailiff is too conditional to reliably be a payload card. Meanwhile, Treasures like Cowrie won’t be in play as much as other Treasures can. And Savings needs help to give a decent payload.
  • Likewise, trashing is too scarce in this 25-card set. Both Mouse and Cats are limited in what they can trash. Gift Exchange is too erratic to be the centralising trasher in your deck. This pretty much only leaves Charity as a normal trashing card.
  • Perhaps there is a little bit too much focus on revealing in this set. (Mouse, King’s Counsel, Silver Worker, Bailiff, Farmer, Judge).
  • Finally, it’s a shame that certain concepts only appear once in this set. This makes them stand out as outliers in a less-than-cohesive set. Mechanics appearing on only one card are: Villagers, Coffers, Exile, Ruins, Night and Horses.

Anyway, that’s all! Enjoy folks. And thank you for all these beautifully crafted cards. I plan on posting one or multiple Kingdom mock-up(s) solely using cards from this set in the near future (perhaps even tonight). It’d be fun to discuss strategy over these Kingdoms. :)

Variants and Fan Cards / Dominion: Urbanisation
« on: August 29, 2020, 02:19:21 pm »
Hello everyone !

This thread is sort of a continuation of this thread. Here, I’d like to present you a set of 30 cards I’ve crafted over early 2019 ‘til now. Why am I doing this? Well, it’s because after all this time, I’d like to have this set printed for it to be ready for IRL plays. However, printing is not cheap. So I’d like to make sure the cards truly are ready before I commit the cards for printing. I thought maybe you guys could help me spot the design mishaps in this set.

The name of the set is Urbanisation. It was named that way because that was the theme that emerged from the 30 Kingdom cards in this set. A lot of cards represent city stuff. A good chunk of them are also people doing various jobs. Therefore, Urbanisation, as a name, came to be. This set introduces no new mechanics, but rather, it borrows existing ones. Urbanisation also does not have any landscape cards (albeit, it does contain out-of-Supply cards and some new components, such as a mat). This set is a hybrid of cards I have posted in the Weekly Card Design Contest thread, cards I have posted in this thread and cards I have shown and have been given feedback for in the Dominion Discord server. So some of the entries here might not be new for some of you guys.

Posting 30 cards right away like this will undeniably be overwhelming for the readers. Therefore, I will post them slowly over time, following this model:
  • 3 cards will be posted every 3 days, usually around 8PM EST (I might not be too punctual though, don’t expect much from this scatterbrain :( ).
  • If possible, of the 3 cards posted, they will be split as such:
  • Links on each card post will be put to navigate this thread with more ease.
  • 3 cards every 3 days for a set of 30 cards means the whole set will be posted in around a month.
  • In the end, after all cards are posted, I'll make a short analysis of potential cohesion problems of the whole project. I'll also note what Urbanisation does a lot of and what it doesn't do a lot of.

Any feedback is appreciated. Sometimes, an extra pair of eyes can shed light onto problems my own brain just refused to notice over time, if y’know what I mean :D . So let’s end this increasingly big wall of text and let’s just straight into the first of 10 card posts:

Card set #1


True to its name, Urbanisation presents lots of folks with lots of different backgrounds. Here, we are offering you 3 people performing 3 different jobs for your kingdom. Choose your people wisely, m'Lord!

  • Appraiser (Discord card): Meet Appraiser, a card you’ll probably open with. It’s a decent trasher and people like that. And a non-terminal one too, uh-oh! This card was entered in this set relatively late, because there wasn’t enough trashing in Urbanisation. So what can it do for you? Well:
    • Early game, it trashes your crap for a payload of . An opening of double Appraiser is not out of the question.
    • It’s a Silver trasher that turns Appraiser into a Laboratory.
    • Late game, it kills your expensive Action cards (or Treasures) you no longer desperately need for a clutch of 2.
    On its own, Appraiser looks neat. In the set, though, it’s somewhat problematic, because out of all the cards I will present in this thread, this is the only one that dispatches tokens. It’s not very cohesive with the rest of Urbanisation.

  • Informer (Weekly Contest thread): Informer is a card I’ve reshaped constantly, even within the Weekly Card Design Contest thread. I really wanted to give a Command card a crack. With the current version of Informer, I’m pleased. You have 5 cards Informer can hit. And if it doesn’t hit, well it’s a terminal Silver. And hey, your left neighbour’s going to have a crappy turn anyway, you know that now! So, the pill is easier to swallow. I’ve had a nasty game where my opponent kept playing my Prizes (mostly Followers) through their Informer and that annoyed me, but in a good way! So Informer is extra potent when there are unique cards only one player can have. It’s also good if you’ve been junked more than your competition.

  • Vigil (my other thread): And finally, we have the good ol’ Vigil. It has changed quite a bit in the other thread (mostly its wording though). The version I am presenting here is also different. Opponents must have 5 or more cards in hand to discard to Vigil. It used to be 4+ cards. Discarding your 2 best cards is unfun though. One Pillage effect is enough. Vigil is a disappearing money Attack that only gives you . It’s not great... but if you open with one and go to your buy phase to play a Copper, it’s a weaker Cutpurse. Anyway, you’ll have to do some setup here. 2 Vigils can be good: Use the first one to scout your opponent’s hand and play the second one to make them discard something nasty. Again, some serious setup is required for it to be truly annoying. It probably scales better in games with more players.

Variants and Fan Cards / A Dozen of Custom-made Cards
« on: June 23, 2020, 01:29:06 pm »
Hi everyone! I’d like to share a couple ideas for custom Dominion cards I’ve had for the past couple of months. Yes, I was bored. The confinement has taken its toll on my recreation starved brain.

So I first appeared on this forum with another set of custom Dominion cards which were labeled under the expansion name “Odyssey”. This fan-made expansion was conceived by my brother and I right after we discovered ShardOfHonor’s online card maker. Thrilled, we wanted to take a shot at making custom cards. We compiled a bunch of ‘em and, in the end, I made 15 cards and my bro made another 15. Now, even back then, we knew about the suggested guidelines for card creation. But we were still relatively new at this. And so, in the end, Odyssey was... uhhh... pretty messy. Actually, it was very messy. Looking back at it, there were some nifty concepts, but not much is salvageable in there. Over time, the Weekly Card Design Contest thread helped me better myself at creating cards. And it’s with this new set of skills that I present here today a nice little catalogue of cards. Hopefully, I will have learned from my past mistakes in Odyssey.

I should say that a lot of these cards were created out of the desire to see something cool and unique. Sometimes, yeah, some of these cards can be centered around a gimmicky concept. But my goal was to make this work! And finally, another important self-imposed guideline I wanted to follow was to keep it simple. As much as possible. I was dreadfully avoiding shrinking the text by putting too many words. I’ve mostly respected it (there are 1 or 2 exceptions).

Alright. So below, you’ll find the list of cards. Some cards use Artifacts or whatnot. Scroll further down to find them. In my next post, I will provide you guys with a nice summary for each of these cards (in alphabetical order). This summary will further explain the intent of a given card, its history, the potential pitfalls it comes with, etc (don't worry, you don't have to read any of that stuff).

In the end, I just want to say that I’d appreciate your opinions/thoughts on these cards. You don’t have to judge everything. Merely picking one card and saying what you think of it is more than enough for me. The goal, of course, is to get better at making cards. :)

Kingdom Cards





Landscape Cards



Artifacts and State Cards


Faces for the D6 (For the Dice Games card)


There are 20 Tracker Tokens. 10 with a faceup side showing “+2 Actions” and a facedown side showing “+3 Cards” and 10 others with a faceup side showing “+” and a facedown side showing “+1 Buy”.

Rules Questions / Gaining a Treasure in your Buy phase
« on: February 01, 2020, 12:55:51 am »
Hello everyone!

I have a very simple question for you all. If you gain a Treasure card in your hand during your Buy phase and have extra Buys to spare, can you immediately play that Treasure to increase your money for that turn, or can you not play that newly gained card even though it's in your hand ? Thank you for the help and apologies if that issue was discussed to death before.

Variants and Fan Cards / Odyssey: A 30 Cards Fan Set in Need of Input
« on: January 23, 2020, 03:13:39 pm »
Hello everyone! This is my first day on this forum, seeing as I just registered today.
Just as a quick (and rather pointless) preface: My brother and I alongside our partners have been quickly hooked on Dominion. We are by no mean experts. However, that doesn’t stop us from really enjoying our time together, gathering Provinces left and right ‘til one of us trumps the others. So far, we have under our wings the Base set (Dominion), Intrigue, Dark Ages, Guilds and Adventures and we are currently eyeing Seaside. To spice things up, we have decided to start designing cards, seeing as this community provided us peasants with a wonderful card-making tool. We have played a couple of games with them; so far, we are having a pretty good time. We settled on the name Odyssey, for the sake of giving a name to our set. It focuses heavily on gaining/trashing and has a lot of different card types, some of which are two-typed in a peculiar way.
However, like I mentioned before, we aren’t that familiar with the pro meta of this game. We do not even own half of the expansions! Therefore, some of our cards might be in need of rebalance. This is why I am here, requesting you guys’ generous help. We’d like to know what you think of the 30 Kingdom cards we have done. What works, what doesn’t. If things are priced correctly. Loopholes we didn’t think through. Formatting errors. Typos. Rewording to make it easier to read and understand. Any input is appreciated.

Just as a quick note, there are 3 cards that are of Buy type. Cards with that type cannot be obtained in any way outside of your Buy phase. You may only gain/buy them during your Buy phase. Also, my thoughts on some cards will be in italic bellow them.

Newer version of the cards are displayed on the right of their older counterpart.
Without further ado, here are the cards (click on them to make them larger):

Architect (Action - Duration)
+1 Action
At the end of your Action phase and your next one, you may set aside Victory cards under this. At the end of the Clean-up phase of your next turn, trash every card under this. Gain 1 Victory card costing up to the sum of the trashed cards’ costs.

Arsenal (Action - Duration)
+3 Cards
At the start of your next turn, +1 Card and turn this card sideways. At the start of your second next turn, +1 Card.

Bar (Action - Reserve)
(This card's cost is more for each Bar on any Tavern mat.)
Put this on your Tavern mat.
At the start of your turn, you may call this to choose: + and put this on your Tavern mat at the start of your next Clean-up phase; or + and trash this.

Bushfire (Action)
+1 Action
Each other player reveals their hand and trash the non-Victory card that costs the most. You may gain to your hand a card costing less than the trashed card that costed the most.

Cardinal (Action - Victory - Reserve)
+1 Action
Put this on your Tavern mat.

Carpenter (Action)
+1 Action
Gain an Estate. You may trash a card from your hand or from your discard pile.

Chalice (Action - Reaction - Reserve)
+1 Card
When you gain a Treasure, you may reveal this from your hand to put this on your Tavern mat.
When you gain a card, you may call this to trash it instead.

Commander (Action)
Reveal the top 2 cards of your deck. You may discard up to 2 cards among these. Add the rest to your hand. +1 Card per discarded card.

Crook (Action - Attack)
+1 Action
Each other player reveals the top 3 cards of their deck. They discard one. Among the 2 others, they trash the one with the highest cost up to and put back the remainder on their deck.

Devil's Pact (Action)
+2 Cards
You may gain a Curse for +1 Action and +1 Buy.

Fence (Action)
If you have 3 cards or less in your hand, gain 1 Copper to your hand. Draw up to 5 cards. - per drawn card.

Haunted Treasure (Buy - Treasure - Curse)


Lock (Action)
Spend as much as wanted. For each spent: +1 Card and +1 Buy.

Missionary (Action)
Reveal the top 3 cards from your deck. Trash any Curse revealed. Add every other card to your hand. For each Treasure revealed: +1 Buy and +. If you did not reveal any Treasure, +2 Actions.

Possessed Witch (Action - Attack - Reaction - Duration)
At the start of each of your turns, each other player gains a Curse in their hands.
When any player plays or gain a Possessed Witch, discard this.

Promising Lands (Action)
When you buy this, add a Clearing on its Supply pile, or create one if there isn't any.
Reveal your hand. Per each 2 non Victory cards revealed, +1 Card and +.

(For this card, scroll at the bottom of its list. Just like the Urchin is paired with its non-Supply deck of Mercenaries, so is Promising Lands with its pile of Clearing cards.)

Redistribution (Action - Attack)
Choose: +2 Cards; or +.
Each other player reveals the top 2 cards of their deck. They put back revealed Base Victory cards on their Supply pile and discard the rest. They gain Base Victory cards of lower cost to regain the amount of lost. If they can't, then this attack doesn't affect them.

Refractory Gold (Treasure - Reaction)

When you trash this during your turn: +1 Action, +1 Buy and +3$.

Riverbed Village (Action)
+2 Actions
Reveal any number of Victory cards. Draw as many cards.

Sarcophagus (Treasure - Reaction)

When another player plays an Attack card, you may first trash this to gain a Gold and a Curse to your hand.

Scrapyard (Action)
+2 Cards
You may trash an entire Action Supply pile if there are 5 cards or less in it.

Shoppers (Treasure)

+1 Buy
This turn, if you bought 2 differently named cards, +1 Buy and +.

Slaves (Action - Buy - Curse)
+5 Cards
Discard 2 cards.
-2 VP

Stray Cat (Reserve)
When you buy this, put this on your Tavern mat.
At the start of your turn, you may call this for +3 Cards. Then, put this card onto the deck of the player to your left.

Town Center (Action)
+1 Card
+2 Actions
+1 Buy
If you have any Actions remaining, draw 1 fewer card for your next hand at the end of your Clean-up phase.

Trap (Action)
+1 Action
Put this card on any Action Supply pile where the first card isn't a Trap.
When you buy this, you may trash this for +1 Buy.

Vigilante (Reaction)
+2 Actions
When another player plays an Attack card, you may first discard this to gain to your hand a copy of that Attack card from the Supply.

Witch-hunt (Buy - Victory)
When you buy this, immediately end your Buy phase.
Worth 5 for every 2 Curses you have (round down).

Wonder (Action - Victory)
+1 Action
Do this 2 times: +1 Card, then discard 1 card.

Clearing (Action)
You may discard 1 non-Victory card for +. Each player may trash a Promising Lands to gain a Duchy or a Gold.
(This is not in the Supply until added by a Promising Lands.)

Oof, this was a long list. And for those who went through all of it, you are very courageous! Thank you guys for your comments/suggestions/corrections and whatnot. This means a lot!

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