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It seems the potential for finding great boards is limitless....once you have all the sets, but with only 5 expansions, the reddit KOTW and other sources for kingdoms are unhelpful.

So I use my jack of all dominion app, and heavily curate what comes up until it can hardly be called random anymore.  My kingdoms play substantially similar to each other and I'm looking to branch out.

Do you guys go full random? 

Or do you have tips for making interesting and diverse boards?

Dominion General Discussion / Favorite Thematic Cards (part 2)
« on: September 18, 2017, 04:11:50 pm »
Rather than necro a 6 year old favor thread (, how about a new one?

To mix things up, how about the cards/combos whose flavor is delightfully wonky, compared to the ones that are home runs?

So not Peasant, that tells a clear and interesting life story, or how young witch is unwilling to follow you into a chapel.

More like Salt the Earth, that shows you destroying one small part of the world so no one else can have it...and yet feeling some small amount of satisfaction as a result! 

I love the idea of a monarch that doesn't want MORE money, he just wants more than his peers!  And the fastest way to do that is to get ahead, and then destroy everything else.

But far and away my favorite wonky flavor card is Magpie.  It conjures the image of a crazy old man hiding up in his keep, wondering how the kings around him have gotten more powerful by building smithies and villages and markets.  He has an army of magpies!  why isn't he the most powerful man around with the obviously superior strategy of sending out birds to find money and bring it back?!

But then it turns out if he Trains the army of magpies, so that they bring even more money back, he can become the most powerful man around.  the crazy old geezer was right! he just needed to push harder than anyone else would have, and suddenly he appears to be forward thinking :)

What cards do you guys like for the mental gymnastics you have to do to make sense of them?

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