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Introductions / Hi, i'm Puk
« on: February 03, 2019, 08:59:47 am »

I've been visiting this forum for a while now, and i'm in writing modus, so hey, why not, let's introduce myself.

I discovered Dominion about five years ago, it was one of the games that got me more in to board gaming. I think it's about three years ago that i discoverd online Dominion and this community, just right before the ShuffleIT era. I never gave money to Making Fun so i guess that doesn't make me that frustrated towards ShuffleIT.

Last couple of months I got a bit sick of dominion, one of the reasons I dropped out of the league, or I also got sick of Dominion because i kinda had to drop out of the league, i don't know, they worked both ways. Past summer I also discovered more and more other board games, together with my housemate started playing and buying more and more (real life) board games, and Dominon all of a sudden look less interesting. Then a couple of weeks ago a friend of me mentioned Dominion again on discord, and we started playing some games, and well, here I am again, playing Dominion online and reading the forums.

Probably one of the reasons i like this community is because it has an active forum. A forum! I'm 31 years old and I hate it that all forums disappear or bleed to death*, because all those other social media stuff that people seem to prefer nowadays. A forum has always been my favourite way of communicating, because it's so structure or something i guess, I don't know.

Well that was that for today, see you around.

*i don't know if 'bleed to death' is a correct english expression, sorry not sorry if it's not

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