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Rules Questions / Royal Carriage and Crown
« on: January 05, 2018, 01:09:11 pm »
I created an account just to post this rules question. That's how confused I am. I searched all the FAQs I could find; my apologies if I missed looking somewhere obvious.

Royal Carriage says that it must be called "directly after you finish" playing an action, but there is some disagreement between myself and an opponent as to what "directly after" means.

If know that if play Crown-[Some Action] I can still call my Royal Carriage on the Crown, allowing me to double-play a second Action card from my hand. Playing [Some Action] doesn't interrupt the "directly after" thing as I understand it.

The question that arose was this. Imagine I have a Royal Carriage on my tavern mat and a three card hand of Crown-[Some Action]-[Some Treasure]. Can I play Crown, play the action in my hand twice, then immediately call Royal Carriage to double the treasure? I think the question boils down to whether or not saying "Hey everyone, it's my buy phase now" ends the portion of the turn that is "directly after" playing the Crown.

My gut says that you can't do this - and Dominion Online seems to agree - but I need help convincing an opponent. Is the first treasure you play "directly after" the last action that you play?

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