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I wanted to make this post before another one of my copper strategy cards gets replaced. Something tells me Iíll gotten gains is next on the chopping block. As everyone knows counting house was replaced and even though it was a fairly weak copper strategy especially since there werenít any other cards in that expansion that really worked well with it, it was to fun to pull off and see some jaws drop occasionally.

Now Iíll gotten gains is likely to be next. However Iíll gotten gains is one of the best copper strategies in the game, sure it gives out minus point cards, but the fact that it acts like a silver when played has been very useful. Sure since most people are trying to get rid coppers, most would probably prefer Iíll gotten gains gave you 2$ instead, but of course that would make the card a little too overpowered. At least the gaining copper is optional. And of course if you are playing with other copper strategy cards then Iíll gotten gains becomes even more useful.

Now to be perfectly honest in order for a copper strategy to be most effective there needs to be more than one card that works well with copper strategies. And that does rarely happen, which is why many people donít consider a copper strategy to be a real strategy. And that is understandable. Thatís why I consider myself the worlds only copper strategist, although if you like copper strategies donít be afraid to step up and join the copper strategy club. Until then Iíll consider myself the only one.

Now obviously coppersmith was the very first copper strategic card. And now counting house has joined it with Iíll gotten gains to probably join them next.

However it also helps if there is another card in the same expansion that works with a copper strategy and in hinterlands there is, there is a lot of synergy between stables and Iíll gotten gains. And thereís synergy with trader and Iíll gotten gains. Getting rid of Iíll gotten gains will be like ruining the web of life! Letís say if there was an endangered animal that everyone loved, and it only ate one animal. So obviously most people would also try to protect its prey too. However they completely forgot about what the prey only eats and itís prey becomes extinct, then like a chain reaction everything else also goes extinct too. Now that might be overly dramatic for the cards in dominion, but that would still break up a synergy. And distort the expansion some. Unless he replaces Iíll gotten gains with a card that still has synergy with trader and stables.

Now what do I consider a card to be considered a copper strategy? Well if you play it and it gains you coppers, letís you draw coppers you already own, if it rewards you for having coppers, if you can discard a copper for a reward then itís a copper strategy card. Hereís the cards that I consider a copper strategy and yes some of these cards can work well with other treasures too.

Iíll gotten gains
Stables (are you going to discard a silver for three cards probably not and a gold definitely not)
Plaza (are going to discard a silver for a coffer probably not)
Beggar (since dark ages has so many trashing effects you can really mitigate the damage beggar does while having some really early powerful turns)
Storyteller (yes you may pay a gold to draw 3 cards, but most likely you will pay coppers to draw cards)
Miser (if you can get at least 4 coppers on your mat the miser becomes really useful)
Settlers/bustling village

Palace (you need copper to score points. So if you have 7 coppers 7 silvers and 7 golds your going to get 24 victory points at the end of the game just from the palace,which would give someone an advantage if they kept most of there coppers over someone who got rid of all of them.)


Removed cards
Counting house

So yeah thereís not many cards out there for a co-op strategist like myself. Iím probably the only one left.

Variants and Fan Cards / Dominion: Roles
« on: February 13, 2019, 02:53:35 pm »
Iíve recently had an idea (Roles) what if each player replaced a starting estate or necropolis with a role. The role would be an action. Each role would have their own unique action. You could either choose your role or get one at random. Depending on the game some of them could be very useful. If it was random it would still be fair. And since a role was one card, it wouldnít give you a ginormous advantage.

Variants and Fan Cards / What are your most hated official cards?
« on: January 27, 2019, 10:05:37 pm »
Cards I hate to play with. I love attack cards so there arenít many on my list. Anyway hereís mine.

(Adventures) Raze-
(Cornucopia) Remake-
(Prosperity) Mint-
(Prosperity) Venture-
(Prosperity) Forge-
(Prosperity) Trade Route-
(Seaside) Navigator-
(Seaside) Explorer-
(Intrigue) Trading post-
(Dark Ages) Pillage-

Those are my ten most hated  official cards to play with. There were few others that came close to my top ten, mostly prosperity cards. Iím excluding official cards that were removed from dominion like great hall. And Iím excluding the base game. And the events and ect.

So what are your top 10 most hated official cards. You donít have to exclude any of the ones I did.

Variants and Fan Cards / Dominion Wild Lands
« on: December 07, 2018, 09:42:51 pm »
Lately Iíve been thinking of another expansion something a little closer to my heart. Anyway hereís the flavor text:

You have acquired so much wealth and land. And it seems there is no limit of more land to acquire. But whatís the point of having all this land. Thereís nothing to do with it all. And many others have nearly as much land as you now. But wait your explorer has just arrived from a long journey. It seems from his report that a ruler far far away, who also has lots of land. Has in his possession lions, tigers, and bears to show off his power. So thatís what we will do but even better. With so much land we build a royal menagerie. We will send even more explorers, adventurers, and naturalists out to capture any animal we can find. Yes it will be dangerous the savanna has an animal that laughs before attacks. And in the jungle there is reports of ruins and temples and cannibals and many may end up as lunch for those tigers. But that is a sacrifice Iím willing to make to bring these to the people. Yes even the common folk will be able to see these animals in person, they can pay with there cats and dogs, the lions will be hungry after all. And then we will truly be the envy of all those around us.

I am planning on having animals in this expansion as Actions. However some of the most endangered will be victory cards. Dogs and cats will be treasure cards. Which you wonít be keeping for very long. After all the lions are hungry. Your probably all thinking why would I put dogs and cats as treasures. Well first of all goat is a treasure in nocturne. Plus thatís what the common folk would use as payment, if they wanted to go the menagerie. And yes some of the dangerous animals will be attack cards.

Even though there combined there both small just like alchemy. And the variety theme for cornucopia makes it one of my favorite expansions. Plus my insert for the box makes seem half full.
Bee keeping

Angry bee swarm


Frith guild

Book binding

Property deed

Town crier

Merchant wagon

Village idiot


Variants and Fan Cards / New fan based alchemy cards.
« on: October 17, 2018, 11:57:01 pm »
Awhile back I had posted this same thing. But now since I figured out how to post the pictures, I figured Iíd start with a new clean slate. Now that I can post them on here maybe it will be easier to Change ideas.

One thing about alchemy was there were some cool cards that were pretty powerful. But not enough to play with on its own. So the point of this is to create enough cards. That with the new cards it would be possible to play alchemy on its own just like any other expansion. So if you want to post your alchemy cards that would be great. Hopefully together we give alchemy a nice balance to it. And with some new powerful cards too. And maybe make it a little easier to buy alchemy cards or least the cheaper ones. And hopefully give potion some other uses. And of course some cards that go with alchemy, but donít have potion in its cost, like herbalist and apprentice.
Mad scientist

Wine cellar

The potter

Locked door

Secret market

Mortar and pestle


Love potion

Magnifying glass

Dragons hoard

Variants and Fan Cards / Snowline fan-based expansion.
« on: October 17, 2018, 12:15:46 am »
My snowline expansion:

Sled dogs

Firn village

Snow shoes

Hot springs

Hibernating bear

Log cabin

Fur coat


A Crisp Day



Frigid village


Snowy owl


Cold storage

Fishing hole

Copper mine







Fur trader


Horse rider

Old barn



Sell sword

Hedge knight
[img width=300][img]

Variants and Fan Cards / The 12 old removed dominion cards
« on: October 16, 2018, 11:37:01 pm »
With all the new types of cards there are duration, reserve, night ect. Has anyone ever tried to upgrade them. To make them better. Woodcutter, thief, spy, adventurer, chancellor, and feast. Feast probably the worst. And great hall, secret chamber, tribute, saboteur, coppersmith and scout. Well great hall seems boring and scout doesnít seem that great either. The other 4 seemed really cool yes saboteur didnít have a benefit but neither did sea hag and thatís still being used on dominion online. Saboteur one of the strongest attacks ever made at least for 3 or 4 player game. As an attack card lover I always wanted to play with this card. In fact i never bought intrigue cause Iím still looking for the original intrigue. But that seems impossible now. For a card no one loved. No one is selling it.

So I thought about tweaking the original removed 12 cards. Like giving saboteur a benefit. And changing thief into a night-attack. If I send a link to imgur would anyone like to see them.

First of all let me just say the whole coffers thing just confuses me. Taking a coin token never confused me.

Firth guild

+ 2$
Each other player reveals their
Hand. If an attack card is
Revealed, then they discard one
Attack card.
When a attack card is played not
During your turn, you may reveal
This and take a coin token.
$3 Action-Attack-Reaction

I looked it up. Back in the day when there were various guilds. There was a Firth guild. Which were payed to protect the guilds.

Since alchemy is so small and it doesnít look like Donald will ever make another expansion with potions I thought Iíd add 8 more since thereís like 8 empty inserts. Now since itís harder to buy most of the cards in alchemy, thereís a lot of uniqueness to it. So I added some own uniqueness to it. As well as made it easier to get some of the lower potion cards. And thereís even some durations.

Hereís my favorite addition.

Secret market

+3💵 reveal the top 3 cards of the secret
Market deck. Pay any number of treasures
From your hand. To buy one of those cards
If you want. Put the rest of them on the
Bottom of the secret market deck In any order
Setup: make a secret market deck out of
Unused kingdom cards.
Cost 3⚗️ Action

This⚗️ Means potion so it will be a little harder to buy than black market. And if somehow both special markets ended up in the same game then you would have 2 deck of kingdom cards. Which should be fine cause Iíve noticed online the black market never seems to have every kingdom card in it anyway. Itís just some random from each expansion. And I have black market anyway. So it will help me from having to buy black market myself. Which is hard to find. Sometimes my friends and I just pretend the regular market it black market. I also did this because black market is my most favorite card. So why not make my own variation of it. And make it a little harder to buy so what. It will just make it so you canít get it as often unlike black market. Thatís why I added an extra💵 so that way you can always get a 3 if itís in there.

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