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Dominion General Discussion / Dominion: Allies
« on: September 18, 2021, 12:54:07 pm »

Allies is the 14th expansion to Dominion. It has 400 cards, with 31 new Kingdom card piles. There are Allies that will do Favors for you, and split piles you can rotate.

It’s a celebration! People are dancing in the streets, and riding horses through the dancehalls. You’ve finally formed an alliance with the barbarians to the north. Instead of the streets running red with blood, they’ll run, well, the usual color, let’s not focus on what color the streets run. The point is, there’s peace. Sure negotiations were tricky. The barbarians are uncouth; they have no five-second rule and stick out the wrong finger when drinking tea. There are perks too though. They’ve given you skulls to drink mead out of, and spices to get rid of the skull aftertaste. And you’ve given them stuff in return: forks, mirrors, pants. It’s great for everyone. And with this treaty out of the way, you can get to work on your other neighbors. Soon, all the allies will be yours.

Rules Questions / Coffers Rules Change
« on: September 17, 2021, 05:54:20 pm »
To those of you not in the TGG discord server (the company making the mobile version of Dominion), the rules for Coffers are getting changed, and this change also requires errata to 2 cards.

The change: You can spend Coffers at any time during your turn.

The reason: The original rule was awful and goes against intuition. How often have you bought a card, and then either realized you didn't spend enough Coffers, or you spent too many?

Side effects include being able to use Coffers to power up action-phase Storytellers, and you can immediately use the Coffers that you get from Spices.

Now there are two cards that need errata because of this. The reasons why is an exercise for the reader (or you can just go to the wiki, where I explained why).
-Merchant Guild: It will give Coffers at the end of your buy phase, and is no longer a dividing line ability.
-Patron: Only gives Coffers during an Action phase.

Also in general "while in play" is disappearing for "this turn." You may have noticed this change has already started with the Hermit errata I mentioned months ago.

These changes are already on the TGG client, and it'll come to D.G uh eventually. Probably at the same time that the other endless list of errata comes out.

I'm sure someone is going to be sad that a random combo that-comes-up-1%-of-the-time is going to disappear, but I'm not worried about that, and DXV isn't worried either.

Rules Questions / Improve & Night cards
« on: November 15, 2018, 05:25:17 am »
I'm 99% sure I have this correct, but I just wanna double check. Since Improve's ability happens during Clean-up, this means if I Improve an Action and gain Guardian (or Night Watchman, or Ghost Town, or Den of Sin), then I can't play it, since its no longer my Night phase. 

Rules Questions / Gained to hand cards and Haunted Woods
« on: December 17, 2017, 01:13:05 am »
If my opponent plays Haunted Woods, and I buy a card that gets gained to hand i.e. Ghost Town, does that mean...

1. my hand gets top decked before Ghost Town goes in my hand; and
2. I can play that Ghost Town during my Night phase

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