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I just wanted to list out all of the ways that you can guarantee to get a $5 at any time before your fifth turn since it is very important as there are many very powerful $5 cost actions. I think it is mostly going to be events tho since most cards will just miss the shuffle. Also, this is assuming worst shuffle luck. If you think something should be removed, added, or don't understand why something is on here, you can put it down below. Anyway, here is the list I've made:


Advance (this is ONLY in shelter games)
Transport (though it technically doesn't gain the action, it puts it in your deck)
Scouting Party

Baker (setup)
Overlord (though not really, via emulation)
Ghost Town
Pooka (Cursed Gold)
Flag Bearer (only if no one takes the flag from you)
Silk Merchant
Fisherman (itself)
Night Watchman
Pixie (Goat)

Sinister Plot
City Gate

Ways (all of these require shelters, namely, necropolis):
Way of the Horse
Way of the Sheep
Way of the Otter
Way of the Owl
Way of the Pig
Way of the Squirrel
Way of the Seal

Dominion General Discussion / Boon Power Level Comparison
« on: January 28, 2021, 02:16:16 pm »
I was just wondering, how did the Moon's Gift go past playtesting? It is much, much weaker than the other Boons. Let me give a comparison. Let's put some of the Boons on a cantrip:

Field's Gift: +1 Card +2 Actions + (Bazaar)
Flame's Gift: +1 Card +1 Action You may trash a card from your hand. (Probably a 4.5 power level, considering it is almost strictly weaker than Sanctuary)
Forest's Gift: +1 Card +1 Action +1 Buy + (Market)
River's Gift: +1 Card +1 Action +1 Card at end of turn (More powerful than Caravan since it doesn't stay in play (probably 4.5 worth, maybe 5)
Sea's Gift: +2 Cards +1 Action (Laboratory)
Sun's Gift: +1 Card +1 Action Look at top 4 cards, discard any (Cartographer)
Wind's Gift: +3 Cards +1 Action Discard two cards (Forum)
Moon's Gift +1 Card +1 Action Can topdeck card from discard (Harbinger $3)

So, all of the boons are about a 4.5-5 power level (on a cantrip) while Moon's Gift is a $3 power level. I was just wondering if anyone had insight on this, or if Moon's Gift is more powerful than I think it is.

Game Reports / 2P Black Market
« on: January 28, 2021, 01:50:53 pm »
I just had this great game (originally with someone else, then with lord rattington after the other person resigned). I played a Black Market every turn, and gained almost all 60 cards from the Black Market. I found a Fairgrounds, a Margrave, a Torturer, a Captain (which I used to play Black Market), Native Village, Vault, and many other actions. I played a Margrave, a Torturer, and a Vault every turn, so the Ratttington had no cards in his hand every turn. The Captain let me play many more Black Markets. The Native Village let me set aside useless cards from the Black Market that I bought to increase my Fairgrounds. There was also a Fishing Village in the kingdom, so I easily had enough actions, and I found 3 or 4 villages in the BM deck. I also was playing 9 Bakers a turn, so at the end I had about 376 Coffers. My Victory points were as follows: 2 from Harem, 2 from Faigrounds, 2 from Tunnel, 2 from Silk Road, 3 from Duchy, 24 from Provinces, and 28 FROM 1 FAIRGROUNDS. I had 71 differently named cards. What is the highest number of points you guys have gotten from Fairgrounds?
Also, Rattington in the end had……-5 points from Curses that I gave him.
It took me 50 turns to end the game. It took me about 1 and a half hours to play (and I could've gone longer).

Game Reports / Conquest + Scrying Pool + Courtier
« on: January 15, 2021, 10:34:51 pm »
I just had this really amazing game. My opponent went for Sauna/Avanto, opening Sauna/Silver, while I opened Remake/Silver and started going down the route of a Scrying Pool engine. He gained 6 of the Provinces while I was still trying to build up (he got all of the Saunas and Avantos). Then, on one turn, I draw my deck with 1 Scrying Pool (only non-Action was Silver, which was in my hand, everything else was trashed). I play a bunch of Villages so I can get the Actions, and then I played 8 Courtiers on Scrying Pool for +8 Buys, +$24 (though I didn't need all of those buys). I also had one Herbalist and 1 Silver. I played Remake, trashing the Herbalist and the Silver, gaining a Silver and a Groom. I played a Scrying Pool to put those two into my hand. Then, I played the Groom to gain 2 Silvers (now I have 3 Silvers gained this turn), and I draw the Silvers with my Scrying Pool and remaining village. Then, I realize I only have $30, which is only enough for 2 Provinces, 2 Duchies, and an Estate (Already 6 Provinces gone). Then I noticed there was Conquest on the board. I buy it 5 times, giving me 10 more Silvers and 5+7+9+11+13 VP, for a total of 45. I proceeded to win the game after buying Conquest 3 more times (for 2, 3, and 4 points) and 1 Province. This was probably the most insane win that I've ever had.

Dominion General Discussion / Dominion Online Kingdom
« on: December 07, 2020, 03:11:13 pm »
I came to Dominion Online after having lunch, and of course the computer gives me (and my opponent) a kingdom with Jester, IGG, Margrave, Pirate Ship, Fortune Teller, and Ambassador. 5 Attacks and 1 on Buy Attack. Why does Dominion Online hate me :(

Dominion General Discussion / Online old games
« on: November 16, 2020, 03:13:21 pm »
Is there any way that you can find the logs for previous games for Dominion Online?

Just as the title says. I was wondering in case I ever wanted to.

Dominion General Discussion / Inventor wording
« on: November 09, 2020, 01:05:27 pm »
This has probably already been answered somewhere, but I am going to ask anyway. Why wasn't Inventor worded as
Gain a card costing up to $3.
While this is in play, cards cost $1 less

Rules Questions / Fortune Secret History
« on: November 24, 2019, 04:24:45 pm »

I don't know if this is the right place to put this, but why does Donald X. say that Throning a Throne is not doubling a doubler, but King's Court on King's Court is? Because isn't Throne Room a doubler, which would make Throning a Throne doubling a doubler?


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