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Variants and Fan Cards / Fan errata on pre-existing cards
« on: September 18, 2022, 05:57:39 am »
In this thread, I wanna share my ideas for errata hat could've been part of the 2022 errata. You may consider me obsessed, and maybe I am, but hey, why not share it nonetheless.

1. Throning Durations

My only idea that doesn't involve a specific card. The rule change is as follows.
Quote from: My Rule Changes
Replay tokens are introduced. Every time you play a card an extra time, put a Replay token onto the card. Throne Room (and all non-Duration variants) will always leave play at start of Clean-up.

From a balance standpoint, this change might be a little concerning, as KC+Caravan becomes much stronger, whereas the already strong KC+Wharf becomes borderline insufferable. Not to mention Throning Hireling or Prince becomes insanely good. But this change would eliminate pretty much all ongoing tracking issues that Throning currently has. It solves the Citadel issue. It solves Procession + Throne Room issue. It solves the Captain-throning a Duration issue. And so on. Plus it just creates much simplicity. I mean, isn't TR+TR+Duration still one of the most common rule questions?

On top of that, Replay tokens are purely secretary and it is completely up to the player how these are used. For instance, if you throne a Barge and only choose the next-turn effect once, you could forgo the replay token, making it look as if you only played Barge once.

2. Treasure Map

The card that is infamous for not having built-in accountability. Of course, this matters little in practice as you don't cheat period, and there is very little gained out of cheating on this, but it just feels strange that Donald X went for the extra mile with Throne Room and Moneylender, but not this one.

3. Messenger

The errata this got in 2022 makes this card rather clunky, as the effect doesn't work with Treasure gaining. And I also don't see why this shouldn't work with Workshops. If making this not work multiple times in a turn is the goal of the restriction, why not go for this route?

4. Black Market

What kinda bothers me about Black Market, is that the cards you gain out of Black Market don't have a pile. This makes the cards incompatible with Swap and Way of the Butterfly, and very strong with Way of the Horse. However, doesn't it make sense to have the Black Market deck itself as "its pile"? Here is an attempt to change that. After all, cards like Experiment and Encampment didn't get their rewording for nothing.

5. Masquerade

Masquerade, the Attack that isn't an Attack. It made sense in the original version, as there would be much unclarity on how it would work when Moat blocks it. However, after the 2016 errata, its text is one word away from having this case fully covered.

6. Circle of Witches

The original version was a little overfocussed on making Liaisons conditional Cursers, making the Ally incredibly clunky with Guildmaster. This version is wordier, as it also needed to take care of Import, but its interaction with cards that let you gain Favors over the course of the turn is much better (of course, forcing Actions to be in play can be annoying with the Treasure-Liaisons, but that condition is rather easy to meet).

7. Island Folk

Island Folk is easily the strongest Ally. What makes it so utterly ridiculous is the fact that you only need to gain 5 Favors over the course of 2 turns in order to activate it every time. With this change, you will have to gain the 5 favors in a singular turn for consistent activation. Of course, if the Island turn is exceptional, this can be frustrating, but c'est la vie.

8. Way of the Turtle

There are 3 Ways that pack the yet-to-be-solved problem of being able to create an invisible Duration effect in conjunction with Throne Room. With Way of the Turtle, this is rather easy to solve by making the effect trigger on discard (which won't happen with TR+Duration). For Horse and Butterfly, this could be solved by using the Acts mechanic (see

9. Possession

The change I made is making cards not leave the deck when they are supposed to return to their pile.

It could be argued that Possession needs more errata. It could also be argued that the only way of fixing Possession is treating it like a Zelda CDi game (pretending it doesn't exist). But I think the ability to demolish an entire deck with Way of the Horse is still something that needs to be taking care of. With this change, Possession and Way of the Horse still interact very strongly, but no longer brokenly strong like it currently does.

10. Inheritance

"Inheritance no longer works this way! Get over it!"

The 2019 errata already brought some unwanted concessions, such as making the card desinteract with Reserves and Reactions, as well as becoming pretty insane with one-shots, especially Encampment. But Donald X has made some good efforts in regulating when a card can be played and when a card can leave play, making the issue of caring about the owner even less of an issue (although Throning inherited one-shots can now be even more confusing with the removal of the Loose Track rule). On the flipside, the post-errata effect now also makes the card work improperly with Recursion Durations. Inheriting types was also a huge plus of the old version.

This is ONLY about Inheritance. BoM and Overlord should absolutely NOT revert to their pre-errata versions.

What do you guys think?

Variants and Fan Cards / New mechanic: Modifiers
« on: August 24, 2021, 03:28:35 pm »
Modifiers are card shaped objects in the vein of Events, Projects, Landmarks and Ways. When the Kingdom has a Modifier, one of the Action supply piles will have the Modifier token on it. When a player plays a card from that pile, he/she first gets the effect as described on the Modifier, before following the instructions of the card itself (similar to Adventure tokens). The effect is involuntarily and lasts an entire game. Some modifiers alter intrinsic properties such as the cost.

Here are ideas I came up with. As you see, Modifiers typically have a double-edged sword kind of effect. Some modifiers just give the card a small buff.


Dominion General Discussion / Top 10 best recepients for the +Card token
« on: February 14, 2020, 12:44:29 pm »
This top 10 consists of the best cards to use your +Card token on, be it through Teacher or through Pathfinding. I will make similar top 10s for the other Teacher tokens in the future. Feel free to post your disagreements in this topic. Hope this will spark a good discussion.

The +Card token is probably the most versatile of the tokens, as it works on about everything. The only truly awful candidates are cards that don't see play later on, or draw-to-X cards (and even then, +1 Card on Minion is still pretty solid). That being said, cantrips that are already somewhat spamable are generally the preferred targets.

This is my list for now. Write-ups will follow in the future.

1. Governor
2. Magpie
3. Hamlet
4. Pawn
5. Border Guard
6. Market Square
7. Port
8. Ironmonger
9. Plaza

Variants and Fan Cards / Ideas for Adventure themed cards
« on: January 21, 2018, 05:05:08 pm »
The Adventures expansion really had some interesting mechanics, many of which felt underused. Here are several ideas for cards that could fit right into the Adventures expansion (not really; as there are also some with Guilds mechanics). Without further adeu, here they are! They are ordered by price (and events are separated).

Coupon (Treasure, $2)
Exchange any number of +Buys for +1$ each.
When you buy this card, you may overpay. If you do, gain an Action or Treasure
costing equal to the amount you have overpayed. Move your +Buy token to
its pile.
My goal was to create a $2 card that in itself benefits from many Buys, and that enables the +Buy token through overpaying. I like this version, though it might be OP when buys are plentifull.

Dwarves' Workshop (Action, $4)
Choose one: Move your -2$ token to an Action supply pile, or gain a card costing up to $4.
A workshop variant that makes good use of the -2$ token. May seem kinda OP, but it's also kinda slow at the same time.

Ecological Village (Action, $4)
+2 action, +1 card
When you gain this, you may move your trashing token to an Action Supply pile.
(when you buy a card from that pile, you may trash a card from your hand)
A village variant, and a more efficient version of Plan.

Robot (Action, $4)
Choose one: +1 action, +1$, +1 card or +1 buy. If this is the first time you played Robot this turn,
you may move your +action, +card, +buy or +$ token to its pile.
A card that moves teacher tokens to its own pile. It can become a strictly superior Grand Market, but it takes quite a few plays to get there. In that sense also a bit of a Traveller. I know a similar idea has also been brought in other threads, but I'd like to share it regardless.

Mystery Village (Action, $4)
+1 action
Play the card on the Mystery Village mat
Setup: Put an action costing up to $3 that gives +1 action onto the
Mystery Village mat.

My favorite idea on the list, and probably better suited as a promo. It is a village that functions differently in each game, and can answer a lot of questions in the vein of "how would this card function if it was a village".

Housecleaner (Action, $5)
+1 card, +1 action
Draw cards untill you draw a Victory card costing up to $6. Move that card to the Tavern mat. Discard the rest.

This card enables Alt-VP strategies, as those VP cards won't be in your way now. The synergy with Disant Lands is intentional.

And now some events.

Money Pig (Event, $0)
When buying this event, you may overpay. +1 coin token per $ overpaid.
(Setup: Each player moves their +Buy token to the Silver pile at the start of the game)

This event is a perfect smoothener, but needs spare buys to work. The setup ensures that those are always there.

Reinforcements (Event, $5)
Gain an Action costing up to $4 that gives +1 action. Move your +Action token
to its pile.
A bit similar to Mystery Village, but more Adventures fitting. The idea is to get a cheaper version of Lost Arts that has far more limited targets, only allowing to make the Village of your choice.

Decorate (Event, $8)
Once per game: Gain a Duchy. Set aside a non-Victory Action card from the Supply costing up to $4.
Move your Duchy token to it (your Duchies gain the abilities and types of that card).
A Duchy version of Inheritance! Will probably play completely different. I decided to let it come with a Duchy, otherwise it is probably too inefficient.

And that's it! What do you think of these ideas? I may post some more in the future.

Dominion General Discussion / The most powerful board
« on: December 21, 2016, 12:45:54 pm »

With Empires out, I was wondering: what is the most powerful kingdom in Dominion?

When trying to the question, I was thinking about a kingdom that at least contains the following cards:
- Counting House
- Highway
- King's Court
- Coppersmith
- Scheme (not important, but makes it on turn faster)
What the remaining five cards are doesn't really matter, although several attacks can somewhat slow the game down.
The event cards are Counting House's super best friends. To be precise:
- Travelling Fair
- Banquet

With this setup, if you start with 5 coppers, the game will be as follows:
T1: Your hand: 5 coppers
-Buy Travelling Fair
-Buy Banquet for Counting House & 2 coppers; topdeck only counting house
-Buy Copper; don't topdeck
T2: Your hand has 1 coppers & 3 estates & Counting House (worst case scenario)
-Play Counting House; draw 8 coppers (you have $9)
-Buy Travelling Fair
-Buy Banquet for Counting House & 2 coppers; topdeck all
-Buy Banquet for Scheme & 2 coppers; topdeck Scheme and 1 copper
T3: Your hand has 1 Counting House & 1 scheme & 3 coppers
-Play Scheme; draw Copper
-Play Counting House; draw 10 copper (you have $14)
-Buy Travelling Fair (2x)
-Buy Banquet for Counting House and 2 coppers; topdeck Counting House
-Buy Banquet for Highway and 2 coppers; topdeck all (2x)
-Topdeck Scheme (via scheme)
T4: Your hand has 3 coppers; Scheme; Highway
-Play both Highways and Scheme. Your hand now has 4 coppers and Counting House
-Play Counting House; draw 16 copper (you have $20)
-Buy Travelling Fair (4x)
-Buy Banquet for King's Court and 2 coppers; topdeck King's Court (2x)
-Buy Banquet for Coppersmith and 2 coppers; topdeck Coppersmith (2x)
-Buy Copper
-Topdeck Counting House (via Scheme)
T5: Your hand has King's Court, King's Court, Coppersmith, Counting House
-Play King's Court+King's Court+Coppersmith+Coppersmith+Counting House
You now have 29 Copper in Hand. All of them are woth $7. So enjoy having $203 with Travelling Fair for the buys.

Yup, you gain the ability to buy all provinces in the 5th turn! And if you don't start with $5, if will be slightly weaker but still very strong.

This setup is an amalgation of already existing concepts. Counting House+Travelling Fair is a ridiculously powerful duo. Banquet is always a huge improvement for Counting House. Counting House always wants to work with Coppersmith, but usually doesn't get to.

What do you guys think. Do you know a stronger board?

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