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Variants and Fan Cards / Kudasai's Random Dominion Cards
« on: May 20, 2018, 12:52:38 am »
Hello everyone,

I've accumulated a bunch of random, Dominion, fan-cards over the years and would like to start sharing them. Here are a few to start and I'll be posting more every few days or so. I'm happy with the mechanics, but I wouldn't be surprised if cost balancing is needed. I've tried hard to keep these cards original, but overlap with other fan-made cards is likely inevitable. Sorry in advance if that occurs! Thanks for looking!








Orphan(10 cards)/Witch Hunter(5 cards)/Heretic(5 cards)/Mountain Hag(5 cards)/Grand Witch(10-20 Cards?):




-Army(v0.1): Added.
-Commander(v0.1): Added.
-Heir(v0.1): Added.
-Royal Decree(v0.1): Added.
-Moon Shrine(v0.1): Added.
-Slumlord(v0.1): Added.
-Stadium(v0.1): Added.
-Lost Temple(v0.1): Added.
-Industrious Village(v0.1): Added.
-Old Witch(v0.1): Added.
-Commander(v0.2): Changed cost from $5 to $7.
-Gamble(v0.2): Named amount must exceed 0 (credit: Puk).
-Old Witch(v0.2): Discarded Curses must be yours.
-Army(v0.2): Changed cost from $5 to $6. No longer plays Duration cards. Army no longer becomes cards on mat; Stadium(v0.2): Wording change (credit: Gubump);
-Moon Shrine(v0.2): VP tokens can now only be added to Victory Supply Piles. +2 Coffers is conditional upon adding VP token to piles without VP tokens on it.
-Old Witch(v0.3): Changed cards discarded from 1 to 2.
-Gamble(v0.2): Removed (Moved to Outtakes).
-Commander(v0.2): Removed (Moved to Outtakes).
-Crane(v0.1): Added.
-Mimic(v0.1): Added.
-Royal Decree(v0.2): Changed on gain effect from revealing each other players Treasures to only reveal Treasures from left player (credit: Gazbag), revealed Treasures do not leave players hand (credit: Aquila, Gazbag);
-Crane(v0.2): Changed cost from $4 to $5.
-Moon Shrine(v0.3): Typo fix: +Coffer changed to +1 Coffers (credit: Gazbag).
-Lumber Camp(v0.1): Added.
-Canal(v0.1): Added.
-Treaty(v0.1): Added.
-Astrolab(v0.1): Added.
-Yurt Village(v0.1): Added.
-Marshal(v0.1): Added (Commander rework).
-Lumber Camp(v0.1): Removed (Moved to Outtakes).
-Osho(v0.1): Added.
-Treaty(v0.2): A player's Treaty token can only be moved once per game; Blocks only effect the first 2 cards played from the selected Action pile.
-Yurt Village(v0.2): +2 Coin condition changed, now cannot have any other cards in play (credit: Commodore Chuckles).
-Isle(v0.1): Added.
-Airship(v0.1): Added
-Osho(v0.2): Changed cost from $4 Coin to $3 Coin; produces $1 Coin and +1 Buy.
-Risen King(v0.1): Added.
-Risen King(v0.2): Syntax correction (credit: Gazbag); gaining from trashing can only occur on the player's turn (credit: Holunder9).
-Funeral(v0.1): Added.
-Border Village(v0.1): Added.
-Treaty(v0.2): Syntax changes.
-Border Wall(v0.2): Removed Attack type (credit: faust); cards costing less than Border Wall are now trashed instead of returned to the Supply (credit: faust); Reapplied Attack type (credit: Asper).
-Sanctuary(v0.1): Added.
-Monk(v0.1): Added.
-Border Wall(v0.3): Changed to split-pile (5 Border Walls on the top/5 refugees on the bottom).
-Refugees(v0.1): Added.
-Refugees(v0.2): Coin produced changed from $2 Coin and discard a card to $1 Coin and discard a card (credit: Gazbag, Holunder9).
-Risen King(v0.3): Changed gained card on trash to be non-Victory.
-Moon Shrine(v0.3): Wording change.
-Sanctuary(v0.1): Redundant wording removed.
-General(v0.1): Added.
-Smelter(v0.1): Added.
-Trade Ship(v0.1): Added.
-Crane(v0.2): Redundant wording removed.
-Seawall(v0.1): Added.
-Border Guard(v0.1): Added.
-Sea Wall(v0.2): Removed on-buy cost reduction (credit: Gazbag).
-Border Guard(v0.2): Cost is now equal to the pile your token is on; on-gain effect now relates to pile your token is on (credit: Holunder9); token starts on Duchy pile; starting cost now $5.
-Seawall(v0.2): Wording more clear (credit: Gazbag).
-Hunted(v0.1): Added.
-Orphan(1.1): Added.
-Witch Hunter(1.1): Added.
-Heretic(1.1): Added.
-Mountain Hag(1.1): Added.
-Grand Witch(1.1): Added.
-Hunted(v0.2): Requirement changed to $3 Coin unspent.
-Heretic(v1.2): Syntax change; exchanging into Mountain Hag no longer conditional.
-Smelter(v0.2): Changed cost from $4 Coin to $6 Coin (credit: Gazbag); syntax change.
-Mountain Hag(v1.1): Grammar correction (credit: Gazbag)
-Grand Witch(v1.2): VP tokens only gained during your turn (credit: Gazbag)
-Hunted(v0.2): Wording changes.
-Charlatan(v0.1): Added.
-Treaty(v0.2): Syntax changes.
-Hunted(v0.2) - Made wording more clear (credit: trivialknot)
-Army(v0.2) - Syntax change.
-Royal Decree(v0.3) - Syntax change.
-Slinger(v0.1): Added.
-Slinger(v0.2): Cost change $2 Coin to $3 Coin (credit: Holunder9)
-Astrolab(v0.2): Cost change $5 Coin / $1 Debt to $6 Coin / $1 Debt.
-Border Guard(v0.2): Changed price from ? to ?*.
-Isle(v0.2): Added VP amount check at end of game.
-Removed Outtakes Section
-Industrious Village(v0.2): Removed
-Border Wall(v0.2)/Refugees(v0.2): Removed
-Steam Engine(v0.1): Added.
Adds $2 Coin when you have more Victory tokens then any other one player. (credit: Gazbag (for wanting a more interesting card))
-Witch Hunter(v1.2): Discards any number of cards versus one card; Gives +1 Card per card discarded; Give +1 Coffers per Curse card discarded.
-Heretic(v1.3): Reverted back to no longer forcing an exchange for Mountain Hag. (credit: Gazbag)
-Mountain Hag(v1.2): +3 Coffers replaced with +4 Cards; Giving other players returned Curse cards is now optional.
-Grand Witch(v1.3): Reverted back to giving +2 VP tokens at all times, not just your turn. (credit: Holunder9)
-Steam Engine(v0.2): Cost change from $5+ coin to $4+coin and 1 debt (credit Erick648); cost to not gain Curse changed from $2 coin to $3 coin (credit: Gazbag).
-Resort(v0.3): Added from Weekly Design Contest Challange #2 (
-Mule Team(v0.2): Added from Anticipating Renaissance Forum
-Glutton(v0.1): Name changed from Charlatan.
-Revolutionist(v0.1): Added from Weekly Design Contest Challenge #3 (
-Heir(v0.2): Total rework.
-Heiress(v0.1): Added (Old Heir card).
-Heiress(v0.2): Syntax changes; now is a "While in play" effect.
-Heir(v0.3): Syntax changes (credit: Commander Chuckles); now applies +1 Card only after card resolution (credit: Asper); now is a "While in play" effect.
-Heiress(v0.2): Changed wording.
-Heir(v0.3): Changed wording.
-Marshal(v0.2): Changed wording.
-Osho(v0.2): Changed wording.
-General(v0.2): Changed wording.

Variants and Fan Cards / Traveler Line: Orphan
« on: October 11, 2017, 04:17:05 pm »
Hello Fellow Dominion Players!

I've decided to start posting some custom Dominion cards I've been hoarding throughout the years. Since I'm new to posting on forums I'll start with a few cards before I leap into more to make sure I'm doing this right.

Thanks for looking and I hope these look enticing enough to wanna try out!

Orphan Traveler Line - 10 Orphan, 5 Witch Hunter, 5 Heretic, 5 Mountain Hag, 5 Grand Witch:


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