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 6:34 Hobnobbin: are you even trying?
 6:34 Hobnobbin: so slow, wasting half my day
 6:34 Hobnobbin: no discernible strategy
 6:34 metzgerism: play
 6:34 Hobnobbin: get owned scrub
 6:34 Hobnobbin has returned to the lobby.

Right before he left, he ended the game - this was his "victory" speech, apparently.

The game took about 12 minutes - not actually slow, imo.
Total asshole.

Game Reports / When 10 Minions & DoubleTact fails
« on: July 19, 2012, 02:43:10 pm »
This is the second of two games that I won against Watno using a completely different strategy - there was little crossover of cards, and each of us basically let the other go willy-nilly with stacks. The first game was just as interesting, actually - my Highway-Grand Market stack vs his Village, Festival, and Library set. We were neck and neck and emptied VP piles until I had a 43-37 lead, and since he was first player he took 3 piles to concede.

We both went hard on Native Villages and got Loans early. My goal was to get Alchemists set up to run a Treasure Map, which actually took a long time. In that time, he was able to set up DoubleTact and get all 10 Minions. I should have been smoked.

After we opened with Provinces, I bought a Possession. His Minions were my Minions, and his 2 buy turns with a crapload of cards were now mine. I actually only pulled 2 Provinces from him in one turn, but in a game where he should have had distinct material advantage, I was given enough time to run a Possession-based deck and use just about every meaningful card in the game.

Really crazy wins.

Variants and Fan Cards / Variant card needs a cost
« on: November 02, 2011, 04:34:21 pm »
This one is pretty basic.

Cost: ?
+1 Card
+1 Action
While this card is in play, when you play an action: +1 card.

Notes: Okay, the wording needs help, but you might be able to understand the point - every subsequent action card you play has "+1 Card" tacked onto it at the top of the card's text.

There's really no intent here, just wondering what this might cost to people - my initial guess is a $5.

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