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Knights. I love knights and it'd be awesome to play some games in a row with them.

But y'know, sometimes I encounter a card, lose badly and want to try again immediately. Like the first time I got my hands on a rats and then the rats where everywhere. In cases like that, I'd love to immediately play again with a different kingdom including that card and see if I can learn by trial and error.

So that's that for context, can I do it?

Can I set up a table, to match with

I have a free account at for now, and did not see an option for it (unless I have to make all cards unfamiliar except for... ?). Did I miss that option somewhere? Or is it a subscription-only option?


(there must have been discussions on this before, but with a keyword search I couldn't find old threads on this topic)

Dominion FAQ / Distant Lands + Triumphal Arch
« on: January 04, 2019, 07:56:53 am »
This combo seems to be fantastic, since Distant Lands is an action card + victory points, and then you still can choose one more action card to stock up on.

I'm struggling a bit with how early to buy up Distant Lands. It doesn't build your deck though it builds VP. Opinions? Reasons to not go for Distant Lands in the presence of Triumphal Arch?

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