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Game Reports / Did Pooka Really Help? Game 10179054
« on: January 02, 2018, 02:27:53 pm »
My son was playing OL, game 10179054. His brothers and I served as O Wise Advisers. The board was an ambassador/Bridge Troll mess, with the only draw being cursed village, Lost City, and the dreaded Pooka.  He focused on Cursed Village, which is a beautiful card except when you gain it, while our opponent built with Lost City and triple Ambassador.

After floundering around for 20 turns, and holding 8 or so curses, we panicked into buying a Pooka, while our opponent was buying caches (either to ambassador to us, because he didn't want Bandit Fort points, or because the game was just that painful). Then suddenly everything came together, we played all the right cards in perfect succession, returning 6 curses in two turns, trashing 4+ coppers, and drawing our whole deck on turn 24ish, leaving our opponent in misery (not literally; we got all the hexes), and prompting a resignation.

My questions:
- Did we just get lucky, or were we doing it right here? Was there a better way to build?
- Was the Pooka purchase actually important to the success of the engine, or was it coincidental?
- Given a 5/2 opening, would you have bought the troll and taken the curse (as he did), or would you have gone with the ambassador (or something else) to dodge the curse?



Help! / TF/Peddler: Friend or Foe?
« on: November 25, 2016, 01:31:11 pm »
Here is the kingdom I was playing:

Code: [Select]
Travelling Fair, Lighthouse, Squire, Urchin, Farming Village, Marauder, Explorer, Ghost Ship, Mountebank, Rabble, Peddler
Traveling Fair isn't showing, but it was there.

This turned out to be a really fascinating game, in which I was getting crushed, but came back to win. The game log is here:

This game led me to several questions. Even though I wound up winning in a stunning comeback, I don't really know why (was it luck, or was his deck bound to stall so starkly?). I also know I didn't play the game well, and would like tips.

Question 1: The opening
Heavy on attacks, I thought I'd need double lighthouse, with the hope of building a FV/Rabble engine with a Mountebank kicker that draws the deck and plays Lighthouse every turn. I opened LH/FV.
My opponent, by contrast, went for double Urchin to start, presumably thinking he would want the strong trashing of the Mercenary.
What is the best 4/3 opening with this kingdom? I'm inclined to think that getting a mercenary quickly should be a high priorirty, but I don't know that double urchin is the way to do that.

Question 2: Peddler Piling
As the game moved forward, my opponent had a few stronger hands (led by his mercenary clearing out some junk), and used TF/Peddler to clear out the Peddler pile. I didn't contest this because I didn't notice it right away.  My children (who play more than I do, but are 13, 11, and 9), think the Peddler turned my opponent's FVs into plain villages, whereas my FMs were really FMs.
My biggest question (hence the title of the post) is, "Is it possible that it was good for me not to contest the Peddler piling?"

Question 3: The Fall of Rome
After my opponent bought the first 3 provinces, and I was finally picking up a Mercenary to clean up my deck, I was prepared to resign. For some reason I decided to finish it out the game. Remarkably, my engine finally came together, and I consistently played Mercenary, Rabble, Mountebank every turn (what a devastating trio, if undefended). He only managed one more province and a dutchy while I gained 4 prvinces and gave him some curses, and I eeked out a win.

What made my opponent's engine stall so dramatically? Was this just bad luck, or is this unsurprising to the more experienced players in the community.

Any other advice about this game would be welcomed.


Rules Questions / Silk Road Scoring?
« on: November 19, 2016, 07:40:50 am »
Question has been removed for the sake of Squirezucco's dignity. The question was a "Squirezucco can't count" question.

For future reference: if you don't own a physical copy of a card, read the card carefully before you build a strategy around it.

Thank you, MQ, for the correct answer to a stupid question. My hope is that no one else actually read my question before you answered it.

Game Reports / How Could I have Won this Game?
« on: November 11, 2016, 11:20:32 am »
This is my first post of a game report. I'm looking for tips on this game:

Code: [Select]
Summon, Courtyard, Lookout, Bureaucrat, Salvager, Spice Merchant, Trader, Market, Minion, Outpost, Hireling
Note that I couldn't make the "Summon" show up above, but it wasn't used in the game so maybe it doesn't matter.

Game report here:

After some Spice Merchant work to thin our decks, it evolved into a Minion Engine +Outpost game. I (Squirezucco) was winning 3 provinces to one, mainly (I think) because I went for an outpost while my opponent went for Markets. At the end of what turned out to be my last turn, I Salvaged a Province into a Province. The thinking was that my engine was weakening, and "Chris is me" might get double province next turn, but I could still beat them even if I can't province anymore by salvaging provinces for provinces and getting a duchy.

As it turned out, CIM was able to pull a triple province, and eek out a win.

The small question is, "Should I have Salvaged the Province on my second-to-last turn?" The bigger question is, "How should I have been thinking through that last turn to maximize my chances of winning?"

Expert advice on that or any part of the game is welcome.


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