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Variants and Fan Cards / Money Bags
« on: March 15, 2021, 03:28:27 am »
Money Bags is a new mechanic to any Dominion expansion, which doesn’t need any new markers or mats, but provide the opportunity, to get additional instructions or bonuses.
So as needed a card gets stronger by money bags [MB]. It is important that this new mechanic is very simple. It uses no special cards and it based on basic cards Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Potion.
We have tested (with real cards) over weeks with players of basic knowledges and several expansions. Everyone understand the new mechanic instantly.
I discussed all cards in forum.Dominion-Welt. All cards are well balanced.

A money bag [MB] is exclusively filled with Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Potion as a temporary fee for additional instructions on a card.

You give [MB] only as an option, according to this the instructions are executed only by a fee. You put the corresponding treasures from your hand under the card as a mark until the end of your turn. The treasures are not in play. At the end of your turn or when you change the place of the corresponding card (to trash or any mat or to a pile) you discard the cards of the money bag.
If the card is a duration card the money bag stays there until the duration card is discarded.

a simple example:
The instruction „You may give [1 MB] for +[1 VP].” …

… gives a victory marker by filling the money bag. You can only fill the money bag with Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Potion from your hand. It is more difficult to fill it because you cannot use other treasure cards or any treasure from vanilla cards. In this case you need two coppers or a silver to get the victory marker. If you have only gold you can use it but the rest (of gold) is gone. It is not allowed to split it for other money bags.

If you only want to get +1 Card or +1 Action, you give a Copper, for both you have to give two Coppers. It is not possible to give a silver instead. Do you have only a Copper and a Silver in hand, then is the worst case to give both for both vanilla. Perhaps you are lucky and you draw a copper first. So you can use it.
You have to use treasure cards!
[2 MB] can be filled by two Coppers or Silver (or Gold), [x MB] like in reconstruction by several cards.

These are my cards. You can play with any Dominion cards.
Have fun.

Variants and Fan Cards / herw's cards
« on: April 04, 2017, 09:59:01 am »

basic cards:




i have tested several times at meinSpiel and compared with german ASS-cards :)

basic cards:

Add these two basic cards to an Alchemy-game. Choose a few Alchemy kingdom cards.

Nobody needs it, but ...

Individual cards:

Normal Kingdom Cards

Abandoned Village (2019-01-10)
a simple attack card to villager's and coffer's mat. (under examination)

Prospecting (2019-02-07)

Shoemaker (2019-02-06)
simple but useful

Barter (2018-11-12)
changes your deck

Lucky Thaler (2019-02-05)
for luck and fun :)

Striking (2019-02-08)

Tradeswoman (2018-12-08)
A simple card which helps Big Money strategy.

Moneyer (2019-02-06)

Day Laborer (2019-02-05)

Antimony (2019-02-05)
Alchemy needs treasures and cards with potion in costs!

Extraction (2020-01-12)
an attractive Victory-card-trasher

Money Changer

Village Square (2020-02-15)
simple and useful

Warlock (2018-12-08)
a simple Alchemy-card. Thanks to Asper for discussion and tips.

Forrest Village (2019-02-19)

Market Town

Bewitched Town (2019-01-11)
I like to create ALCHEMY-cards. Combining with RENAISSANCE-idea of coffers and villagers it is a little bit more simple.

Counter Magic (2019-02-11)
If you are a wizard you need always a counter magic :)

Adept (2020-01-11)  is useful, to get potion often to your hand.

Dark Path (2020-01-28), a very interesting travellers line. You have to accept: negative victory points, but much money. The trick is the last card of the line.

Variants and Fan Cards / herw's template
« on: January 27, 2017, 11:59:07 am »
for those, who want to create DOMINION-cards, i have made a template for kingdom-cards.
Asper inspired me to create a template from scratch. I hope you enjoy :) .

Click images to embiggen.

actual download link in this post.

When opening in GIMP you see a summary.

I have made a typical example MARCO POLO to show the principle of layers in GIMP.
There are two folder in the template:
beginners: I have merged several layer so that you can easily build a new card. The two examples are built only by copying layers from this folder. „beginner” doesn't mean, that you can build a card in ten minutes but it is simple enough to get a nice result.
The plaines are normed with (768x1146px). You can add a black edge to get an optimal export file (f.i. png) for a print.
If you want standard (696x1074px) for your home printer, you can load into every simple grafic program and cut 36px at every egde.

The other folder for experts shows the layers before merging, means you can change the color of the banner and text area etc. individually.


ciao herw

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