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Poor House
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Game ID 16643703
First of all, I couldn't decide to put this in game reports or the challenges so apologies if this is in the wrong section. Also, I don't know how to get the pictures to appear so I apologies for the noobiness there as well. I've always thought that the most hilarious thing you can do in dominion is prince 2 poor houses with no other cards in your deck. It requires a LOT of things to go right (poor house and prince of course) and the stars finally aligned for me. I got a 3/4 opening on a board with donate, poor house, prince, changeling, pouch, and shelters for necropolis. This allows you to do the following:
Turn 1: 3 coppers- buy poor house
Turn 2: 3 coppers, 1 pouch - buy poor house, donate down to 2 poor houses and necro (5 debt remaning)
Turn 3: Pay off debt, buy changeling
Turn 4: Buy prince
Turn 5: Prince first poor house, play second house, buy something if you want, exchange changeling for 2nd prince in night phase
Turn 6: Prince second poor house, buy something if you want.

Boom. 6 turns in and you have a 1 card deck (optional) and you have a guaranteed province every turn. Except for some dumb reason that's not what I did. I got greedy and kept the pouch after donating on turn 2. I worked my way up the peasant line and added some mystics for the card token so I could double province, which I eventually did, and still princed 2 poor houses, but it took probably longer than it should have. So my question/challenge to you is this: Can you come up with a way to beat the 6 turn golden deck? Is it worthwhile to hold on to the pouch after donating? Do you bother with the peasant line? What would you do with this once in a lifetime chance to build one of the silliest decks possible?

Help! / 2 Bold Strategies to Choose From, Which One Would You Go For?
« on: January 17, 2018, 10:48:44 pm »
I had this random kingdom come up against lord rattington and I'm curious about what people think the best strategy might be. I'm not sure how to embed kingdom images so forgive my old school text kingdom here:
Fool (With Lucky Coin)
Landmark: Tower
Event: Pathfinding

There's 2 dramatically different strategies I see that are both a little slow but can net you a ginormous amount of points. We have the silver flood vs. the groundskeeper. You can use lucky coin, bureaucrats, and LITW boons to race to pile out silvers and go for feodums, and get a huge boost from tower if you're able to fully empty silvers. This is risky but should get you well over 100 points if done properly.
You can also try to snag as many groundskeepers as possible and possibly go for castles? With contraband being the only source of buy, and pathfinding being hard to hit at $8, you could probably build an engine, but that too would be difficult. If you could get a ton of groundskeepers going and a contraband or 2, there are enough alt vp sources to pick from to get you probably over 20 points/turn.

I'm just interested to see what people would go for here. Playing against the bot doesn't give you a realistic sense of how viable each strategy is, but I'm assuming that you're going to have to choose between 2 high risk / high reward plays. Of course there's also the question of whether or not either strategy is fast enough to outrace a traditional province pileout. It also seems like a super fun kingdom if you're looking for a fun brain teaser! Thoughts?

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