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Rules Questions / Inheritance + Royal Galley
« on: July 15, 2022, 09:49:29 pm »
So, since an Inherited Estate is not a Duration card, even if the set-aside card is a Duration, you can play an Inherited Estate with a Royal Galley. Tracking can be tricky, but not really any rules confusion

But what if the set-aside card is itself a Royal Galley? How would that work?

If I use Royal Galley on an Estate playing Royal Galley, and in turn use that to play another Estate playing Royal Galley, and then use that Royal Galley to play a regular Action card, what happens on the following turns? Would it mean that at the start of my next turn, I would get to play two Action cards from my hand, and replay them at the start of the third turn (since both of those Estates are being played again at the start of my second turn), even as the Royal Galleyed card from turn 1 is being replayed?

Dominion General Discussion / Prince of Highways
« on: July 15, 2022, 09:39:10 pm »
The old Highway was terrible with Prince, but with the new version of Highway, a Princed Highway suddenly becomes ridiculously strong

So, I had a recent game with both Pirate and Charlatan. This is an interesting combo since Charlatan, by making Curses into Treasures, can trigger Pirate's reaction, both for your opponent's play and for your own play. Anyway, at one point, the hand I drew had a Charlatan, a Pirate, and $5 worth of Treasure. So, my plan was, when it came to my turn, to play Charlatan and react to my opponent's gain with my Pirate. That would give me $8 for that turn and an extra Gold on the turn after that. But then my opponent played their own Charlatan and I accidentally used the reaction. So, I ended up with a total of $11 to spend on turn, with no extra buy, and not a Colony game, meaning that the extra Gold went to waste. And no extra Gold on my next turn, which turned out to be crucial as I was just a little short of being able to buy a Province on that turn (I think I ended up with $7 if I'm remembering right, but definitely an amount that an extra Gold would've been crucial). So, I ended up only being able to buy a Duchy instead of a Province. There were enough turns after that that I can't say for sure that it cost me the game (since both of us would probably have made different choices), but the final score ended up close enough that it likely did. Very annoying mistake

I haven't had this particular combo in a random game, but I realized it would have an interesting effect: You could empty out the entire Berserker pile in a single turn

Play a Berserker. Choose Trail for the cheaper card. Use Trail's reaction to play it, but play it with Way of the Butterfly. Return it to the Supply for another Berserker. Play that one. Keep repeating until the Berserker pile is empty. An interesting quirk here is that since all of this is reacting to the very first Berserker's play, the discard doesn't happen until the Berserker pile is empty, which could theoretically be relevant if your opponent has a Monkey in play. You could also start this process by playing a Trail from your hand if you have at least one other Action card already in play. A similar trick would work with Villa. In a Shelters game, this could even happen on turn 1 (although it wouldn't really be a sensible move to fill your deck up with 10 Berserkers so early) - play your Necropolis and 4 Coppers, buy a Trail, play it with Butterfly for Berserker, and then you've got this process started

Replacing Trail with Border Village allows instant emptying of the BV pile. With at least one other Action card in play, you play a Berserker from your hand as Butterfly. Return it to its pile to gain a BV, then choose Berserker as the cheaper card (thus getting back the same Berserker you'd just returned) and repeat the process until the BV pile is empty, or, alternately, you buy a BV, gain a Berserker, play it with Butterfly, and start the cycle from there

With both Trail and BV, you could thus empty two piles in a single turn. Potentially before your first shuffle in a Shelters game with the right shuffle luck. And then, with a deck full of Border Villages and Berserkers, you could gain all the Duchies in a few turns (gain a Trail, play it with Butterfly for a Duchy, using the BV's to play multiple Berserkers each turn). I tested that out in a bot game and ended the game on turn 6 with all 8 Duchies, and the BV and Berserker piles empty, plus one VP token from a Chariot Race, for a ending score of 25-0

Obviously not a combo that's going to come up very much, so not exactly a practical strategy, but pretty wild to play

Rules Questions / Guide + Clerk
« on: June 19, 2022, 12:57:10 pm »
I have a Guide on my Tavern mat and one or more Clerks in hand at the start of my turn. I use my Clerk's reaction first, then I call my Guide to draw a new hand. In my new hand, I draw a Clerk. Since it's still the start of my turn, can I use the reaction on that Clerk?

Dominion Online at Shuffle iT / Merchant Guild error
« on: June 06, 2022, 01:36:51 am »
In a recent game, I played a Merchant Guild. I then bought a Villa, which returned me to my Action phase. In my second Buy phase, I bought a Silver. I only got a Coffers for my second Buy phase, even though I should've gotten a Coffers for the Villa as well. The wiki confirms that there should be Coffers gained at the end of each Buy phase

Rules Questions / Can Student trash itself?
« on: April 11, 2022, 02:35:10 pm »
Okay, so this is a rather unlikely scenario, requiring a rather specific combination of cards from three different expansions, but I'm curious how it would play out

Suppose that you have King's Court (or Mastermind), Student, and Rats in the same kingdom. You King's Court your Student. First play, you trash a Copper. The Student then goes onto your deck. Second play, you trash a Rats, causing you to then draw that same Student back into your hand

Now, for the third play, can you trash the Student you just drew, the one that's doing the trashing? I think the answer would be yes, because it just cares about cards that are in your hand

Dominion General Discussion / A surprise in my Allies set
« on: March 22, 2022, 01:07:25 am »
So, I played my physical set of Allies with my brother and sister-in-law today for the first time, and as we were putting it up, we noticed that one of the favor tokens looked different from the others. Looking closer, it turned out to be a Polish 1-grosz coin! No idea how that got mixed in there

Rules Questions / League of Shopkeepers + Innovation/Royal Carriage
« on: March 19, 2022, 01:02:23 am »
So, in the wiki, there is a rules clarification under League of Shopkeepers stating:

  • If you have 3 Favors, and you use Throne Room an Underling, you only get +$1 from League of Shopkeepers.
  • But if you have 3 Favors, play an Underling, and then replay it with either Royal Carriage or Citadel, you'll get +$2 from League of Shopkeepers.

I don't understand this. Why would you get +$2 with Royal Carriage or Citadel? Why wouldn't it be +$1? Because on your first play of Underling, you only have 4 Favors afterwards. Then you play it a second time, and after that point you have 5 Favors, so only the second play should get the bonus, right? Why would that work differently than Throne Room?

Rules Questions / Skirmisher + Innovation
« on: March 14, 2022, 07:52:56 pm »
In a game I just played online, my opponent had previously purchased Innovation. When they bought Skirmisher, they used Innovation to play it, and that caused me to have to discard. That seems like an error to me. Can Skirmisher really activate off its own gain?

Dominion General Discussion / Highwayman + Spoils + Crypt
« on: March 14, 2022, 12:22:30 am »
Although it's unlikely to really be a useful interaction, even in the rare games where the necessary combination comes up, there is an interesting quirk with Highwayman + Spoils + Crypt, namely, that if your opponent has played a Highwayman, and a Spoils is your first Treasure, it actually ends up staying in play, so that it can be put in your Crypt (or topdecked by Herbalist for that matter)

I suppose another possible edge case for the Highwayman/Spoils interaction might be activating Magic Lamp

With Highwayman in the game, it often pays to keep one of your Coppers, so that you can play it as your first Treasure and avoid having more valuable treasures nullified (of course, if the kingdom supports a Treasureless engine, then that's the best counter)

It also has an interesting interaction with Capitalism. It's not the first Attack that interacts with Capitalism, of course. Even the base set has Bandit. But in every other Attack that interacts with Capitalism, the interaction depends on the attacker having Capitalism. But with Highwayman, it depends on the attacked player having Capitalism. So, in a kingdom with Highwayman and Capitalism, it's probably best not to buy Capitalism

It really likes Courier. Since it's discarded at the start of your turn, it will typically be in your discard pile when you play Courier, barring a mid-turn reshuffle, making repeated plays especially easy

Courier and Herb Gatherer's ability to play a Treasure during the Action phase can make Sunken Treasure a bit stronger. If you're able to play it early in your Action phase, you can play it before another copy of an Action card you want to gain with it

Dominion General Discussion / Outpost + Lich
« on: March 05, 2022, 04:42:07 am »
If I play Outpost and Lich on the same turn, how exactly does it work?

Outpost says "You only draw 3 cards for your next hand", and it seems to me that that would still apply. But the extra turn that I would have played with that 3-card hand is skipped by Lich. So, does that mean, then, that I would have a starting hand of 3 cards on my next regular turn?

And when would Outpost get discarded?  Would it be at the end of that regular turn?

Dominion Online at Shuffle iT / Miller Error
« on: March 02, 2022, 07:53:57 pm »
So, I just had a preview game with Miller.  Miller's text reads "Look at the top 4 cards of your deck", but instead, the server revealed the top four

Dominion General Discussion / Previews board?
« on: February 28, 2022, 02:31:41 am »
Is there going to be a previews board for Allies as with other expansions before Menagerie?

Rules Questions / Buying from an empty pile?
« on: January 01, 2022, 07:19:59 pm »
Can you buy a card from an empty pile?  That is, can you spend the buy and the money for that card and then fail to gain because there's no card? For example, if the Curse pile is empty, and you've played a Merchant Guild, could you buy a Curse, failing to gain it, but still getting the +1 Coffers?

I'm fairly sure the answer is no, but I'm not positive

Weekly Design Contest / Weekly Design Contest #138: A Revealing Contest
« on: December 21, 2021, 11:13:47 pm »
WDC #138: A Revealing Contest

Currently Patron is the only official card with "when you reveal this ..." "when something causes you to reveal this ..."

Your challenge is to create a new Reaction card that reacts to being revealed. It does not have to be an Action - Reaction, it could be any other type such as a Treasure - Reaction. The reaction can be anything you like, the only requirement is that the trigger be revealing it

Your entry does not have to be a single card. It can be, for example, a split pile or an Heirloom and a paired card or a non-Supply card and a card that gains it, as long as at least one of the cards has this reaction. No Traveller lines or piles like Knights or Castles with multiple different cards.  Maximum of two cards or card-like things please

Submissions are open until midnight (EST) 12/29/2021

Rules Questions / Counterfeit + Duration + Capitalism
« on: October 25, 2021, 10:43:39 pm »
If I have Capitalism, and I use Counterfeit to play something like Merchant Ship twice, I know I'd get $4 this turn and $4 next turn, but does Counterfeit stay out the same way Throne Room or pre-2019 errata Procession would?

Variants and Fan Cards / Fan Mechanics Week 17: Idle Hands
« on: August 10, 2021, 02:05:57 am »

Idle Hands is a temporary junk card, but to get rid of it you have to use an Action. I originally came up with this while working on an entry for another contest. That card eventually died because the effect I wanted was impossible to achieve without absurdly long text, but I kind of regretted not being able to use this junk card. To some extent, this plays somewhat like an "anti-villager", eating up an Action when you use it. Therefore, its harmfulness would depend very much on the availability of +Actions in the kingdom

The number of Idle Hands follows the same pattern as Curses and Ruins, 10 for 2 players, 20 for 3 players, etc.

Your challenge is to create a card or card-shaped thing that uses this non-supply card in some way. It could be an Attack that hands out Idle Hands, or it could be a card that gives you Idle Hands as a penalty, or anything else

The contest will end in one week, at 2 AM forum time on 8/17/2021. Judging will be based on balance and how overall interesting the card is, and how well the card and Idle Hands work together

Variants and Fan Cards / Fan Card Mechanics Week 14: 'Tis the Season
« on: July 03, 2021, 01:01:37 am »
For week 14, we'll be exploring Asper's Season cards

Season cards are cards whose abilities change as the game proceeds.

When one or more Season cards are in the Supply, use the Season mat. The Season Mat has 20 spaces on it that go in a circle, and shows the 4 Seasons. A token is used to track the current time of year, starting the game on space 1, the first of Spring. After each full round (that is, after the last player in turn order took their turn) the token is moved forward one space. After each 5 turns a new Season begins. Summer starts with turn 6, Fall with turn 11, and Winter with 16. After turn 20 it is Spring again, and so on. Season cards check the current Season and do different things depending on it.

EDIT: For the purposes of this contest, Asper's original rules will be modified.  The "year" will be 12 turns, with each season being 3.  This means that it'll be quite common to return back to spring later in the game. If you want to keep the original 20-turn system, just specify that in your entry

For practical purposes, it's probably advisable to have whichever player goes last be the one to move the token at the end of their turn, to best ensure that it not get forgotten

A Season card does not have to have exactly four different functions, just as long as there's at least two, which depend on the season. Several of Asper's cards have one function in Spring and Summer and another in Fall and Winter, for example, and there have the same in-play effect, but different on-gain effects depending on season. That would qualify as well.  Basically, as long as there's any differences that relate to Seasons, it will qualify.  All cards would include Season as a type.  While all but one of Asper's examples are Actions (with the remaining being a Victory card), they could be any type, so Night or Treasure would also qualify. Traveller and Split piles (unless only the top is a Season card) are excluded, because by the time you get to the later cards in a Traveller line, or the bottom half of a Split pile, you're likely to be pretty late in the game. It should also be an actual supply card, and not a landscape or a non-supply card

Judging will be based on how balanced the cards are, and how thematically appropriate the season connection is and/or how well the different functions work in the early game vs the late game  Baliff, for example, starts out as a trasher that becomes a gainer.  Trashing is particularly useful in the early game, but often becomes less useful later in the game once all the junk has been trashed, while gaining up to $5 is useful late in the game where you may want to go for Duchies, and it could also be seen as thematically appropriate, i.e., spring cleaning and fattening up in the Fall

For the card generator, we'll use the Way color for Seasons

The deadline will be 12:00 AM my time (CDT), Saturday July 10, that's 1:00 AM July 10 forum time, and I will give a 24-hour warning

Dominion General Discussion / Tactician + Village Green
« on: April 22, 2021, 12:20:41 am »
It just occurred to me that Village Green makes Tactician potentially actually Throneable.  If you Throne a Tactician with a Village Green in hand, and use the VG's reaction for this turn, then you have a card in hand to discard for the second play of Tactician, and you'd start your next turn with +10 cards +2 Actions +2 Buys!  You could potentially even KC it, although it would only work if the card drawn by VG was another VG.  But if you could pull that off, then you'd have +15 Cards +3 Actions +3 Buys for your next turn

Rules Questions / Possession and Events/Projects
« on: April 16, 2021, 11:33:14 pm »
If I'm possessing my opponent, and I have them buy a Project, is it their cube or mine that's placed on the Project?  Likewise, if I have them buy an Event, who gets the effect?  For Events that gain cards, it's clearly the Possessing player that would get the card, but what about other effects, like moving tokens or Exiling cards?

My thought is that it's the Possessed player's tokens and cubes that would be moved, and for events that involve Exiling cards, they would go to the Possessed player's Exile mat.  Am I correct in that understanding?

Rules Questions / Falconer + Black Cat
« on: April 06, 2021, 01:22:54 am »
Suppose my opponent buys a Harem, or some other dual-typed Victory card.  I react with Falconer to gain a Black Cat.  Can I then use that Black Cat I gained to react to my opponent gaining a Victory card?

Dominion Online at Shuffle iT / Resigning at very end
« on: March 25, 2021, 05:07:06 pm »
I've had several opponents who resigned just before I would've bought the last Province, most recently right after I played my Treasures and just as I was moving my mouse to buy the Province.  What is the point of resigning at that point?  It makes sense to resign if you're too far behind to catch up and the game's still not close to ending, but in that case it seems rather pointless

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