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Variants and Fan Cards / Cards that change other cards
« on: September 26, 2016, 09:16:59 am »
I've been mulling over ideas for cards that change other cards. Here's a simple variation on the idea (note that 1 is a numeral whereas "one" and "a" are not). Has this design space been explored here before?

Action - $2 cost
You may play an Action card from your hand as if all numerals on the card are increased by 1.

Variants and Fan Cards / Split pile variant
« on: May 10, 2016, 03:31:03 pm »
I want to play with some Empires-style split piles made from existing cards, like, I don't know, Pearl Diver and Mystic. I think it works best if you didn't want too many of that top card except it helps you get to the bottom-half, and the synergy is good enough that it pays off. So, what are the best split piles you can think of?

Variants and Fan Cards / Capital-like Event
« on: May 09, 2016, 02:03:28 pm »
I was thinking Capital seems like it would work better as an event, so I'm going to propose the obvious debt Event.

Event, cost $2
Gain an card with $-only cost from an Action supply pile. Take [debt tokens] equal to its cost in $.

Variants and Fan Cards / Pact with the Devil: Help me balance an event
« on: April 26, 2016, 11:53:14 am »
Fill in the blank (or link if this has already been done):

Event - Cost $0
+1 Buy
Once per turn: Gain a card from the Supply that the player to your left chooses. If you do, +$__

Update: Here's an image version of the version that I'll be printing and testing.


It's similar to Coin of the Realm's call effect, but as a reaction on a village. Thus, whether you play it first or after drawing it into your hand with a terminal draw, you can still get the same effect as if you had just played the village first.

Here are three different riffs on an idea for piles made up of several different cards. Unlike Knights and Ruins, however, these piles aren't shuffled. They're sorted by cost with the least-cost card on top (and you can't gain the higher-cost cards until all the cards on top of it have already been gained).


There are 4 Vampire cards, and the Vampire pile consists of 2 of each for a total of 8 cards in the pile. Vampires gain you a card proportional to their own cost (and hey, sometimes a Vampire can make another Vampire), and they give your opponents a new kind of junk: Victim cards. The Victim cards given out get progressively nasty, and they're not trashable. However, you can get rid of them by playing them, taking a hit to some other resource(s) that turn. (Rules clarification: the Victims have negative cost, and since "up to" means the same as "less than or equal to", when someone plays Vampire Armand, you can take a Serious, Critical, or Grave Victim (or 2 Curses of course), but not a Stable one. Also, I interpret -1 Action to mean that it kills a whole Village if you try to play it with one, but it's ok to end the turn on a negative number of actions, and then they just reset to 0 your next turn like always.) Put out 5 of each Victim card when playing with Vampires. (The images are from the Interview with a Vampire film series.)


There are 5 Monk cards, and the Monk pile consists of 2 of each for 10 total cards. All Monks give you Prayer tokens and allow you to keep playing more Monks. Each of the Monks can redeem the Prayer tokens for some kind of resource (except the Abbot who just gathers together all the Monks), but not coins (Monks pray and work, but not for profit), so they can help your engine, but you need to get your payload elsewhere. (The images for Postulant, Brothers, and Prior are from some very cool beer-brewing monks in Norcia Italy. Novice is from some monks in New Mexico, and Abbot is a St. Benedict icon.)


There are 10 different Swordsman cards with costs ranging from $1 to $10 (1 of each in the pile), but they're basically all the same. It's a Peddler-variant plus a potent attack - like Militia, but they can't just discard their worst 2 cards, and you can get them down to 2 if you play more than one. However, playing more than one is tough because there can be only one (yeah, I probably should have used Highlanders instead of these awesome Angampora fighters). So, it's definitely a great card to have in your deck, but you only get to keep playing your Swordsman as long as no one has bought the next one. Once someone does, you get one more play and then it goes in the trash. At the beginning, you get a deal on this, but it's likely a one-off play. As the game progresses, you're essentially participating in an auction for exclusive right to the card. It's definitely worth more than $1, but are you going to pay as much as $10? Probably not. But if you do, you have to trash that one too. However, since you "won" the Swordsman pile, you get a Victory card of your choosing - much better than the guy who paid $9 for it.

Image credits:

I've playtested this several times with an unlimited number of Mortgage tokens, and admittedly, it feels sort of like a variant. If you want it to play more like a normal Event, just limit players to 1 or 2 Mortgage tokens (which you can re-use after removing from the pile via the rule on the event).

The art is public domain from here:

Variants and Fan Cards / A card that combos with Scout
« on: April 10, 2016, 09:13:40 pm »
There's another thread with a bracket for cards that combo with Scout. Here's my favorite. Unlike the other cards I've posted in my short time posting here, I've actually playtested this.

Variants and Fan Cards / Usurp the Throne: Event/Variant
« on: April 04, 2016, 09:43:45 pm »

The idea is that the Throne token moves around the Action cards every turn in a predictable order - say the order you lay the cards out in, from smallest to largest cost. When you play a card from the pile with the Throne token, it's like you played it with a Throne room. You can buy the event to move the token (and with +buy, you can move it several spaces in one turn), presumably to get it to land on an important card during your turn or to prevent opponents from having it on the piles beneficial to them.

Variants and Fan Cards / Events enabling you to get coin/VP tokens
« on: March 20, 2016, 01:31:22 pm »
Has anyone tried an event that allows you to modify a card so that it gives you coin/VP tokens when gained/played?

Some possibilities:

Invest $3
Place an investment token on an Kingdom Action supply pile. Whenever a player gains a card from that pile, you get +1vp.

Grift $7
Move your grift token to an Action supply pile. When another player plays a card from that pile, take a coin token.

I kind of like the idea that you benefit from something someone else does, but it'd be tough to balance for 2 vs. 4 players. What do you think?

Update: images

Update 2: New version of Grift requires discard to get the benefit - costs a little less. I think this helps with the strength and scaling problems.

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