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Other Games / Imperial Settlers
« on: May 19, 2016, 05:03:51 am »
Anybody given this card-drafting/resource management game a shot?

I initially felt it was a little too complex for what it amounted to, but once I'd played it a few times with various factions and tested out their individual strengths and weaknesses, I really started to enjoy it.

The way in which it limits dead turns by giving you some way to burn cards or resources, even for a much reduced benefit, seems really intelligent. And each of the factions each play very, very differently.

Unfortunately, while I found it reasonably easy to teach to a new player, they alternately got flooded with too much stone as the Romans and too much gold as the Egyptians; and thus dismissed it as unbalanced. For those that haven't played it, that's the equivalent of complaining when you bought a million coppers and Actions every turn and didn't win, or watching BM rake in the green and dismissing Dominion as not strategic.

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