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Too ADD to write a full article.  But I just don't get the voters, or maybe they didn't quite get the power of WW when voting in 2017. I mean WW is under Summons?  That's comical to me.

I just played a board where both were available, and there were +2 actions available too with Walled Village.  And WW's piled and there were 7 torturers left.  And I LOVE Torturer.  But Torturer is like being a two-tool MMA star. with all the glitz and Glamour   But WW is a 4 tool MMA star, with a lesser reputation.

Let's compare.  One of them gives u three cards and an optional discard 2/curse option.  This ability really shines when you get Menage a Torturer ( 2) or Torturer Bukkake (3+) often meaning that most people buy a shitload of Torturers to achieve this effect.  But It also often leads to drawing itself and other actions dead.  You either play it or u don't. Torturer is good at the beginning and middle of games, but once curses go it loses a lot of its value.  It even helps enable decks that benefit on selective hand reduction in cards like cursed villages, shanty town, menagerie

Now let's look at WW.  It's a goddamn swiss army knife of badassery. You CAN get 3 cards if needed for coins, especially if u have the actions.  Also great when u load up on WW's because WW's often even draw more WW's and this give more hexes help cycle decks. I have played one WW (after thinking of just hexing w/ one) and drawn 3 more WW's a couple of times.  Near a reshuffle?  Just end turn and hex em (possibly even cursing them or causing the same or lesser discard/coin reducing effect too).  In this same place, Torturer can't be played without triggering reshuffle. WW is good at the beginning, middle and especially the end of games.  Most people plan on hitting 8 p w/ 5 cards.  By reducing coins, cards, adding coppers and all the stuff hexes do (especially when multiple hexes) can really stall a  pretty decent engine or big money style deck.

And WW has twice as many cards types (4 vs 2) so that in courtier/ironworks/sacrifice type situations that adds even more stuff where that helps.

Witch shines at the beginning giving out curses but still has the draw dead problem.  By end game it's a reactionless moat and often trashing it before the end game is optimal.

Plus you can't tell from his picture that he totally smokes that fire shit too...: Though based on the color of that sky he might be smoking pcp-*

I started thinking about this with Tomb on a recent board (obv w/out trashers) I really like this event and  it seems such a waste when it's on the board without trashing.  Is there some way that in the same way that heirloom cards are always tied to each other, that there is a way to add a "board must include one card w/ trashing power when Tomb event is present" in the coding for the Tomb card?

I've also decided to combine this idea with another I had recently and just ask if we could more generally have "random" draws but with certain parameters met.  Options such as "include one + action", "include one +1 buy" etc, or "exclude curses/attacks etc, or even specifically  "exclude rebuild/kings court etc"

I personally believe that more cards need to be added with + buy potential, but this would be one way to ensure that u don't get a "dud board" without cherry picking the deck or anything.

I mean I personally think it kinda sucks.  In some quirky combos in makes sense but I mean I don't care if it's on the board or not.  I mean it's on a two card list with Possession, one of the most controversial and hated cards?  I'd much prefer to see Kings court or Rebuild on a banned list than stupid stash.

Game Reports / Goke is weird. How did this happen? Tie game on turn 0
« on: September 17, 2015, 01:59:07 pm »

I didn't quit.  I imagine my opponent didn't or it would have said 'your opponent quit' and not Tie Game.


I was playing a game last night where I had Princed a haven.  I know in the past I've been screwed by princing an embargo (as it goes in the trash either way) But I don't see why the Haven only stayed for one turn and then left me with a Prince alone on the side.  I had expected I'd get +1 xard and an extra action, and instead I got :(

any insight?

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