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Game Reports / Watchtower + Rats = Lab Rats
« on: May 07, 2013, 12:36:14 am »
I just played the following board on goko:

Poor House
Nomad Camp

Bascially, the idea was to use Rats to clear out my copper, making Poor house into a terminal +$4.  Hermit was used to clear out a few Rats, but Fortress + Watchtower was quite effective at mitigating them: I could reveal a Watchtower to trash the Rats as I gained them, then trash Fortress to the Rats.  Net result: Rats acting as Laboratories.  My final engine wasn't as efficient as it could've been (I only lined up a 4 Poorhouse -> 2 Province turn once), but 5 Provinces in 13 turns was enough for the win.  Here's the log:

Dominion Isotropic / Bug: Treasure auto-play/Loan/Grand Market
« on: December 05, 2011, 01:38:13 pm »
In a recent game I had a hand with Loan, Cooper, Silver, Gold while Grand Market was in play, the treasure play button played my Copper, even though I've got enough money for a Grand Market.  See turn 12, and Grand Market buyers beware!

Dominion General Discussion / A Dominion stalemate?
« on: November 15, 2011, 04:52:36 pm »
I played an interesting game recently and thought it would make good fodder for discussion.  The board was:

Noble Brigand
Pirate Ship

As you can see, this set featured no non-terminal actions, Pirate Ship, and readily available trashing.  This was the resulting game:

We both bought Pirate Ships and a Loan/Steward...trying to hit our opponent's treasure while trashing our own.  By about turn 14, we'd reached a point where both of us had 5 or fewer cards in deck, no treasure, and Pirate Ships with only 2 tokens on them.  Once we hit this state, we both fumbled around for a bit, but eventually my opponent tried to grab some treasure and build up his deck from there.  I used his move to beef up my Pirate Ship a bit, which then allowed me to purchase enough Duchies to barely escape with the win.

I don't think I played this game particularly well, but the question that the game raised for me was: were we in a stalemate around turn 14 or so?  That is, had we reached a point where the first player to try to extend their deck beyond 5 cards would most likely lose, and thus the best move was for both player to do nothing?

It seems possible that we had reached that state in this game, but I'd love to hear from others:

1.  Can you find a winning strategy that breaks the stalemate?
2.  Was there an alternate strategy on the board that you think would've avoided the stalemate scenario in the first place?

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