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To find out what cards are the strongest in Dominion, we came up with an experiment: Dominion Ultimate.

Normally Dominion is played with ten kingdom cards, but in Dominion Ultimate we play with all cards of an expansion. This way, all cards have to compete with one another, and the strongest cards and combos in Dominion Ultimate are simply the strongest cards in the set.

We have played Dominion Ultimate a few times now using the Prosperity expansion. The number of possibilities in Dominion is quite overwhelming so we can’t claim with certainty that we found the strongest strategy already. But, the combination of cards that has been dominating in our games so far is King’s court + Mountebank.

King’s court + Mountebank is extremely powerful because your opponent receives three Curses and three Coppers in one turn. Six bad cards ruin a deck so badly, that even getting hit with King’s court Mountebank only once is very hard o come back from. Moreover, hitting your opponent with this combination slows him down so much, that you will have all the time in the world to keep hitting him with it until his deck is mostly Coppers and Curses.

We should note that even if we already found the strongest card combination in King’s court + Mountebank, we aren’t done playing Dominion Ultimate yet, because we are still looking for the quickest way to obtain and play this combination. So far, we use Quarry because it discounts both King’s court and Mountebank. This helps to obtain King’s Court and Mountebank quickly. We simultaneously use Forge and Mint to thin our deck so than we have a higher likelihood to draw King’s court and Mountebank in the same hand once we have obtained them. But we are sure that there is room for improvement in this setup.

The results of the Dominion Ultimate experiment are thus that King’s court with Mountebank is the strongest card combination in Dominion Prosperity. We will soon run this experiment for the other expansions as well.

We encourage everyone to try out Dominion Ultimate! It is a slightly overwhelming, but very interesting game mode and it offers endless room for improvement. We would love to hear what your results are!

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Introductions / Question from newbie
« on: December 13, 2018, 11:39:22 am »
Hi all,

Supercool that this forum exists! I've been reading the website for a while now and am happy to be able to share some of my own thoughts on Dominion too now!

I also have my own website about board game strategies and I actually write about Dominion a lot. What are the rules about reposting such content here? Can I post an article here, can I link to the original article, etc.

My intention is not to only promote my own stuff btw, I want to engage in this forum but I'm inevitably gonna want to refer to something I already wrote somewhere else sometimes. And also I would really like your opinions on some of my articles.

Thanks and happy to meet you!

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