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Dominion General Discussion / Next expansion
« on: September 12, 2016, 06:57:03 am »
I know, Empires only is out for a few month now, however I was asking myself if there was are plans for the next ones, and what form it will have.

My two cents:
-I would like an expansion utilizing potions again
-I would really like an expansion where the existing themes are reimbursed, aka an expansion containing cards that haven't made the cut in existing expansions or would add in the existing theme. More travelers from adventures, more tokens for teacher, more debt cards etc etc.
-A promo card for those owning all expansions?

Rules Questions / Hamlet, Tournament - Clarification needed.
« on: September 10, 2016, 04:11:37 am »
I own the German version of Cornucopia. I got it last year, published by Rio Grande.
the German text however differs from the English.

Tournament: The German text reads: [...]Each player may discard a province[...] whereas in English and the wiki it reads [...]Each player may reveal a province[...]

Hamlet: The German text: You can discard 0 cards gain no bonus, 1 card for +1 action, 2 cards for +1 action and +1 buy.
In the English version hamlet works as : discard 0 cards, no bonus, 1 card for either +1 action or +1 buy and 2 cards for +1 action and +1 buy.

These alteration don't look like a lot, but they alter how the card plays in significant ways.

I would love to get some clarification which version is the correct one, are these cards getting a re-balance?

Empires Previews / Empires - A second look
« on: August 18, 2016, 01:54:35 am »
After having played multiple empires games now, here are my second thoughts on the expansion.

Empires can turn really frustrating (with legionary). Once you breach a certain threshold and got your deck into position i fell like empire cards really shine. Wild hunt becomes a real beast, that, if you are set up well can control and lets you pick up VP tokens and tons of cards each turn. Overlord, as the name suggests, can, depending on the board, be the dominant card. I've played several rounds only buying overlord and winning the game. Empires often brings real power into the kingdom.
But that power comes at a cost. The cost is diversity. Were previously 2 or 3 potential successful tactics on the board the landmarks in particular, events and empire cards often reduce it to one, competing strategy.

I feel this loss of versatility is the biggest weakness, especially if we gaze into the future to potentially new expansions.
Empire is a power boost and if new expansions want to compete with it i fear there will be more dominating cards dividing the game into pre empires and post empires or empires will keep dominating unless the sting of some of its bites get softened.

In very short: Empires offers extremely strong cards. These cards are dominating enough to wipe out alternative strategies on the the board. Its very hard for inexperienced players to compete.


When another player buys a card you may discard the Illusionist and trash the gained card.


When another player buys a card  you may reveal the Thug and collect 1 VP.

both are obviously 5+ worth, maybe a potion added for Illusionist.

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