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Dominion Articles / Not Combos -- Cards that don't work well together
« on: December 06, 2011, 12:02:56 pm »
Simple stuff really -- cards that don't work quite as well together as they initially appear to, usually because of what is directly written on the card and ignored.

King's Court/Throne Room and Goons/Highway -- They have a "While in play" clause that means the +VP or -cost effects are not duplicated.  Still an ok combo, just not as insane as it could be.

Masquerade and Throne Room -- In 2-player games, you'll almost always get back the first card that was passed to the opponent.

Treasure Map and Scheme -- Treasure Map will always self-trash when played.

Alchemist and Mandarin/Mint -- Purchasing the Mandarin or Mint will get rid of the Potion which Alchemist requires to be in play.

First (and maybe last) time I've seen this setup in one of my games.  But it was an interesting mental puzzle.

I went Remake/Chapel, but I had no idea what and how to trash with Remake and Chapel.  Do I want to save an Estate from Chapel in order to chain up to a treasure map?  Is getting rid of coppers better than estates initially so I can trash more frequently?

Note: No cursers or any other amazing cards to go get besides those three (Tournament, Caravan, Laboratory, etc).

Puzzles and Challenges / Buy how many coppers?
« on: July 29, 2011, 04:28:58 pm »
Based on a recent game I played-

It's my turn, and I've finally made the perfect King's Court/City deck.  Only problem is my opponent has been buying all the Colonies and I'm way behind on points.  My plan is to catch up with Banks and Coppers.

Setup at the beginning of my turn --

4 Colony, 8 Province, 0 Nobles, 8 Duchy, 8 Estate, 10 Curse
4 King's Court, 9 Bazaar, 0 City, 10 Vault, 9 Menagerie, 7 Trade Route
12 Platinum, 9 Bank, 30 Gold, 6 Quarry, 10 Loan, 38 Silver, 46 Copper

Copernicus turn 14
lysosome: 46 points : 4 Colony, 1 Bank, 2 King's Court, 3 Nobles, 1 Bazaar, 2 City, 2 Quarry, 1 Silver, 2 Trade Route, 0 Estate, 7 Copper
Copernicus: 10 points : 4 King's Court, 5 Nobles, 8 City, 2 Quarry, 0 Menagerie, 0 Silver, 1 Trade Route, 0 Estate, 0 Copper

Assuming that my hand would allow for purchasing 3 Banks and around 20 buys, how many coppers would you purchase?  My goal is to win the next turn and my opponent has been fairly good at buying a Colony every turn and maybe a Province if they're unlucky.

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