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Let's get in early, huh. What are people's impressions so far?

Right now Border Village and Trader have appeared on Isotropic. My thoughts:

Trader: Seems to be a solid meh from me. Nothing like a way of gaining lots and lots of silvers to underline how having too many silvers kills your deck, huh? Gaining silvers instead of curses isn't too shabby, but really I'd rather not gain a card at all. Trying to play BM-Trader ended in failure - too many silvers meant reshuffles are so far in between that you never see the golds you need. The card kinda anti-synergises with itself - too many silvers means you just won't see many plays of this at all. Maybe this might work with some chapel based strategy where you don't have to worry about running out of coppers, but otherwise I can't see much use for this card.

Border village: Seems very selection dependent. It's got a good synergy with stuff like Torturer, helping you get chains out fast. But if there aren't any good $5 terminals, seems kinda wasteful. The games I played, it seemed to be pretty useless - hamlet made it redundant, since by the time we reached $6 we're doing okay for villages anyway.

Game Reports / Sometimes miracles do happen
« on: September 18, 2011, 04:04:03 pm »
Cards in supply: Bridge, Farming Village, Forge, Haven, Ironworks, Jester, King's Court, Menagerie, Pawn, Potion, and Scrying Pool

A three player game. My plan was to go scrying pool, fill my deck with cantrips and bridge via ironworks, hopefully getting to forge to trash my coppers.

Unfortunately, of my two opponents, one opened jesters, one got one by turn 4, and by the end the two of them had 5 jesters between them. Soon my scrying pools were getting stolen, and my deck was swollen with coppers and curses. (12 coppers, and 3 curses, by the end.) And I didn't get a $5 hand until turn 9! Things were looking grim.

Turn 12, and a lucky double bridge play got me a king's court.

Turn 14, and a KC-bridge+bridge play let me...

Fang buys a King's Court.
Fang buys a Forge.
Fang buys a King's Court.
Fang buys a Jester.
Fang buys a Menagerie.

But the supply was getting pretty depleted by this point. My opponents had commenced greening, and I was far behind.

I'm about ready to give up.

20:44 Fang: sigh, these jesters destroyed me
20:44 Steelsun: yeah, right - you are kicking but

Turn 16 and I reshuffle my gigantic deck. 2 supplies stacks are empty, and several are on 2 left. I'm on zero provinces and a bunch of curses, my opponents are on 2.

I draw Menagerie, a Bridge, an Estate, a Haven, and a Scrying Pool.

For what happens on turn 17, see transcript

20:47 Fang: never mind what I just said

3 consecutive menagerie hits with only 1 haven assist.
3 stacked KCs.
Somehow drawing 11 coppers.
Lots of scrying pool/jester/bridge plays.
Brief moment of terror when I realised after bridge I couldn't forge my estates into provinces.

Dominion Articles / Combo: Scrying pool/Vault
« on: August 11, 2011, 01:39:51 pm »
Just had an interesting game where I used this combination to overpower a couple of newbie opponents. I don't know whether this is objectively very effective, but it seems to work well.

The main idea is quite simple: scrying pool to draw a chain of actions, vault to discard them for money, scrying pool to draw them all over again. Repeat until you build up a vast amount of money, and buy lots of provinces in a turn. Vault and scrying pool by themselves are good cards, and scrying pool before the vault will help stop your opponents from drawing good cards from the vault discard and draw effect. You will also need at least one +action card to make use of this.

Secret chamber will also work, but vault is better because drawn by itself it's more useful, and it'll assist in drawing non-actions or, with a village, in hunting for those scrying pools.

Support cards:
Getting a source of +buy is essential to make use of large money rounds, and to acquire lots of scrying pools quickly. Best for this is worker's village, since with vault it'll also draw enough to avoid stalling, and it provides +action.
Cheap actions help, obviously, especially if they are non-terminals, to avoid dead hands without scrying pool in hand. Pawns or hamlets are nice. Alternatively an university or ironworks to build up on villages and so on.
Drawers and trashers make this really super powerful. Ideally you'd try to have as few non-actions in your hand as possible. Once you draw all your non-actions, you can then vault/scrying pool freely without risk, as long as you have the +actions to enable it. Buying treasures actively harms this combo.

It's hurt by curses, but mostly immune to card discarders.

Variants and Fan Cards / Rubberbanding cards?
« on: August 09, 2011, 09:33:04 am »
Dominion games have a tendency to snowball. Maybe there should be cards designed to help players who are behind to make a comeback? Some ideas:

Revolutionary $5
Each other player reveals their hand. If they reveal a province, gain a gold, putting it into your hand.

Mercenary $5
+1 Action
Discard any number of treasures from your hand. For each you discard, +$1, +1 card.

Counselor $3
+1 card, +1 action, discard your deck.
If an opponent buys a victory card, draw two cards, discard counselor. All players put their deck in the discard pile.

The deck discard ability being good at players improving their deck, but bad for players on the winning run trying to pick up lots of victory cards.

Variants and Fan Cards / Some card ideas
« on: July 26, 2011, 04:55:12 am »
Some card ideas I've been batting around in my head. Apologies if they've been mentioned previously.

Freakshow (cost $4)

Worth 1 VP for every curse you have.


Think of it as consolation gardens you pick up if you've been screwed over with curses and have no trasher. One will cancel the VP effect of curses. More will be duchies, or even better. Also offers an alternative route to victory for players finding themselves with vast amounts of +Buy.

Scientist (Cost: $6)

+1 Action
Do this twice: Return a card to supply and gain one of equal or lower cost into your hand.


The idea is to add versatility to a hand and rescue it from an early mistake. For example, failing to grab a cheap +Buy. Also will save you when you draw a bunch of KCs and nothing to play with them. Returning to supply is important - trashing would make this extremely effective at depleting the provinces pile.

Bribe (Cost $4)

All other players with more than 4 cards in their hand reveal their hands. Choose one card for each player. They must discard it.


Laser guided militia or cutpurse that is effective in the late game.

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