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Dominion Articles / Chariot Race
« on: April 01, 2019, 07:23:16 am »

Normally, people never wake up from their fantasy worlds. They live meaningless lives. They waste their precious days over nothing. No matter how old they get, they continue saying, "My real life hasn't started yet. The real me is asleep. That's why my life is such garbage." They continue to tell themselves that. And they age. Then die. And on their deathbeds, they finally realize: The life they lived was the real thing. People don't live provisional lives, nor do they die provisional deaths. That's a simple fact. The problem is whether they realize that simple fact.

Dominion General Discussion / Thunderdominion Card List Results
« on: January 07, 2019, 09:31:38 pm »
On Dominion Discord, we've spent the past several months working on a group card ranking project. The method (stolen from Mekkah from the Fire Emblem reddit community--check out his videos on Youtube if you love FE btw) was as such:
1. We focused on one expansion at a time.
2. Voters chose what they thought was the best card and worst card in the set.
3. I waited until a decent number of people had voted, and then added the winner and loser to the list in first and last place.
4. I removed those two cards from the pool and everyone voted on the best and worst of the REMAINING cards.
5. Repeat 2-4 until the entire set was ranked.

You may think you have an exciting, original criticism of this methodology. You are incorrect. We already debated it to death over the past few months, lol. It is what it is! If you'd like to run a "better" version, please join us on the server and do so if you would like to! It might be fun to compare the results to the Qvist Lists or something. Here's that link:

Events were ranked all in one group. Projects were ranked after, as Renaissance came out during the process. It should be noted that (for whatever this is worth) the majority of voters were top players, though sometimes even they had trouble reaching consensus.

As an added wrinkle, all votes were public and everyone was encouraged to debate placements, so lots of vote changes happened. We all learned things.

At any rate, we've come to the end, and I can't quite capture the entire experience for you if you missed it, but here are the lists. I was going to make a podcast type video series going over each one, but I just can't make that happen--my home is too noisy and I never have any free time. Text will have to do.

Explanation of the numbers: If you see Donate (11/12), that means there were 12 total voters and 11 selected Donate. Simple as that.

Final Base Rankings:
1. Chapel (25/26)
2. Sentry (19/26)
3. Witch (13/19)
4. Throne Room (13/23)
5. Artisan (15/21)
6. Militia (14/21)
7. Village (12/24)
8. Laboratory (17/30)
9. Moneylender (12/20)
10. Smithy (13/22)
11. Festival (9/29)
12. Remodel (12/25)
13. Council room (15/27)
14. Market (12/27)
15. Merchant (15/25)
16. Workshop (12/29)
17. Poacher (11/22)
18. Bandit (10/20)
19. Vassal (14/30)
20. Cellar (9/24)
21. Library (9/21)
22. Moat (10/21)
23. Gardens (11/23)
24. Harbinger (15/19)
25. Mine (17/26)
26. Bureaucrat (18/26)

Complete Intrigue List:

1. Masquerade (10/12)
2. Steward (8/12)
3. Torturer (11/23)
4. Upgrade (15/23)
5. Bridge (19/29)
6. Swindler (19/25)
7. Replace (13/26)
8. Minion (15/19)
9. Ironworks (11/26)
10. Lurker (11/24)
11. Nobles (9/14)
12. Mill (10/26)
13. Mining Village (10/11)
14. Conspirator (10/11)
15. Patrol (9/26)
16. Diplomat (9/14)
17. Courtyard (12/24)
18. Courtier (11/26)
19. Wishing well (10/19)
20. Secret passage (22/26)
21. Baron (14/25)
22. Shanty Town (11/29)
23. Trading Post (12/23)
24. Pawn (9/22)
25. Duke (11/12)
26. Harem (11/12)

Complete Seaside list:
1. Ambassador (14/20)
2. Wharf (12/12)
3. Ghost ship (18/28)
4. Outpost (13/33)
5. Fishing village (16/27)
6. Lookout (17/22)
7. Bazaar (17/26)
8. Salvager (10/25)
9. Warehouse (10/25)
10. Caravan (10/28)
11. Sea Hag (13/30)
12. Lighthouse (15/24)
13. Native village (10/13)
14. Tactician (-3/62)
15. Smugglers (11/24)
16. Haven (14/30)
17. Treasury (24/28)
18. Island (11/25)
19. Cutpurse (15/25)
20. Explorer (15/26)
21. Pearl diver (15/22)
22. Treasure map (18/27)
23. Embargo (23/33)
24. Merchant ship (11/28)
25. Navigator (11/12)
26. Pirate ship (12/20)

Complete Alchemy List:

1. Scrying pool (16/17)
2. Possession (12/17)
3. Familiar (9/13)
4. Apprentice (10/14)
5. Vineyard (9/16)
6. University (10/12)
7. Alchemist (100/120)
8. Apothecary (9/16)
9. Golem (14/14)
10. Herbalist (10/13)
11. Transmute (17/17)
12. Philosopher's stone (10/17)

Compete Prosperity list:
1. Goons (16/27)
2. King's court (21/22)
3. Mountebank (12/12)
4. Worker's Village (9/20)
5. Quarry (13/25)
6. Grand market (16/22)
7. Peddler (20/26)
8. City (12/20)
9. Watchtower (16/28)
10. Rabble (15/24)
11. Expand (10/21)
12. Mint (10/26)
13. Bishop
14. Forge (12/26)
15. Loan (10/21)
16. Bank (10/24)
17. Monument (13/28)
18. Vault (12/20)
19. Hoard (13/26)
20. Talisman (13/22)
21. Trade Route (16/25)
22. Venture (17/20)
23. Contraband (11/12)
24. Counting house (11/22)
25. Royal seal (14/27)

Complete  Cornucopia list:
1. Remake (17/23)
2. Tournament (9/12)
3. Hunting party (13/15)
4. Horn of plenty (15/28)
5. Menagerie (18/20)
6. Hamlet (14/16)
7. Farming Village
8. Young Witch (14/16)
9. Fairgrounds (14/20)
10. Jester (13/28)
11. Horse traders (10/15)
12. Fortune teller (12/12)
13. Harvest (23/23)

Final Hinterlands list:
1. Margrave (19/19)
2. Border Village (15/34)
3. Spice merchant (13/24)
4. Highway (10/21)
5. Haggler (13/24)
6. Stables (22/22)
7. Scheme (13/30)
8. Jack of all trades (25/29)
9. Inn (11/20)
10. Ill-gotten gains (12/25)
11. Develop (14/28)
12. Crossroads (10/20)
13. Fool's gold (12/14)
14. Oracle (12/14)
15. Cartographer (16/20)
16. Embassy (12/28)
17. Oasis (16/25)
18. Tunnel (10/20)
19. Farmland (12/29)
20. Trader (16/30)
21. Nomad camp (10/22)
22. Silk road (19/24)
23. Mandarin (21/21)
24. Noble brigand (18/24)
25. Cache (17/34)
26. Duchess (11/19)

Complete Dark Ages List:
1. Cultist (18/25)
2. Urchin (11/21)
3. Hermit (15/31)
4. Wandering minstrel (15/20)
5. Counterfeit (14/28)
6. Junk Dealer (12/22)
7. Forager (15/25)
8. Ironmonger (12/27)
9. Fortress (8/20)
10. Knights (9/22)
11. Altar (11/20)
12. Count (14/30)
13. Procession (10/20)
14. Bandit camp (10/23)
15. Market Square (12/26)
16. Catacombs (11/28)
17. Hunting Grounds (12/20)
18. Squire
19. Marauder (15/20)
20. Armory (18/28)
21. Graverobber (13/26)
22. Rebuild (9/23)
23. Scavenger (13/20)
24. Storeroom (15/30)
25. Rats (10/20)
26. Vagrant (12/22)
27. Band of misfits (11/20)
28. Rogue (11/27)
29. Mystic (9/25)
30. Sage (15/22)
31. Poor house (17/28)
32. Death cart (11/20)
33. Feodum (14/31)
34. Beggar (13/21)
35. Pillage (10/25)

Compete Guilds list:

1. Butcher (28/29)
2. Stonemason (15/23)
3. Herald (11/15)
4. Doctor (15/27)
5. Plaza (20/23)
6. Advisor (19/19)
7. Journeyman
8. Baker (15/19)
9. Merchant guild (12/23)
10. Soothsayer (11/27)
11. Candlestick maker (9/15)
12. Masterpiece (23/23)
13. Taxman (16/29)

Complete Adventures List:

1. Peasant (17/22)
2. Page (24/24)
3. Dungeon (9/27)
4. Amulet (13/29)
5. Gear (13/24)
6. Bridge troll (15/26)
7. Raze (12/26)
8. Lost city (9/30)
9. Magpie (9/21)
10. Port (11/24)
11. Haunted Woods (10/28)
12. Royal Carriage (15/24)
13. Storyteller (19/23)
14. Coin of the realm (16/24)
15. Artificer (12/23)
16. Ratcatcher (11/23)
17. Transmogrify (12/24)
18. Swamp hag (12/23)
19. Relic (10/24)
20. Distant lands (13/28)
21. Ranger (10/24)
22. Hireling (11/21)
23. Wine merchant (23/30)
24. Guide (13/26)
25. Treasure trove (12/26)
26. Duplicate (11/24)
27. Messenger (12/29)
28. Giant (11/27)
29. Miser (16/24)
30. Caravan guard (10/22)

Final Empires list:

1. City Quarter (12/22)
2. Groundskeeper (13/30)
3. Villa (9/22)
4. Encampment/Plunder (13/28)
5. Overlord (16/30)
6. Catapult/Rocks (17/26)
7. Crown (15/21)
8. Chariot Race (11/26)
9. Forum (13/28)
10. Archive (12/26)
11. Enchantress (12/21)
12. Wild hunt (12/14)
13. Engineer (2/14)
14. Sacrifice (13/21)
15. Patrician/Emporium (15/26)
16. Legionary (12/28)
17. Charm (13/26)
18. Castles (16/21)
19. Temple (12/26)
20. Capital (12/30)
21. Settlers/Bustling village (12/28)
22. Royal blacksmith (12/23)
23. Gladiator/Fortune (12/30)
24. Farmer's Market (9/22)

Complete Nocturne list:
1. Vampire (11/15)
2. Exorcist (7/19)
3. Cursed village (10/18)
4. Den of Sin (18/24)
5. Blessed Village (13/25)
6. Shepherd (16/21)
7. Devil's Workshop (7/23)
8. Tragic Hero (11/23)
9. Monastery (8/18)
10. Cemetery (11/21)
11. Ghost Town (18/20)
12. Pixie (12/22)
13. Werewolf (16/20)
14. Conclave (11/18)
15. Necromancer (11/20)
16. Changeling (10/22)
17. Skulk
18. Secret cave (10/22)
19. Sacred Grove (7/20)
20. Tormentor (10/18)
21. Guardian (11/20)
22. Night Watchman (10/22)
23. Leprechaun (11/20)
24. Idol (10/21)
25. Druid (9/18)
26. Pooka (9/23)
27. Tracker (9/23)
28. Faithful hound (10/21)
29. Cobbler (12/25)
30. Crypt (9/24)
31. Bard (11/18)
32. Fool (18/19)
33. Raider (15/15)


1. Recruiter (20/20)
2. Priest (9/26)
3. Silk merchant (11/24)
4. Seer (15/28)
5. Treasurer (11/23)
6. Inventor (14/26)
7. Old witch (11/21)
8. Improve (8/24)
9. Hideout (10/22)
10. Lackeys (15/21)
11. Sculptor (11/21)
12. Mountain village (11/20)
13. Swashbuckler (winner)
14. Spices (11/20)
15. Cargo Ship (13/21)
16. Experiment (10/21)
17. Research (14/22)
18. Scepter (13/24)
19. Border guard (12/21)
20. Patron (9/26)
21. Flag bearer (13/23)
22. Ducat (14/28)
23. Acting troupe (12/24)
24. Scholar (12/26)
25. Villain (9/20)

Final Event rankings:
1. Donate (11/11)
2. Save (16/22)
3. Inheritance (14/23)
4. Ferry (9/25)
5. Pathfinding (13/28)
6. Bonfire (13/17)
7. Plan (13/25)
8. Lost Arts (10/17)
9. Summon (12/26)
10. Mission (10/26)
11. Alms (10/25)
12. Travelling Fair (10/25)
13. Dominate (11/15)
14. Training (13/24)
15. Seaway (10/20)
16. Triumph (15/23)
17. Borrow (12/18)
18. Expedition (6/18)
19. Ball (14/23)
20. Advance (12/20)
21. Trade (11/24)
22. Delve (15/15)
23. Scouting Party (13/25)
24. Pilgrimage (12/25)
25. Windfall (7/26)
26. Salt the Earth (11/26)
27. Conquest (10/17)
28. Wedding (11/25)
29. Banquet (16/17)
30. Quest (21/28)
31. Ritual (20/25)
32. Tax (11/23)
33. Raid (11/22)
34. Annex (10/11)

Complete Projects list:
1. Star chart (9/13)
2. Cathedral (16/19)
3. Sinister plot (11/22)
4. Academy (10/20)
5. Innovation (11/18)
6. Sewers (10/18)
7. Citadel (9/20)
8. Fleet (8/17)
9. Canal (10/20)
10. Capitalism (11/16)
11. Pageant (11/16)
12. Fair (13/20)
13. Guildhall (8/17)
14. Piazza (8/20)
15. Barracks (8/18)
16. Crop rotation (9/18)
17. Silos (10/20)
18. Exploration (10/22)
19. City gate (9/19)
20. Road network (13/13)

Final Promos List:
1. Governor (14/14)
2. Black Market (23/27)
3. Suana/Avanto (19/22)
4. Envoy (16/22)
5. Walled Village (16/22)
6. Prince (19/22)
7. Dismantle (15/27)
8. Stash (15/15)

Dominion Videos and Streams / JSH's Dominion Tier List Series
« on: May 29, 2018, 10:27:57 am »
Here is a fun series I started. Hopefully I finish it.

Dominion Articles / Haggler / [Landmark]
« on: April 02, 2018, 10:43:31 pm »

Today I have a very simple interaction to discuss.

The idea
Using Haggler, you can purchase a card (typically I am talking about Province or Duchy) while also gaining a cheaper card that gives you points in some manner. This is most obviously a strong play when Obelisk is in the kingdom with a useful target. This is a pretty basic combo, but one I often see overlooked; you should keep in mind that Haggler becomes much more versatile whenever these Landmarks are around.

Why is it important to remember?
One of Haggler's main weaknesses is that it cannot gain a Victory card with its ability, which means that it typically cannot be used to accrue points in the endgame. With the help of Landmarks, Haggler can make up for this weakness. As an example, purchasing a Province and gaining a Laboratory (with Obelisk attached) nets 8 points instead of 6. This matters a lot especially in close games, where a 2 point edge might win you the game.

Triumphal Arch
I've focused on Obelisk above, but Triumphal Arch has a notable interaction with Haggler as well. Often in Arch games, you will spend extra time building a deck that uses 2 specific actions to try and build up points before greening. Haggler allows you to green while also picking up Arch points. 2 Hagglers even allows you to do less math, as you can gain 1 of each desired card at once!

Other Landmarks that follow a similar principle: Aqueduct, Colonnade, Museum, Orchard, Palace, Tower. Non-Landmarks: Fairgrounds and Border Village (Duchy gain). Odds are, you can come up with other examples.

Dominion Articles / The Worst Card in Dominion #1
« on: February 08, 2018, 10:58:59 pm »

Chapel is the worst card in Dominion. While trashing cards is undeniably a powerful effect, and Chapel can trash more cards than most other options, the opportunity cost of purchasing the card is simply too great. Here are five reasons why Chapel is clearly the worst card in the game.

5. Opening Chapel stifles your early-game economy
It's best to get trashers early in the game in order to remove Coppers and Estates and get a tempo boost; as such, the only practical time to purchase Chapel is typically in the opening. However, when opening Chapel, players are forced to spend several turns producing little to no $. The disadvantage of doing so is potentially huge, as Chapel openers are forced to pass on purchasing key cards or even cards like Silver that are useful in the early game.

4. Chapel is a completely dead card in the mid to late game
In a typical game of Dominion, players will only have ten cards worth trashing from their decks. Once they have been trashed, Chapel remains in the deck, now a dead card that can even interfere with starting a powerful action chain if the stars misalign. Even worse, if Chapel should fail to trash all of the starting deck early in the game, the player is often better off playing cards that are better in the mid-late game to score $8 or perhaps attack the opponent, leaving those piddly Coppers and Estates in the mix regardless. The card's lack of use outside of the early game hurts it tremendously.

3. Unlike other trashers, you get no benefit from trashing cards with Chapel
Besides the obvious removal of bad cards from the deck, Chapel does nothing for you. Other cards such as Junk Dealer, Altar, and Trade Route provide a benefit for doing the dirty work, meaning you do not have to sacrifice as much to play them. Cards like Steward and Loan even have serious flexibility, fitting in to all kinds of deck types. Chapel is just all or nothing.

2. Chapel is weak against handsize attacks
Particularly if the player does not have any nonterminal draw, Chapel does not accomplish its potential early in the game while under attack. A Militia or Catapult (which also gets to trash!) neuters the potential early game advantage of opening Chapel, forcing the player to either meekly trash less than Chapel is capable of or pass up trashing to purchase better cards. While these kinds of attacks are not in every game, they nonetheless further discourage opting for Chapel when present.

1. Chapel turns the game into a gamble
Here is the most critical weakness of Chapel. When opening Chapel, you are banking on drawing it Turn 3 or 4 in order to trash four starting cards. If Chapel misses both of these turns, there is a high chance the game has been lost because you have invested in a lost cause. Your deck will still have twelve cards, and eleven of them are still junk. Only slightly less problematic is the case of drawing Chapel with your other opening card, rendering that card ineffective in the early game. This is especially significant if the other card is a powerful one (like Mountebank or Goons in a Baker game) or a particularly critical one to play early like Peasant. Yet another potentially deadly case is the hand of Chapel/4 Copper. While trashing 4 Copper is usually a good move in the long run, crippling your economy and ending up with a deck that still has 4 dead cards (Chapel and 3 Estates) can be devastating. Do you want to risk all of these scenarios occurring? If so, Chapel is a compelling option. Otherwise, it is best avoided in favor of more practical, tried-and-true cards like Silver.

Dominion Articles / Hot Take: Triumph
« on: September 07, 2017, 04:33:47 pm »
This is a messy article that I'm sure is missing some nuances. I just felt like writing something. I hope it helps somebody.

In Adam Horton's recent analysis of a reddit card ranking poll, Triumph was the second-most controversial pick of the lot, with ratings ranging from 2/10 to 9/10 and an extremely high variance. It's understandable; until you have lost to a good Triumph strategy, you might be inclined to think it's a mediocre event. I'm here to argue that Triumph is anything but that, and it can in fact be such a centralizing endgame purchase that it should weigh into your plans from the start of the game unless there's just no way to make it good.

When is Triumph good?
To put it simply, when you have ways of gaining many cards in a turn. These gains could come from +Buy, traditional gainers such as Ironworks or Workshop, Remodel variants, or even non-traditional gainers like Bandit Camp and Beggar. As long as you are gaining cards during turns, Triumph has the potential to explode, and the more you can gain, the better it gets.

As a simple example, Beggar gains three cards to your hand (Copper). The Estate gained from purchasing Triumph adds another, and as a result, Triumph grants you 4 virtual victory points. That's more than a Duchy, and you potentially paid $0 for this Event. (taking Debt tokens) You might be thinking, "but Beggar gains me crappy cards!" Well, Beggar isn't the only synergy. Let's take the example of Bandit Camp. If you manage to get five of them and play them all, that's a Spoils per play, and those also factor into your point total. Spoils are nice, right? But you need not necessarily be loading your deck with stop cards like treasure and victory cards.

Let's say you don't even want to commit to gaining cards just for Triumph. The truth is, gainers are already good things to have in your deck in most cases. You WANT a way to get mass amounts of Villages or other components. Spending $7 on 2 cards is often better than just buying a Gold. Triumph is icing on the cake. When your deck is humming along and gaining you great stuff ALREADY, but all of a sudden the end of the game is near, that's when you light the fuse and go in on Triumph to capitalize on what your deck can already do!

That's a lot of points
Novice and mid-level Dominion players fall victim to the cost-sunk fallacy a lot. "Since Province costs $8, surely it's better than something that costs 5D!" However, the math is quite clear with Triumph. If you gain more than 6 points, you are paying less for a value higher than what the Province could have given you. To be fair, the end goal of the game is a concern. Perhaps lowering the Province pile is valuable since you want to end the game more quickly. However, something to keep in mind is that games where Triumph is important have a good chance of ending on piles since many cards are being gained; you might as well make one of those a 10-point Estate, huh? Maybe you think this is just an extreme good case for Triumph, but that case is more common than it sounds on paper. Bear in mind, Triumph has a similarity with Goons: you can always purchase Coppers at the end of the game to power up your Triumph turn. Let's say you have a game with Worker's Village and split the pile even. 5 of those is 5 extra buys, so with the additional Estate gain from Triumph, you're already beating Province. (Of course, you need not purchase Copper if more useful cards are affordable)

Victory Points are for the end of the game
In almost any game of Dominion, you want to delay greening as long as possible, and the same is true for Triumph. It's especially true if you can continue to gain Gainers and build up to a better Triumph purchase, but no matter what the case, waiting is generally a good plan. With that said, if your opponent is similarly interested in Triumph, it may be necessary to contest Estates earlier in the game than normal. This is a judgment call, and it's the same as any other greening judgment call you'd make in Dominion, only with the huge caveat that you can spend $0 to purchase Triumph. Remember that only 5 pre-Triumph gains means 6 points (as much as a Province) and you can potentially do a lot better! How many times have you built a huge engine, had a bunch of Buys at the end of the turn and had to click "End Turn" because there was nothing good to spend them on? I'm just saying, Triumph and its tempting cost gives you a magnificent option.

Something to keep in mind is that there's no limit on how many Triumphs you can purchase as long as enough Estates are in the supply. As long as you have $5 or more (and multiple buys), multiple Triumphs are an excellent endgame play; each one you do will be worth one extra point as well. In fact, in many cases, this will be flat-out better than buying a Province. In nearly all cases, points-wise, it's better than buying a Duchy.


The best way to counter someone going for Triumph, generally, is to buy your own Triumphs. Maybe that goes without saying. However, there could be reasons this isn't feasible. If the Estate pile is getting low, do bear in mind you have the option of denying potential points from a Triumphing opponent by simply buying Estates. Usually, this is a losing play since the player building up to Triumph probably has an overwhelming endgame control advantage, but it's important to keep the tactic in mind just in case it comes up. Remember that Estates are cheap, and if you have +Buys you can easily burn the pile. Another situation could be that you are shooting for Provinces and your opponent is just slogging it out with Triumph. If that's the case, you do not want the game to drag out and need to green hard, possibly accelerating with cards like Salvager or Rebuild to get big payloads. Even then, I'd be a little afraid.

Conclusion, if any
Triumph is a powerful event. Like many cards in the game, it's situational, but don't let that fool you into thinking those situations never happen, or you will one day be on the receiving end of a devastating point gulf because of Triumph. If there are ways to gain cards in the game, one of the first things you should be asking yourself is whether you can make Triumph more than or equally as valuable as Province.

Dominion: Nocturne Previews / Dominion: Nocturne announced!
« on: August 03, 2017, 07:54:21 am »

You've always been a night person; lately you've even considered becoming a vampire. There are a lot of advantages: you don't age; you don't have to see yourself in mirrors anymore; if someone asks you to do something, you can just turn into a bat, and then say, sorry, I'm a bat. There are probably some downsides though. You always think of the statue in the town square, that came to life, and now works as the tavern barmaid. The pedestal came to life too, so she has to hop around. The village blacksmith turns into a wolf whenever there's a full moon; when there's a crescent moon, he turns into a chihuahua. That's how this stuff goes sometimes. Still, when you breathe in the night air, you feel ready for anything.

Your Greatest Opponent: Advice from a Top Dominion Player

Recognize the Elephant in the Room

Not too long ago, I reached #3 on the Dominion Online leaderboard, the only two players above me being two of the best players the game has ever seen. It was a surprisingly humbling experience; I had come off of a hot streak, and didnít feel I had truly earned my placing. Since then, I have stayed in the Top 8 or so, and the experience got me thinking about the way I play, the way my opponents play, and the future of myself playing this game.

In reflecting on this, I came to an important realization: my greatest opponent in this game was not Stef, who was #1 at the time, but my own dumb self. I remembered the only time I had a tournament match against Stef, the SemiFinals of last yearís Dominion Strategy Championships. Without getting into too many boring specifics, I threw two of those games: one by making a tragic endgame mistake and misjudging his number of buys, another by missing a complicated pile-out that I recognized on the next turn. If I had won those two games, thereís a chance I would have been ďthe bestĒ for some period of time. To be honest, I was broken up over this for about two weeks. But truthfully, what would that win even have meant? I certainly wouldnít be the best Dominion player in the world! Obviously, Stef still existedóhe would have just played some cards incorrectly and let me win on a fluke.

However, in thinking about this reflection, I realized the best thing that tournament had done for me: it forced me to carefully consider these two critical decision points that I ruined for myself. Sure, Stef took advantage of my mistakes, but there was nothing I could have done (short of blackmail) to influence that. To find those winning plays, I had to go back and look at the dumb idiot who made the bad plays and figure out how he could fix them. Thereís a natural resistance to doing this, as we want to believe we played games well and donít want to dwell on errors, but AS I SEE IT this is the path to reaching the top. It dawned on me that certainly Stef and any other top player did the same thing, consciously or not, and that was what separated them from players who always seemed to miss the things top players saw.

Preface and Plugs

This article wonít be longóitís simply a bulleted list of points I want players who wish to reach the top to consider. My audience is online players in the 2 player metagame, but hopefully some of these lessons can apply to other metagames as well. These are lessons from my own perspective, and they are primarily about maintaining a winning mentality. If you want specific strategy advice, do check out the Strategy section on the dominionstrategy wiki or other good resources like the Dominion Discord channel. (Yeah, yeah, I have to plug it once in a while so it stays alive)

A quick note about Simulations: I donít use them, but they are certainly a tool that Dominion players should keep in mind. If you want to reach a high level at the game, it will suffice to learn basic lessons from sims, such as which Big Money strategies are good on dead boards and which simple engines beat others. The reason I bring sims up at all is because using them falls under the category of reflective thinking, so if you are a mathematically minded person, this could be up your alley. My one warning is not to take sim results as gospel, as itís a rare game of Dominion where other factors arenít in play besides the ones you analyzed.

Things a Top Player Does (Or at Least I do)
1. Play less and be careful when you play. Yeah, play the game less. Odds are, you got to where you are by playing lots of games and learning how all the cards work, so this might seem counter-intuitive, but itís one of the secrets to my success. I went from playing 10-20 games a day to playing 1-5 on average, taking breaks in-between, and saw considerable growth. Iím not a scientist, but I believe there are some key reasons this matters.
 a) I reiterate: take breaks. Donít play a zillion games in a row.
 b) Auto-piloting. Even the best players arenít ďonĒ in every game they play. Maybe you start getting sleepy, maybe your mind wanders, and maybe you get fixated on playing certain sequences of cards without considering other options. The best way to avoid auto-piloting is to play less. Youíre only human; you canít play optimally every time.
 c) Donít play ranked games when youíre sick, tired, stressed, or under any other condition that might affect your play. If playing Dominion is therapeutic for you, Iím not here to judge, but you will do yourself a service by playing unranked or Bot games. Maybe ask a friend or someone on Discord if they want to play. This might seem like obvious advice, but Iím guilty of it myself: one time I even showed up for a tournament match with a death flu. It went really, really poorly.
 d) Taking an extended break and returning with a fresh mentality can do wonders. I recently took about one week, maybe more, off the game and came back with my hottest win streak ever. I saw combos I had never even thought about before. Maybe it was all in my head, sure, but I believe I was in a rut with the game. When you find yourself in a similar slump, consider the benefits of getting a fresh set of eyes.

2. Look for your mistakes and figure out what you could have done better. Do this every time you lose, and do it when you won but felt shaky. You donít have to read the log line by line and scan for every single mistake (Though that will be hugely beneficial to you) but you do need to be AWARE of why you lost a game or won it less efficiently than you could have. If you donít want to take my word for it, take the word of Armada (the current top Super Smash Bros. Melee player). After every tournament, he watches all of his matches and some of othersí back and looks for improvements (often on stream so others can give input). This is a common practice among the best players in pretty much every game out there, and itís ultimately very logical stuff.

 a. One approach I like to take is to answer a simple question: Where did I go wrong? See if you can find the exact turn. You might be thinking, ďitís around turn 12 when I got a Gold instead of a Duchy, so I didnít have enough points.Ē Sometimes itís that simple, but usually it isnít. Try to think several steps BACK, the reverse of how chess masters think several steps FORWARD. What got you in the position of making that Gold mistake? Often, this process can take you all the way back to your opening. You donít have a time machine and you canít fix what you did, but when you inevitably run up against a similar situation, your brain will have a better idea what to do.
 b. Donít blame bad luck. It happens and thereís nothing you can do about it, but I would venture that 9 times out of 10, you still made some mistake prior to the bad luck event or a mistake after the bad luck that made things worse. If you got shafted during a game, ask yourself instead: is there something I could have done to make this better? Really grasp at straws if you need to.

3. Donít underestimate anyone. Sure, maybe you got matched against a guy 40 levels below you and now think your silly Duchess-Oasis rush is going to win. Maybe it even will, but if you won that game you did nothing to improve as a player. Even good players play poorly, and playing against bad plays is just as important as playing against good ones. Also donít assume your opponent is going to miss a high-level tactic; you canít magically make them ignore a pile-out or ignore a key card. The reason Iím bringing this up is because I do it all the timeówe all do. We get fixated on irrelevant factors like level numbers and miss the fact that any player can play the same cards we do or play around their draws better than we do. If you see a silly experimental strategy, consider playing it afterward in an unranked game, but donít try it on ranked mode unless you are okay with potentially losing the game.

4. Play your Opponentís turn mentally. I have a bad habit of talking to myself and narrating my decisions, which drives my wife crazy. Maybe you do this in your head. At first, I only did this for my own thought process, but after a while I realized that understanding my opponent was equally important and I started asking what I would do in the other position. When your opponent is at a decision point, ask yourself what they should do, take mental note of what they actually do, and then ask yourself if any defied expectations seemed better than you thought (often this is easier to tell after a game). Reading your opponent is an art, but itís helpful because you effectively get to think through each game from two different perspectives at a time. Be generous and recognize when your opponent makes a good playómaybe youíll use it in the future. The most obvious benefit of watching your opponent is that you become more cognizant of what his deck can do. For instance, if they have 5 Markets, you should be aware that they have six Buys, so leaving an easy pile-out for them is not advisable. However, itís just as important to get a feel for how other players make choices so you can look for improvements in your own play.

5. You arenít the best, even if the numbers say youíre the bestógetting cocky and putting all the importance in scores is going to make you fall hard and feel terrible when you start playing poorly because of it. There is always room to improve, so donít assume that having some internet points automatically makes you a good player. I learn new things about this game all the time, and Iíve been playing it a criminal amount of time. Improving at Dominion is a process that doesnít end because there is simply too much to consider.

6. Finally, when you watch other good players play, donít do it passively. This is like playing your opponentís turn in stereo: 3 different perspectives are at work, and you can learn from them all. Personally, I donít watch other players much anymore myself, but if I truly cared about reaching #1, this is something I would try and do more often.

I hope if you read this it helped you think about playing Dominion better, and if you knew everything I said, thatís cool too. Remember that you are human; you make mistakes and are subject to any number of vices or outside factors that can hurt your gameplay. Your opponents are human, too, and the best ones will be improving in their own ways at the same time you are. Donít take your current knowledge for granted!

Tournaments and Events / Crew Battle Third Round
« on: October 13, 2016, 02:01:59 pm »
The second round is underway!

Round 3:
jsh 4-0 drsteelhammer (drsteelhammer eliminated) WW: 16


Mic Qsenoch (4)
jsh357 (4)
Emil (4)
breppert (4)
polot38 (4)

[4] WEED WHACKERS - 2 wins
Dan Brooks (4)
Seprix (4)
drsteelhammer (0)
tracer (4)
Lekkit (4)

LaLight (4)
2.71828..... (4)
Qvist (4)
Burning Skull (4)
Idontplaythisgame (4)

singletee (4)
Limetime (4)
ceviri (4)
gkrieg13 (4)
amoffett11 (4)

Round 2:

Matches so far:
polot 4-2 Lalight (lalight eliminated) IWB: 18 FIM: 16
E 2-0 polot (polot eliminated) iwb: 16
e 4-0 Emil (Emil eliminated) iwb: 12
Mic 4-0 e (e eliminated) fim: 12
bskull 4-2 Mic (Mic eliminated) iwb: 8 fim: 10
bskull 4-0 jsh (jsh eliminated) iwb: 4
breppert 2-0 bskull (bskull eliminated) fim: 8
idontplaythisgame 4-0 breppert (breppery eliminated) iwb: 0

amoffett 4-2 Lekkit (Lekkit eliminated) TEOP: 18 WW: 16
Dan 2-0 amoffett (amoffett eliminated) TEOP: 16
Dan 4-2 singletee (singletee eliminated) TEOP: 12 WW: 14
Dan 4-0 Limetime (Limetime eliminated) TROP: 8
ceviri 2-0 Dan (Dan eliminated) WW: 12
ceviri 4-2 drsteel (drsteel eliminated) WW: 8 TEOP: 6
gkrieg 4-0 Seprix (Seprix eliminated) WW: 4
tracer 4-2 gkrieg (gkrieg eliminated) WW: 2 TEOP: 2
tracer 2-0 ceviri (ceviri eliminated) TEOP: 0

Mic Qsenoch (0)
jsh357 (0)
Emil (0)
breppert (0)
polot38 (0)

LaLight (0)
2.71828..... (0)
Qvist (4)
Burning Skull (0)
Idontplaythisgame (4)

[4] WEED WHACKERS - 2 wins
Dan Brooks (0)
Seprix (0)
drsteelhammer (0)
tracer (2)
Lekkit (0)

singletee (0)
Limetime (0)
ceviri (0)
gkrieg13 (0)
amoffett11 (0)


Matches so far:
singletee 2-0 jsh (jsh eliminated) IWB:16
Mic 2-0 singletee (singletee eliminated) TEOP: 14
Mic 2-1 Limetime (limetime eliminated) IWB: 14 TEOP: 12
Mic 2-0 Ceviri (Ceviri eliminated TEOP: 8
Amoffett 1-0 Mic (Mic eliminated) IWB: 12
ammoffett 2-1 breppert (breppert eliminated) IWB: 8 TEOP: 6
Emil 1-0 amoffett (amoffett eliminated) TEOP: 4
Emil 2-1 gkrieg (gkrieg eliminated) IWB: 6 TEOP: 0

Dan 2-0 BSkull (BSkull eliminated) FIM: 16
e 2-1 Dan (Dan eliminated) FIM: 14 WW: 16
Seprix 1-1 e (e eliminated) FIM: 12 WW: 14
Seprix 2-0 Qvist (Qvist eliminated) FIM: 8
Lalight 1-0 Seprix (Seprix eliminated) WW: 12
Lalight 2-0 drsteelhammer (Drsteelhammer eliminated) WW: 8
Lekkit 2-0 Lalight (Lalight eliminated) FIM: 4
Lekkit 2-1 idontplaythisgame (idptg eliminated) WW: 6 FIM: 0

LaLight (0)
2.71828..... (0)
Qvist (0)
Burning Skull (0)
Idontplaythisgame (0)*

Mic Qsenoch (0)
jsh357 (0)
Emil (2)*
breppert (0)
polot38 (4)

singletee (0)
Limetime (0)
ceviri (0)
gkrieg13 (0)
amoffett11 (0)

Dan Brooks (0)
Seprix (0)
drsteelhammer (0)
tracer (4)
Lekkit (2)

A large amount of communication is being done on Discord for this, but I will update posts to keep the other players/interested parties in the loop.

Tournaments and Events / Crew Battle Drafting Phase (Complete)
« on: October 12, 2016, 08:23:06 pm »
Team Standings:

LaLight (2)
2.71828..... (2)
Qvist (2)
Burning Skull (2)
Idontplaythisgame (2)

Mic Qsenoch (2)
jsh357 (2)
Emil (2)
breppert (2)
polot38 (2)

singletee (2)
Limetime (2)
ceviri (2)
gkrieg13 (2)
amoffett11 (2)

Dan Brooks (2)
Seprix (2)
drsteelhammer (2)
tracer (2)
Lekkit (2)

The draft is over!

Crew Battle Tournament

How does this differ from a regular tournament?
In a Crew Battle, you play on a team of 5 players, but battle individual members of the other crew when you're up. Each player has 4 points or "lives" that keep them in the battle. Losing = -2 points and Tieing = -1 point. If a player runs out of lives, they are eliminated. When an entire crew has been eliminated, the other crew wins the battle. In each round of play, lives are restored to 4 per player.

Discord Channel for the Crew Battle can be found here:
Individual team channels will be set up when there are individual teams. You are highly encouraged to communicate via Discord for the sake of speed, but not required.

A. Drafting Phase
1. First, players will sign up to join the crew tournament. Once there are 20 entrants, signups are complete.
2. Team leaders will be determined at random out of the pool of 20 entrants.
3. Team leaders must choose a team name that strikes fear into the hearts of their rivals.
4. Team leaders may then draft players from the entrant pool one a time, beginning with the lowest seeded team leader and proceeding in snake draft format (1234432112344...). The team leaders may select players by any means they wish, including blackmail and coercion.
5. Each team should have five players at the end of the drafting phase.
6. Players may opt to sign up as alternates in case a player needs to drop out between battles.

B. Tournament Structure
1. Each crew will battle each other crew once. Since this tournament calls for 4 Crews, there will be 3 rounds of crew battling. One crew will face another until a crew loses, meaning each one of its player has 0 or fewer lives remaining. In the next rounds, the crews will be paired with crews they haven't played yet until all crews have fought.
2. If a team has won more matches than any other team, or no team is able to catch up any longer, that team wins the Tournament.
3. If there is a two-way tie, there will be a final crew battle between the winning teams.
4. If there is a three-way tie, the first tie breaker is based on total remaining lives over the course of the tournament.
5. If there is still a tie, there will be another round of crew battles between the tied crews to try and determine the winner, essentially repeating step 1.

C. Match Structure
1. Teams will decide amongst themselves who should begin playing first. The discord channel or PMs can be used to arrange things. Team leaders have the final say on decisions if there is some form of controversy.
2. Games of Dominion are played between the two players who are up. Turn order is chosen at random from the client. Players are encouraged to use the currently active Dominion Online client, but can also play IRL or by other means agreed upon by the teams. The point counter should be defaulted to On and All legal cards should be used, but players may agree upon other terms.
3. When a player loses a match, they lose 2 lives. In the event of a tie, each player loses 1 life. When a player is down to 0 (or fewer) lives, they are eliminated from the crew battle for this round.
4. After a player loses, the team must select the next team member to play.
5. Should both teams end up having 0 points, the teams will select a player to play the tiebreaker match(es). In this case, the first player to win a game will receive 1 life.

D. Counterpicking
1. When a player loses (not ties) a game, the team may opt to select a different player to play regardless of remaining lives. Team leaders have the final say in this decision. A player who wins is required to play the next game.

E. Substitutions
1. If a player drops out of the tournament during a crew battle, either: a) if they have already played a game, they immediately are dropped to 0 lives or b) they may be replaced with an alternate from Signups.
2. Between rounds, players may be replaced at no penalty, but the player(s) who drop out may not re-enter the tournament.

F. Communication
1. This is a crew battle. You are encouraged to communicate with and coach your teammates, as well as decide when each player should go in to play. A player should not be working as a sockpuppet for another player(s), but discussing games between matches benefits your team. Individual channels for each team will be created on the discord channel should you need them.

G. Timing
1. The tournament begins when there are 20 entrants and all the teams have been drafted. Within reason, rounds can take as long as is needed for all games to be played. A round should ideally not take more than two weeks, and less than one week is preferred.
2. If a player is being inactive or non-responsive, the team leader needs to make a decision about making a substitution.

H. Incomplete games
1. If a game ends due to an unintentional disconnect from the game, discuss the gamestate with your opponent and crew
2. If the game was still close, simply replay the game.
3. If the lead was almost insurmountable for one player, award a win to the player who was ahead.
4. If you have trouble coming to an agreement, put the match "on hold" and message the admin(s) with the situation that occured.

Tournaments and Events / Crew Battle
« on: October 07, 2016, 03:02:32 pm »
We are trying out a team-based Dominion tournament.  Pop in to the discord server if you would like to enter. Edit: We already have our teams, but may do this again in the future with fewer games per player.

Rules of the crew match:
1) There are two teams, each with 5 players. (The first person to start a team is team leader, and they can decide for themselves who is in their team. Recruiting is fine. Accepting people who pop in is fine.)
2) Each team starts the match with 15 points.
3) The goal is to run the other crew out of points. Winning a match depletes 1 point and tieing depletes .5 for each team. When a team is at 0 or below, they lose.
4) Each player has 3 points to lose, and when they are at 0 or less they are eliminated.
5) The current player must play until they are eliminated.
6) Turn order must alternate each game regardless of wins and losses.

EDIT: It is already on!

Communicating through Private Messages can be a bit slow and awkward. If you would like to communicate with other users on the fly, I have opened up a room specifically for this tournament on the Dominion Discord Server. (#fdschampionship) This of course depends on your opponent also using Discord, but crazier things have happened.

Tournaments and Events / Dominion: Survival Finals, Friday 8/12, 2PM EST
« on: August 10, 2016, 02:40:20 pm »
The Dominion: Survival Finals stream is expected to occur at 2PM EST this Friday, 8/12/2016. jsh357 will face ren3vant in a thrilling "first to 4 (maybe 5) wins" series. Commentary will be provided by Adam Horton and a mystery second person. Be there!

Dominion General Discussion / Dominion Discord Server
« on: August 09, 2016, 04:04:53 pm »
After the recent outages, I got thinking it might be nice to have another Dominion hub where A) conversations are a little easier to follow than on reddit and B) the community is a bit more focused than on BGG. Being an old man, I only recently discovered Discord, which is like a chatroom/forum (text and/or voice, voice is optional) you can pop in to anytime. You don't even have to register.

One nice thing about the program is it could facilitate matching up with other players or just looking for casual games, a problem often complained about (but hopefully addressed in Dominion Online 3.0). It should theoretically also make tournaments far easier to organize since you wouldn't have to send tons of PMs; you could just chat with people on here. One-day cups could even be run almost entirely based on discussions in the discord chat.

I haven't explored every feature, but did go ahead and create a server. If anyone is familiar or interested, drop by and let's see if we can make this a thing.

Goko Dominion Online / Summon is now available on MF
« on: June 06, 2016, 08:30:12 pm »
Pretty sweet!

I am playing Riphia now:

Dominion: Empires Previews / Empires Bonus Preview #1: Villa
« on: May 09, 2016, 02:15:46 pm »
We've seen debt; we've had our minds expanded. Let's take a look at something completely different.

It happens to the best of us. You play that Smithy with no action left, thinking "what could possibly go wrong?" and curse your rotten luck when two Action cards pop into your hand. "If only I could turn back time," you say. Well, buckle your seatbelt because where we're going, we don't need Villages. A Villa will do nicely enough.

Villa is a brand new type of Village to populate your empire with. The natives are restless, and they simply don't want your turns to end. Maybe the other players do, but you don't care; you're impressing them with your fancy action chain. Aside from being able to continue your turn, you of course gain the Villa itself, and maybe you needed one of those. I'm not judging. With Villa, the possibilities are endless. Or perhaps only tenfold, as the pile has to empty at some point.

As long as there are Villas left in the pile, you always have that shot at continuing your turn. And you can do it more than once in the same turn! Wow! The rulebook can't actually cover all possible turn order acronyms now. ABCD... ABABACD... ABABABABABABABCD... the list goes on, and that would have been valuable ink. Of course, as an emperor, you've begun to develop some higher-order critical thinking skills. I'm sure you can come up with your own mnemonic devices, or defer to your Mnemonic Advisor.

General Discussion / Adventure Out
« on: May 02, 2016, 03:57:06 pm »
If you want to have an adventure, you should go outside. The world is a magnificent place, and there is beautiful scenery to behold even just beyond your front door. I just thought we could all use a reminder.

General Discussion / Dank Dominion Memes Bracket
« on: April 30, 2016, 11:40:54 am »
What? Isotropic is going down?! vs #IWB
Is it Moat? vs Hot Air Balloon
Rrenaud's Law vs "Maybe Adventures is coming to MF this century"
Scout Jokes vs Blue Dog Rule
SCSN hates all Treasure vs Have you checked out the Forum Games?
We are all WW vs Joke Explanations
Brackets vs Taking Meta concepts to the extreme/Endless parody posts
Mine/Mint (or is it Mint/Mine?) vs Marin references
Decline of civility on Isotropic vs Dominion: Gunpowder
Editing Posts vs Awaclus

Dominion General Discussion / Dominion Card Type Bracket
« on: April 30, 2016, 11:21:32 am »
Ruins vs Looter
Duration vs Prize
Traveller vs Reaction
Reserve vs Knight
Shelter vs Action
Attacks vs Landmark
Events vs Curse
Treasure vs Victory

Let's Discuss ... / Let's Discuss Base Cards Cards: Estate
« on: April 18, 2016, 05:58:02 pm »
You are ignoring this user.

General Discussion / Some post I expect to be made fun of for
« on: February 16, 2016, 04:20:15 pm »
Once upon a time, some tool was introduced to a game. We all know the game was called Dominion. It was complicated and had a lot of strange decisions to make in, but something about it intrigued the player. The creativity involved in play, the thrill of drawing a hand and seeing what possibilities were there, you name it. A flame had been sparked. He invited other friends to try the game out; they played hundreds of games, developed cool new strategies and discussed the cards they liked and didn't like, even making their own lists and comparing them. It was all enjoyable. They were even slightly competitive with one another, but able to see there was more to the game than their own victories. Dominion is an inherently social game; you play it with other people, and things go more smoothly when you like those people.

One day, things started to change for this group of friends. One of them, him, had started looking up strategic advice and developing in to a strong player. While his buddies thought the game was neat, they weren't as interested, and he got left behind as, one by one, his buddies became less excited about playing and losing to him. Soon, he had turned to playing with random people online since all of his friends refused to play anymore. Sometimes meeting new people is cool, though.

At first, he struggled. Randoms online played the game a lot more brutally and impersonally. There was less silly experimentation, less laughing off bad luck, and everything got serious fast. With no way to enjoy the game as a casual fan with friends anymore, all he could do was get competitive and watch his number rise and fall.

Like the number, of course, the player evolved. He continued to follow the strategy forums, played in tournaments, got into leagues for a bit, streamed videos, and even met up with denizens of the forum for fleeting moments. For a while, this was entertaining, but when he hit a skill wall, everything got frustrating. There were plays he couldn't wrap his head around, scenarios that seemed unfair and led to outrage. After a while, he left the league, not wanting to face those negative emotions, especially not in a format that might as well have been public.

Eventually, he got to help playtest future expansions, and it was some of the most fun he had playing the game. Why? Because the game was fun again. Not because there were new cards, not because he was in a secret club, but because he was allowed to enjoy the game for its pure entertainment value once more. Making silly plays for the sake of testing things out was something he had missed, as was bantering with the other players, not feeling so pressured all the time. Sure, competition still existed, but it was in the background. He began taking a more relaxed approach to the game, and for a while it bled in to his posts in the community. He was having a good time and wanted other people to feel good too; share a few bad jokes, have a few laughs while enjoying the game he loved. The social dynamics of the game were something he had missed.

But this approach could not sustain itself. His way of thinking did not match the direction of the community; he wanted to enjoy the game just for what it was, but knew too much about it to go back. The more he played, the more those competitive feelings returned, and eventually all of the fun was gone. Dominion was just something he did; he felt nothing when he won anymore and anger when he lost. Negative emotions began to seep in to his personal life, and that's when he realized the truth of things: this addiction, not to the game, but to the impersonal nature of competitive gaming, was impacting his world. He couldn't even play the game with his friends on those rare occasions anymore: they were too scared of the person he was when playing. Soon, he was afraid of that person too.

One day, he got in an argument with someone on the forum. Someone he thought was a pretty cool guy and had hoped had mutual feelings. Someone he had met and considered a pal, even if not a very close one. Emotions were running high, probably for both of them, but the player started being judgmental. The next day, when he looked back over those posts he made, he was in shock about what he said. Even if he had made those judgments in his heart, the last thing he wanted was to treat someone he respected like they were just some disembodied husk on the internet; what happened to the guy telling jokes and trying to make the community a more fun place to be? He had already ruined the Dominion-playing community in his personal life, and now he was starting the process of tearing down his ties with the online community without even meaning to. Was it all in his head? Probably on some level, but it still unsettled him.

So he stopped posting on the forums. And reading them.

After a week of blackout, not even playing the game, he gave in and began checking, but not posting anything, and playing some games sparingly too. He watched as the drama on the forums kept getting worse, even without his input. He had found other forums that were hurting him less to visit, but things still weren't the same. He realized he'd been happy for a week and was starting to regret coming back now, and that feeling built up inside every day. Now he doesn't know what to do, but feels he won't be posting very much anymore. He just wants to get all this off his chest so someone can pay witness, and if they've ever had similar internal strife (probably not as crazy as this) to know there are kindred spirits out there. He has no advice, but can recommend a sabbatical.

In summary, Expedition has the best card art in Dominion. It's honestly glorious. Thank you for listening.

Goko Dominion Online / v.2.0.46
« on: December 15, 2015, 08:58:39 pm »

Some good stuff this update.


Now you can choose Always! and Never! as VP Counter options in the Seek screen. For matching, players seeking Always! will never get paired with those seeking Never! Counters are shown If and only if at least one player is Always! or all players prefer them. (1389, 2057, 2070)
Added support in the Choose Cards screen for individual non-promo cards, such as could be obtained by in-box promo codes (2054, 2069)
Dropped the "Complete My Collection" price and resulting Ducats when you don't own anything to eliminate leftover Ducats in this case (2038)
Pop down Black Market reveal area automatically when playing a Loan for a Black Market buy (1780)
Increased the size for the story in the campaign pre-screen (1923)

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Client disconnects when there is a system message, such as a low battery warning (1509, 1970, 1982)
Fixed: Card cost reductions can cause a freeze with Band of Misfits (2043)
Fixed: Victory point counter may be incorrect when Vineyard and particular action cards are in play (1885)
Fixed: Get a second reveal area when moving a reaction reveal area to the bottom (1621)
Fixed: Display of trade route token count doesn't update for all players (386)
Fixed: Showed 0 ducats in the store after changing your avatar (1990)
Fixed: May see username is taken on sign up, regardless of what is entered (2040)
Now saves preference in Seek and other screens if you quit the app before exiting the screen
Changed cards of Hinterlands, Act 1, Level 18 (2073)
Fixed a case where seeking could fail
Fixed when ads and the dialog about the ad policy are shown to non-paid users (2036, 2061)
Fixed error message (2019)
Miscellaneous (2015, 2032, 2055, 2064, 2075)

iOS: Fixed "You don't have permission to issue this command" that could be experienced as a guest (2033)
iOS: Fixed: Low resolution campaign map was shown even for iOS devices with high resolutions (1725)
iOS: Fixed bug with initial purchases before signing up (2047)
Android: Fixed: Clicking away from purchase confirmation on Google Play gives error (1996)
Amazon: Fixed: after seeked game, every other expansion on Seek screen is checked (2056)
Amazon: Fixed IAPs on version downloaded from Amazon store but running on non-Amazon hardware running Android 5.x (2022)

Tournaments and Events / Atlanta Meetup: December 19th/20th 2015
« on: December 02, 2015, 03:01:10 pm »

The current plan is to meet at Shraeye's and Raerae's house on December 19th, possibly the 20th as well. I am bringing my sets with (probably) enough base cards for everyone. Reply here to 'RSVP' if you are planning to come so you can be in the loop on the location and such.

Original post:
Would anybody be interested in meeting up in/near Atlanta, GA this month or next (or later; discussion is nice)? Perhaps the Dec. 18-20th weekend or Jan. 8th-10th? The intent would be to play Dominion, obviously. I don't have anything arranged, but have friends and family in the Suwanee area I may want to be visiting anyway and am aware of several game stores that might be good locations. If it's just a few people, we might not need to reserve anything; there could be tables just waiting for anyone to take them.

I'd love to see some kind of regular meetup in the southeast, and was wondering if I was the only one.

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