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Dominion Isotropic / Isotropic request. Level by # of players
« on: September 29, 2011, 05:44:22 pm »
I'd love to see levels broken out by #of players.  Basically 3 separate ladders and leader boards to represent 2player, 3player, and 4player games.

This is something I thought it should have since the first time I played there, and was just reminded of it in a different thread talking about 4p tournaments.  4p dominion takes a very different strategy than 2-player dominion, and it'd be nice to have more accurate representations of levels. 

For example today I'm level 25, but if you look at my record I have exactly one 2p game played (and i don't even remember why I have that) 435 3p games and 32 4p games.  I'm probably not a lvl 25 in 2p.  I've only played a few 2p games ftf.  Almost all games I've ever played are 3-4.  And if some other lvl 25 who has played thousands of 2p games jumps into his first ever 3p game with me, we are probably not equally leveled.  And then there's also the higher variance factor with more players which may lower rankings of those who play 3-4p.

With tournaments actually popping up now of different formats for # of players it may be helpful for those hardcore players to see where they stand relatively in each format.

I don't know how your level would be displayed though as cluttering up everyone with multiple levels would make things ugly.  Just keeping the "one ladder" level, and having a separate 2p-3p-4p specific leaderboards hidden somewhere for us who care to look at might be best.

Anyone else agree, or am I just crazy?

Regardless of my request, thanks for Isotropic.

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