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Game Reports / No Retreat, No Surrender
« on: November 28, 2012, 10:18:44 am »
In addition to being the title of an excellent 1986 movie, it's also valueable dominion advice.

Radix was owning me in this game:

His deck was thinner (salvager), he had more torturers, more villages, and he got the forge first. 

He started in on torturer locking, which was extremely unpleasant, and I was very close to rage quitting.

Around turn 11, the tide turned and I pulled off a triple torturer, and I was able to lock him out, get my own forge, and then clean my deck down into province mode.

Just listen to JCVD people.

General Discussion / The Godfather
« on: October 18, 2012, 01:02:09 pm »
I have just learned that our beloved administrator has never seen this movie.  Use the space below to tell him how quickly he should correct this oversight.  Worse than opening Sab + Estate on a 5/2 split when Gov / Chapel is on the board?


Gardens and estates are already gone, and buying coppers might improve your deck to be good enough to actually buy something.

Sorry Smuggled Duchy.

Forum Games / Space Trading
« on: October 05, 2012, 10:47:30 am »
I've got a bug in my head about creating a digital turn based space trading game.

The general idea is the players represent major galactic trading organizations purchasing things in one place, and shipping them to others.

Players actual actions will be easy -

1. Buy / Sell at various markets (pricing is public)
2. Load / Unload things into warehouses or ships
3. Negotiate trades with other players (trades are private)
4. Pay your upkeep (warehouse rent, ship upkeep, fuel?, etc.)
5. Launch ships (players fleet locations are semi public when they are at port, and private while travelling)

Travelling will take time.  I'm kindof expecting that each game turn will be like a month / year, and it will take multiple turns for a single ship to travel from one place to another.  As such, you might be able to sucker someone into taking a long trip to delivery a high value good, and find out that the market for the good has collapsed because someone else was able to get there faster.

To put a timebox on the game, I'm considering having some manner of event end the game.  (Alien conquest, advent of long distance teleportation eliminating the need for space freight etc.) 

The market system will be transparent, but probably fairly complex.  The game will have to be digital to handle hidden movement and mathy market fluctuations.

Anyway - it would work well as a "long" forum game, at least during early playtesting phases.  I'd assume something like 1-2 day turns.  The game at this point is in total "wouldn't it be cool if" stage... but I figured I'd see if anyone would be interested - and if so I might get off my ass and actually start trying to make it real.

Dominion General Discussion / Playdek launching IOS Tanto Cuore
« on: October 04, 2012, 04:45:37 pm »

You might have to play in japanese, and you'll have to play with pictures of girlies, but for those who are less than enthused with Goko, here's your alternative.

DXV - how is this even possible?

Game Reports / $4 Village + Amba
« on: September 18, 2012, 02:28:12 pm »

I just played this epic (40 turn) length game against Mr. OWB - featuring:

Amba, Mountebank, Walled Village, and Monument

OWB opened Amba / Silver, I opened WV / Amba - aiming for a 2nd amba during the first shuffle.

When there are villages on the board, its going to be hard to convince me to not go double amba, but with $4 villages I frequently like to buy one turn 1 just in case I can't buy it T3/4 (which is most likely going to happen if you get lucky and split your ambas)

Does anyone know the best way to simulate such openings? 

In this game I got off to a slow start, but then was able to thin my deck faster than OWB.  When he started firing multiple mountebanks he had the edge (deck size wise), but at that point we were in full on bloat mode and it didn't matter quite as much.

After the game he suggested that perhaps triple amba was the way to go...

General Discussion / Non Fantasy American Football Games
« on: September 05, 2012, 07:33:31 pm »
Sorry for the late post - but if you're a fan of american football, and want to goof around with some other non fantasy games, I have 2 games running on espn

the gridiron challenge (similar to fantasy, but you can have the same players as other people, and are managing your team salary)

Groupname: Gridiron.2012
password: gridiron

Pigskin Pickem

Groupname: Pickem.2012
password: pickem

This is picking against the spread.

Join if you want!

Goko Dominion Online / Zaps
« on: August 17, 2012, 10:22:00 am »
I made it halfway into an adventure mode game - and I had the option to buy "Zaps" (with gokoins - which are 10cents each) to mess with the initial decks prior to play.

The store didn't load - so I didn't get to see how much they cost.  Anyone want to take some guesses as to what the zaps are and how much they should cost to boost your performance in this single player only game?

Dominion General Discussion / Official Version Launching 8/16?
« on: August 10, 2012, 01:36:50 pm »
From isotropic login page:

The official Dominion Online game, endorsed by Donald X. Vaccarino and Rio Grande Games, is launching August 16th. The game will feature:

Unlimited, free play of the base Dominion game
Large and growing selection of Dominion expansion card sets available for purchase
Play Dominion Online:
Single player against bots
Multiplayer against your friends and other players online
In a new online adventure mode designed by Goko & Donald X, created to challenge you and improve your skills
Play Dominion Online from your browser on, on Facebook, in a Hangout on Google+, or on your iPad or Android tablet
Be the first to be notified when Dominion Online is launched by signing up at

Looking for some hidden gems to put on the top of my netflix queue, because after being a netflix member for so long, my queue is now stuffed full of random stuff that I thought i might want to watch some day, but I'm not super interested in.

While I'm not a super film buff - I do enjoy watching movies.

Generally - I use rotten tomatoes as my filter for going to the theater - but that's not quite as good for trolling for DVDs - since searching RT for best movies results in a bunch of documentaries reviewed by art snobs.

General guidelines:

Will watch any fiction movie rated 95% or better on RT
Will watch most dramas / romantic comedies over 80%
Will watch most things in genres I enjoy (thrillers, action, comedies) @ 60% or higher
Will watch trash that I love @ 40% and above (james bond, super hero movies, terminator movies, movies starring jason statham, arnold, etc.)
Will watch horror @ 20% and above (because lets face it... saw is never going to get a 97% rating)
Will watch anything with time travel - (Timechangers for an example of how bad this can get)

Examples of hidden gems that I'm looking for:
Memento, Triangle, Primer, 11 minutes Ago, Timecrimes, Drive, Source Code, Moon, American Beauty, The Ice Storm, Infernal Affairs, A History of Violence

Hopefully this will find some some new stuff - and if its a duplicate of things I've seen - maybe recommendations for other folks

General Discussion / Brewing
« on: July 29, 2012, 10:16:36 pm »
I brewed my first batch of beer today.  Any other home brewers out there?

Welcome to Bastard Mafia IV - where you will get nothing.  I can't even promise that you will like it.
The game has already started.

Player List
Galzria - Not Scum - Lynched Day 1
Grujah - Not Scum - Killed Night 1
jotheonah - Scum - Lynched Day 2
Insomniac - Not Scum - Killed Night 3
eeVee - Scum - Lynched Day 1
Morgrim7 - Not Scum - Lynched Day 2
O - Not Scum - Lynched Day 3
Galzria - Not Scum - Lynched Day 4
ftl - Not Scum - Killed Night 4.

Bastard Mafia rules blatantly stolen from Bastard Mafia I.  Changes are in however I felt like

I will not be lying at all in this game.  The rules of the game are all defined in advance.  I will however, be omitting as much information as possible. 

Mafia Ruleset (blatantly stolen from Axxle, as always)

Game Rules:

General Gameplay and Etiquette:
1. You may not quote private Moderator-supplied information (either real or fabricated) of any kind. Paraphrasing (for role claims, etc.) is acceptable.
2. There is to be NO personal communication outside of the forum postings unless your role PM specifically allows it. Mafia members may communicate at night and during the confirmation stage.
3. If you have a role with a Night action your choices are due to me by the posted deadline. If I do not receive your choice via PM by the posted deadline you will forfeit your actions. In case of multiple submissions, the last valid one before the deadline will be used.
4. Roles with Night actions will not be able to submit an action on Night 0 (i.e. during the confirmation stage). - The game has already started.
5. Any player with a Night action may instead submit a “No Action” PM to let the Mod know that you do not want to perform your expected action that Night phase.
6. As a general rule you should aim for one post every 48 hours, minimum, to keep the game moving.
7. You may ignore rule 1.

Voting, Deadlines, and Player Death:
1. A simple majority (rounded up) of all living members must agree on one person for a lynch to occur prior to deadline.
2. Once you have reached a simple majority no further unvoting will change someone’s fate. Further votes will also be ignored.
3. Once a player is lynched the game enters twilight until I post a death scene; all players including the one who was lynched may continue to post during twilight.
4. Please submit votes as: Vote: PlayerName. Votes will NOT be counted if they are not bold! Obvious abbreviations or nicknames will be counted so long as they are unambiguous.
5. Please submit vote revocations as either Unvote: PlayerName or Unvote. Unvotes are not necessary before changing votes.
6. You may Vote: No Lynch - a simple majority of these vote types are required to send the game to Night phase without a lynch.
7. This game will have OMITTED Day deadlines, with OMITTED night deadlines. If a player or No Lynch does not have a simple majority at Day end, no lynch will occur, and the game will go into night.
8. Once you are killed (either via lynch or night kill) you may no longer post. This means that you do not even get a “Bah” post. The dead in this game are silent.
9. Do not edit or delete posts. We don't want some players having more information than others.  If you want to clarify posts, feel free to double post.
10. You may ignore rule 8 - even if you aren't in the game

1. Bold, blue text is reserved for the Mod. No invisible/small text is allowed, nor is cryptography.
2. If you have an issue/problem with the game, please PM the Mod privately. Do not post issues/complaints in the game thread.
3. The Mod may make mistakes - please point out any mistakes gently. Mistakes will be corrected where possible, but sometimes mistakes are made that cannot be reversed. These will stand as final to be commiserated over after the game.
4. Please bold all requests to the Mod so that they don’t get missed.
5. Prods of missing players will be issued automatically after 72 hours of no activity or upon request after 48 hours of no activity. A prodded player has 48 hours to respond or risks replacement Modkill. A player who has been prodded 3 times is subject to replacement Modkill without further notice.
6. Rule violations will be dealt with according to their severity, up to and including a Modkill.
7. If you anticipate being unavailable for more than a 48-hour period please post a notice to that effect in the thread. Treat this game as a commitment. Be considerate – don’t leave us hanging.

The Golden Rule:

Please remember that this is a game and your main objective is to have fun! Be considerate of each other, don’t get personal, and enjoy the game.

Unhelpful Links:

These are the roles you can get:





General Discussion / Connecticon
« on: July 13, 2012, 01:46:11 pm »
It turns out that Glooble is going to this.

I'm thinking about it.  Anyone else?

Variants and Fan Cards / Scholars
« on: July 10, 2012, 05:12:41 pm »
Posting this here because Rinkworks has DQ'd it from competition for not meeting his rules.  I could modify it into something that complies, but I keep thinking about DXV and keeping things simple - and adding complexity to keep in line with Rink's specific rules would be worse for the card.

$5 - Action
Discard any number of cards.  +2 cards per card discarded.

Obviously a big money type of card.  With a full hand discard, you are left with 8 cards in hand (same as envoy).  With 3 card discard - you're left with 7 (smithy, library), but with some control.  Discarding 1 or 2 sucks, but in that case you probably already have a good hand.  It's not wharf - but it I think its better than library.  Allows for some really crazy stuff if you can start playing multiples.  My favorite part is how it lets you manage your reshuffle in a manner that other big drawing cards do not.  (Smithy on turn 3 is lightyears better than Smithy on turn 4)

Dominion Isotropic / My hobby - messing with rrenaud's logs
« on: June 15, 2012, 11:50:57 am »
You play a Stables.
... You discard a Copper.
... You draw a Copper, a Province, and a Duchess and get +1 action.
You play a Masquerade.
... You draw a Gold and a Silver.
... You pass a Duchess to [redacted].
... You receive a Silver from [redacted].
... You trash a Gold.
You play 2 Coppers and 3 Silvers.
You buy a Province.

Other Games / 1989
« on: June 15, 2012, 09:04:53 am »
I played this for the first time last night.  I want to play it some more to really get a sense out of it... anyone else played it and have any feelings? 

Something just didn't seem as epic as TS, but I like alot of the things that were changed.  I miss my headlines though.

+1 to Galzria for reminding me of one of my favorite songs in the Mafia IV thread, and Voltgloss for his excellent end of day flavor.

The fact that Galzria only got 3 +1s (Me, SwitchedFromStarcraft and Voltgloss), made me suspect that many people haven't experienced the 18 minutes of joy that is "Alice's Restaraunt Massacre"

What are some other f.ds favorites songs?  I'm always on the hunt for new music to discover, and I'm hoping that I'll score a few good songs out of this thread.

Here are some of mine to get us started:

Uneasy Rider: Charlie Daniels Band
Dirty Glass: Dropkick Murphys
Piano Man: Billy Joel
Punk Rock Girl: The Dead Milkmen
Two Step: DMB
Sunny Side of the Street: Pogues
The Devil in Miss Jones:  Mike Ness
Don't Drag Me Down: Social Distortion (this is one of many by them that I love)

Feedback / Mafia
« on: May 15, 2012, 02:45:42 pm »
Am I the only one who's put off by the Mafia games running?  It seems like my unread posts since last visit are containing a lot less "Dominion Strategy" - but I recognize that I may be in the minority here.

Dominion General Discussion / Multi Player Collusion
« on: May 02, 2012, 05:14:20 pm »
While OWB and WW go off on the merits of 2p vs. 3p rankings in that other thread on first player bias that looks like its asking to be locked... it got me thinking about how you could actually collude in a multi player game.  What things could 2 players working together do in a 3 or 4 player game that would impact the final scoring?

Some ideas to get us started:

End game - refuse to buy a game ending card to allow your partner to gain it instead.

Masquerade - Purchase a masquerade while your partner is to your left - use it to give him good cards instead of bad.

Ambassador - Edge case @ end of game with 1 victory card remaining - you could Ambassador it to allow your friend (again on your left) to gain it.

Combo time - Governor / Discard Attack... use governor for + cards, partner (again on your left) executes the discard attack, but still gets the benefit of the boosted hand. 

Governor - Let your partner choose (either openly if you're really rude), or secretly through a series of wink wink / nod nod conventions.

Council Room - as above.  Maybe you both build an engine that works better with +cards, but yours uses CR as its terminal, and your buddy uses ghost ship....

3 pile rushes - you assist rushing a 3rd pile while your opponent rushes duchies.  Any cheap card, or remodel variant can help here.

Embargo - I really like this one - your partner focuses on economy, while you focus on embargoing the key cards that your opponent needs.   This one gets bonus points because it works best if you play to your partners left... so maybe your partner gets the first witch / mountebank / other key card, and you then follow it up with an embargo before your opponent can get one of their own.

Jester (and to a lesser extent swindler) - Give your opponent good cards!

My new favorite opponent ARTjoMS and I just finished playing a match - with identical starts:

We both open pearl diver / jester.

I'm first player, and draw Pearl Diver, Estate, and 3 Coppers.
I play the pearl diver, draw a copper, and bottom card is an Estate.

I elect to leave the estate on the bottom - and I'm happy because I now know for sure that my next hand is Jester + 3 Coppers + Estate.  My Jester won't miss the shuffle.

Fast forward a while (say around turn 10ish), and ART feels that I am being very lucky.  Naturally, I feel the opposite.  I've only played my jester twice, it's hit copper both times, and he's jestered a tournament from me (note that jester hitting a good card is really painful - not only does your opponent get something good, but the card misses that shuffle for you).  I managed to get first province, but the decks are big enough, and it at the start of the reshuffle, so I won't see it for blocking or tournament winning for a while.

I don't feel that I've made any major errors... perhaps my 2nd terminal of merchant ship was a bad idea // too early?  (Since we both opened Jester / Pearl Diver, it couldn't have been that offensive... although suspect that WW And Geronimoooo will suggest that MerchantShip was the way to go). 

So I ask him what he thinks my error was that justifies an accusation of luck.

12:48 Captain_Frisk: boooo
12:49 ARTjoMS: well if u win this... then soz but it is pure luck.
12:49 Captain_Frisk: you think i've made major errors?
12:50 ARTjoMS: pearl diver 1st turn
12:50 ARTjoMS: u left estate as last card
12:50 Captain_Frisk: why wouldn't i?
12:50 ARTjoMS: u dont mind curse?
12:50 Captain_Frisk: if i didn't, then jester could have missed shuffle
12:50 ARTjoMS: chances are...
12:50 ARTjoMS: smaaaaallllllll
12:51 Captain_Frisk: i'll post this in the forum after
12:51 Captain_Frisk: i'm curious

So - ARTjoMS has a 42-50% (its somewhere in the middle, but I'm too lazy to figure it out) chance of having a Jester in his hand on T3. 

If he has the jester, than leaving the estate guarantees 100% that I will receive a curse, but I still get to play my jester, and I have a $5 buy.

If I top deck the estate, then the probabilities are now:

20% - He hits my jester.  This is absolutely the worst case.  Not only do I not get to play my jester, but he picks up a free copy, AND my T4 is a $3 buy.  I feel that my chances of winning the game at this point would be very very low.
60% - He hits a copper.  This is marginally better than hitting an estate.  I'll only have $4 on this turn... which isn't a big deal because a tournament is probably not significantly worse than picking up a merchant ship or a jester.
20% - He hits my other estate.  No change.

I didn't give it this much thought when I made the decision, and after review, I'm still feeling pretty confident that this wasn't an error in play.  Picking up a curse instead of a copper is less good for sure, but the loss of the jester would be absolutely crippling.

So the question to the dominionstrategy audience is:

Who is right?  Have we all just learned a new trick?

Disclaimer: ARTjoMS may still be angry at me for this absolutely ridiculous luck based come from behind win:, in which ARTjoMS correctly pointed out that I should have bought a gold instead of my 2nd wharf, and I only managed to win due to some stupid lucky desperation thief purchase and play.  My lifetime record against him is now 3-2-1.  It probably should be: 2-4-0.

Dominion Isotropic / Best Isotropic Nicknames
« on: April 11, 2012, 05:07:51 pm »
I saw a clever nickname on Isotropic today... so theory and I decided that we needed a thread to capture all of the clever dominion themed nicknames.

Today's favorite:

J.D. Salvager

Other's that I've enjoyed in the past:

Watch The Throne Room
Occupy Grand Market

Any others?

Puzzles and Challenges / Crazy Openings
« on: December 14, 2011, 01:51:52 pm »
I was discussing with theory regarding an upcoming article on Baron, and noticed something interesting:

On the council room openings page, there is the following opening listed:
3.559 ± 21.467      Border Village / Baron   6/4

Without the aide of the game search page: What are the ways in which this can happen?

Not as fiendish as some of the other puzzles in here, but was an interesting diversion.

Variants and Fan Cards / Grand it up!
« on: November 07, 2011, 01:55:35 pm »
Just read rinkwork's thoughts on "Grand Bazaar"

This got me thinking: what other $5 actions would be made juicier by "Granding" them (cost $1 more, provide $1 more, can't buy with coppers).

Most of the non terminals sound awesome (Grand Lab, Grand Bazaar, Grand Upgrade, Grand Minion!!!)  Grand Hunting Party would be even more disgusting than regular hunting party.  As rink works pointed out though, its really the +buy on grand market that makes it so crazy - as it allows you to get into "buy province + (something else)" without really compromising your plans.  It seems that many of the other cards would come out too late to really be effective (would you really skip a province to buy a grand witch?  a grand Mountebank?)

How many cards are Grandable?  Would granding work at any other price point?

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